Friday, February 17, 2017

Racist = Poo Poo Head.

Racist? Was I suppose to fall over dead or cower like a punk? Your White Guilt has NO power here!

'Racist' is just Poo Poo Head for adults ....LOL ... No you are the Doo Doo Head ... Sticks and Stones ...

Don't Deny. Don't defend. Simply mock and degrade the WHOLE concept of 'human equality' upon which the EBIL of 'racism' depends ... NO such Equality is Factual Evident in Nature ... NONE.

Thus my dears when you hear THE INSULT(tm) the proper response is,"Oh I see my dear commie progressive liberal trash bag, you are all out of ideas and the kitchen sink hail Mary insult is all you have left ... no but nice try. Why not go and get enriched at a riot son? LOL. Toddles."

Here is some truth: Liberals and Country Club Conservatives are 'anti-racist' only because they don't live with the diversity and are not 'enriched' daily by its criminal antics upon people's persons and property. It is NOT their living quarters 'enrichingly' ghettoized by the diversity.

They don't have children assaulted by loving diverse feralings every other day in schools, on transportation and at parks. It is not their schools that descend into Lord of the Flies.

And lastly they will NEVER ever lose their job to a diversity scab imported from Cheap-labor-istan to replace them. They will never sleep in a Walmart parking lot or under an underpass, this entitled upper and middle class.

The rest of us KNOW the real score. Some of us are simply tried of being silent about the obvious reality which is that Multiculture and Political Correctness are abject failures. Period.

*cups ear* Is that Big Sobbing Tears mixed with howls of hatred, I hear brewing up Snowflake Cupcake .... By all means: Go and cry among yourselves as Daddy has NO time or effort for you ... My love and concern is 200% conditional upon your compliance with Basic Commo

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Anti-SJW tip of the day

 -- When confronted with a sjw that sees 'racism' in everything. Don't Cuck. Don't Cower. Boldly suggest the SS were heroes who fought to save the West from the Godless hordes of Communism, and allude that without the NSDAP and the courageous sacrifices of the Wehrmacht in the East the entire West would have went pure Stalinist Red by '41, for extra trigger.

Then pretend you really want them to stay to tolerantly discuss your differences freely sans micro aggression ... No sjw don't leave me. Uncle Wolf and I really want you commies to stay ... Don't go.

Moral of the story: I would rather play cards with Uncle Wolf at an arbeitslager than listen to SJW babble about MLK, tolerance and equality in a mental institution. The NSDAP brought order and strength -- the sjw brings only decay and death.

And I am only more vocal than the millions of others that reject the entire reality called PC and liberalism.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Atomic Society

The Atomic Society – each little atom stuck face first into a phone texting life away while they could be with others living and having a good day – Tragedy in Action.

We live in a society in which everyone is isolated from each other by a variety of means which should in theory bring them together such as phones, internet and the like. These technologies had the potential to revolutionize the world and what they have done is kill most human social interaction in the First World nations who have most deeply embrace these technologies and the (selfish) liberal world order which itself is the prime mover of this atomic isolation as it promotes the lie that we are all complete little happiness bubbles unto ourselves, needing no one else.

The problem is caused by liberalism’s selfish world view and the technologies we have coupled. The predictable result is that selfish people have by and large substitute real contact and actual discourse with texts, posts and comments. It is a product of the decayed thinking that produced materialist ‘happiness’ in the first instance in which ‘happiness’ is immediate feel good happiness and no other thing at all. That NOT walking to see another is a happiness because being lazy is best … this is the exact thinking behind most ‘modern conveniences’ that being lazy(doing less) is better. Look at all the fat sad lazy unhappy isolated people and tell Us with a straight face We are wrong.

You see once before all these ways to hide, avoid and otherwise not be with others, people had to actually get up, go to the place the other person was at, and care enough to want to see and talk to them about xyz.

It required effort and time. People planned them out and meant to have real contacts with those about them. In short time with others had meaning beyond mere utility and gain.

Now, all this is lost in the haste of needing to chase the newest junk about WallWorlds Shelves and in trying to ‘connect’ with TV characters who would not spit upon us in real life, while neglecting people who are alive and willing to be part of our existences.

It started with the phone which just turned into a way to NOT have to visit and socialize with others. Then the phone was used as a way to milk others of money. Now nobody visits anyone, or really calls each other much except for brass tack reasons.

It has progressed to the point that most folks can’t be bothered to talk with real living people at all, even on the phone. It is getting to the point that many if not most, preferring to text nonsense to others who are themselves isolated and typing ‘lol’ type nonsense to others who are … and the wheel of this stupidity rolls forward. (Yes STUPIDITY, since such low information ‘communications’ is hardly worthy of pack mammals much less men. )

The net result is we live in a society in which people have little to no real contact with other people and have substituted ‘lol’ ‘Kk’ and other gibberish for real meaningful contact.

This is highly unnatural. It is highly distant and in fact works against any strong bonds of affection building up between the parties involved. When people do not really talk they do not really bond at any meaningful level –social contact is necessary for real relationships to exist.

Thus slowly but surely this atomization is dissolving the bonds that bind our people together at an interpersonal level. Even those who will read this on line will still be ‘one plane removed’ from the author and thus are atomized him and them. One to the others. Others to one.
This is the common fate under this world order and its false values, and for so long as people all beeps, bells and whistles to substitute for song, cheer and time with others.

How to get there?

Seems simple over all –

Put down your phones. Step off the internet.

That is the only way back to something like a real society with bonded people who live lives that have some meaning greater than consuming garbage products from trashy stores.

The only way back to a social order that is not degraded by crime, squalor and poverty.

It is just that simple – Time to stop type type typing and start, fix, fix, fixing the social order about you.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Alt-right is a revolt against Modernity in Toto!

We have decided to just grow this post as the Cucks and other mental gimps attempt to 'but there is more than one faction' of the Alt-Right ... Nope ... there is but the Legion of us who have NO part in this corrupt debased system, and those who still have liberal commie think infecting their minds.

Now to recap:

What is Alt-Right?

Alt-right is a revolt against economic determinism, individualism and modernity. It promotes the common good over selfish interests with pride. It promotes the tribe, nation and organic whole over the parts which comprise that whole. And it promotes traditional family and social values including opposition to all degeneracy that decreases births. Alt-right places Duty and Honor over Liberty and Freedom as there is NO true freedom that does not involve doing ones DUTY to the FOLK who give one LIFE. That is what Alt-right is about ... and much much more.
We are Legion and we do not now nor shall we ever ask your leave to impose our will. We acknowledge no equality of choice that would allow for such disorder or chaos. We are NOT equals to the common herd who accept PC without a whimper ... their mind is polluted with the less than Good White Man values of the market, the merchant and happiness based on accesses to material goods. These 'values' are the enemies fully and completely having NO part with the future for our Great Folk.
Basically WE do not worship at the idol of Individual Worth ... most persons are worthless as they exist ... they have zero honor, loyalty, courage and shirk duty.
Choice is worthless without wisdom guiding it ... these over grown children's choices are not important enough to be respected by the adults.
The Alt-Right is in the end the Adults putting the PC children to bed permanently.

Why are you 'racist' -- or How dare you defend Whites from PC Multiculture!

Why are you a 'racist' (evil White People)?

First things first: Let's untangle this mess of verbal ambush.
'Racist' is itself a made up word solely intended to force WHITES to comply with communist's demands on race -- just like sexist and other terms are meant to gain compliance from us on other topics.
It is the commie equivalent of Pooh Pooh Head. It has but one purpose and that is to Shame us into accepting Tolerance, Equality and Multiculturalism inside the framework of liberal PC thinking as the ONLY viable rational world view.

All of this is insane since 'equality' and the rest utterly ignore reality and are frankly planks in the Religion of This Year in Humanity -- which itself is a bullshit concept since there is NO 'one humanity'.  Science you say? They lie to keep their funding being nutless eunuchs.

Thus the question could more accurately be phrased: *Why O' free White men are you against being controlled by commies who have harm for you in their mind? Yes why indeed do we reject being Judas Goated to the place of slaughter. O Why indeed?*

For more about who to be FREE of PC and the Harpy Multiculture.

What is the Alt-Right about?

Alt-right is a revolt against economic determinism, individualism and modernity. It promotes the common good over selfish interests with pride. It promotes the tribe, nation and organic whole over the parts which comprise that whole. And it promotes traditional family and social values including opposition to all degeneracy that decreases births. Alt-right places Duty and Honor over Liberty and Freedom as there is NO true freedom that does not involve doing ones DUTY to the FOLK who give one LIFE. That is what Alt-right is about ... and much much more.  By showing an interest in the topic you have taken the first step in freeing your mind from the prison house that is Modern PC Multiculture. Good for you. Glad to have ya.   For more information please see us here. 

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And more much much more!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Why we do what we do

Hello folks, how are y'all doing today? Today folks we would like to talk about why we do what we do.

Since folks it can be quite a labor, which can consume quite a great amount of our spare time.

However we think the time well spent in so much as it helps to defend conserve and restore, our personal home hearth and heritage, and by extension our community’s commonality of language, culture and purpose, and thus to rebuild the nation from root system to branch, since the family and community are the root from which we all spring, and whose vitality and health reflect and effect our own.

To come to Brass tacks, we do this, because we remember White rural small town America –did you think we were going to dance around it –and we want that small town community back out of the rubble that is multiculturalism, political correctness, diversity, tolerance, and enforced equality. We want White close knit Communities in which to live Life under our Laws in our Lands.

We are quite aware of what we are saying. We are very very lucid. We having been old enough to evaluate the relative value of small town rural White America, vs. Suburban/Urban multicultural America, have found the latter wanting, and find ourselves wanting the former. Put more easily rural White America is greater than suburban multicultural America or urban diverse America. One is the Real America and the other a cheap retread.

We remember rural America, it was an endearing, peaceful, orderly and settled place. Oh to be sure there was a touch more generational impoverishment in that time than there is now, but everyone, was essentially working class, or lower middle class, and it put it nicely there was more community spirit so there was less need of welfare. On the whole 95% plus of these people regardless of class were hardworking, honest, good loyal, people who loved god, family and nation in that order, and around whom your person and property were 100% safe! These people in the main, respected the law, had proper respect for authority, and most of all were united around their common family and community identity, which identity acted as the foundation for their national identity, as White America, for White America with pride in White America.

Contrast this, to the wasteland that is modern suburban multicultural America, and diverse urban America –the differences are frankly, stark and startling, giving rise, to our honest observation that the crime filled, hovels where poverty is the rule, and where now life is violent, dirty, and retrograde, are in no way an improvement over the old rural orderly clean country town of old. Such 'people', and 'communities' which may, or may not, exist on paper under the aegis of the 2.0 America are simply not an improvement in any manner, over old White America’s orderly and clean manner. They are not in any way a strength, nor enriching, being divided, and squalid, filled with chaos, and lacking anything like proper respect for authority and leadership.

This is because the 2.0 on paper multicultural America is merely a Whore house, a business proposition even, a nation in name only, lacking in anything like an identity, thus it has, no solid foundation, and it has predictably, become a ruin. This ruin is filling fast with the hordes of the third world, who contend for the rubble, rubble that once was our exclusive living space.
When is enough enough? When do we the remnant of the Western People here in America (really everywhere) finally simply, turn our posteriors upon this mess, and let if fall under its own weight? When do we put our backs to rebuilding for us by us and leave this wreckage to decay molder and rot? Without us this house of cards will topple. Why do we continue to hold it up, when the world is ours after it falls? Why continue to struggle to hold up the death cult which hates our life and wants us dead?

Truly, We know we cannot be the only person who has had the good luck to have been born into old rural White America, and to prefer it's quite peaceful honest way of life, to the barbarous savage violence of the multi culture. Truly we know that many that have made it this far want what we talk about even if only by second hand. We know we cannot be the only one.

We know we are not the only one, who honestly prefers the common bonds of identity based on families solidly in homes around hearths passing on heritages. Said families well established in a community within which they have the bond of a common culture and language, the binding ties of a shared history and the deep cut channels of a well established way of life. Strong communal bonds which frankly grew out of the biological commonality among the people --they were in fact expressions of our core tribal identity of our people-- this commonality gave comfort and a sense of one’s place in a greater living breathing organic social order.

Multiculture provides none of this. Dead Lifeless Tombs is all it provides.

We know that we are not the only person who prefers the quality life of small rural town living, to political correctness, with its intolerable tolerance and empty slogans about barbarian foreign diversity being our strength. We know we are not the only person who utterly rejects the lie that tolerating barbarism will make us anything but victims of criminality.

We know that the enforced tolerance of the ‘enriching’ diversity is nothing else but the destruction of our biological identity, as our murderers force our replacements upon us using shaming words and legal decrees.

This destruction of our biological integrity is the final act, in the destruction of our community and cultural identity. We know we are not the only one that sees this fact and thinks: We must resist this as we have only this one Unique Identity. It is Ours. There is NO others who are Us. None.

To us our identity, community, and biological commonality, are things to be cherished and loved, since they give us a strong foundation, and provide us with our all in all – Family, Community, Nation. The multi culture provides only demands, death and destruction. The politically correct multiculture is a threat to our homes, families and our Nation.

For us there is no choice, we cling openly and with pride to those we love, and just as openly reject those who threatened the things we love. For who can choose death over life? Who willingly chooses to see those things he cherishes trampled into the dust by savage hordes of cannibals? Who?

Not me and not you, not any sane rational person.

Therefore our goal here is to reach those sane rational people who share a desire for restoring rural White America, and to build a critical mass until there is enough depth to our ranks that we can simply walk away from PC. We will simply self select for opting out of their Multicultural Plantation. We work here to free the minds so that the body can follow the mind’s lead. Yes, in the end, the goal is to simply leave PC and it's insane White guilt, colored oppression and never ending compensation schemes behind in the dust, since the salient fact in play folks is that White America does not need diversity – they exist on our labors not the other way around. We Whites are Our own all in all.

White America was strong and great, when we openly identified with our biological heritage, up as part of our cultural and community identity. When we had laws in place to keep and preserve our majority over our lands. When we had no shame in being the master of our own national destiny.

We know that we're not the only one who thinks and feels this way. But we also know that many are silenced by fear of losing their jobs, parental rights, visitations with children or even just so simple as their social status. We know and we try to be understanding of these fears. These fears that keep the masses silent in the face of ever greater outrages upon reason, good sense and common decency.

It is our sense that the politically correct multicultural tolerant diverse system depends upon our equal individual silence in the face of these continuing outrages.

It depends upon our accepting publicly it's insane proclamations: about diversity; about White guilt; about compensation for slavery; about the holy victims of hatred and aggression; and about all the other insane psychobabble which is the stock in trade of the media academic political class who act as the lance for the PC multicultural system.

The lie depends to put it simply upon our pretending the naked communist has cloths. It depends on our lying to ourselves and each other about politically correct multicultural psychobabble, which in truth many, if not most of us reject and despise.

The first step in overcoming this web of lies, is to openly the state that White America, the object of the PC cult’s hatred, was, is, and, always will be, better in every way, than their 2.0 multicultural diverse America.

Overcoming their lies depends upon us being able to say that only a panda bear homosexual eunuch, would tolerate being enriched by barbarian diversity as it kills our people, our communities, and our unique national identity. The Rest of us Real Western Men, Want White America back.

This in short folks is why we do what we do. The basic goal here is to keep our home, hearth, and heritage, while protecting our family, community, and nation. We intend to outlive the current system, and to rebuild from the ruins if need be.

Why we do what we do? It is as easy as 'Rural Small Town Living'. That is why we do what we do.

If you're interested in more of what we would like to see done, subscribed to the youtube channel, visit our blog, or download the organic theory of society pdf at the links provided below.