Thursday, March 15, 2018

If the Movement bans you -- Then You are INDEED #prowhite

Just a middle aged man babbling for several minutes about how the
Movement deals with authentic Pro White messages it cannot
handle/control/divert to uselessness -- Why they CENSOR it. Just like
the Who Dos they claim to oppose.

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The message?

proper nation has a People as its center, this people give the nation
its outlook, its values. If you remove or replace them you kill the
Nation and the State dies with them; just as removing the Soul and Heart
of a Body will kill it.(Cultures are the Souls of Peoples, Peoples are
the Hearts of Nations, Nations are the Blood of States. People; Nation;
State, they are ONE, not interchangeable parts, not pix and mixes, ONE,
Unitary, WHOLE.)
Nations are People who have become Political Self
Aware to form a State ruling themselves as themselves by and for
themselves. They are SOVEREIGN, one, complete, and whole. They have a
common destiny, a HOMELAND, and value their being, their People, their
ways and customs above mere incomes, business, happiness or even life.
They see NO sacrifice personal collective too great to preserve the
Nation which defends the People who keep their Souls and Hearts healthy.
Nations, proper nations centered on a particular people and land, see
DUTY, SERVICE, AND Loyalty to the PEOPLE, not silly principles, trade
values or trinkets but their OWN particular Unique People as the Highest
They are exclusive, aware of who is inside and outside the
benefits and rewards of THEIR labors. They know that their land is their
home, and that their home is theirs alone! They know who is and WHO is
not part of their People and what is and what is not to be allowed in
their Nation. And most importantly they are beholden to none outside
their own ranks regarding these choices made among themselves. They
reject any outside authority as usurpers! 193 page pdf clean link. A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

GOP -- Gutter Party with No Values.

The GOP (really all 'conservative parties' in the Anglo West) has NO loyalty to anything but MONEY and ZION. They love to go on about the CONSTITUTION but have NO love for LIVING WHITE PEOPLE who are the decedents of the CREATORS of the Constitutional order they like to pretend to exalt. Bottom line -- it is all an act to keep you corralled into the Two Party Oligarchy that rules the USA like FIEF.

Any talk about GOP values is a JOKE. They are traitors that hate WHITE AMERICA but pretend to care about them at the same time. They are the dishonest version of the Democrats. The GOP on the whole has NO vision they only do what is NEEDED RIGHT NOW to ensure their DONORS get the maximum from the government trough while the peasants get less. That is Fact.

Thus any gibberish about how the GOP will Make America Great Again ... is Fantasy ... they hate WHITE AMERICA and want WHITES replaced with CHEAP COLORED LABOR. The do not place America first ... since ONLY Israel can have the Pole Position else you are a Anti-Semite. In point of fact the GOP are MORE SERVILE to the HEBREWS than the DEMS. Sad but true. Thus any lies about America First are purely a con when the GOP establishment mouths them to garner votes. Replace GOP with your local 'right' party and it approximates out well.

Source: Some Random #AltRight Thoughts Round 27 GOP -- Gutter Party with No Values. - YouTube

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Guilt = Weakness

Just a middle aged man babbling for several minutes about how all the Western People are under a guilt trip about 'colonization' when in fact sans our genius there would be NO modern clean social orders at all, not even a facsimile, in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or even the UK which, was parent to all, itself, not to mention Continental Europe without White Western People.

What there would be is violence, crime, squalor, and essential all the 'culture' one sees among bushman cannibals in the Amazon basin. So part of the 'free the mind; backside follow' doctrine is to GIVE UP 100% of this nonsense narrative about our 'guilt'. No the colored world owes us for our hard labors. We owe them nothing. Refuse to be 'reasonable' IE to accept that your side of the matter is subject to arbitration in theory by your enemies. No. Never allow the enemy a willing whip hand over your person, nation, family, community. Never do this. Whence White Guilt goes; so goes the whole cult of equality, tolerance, diversity. No Guilt -- No Cultural Marxism.

The #AltRight like the entire #Right in the Anglo Nations suffers from Style over Substance. Too Much Clever and not enough Common Sense. We need a narrative that presents Our History and Commonalty as our Strength

Source: Some Random #AltRight Thoughts Round 26 Guilt = Weakness - YouTube

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Operation First World

Just a middle aged man babbling for several minutes about how the South African Whites have little to no hope without massive outside help. Part of that help must include Political Action in the First World to allow LEGAL immigration of these Folks to Our Nations. The other Part must include more covert actions in the SA and the Second World Primarily South America to ensure that either way they are gotten out and survive in the First World with their right proper kin. Call us compulsive or what ever you will but once our mind is fixed ... we don't easily give up on an idea or thing.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Saving Afrikaner Kulaks

Just a middle aged man babbling for several minutes about how We can
defy the PC world order to save the White South Africans, but how it
will require a revolution in THINKING, such that actions are possible
which give us Nationalists victory.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Some Random #AltRight Thoughts Round 23 The Movement Hall of Shame

Just a middle aged man babbling for several minutes about how White Nationalism as judged by its flagship forum seems to have LITTLE INTEREST in helping White South Africans. We present the Stormfront HALL of Shame -- While SA farms burn and White Folk Live in Squalor these Cowards intend to 'bravely name the jew' from the comfort of the First World ... What kind of Nationalism does nothing for WHITE NATIONS but bitch about JEWS?  We need better nationalists.

To be fair the Users Enzed Vod Mcduf Fred Boy Howdie and RedRosy among a few others really stand out as GOOD QUALITY PEOPLE with their mind right. We need more like this to drive out the clowns.  Thank YOU.

Now Time to Shame These Clown World Chumps.

Phoenix1933 How do you suggest we save them? You didn't mention any solution.
I don't think confiscating farm land will lead to civil war, but south africa has 57 million people and 3 million are white.
There will be a lot of starvation.
It would be very interesting if there were a genocidal war though.
I see south africa as the worst place for whites in the world and whatever happens there is the future for other western nations if we don't save ourselves.

Reply: There are 5 million Whites ... 3 Million Afrikans speakers ... Try simple facts.
As to How? You know I have only had 24 hours to ponder the Subject -- What a demanding lot of harpies.
What I am 100% sure of at this time -- South Africa is OUR NATION ... it is the White World in Minature. As it goes; So we GO.
What else I know for 100% -- Nations are BLOOD GROUPS not flags, not lands, not anything else but BLOOD GROUPS. The Anglos in SA are OUR DIRECT Cousins and the Dutch Boers our more distant Kin. They are OURS to save. We are all they have. No one else at all. If you SHIRK -- they die -- that I know.
What do you know? That we should roll around and cry about magic hebrews?

 Originally Posted by Phoenix1933 View Post
Lauren Southern is working on what looks to be a great, groundbreaking documentary on the plight of Afrikaners. She already put up some very good new videos on youtube.
Storm Tropper Mike -- How many black guys did she bang while she was there?

Reply:Any reason to be SPITEFUL PETTY AND VILE.

Wasn't it the White S. Africans themselves that gave away their country to the ambient savages in 1994?
And now they cry and want sympathy--Henry Louis Macken

Trash Bag Low Life ... NO KIND OF NATIONALIST AT ALL. You are the STINK that haunts White Nationalism ... Any excuse to SLAG off other Whites while you pretend to be a Race Warrior.

Roo -- #NotAnAnswer Show us how.

Any excuse to slip or evade. Show yourself AUS, since the White Race has NO need of dead weight. No more time for your tarbaby games.

Alfred White -- Why don't you haul your arse over there, dig yourself a fox hole, and send us some pics, lady.

Reply: Nobody but LOW IQ proles has suggested anything but WITHDRAWING OUR FOLK from SA ... take your race war fantasies back to VNN.  Any excuse to DESTROY Rather than create.

Volodyamyr -- I am more of a man than you know, but I also have relatives to look after. I can't do that from a prison cell or a grave, and I may very soon be forced to fight in my own land. I'd help if I can, but now I have threats galore where I am now.

Reply: So you intend to do NOTHING ... Got it. Sell it as Courage or what not but you intend to do NOTHING.  With Nationalists such as you, it is hard to believe ZOG is winning. Bravely Name the Jew ... the rest of us will do the Coward Stuff like Helping OTHER WHITES.   Any Excuse to Play Act while doing NOTHING.

Holly Dolly If this video doesn’t redpill and Jew-wake anyone who sees it within 20 mins, nothing will. Please spread this video and share it everywhere you can! It’s very powerful!

Reply: What does your STUPID useful fucking VIDEO do for South African Whites in those POOR CAMPS BITCH? Any excuse to be worthless to other whites.

Originally Posted by Phoenix1933 View Post
Lauren Southern is working on what looks to be a great, groundbreaking documentary on the plight of Afrikaners. She already put up some very good new videos on youtube.
Storm Tropper Mike -- How many black guys did she bang while she was there?

Reply: Any reason to be SPITEFUL PETTY AND VILE.

What did you do?

World: What did you do while South Africa was genocided?

WN-Orgs: Took in Donations, held talks about Zionists, since we all know that only Zionists are real -- Whites dying is an illusion put forward by the Zionists to divert donations to useless 'causes' like Poor Whites in South Africa.

Larpers: Named the Jew, while harping anyone that did anything practical, demanding answers that I never even read the replies to since I never meant to do anything but Name the Jew Bravely from my basement lair.

Normal-People-that-matter: TRIED TO HELP regardless of what Other  People Did.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Attention | Afrikaners In Peril -- Rhodesis Round 2.0 ...

Just a middle aged man babbling for several minutes about
how hypothetically,If the Afrikaans people came to the USA, Canada, Aus,
NZ, or UK illegally. Who here would help hide them from the ZOG and
give their children a chance at life in the First World? This is not
about money. LOYALTY man to man is everything. Ethnos coupled to State
has to mean loyalty to the living folk or it means Nothing at all.#WhiteGenocide
will occur in full live action after their land is stripped. So who
would be willing to defy the ZOG to ensure those folks LIFE?

are OUR PEOPLE. Of OUR RACE. Some of them are literally of the Same
Anglo-Germanic Blood as US. Place of Birth or Bonds of Blood? Who of you
will find the courage to ensure these people a rat line out of that

If any person is BORN in the USA they are a CITIZEN ... THIS APPLIES TO #afrikan peoples ... #Boer and #British.

Thoughts on this are that they are OUR DUTY, OUR RESPONSIBILITY. Our
Distant Kin folk to whom have duties by birth. We are poor but we do
have LOYALTY enough to feed, house and hide our own if need comes to
shove. That we can do. This is a moral choice that can make or break the
morale of the Western White Man.

If not us 'nazis' among the
Anglo Whites? Who? Who will do this thing? Who of you will find the
courage to ensure these people a rat line out of that hellhole? Shall
you stand by and watch it happen? Rhodesia 2.0? No Sir that is not for
Us. To defy is to undemoralize. To act is to put aside doubts. To act
Rightly is to be Noble. Saving the White South African People is a NOBLE
desire. One that could change the entire face of Nationalism. Do right
... Be Right. Act Noble ... Be Noble. #SouthAfrica #shithole #SouthAfricanGenocide #WhiteGenocide. We have all seen this PROGRAM in ZIMBABWE. It is time for #AltRight, #WhiteNationalist and even the super far fringe larpers to EITHER SHUT UP or STEP UP. These #Boers and #British
are Our Racial Kin. We owe them a chance to get the HELL OUT of that
decayed corpse that is what is left of the Former Glory of White
Southern Africa. Money, Organization and WILL. We will require all
three. Now is the hour to prove that Nationalism -- the Ethno Variety
has the will to be a world view that is worthy of Western Man.

is the time that to ensure OUR PEOPLE are let go and brought to their
brethern's embrace here in the First World. They should by all rights --
they are KIN to us Western Anglo Peoples. The Dutch hate the Boers. We
have no such issue. We will embrace them as Kin to My Kin. They are 8%
of SA these People and We are 8% of the World.

We Shall take them with pride. Brother of My Brother is my Kin.

be that as it may, the Poor Whites will need money to ensure like the
Exodus they can leave in Strength and Order. We shall not abandon these
people like the World did to #Rhodesia and #Mozambique. The Tide is High -- Time to Float.