Sunday, November 11, 2018

Antifa Anarchists always the systems Allies

Antifa Anarchists Always Systems Allies.
Madness or Material fact ... Never let #Antifa get you down. Never let anyone rule your mind. Know the Enemy win a thousand conflicts. Know thyself and the enemy -- WIN THEM ALL. Master your mind; master the world.
#Border #BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion #MAGA #AmericaFirst #StopTheCaravan #stopthecaravan #WhiteRights #WhiteCulture #WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity #EthnoState #MAGA #AmericaFirst #AltRight #LockHerUp
But at any rate these quality thoughts on how #ItsOkayToBeWhite are 100% of monetary cost. We never will have the Shekel Cup out for donations. Never.
It amazes us that the White Race has fallen this far this fast. Mind boggling. But bottom comes -- then we can build upon Firm footings of family and folk.
Also Please Download the PDF Below. Completely safe Link.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Summary of #SA #Boer #WhiteGenocide 

Our over arching thoughts on #SA #WhiteGenocide of the #Boers, first but of all #Whites eventually.

#SouthAfrica #shithole #SouthAfricanGenocide #WhiteGenocide. We have all seen this PROGRAM in #ZIMBABWE. It is time for #AltRight, #WhiteNationalist and even the super far fringe larpers to EITHER SHUT UP or STEP UP. These #Boers and #British are Our Racial Kin. We owe them a chance to get the HELL OUT of that decayed corpse that is what is left of the Former Glory of White Southern Africa. Money, Organization and WILL. We will require all three.

Source: Summary of #SA #Boer #WhiteGenocide - YouTube

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Don't riot in the Streets

Don't riot in the Streets if you don't want to be dead.
Source: Alt Right Thoughts on Heather Heyer Killing Herself.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

ANC/MK History of Violence and Mayhem

ANC history of violence and mayhem
The ANC and its members were officially removed from the US terrorism watch list in 2008.
8 April 1960, the administration of Charles Robberts Swart, banned the
ANC and forced the party to leave South Africa.[5] After the ban, the
ANC formed the Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) to fight against
apartheid utilizing guerrilla warfare and sabotage.
uMkhonto we Sizwe
(abbreviated as MK, Xhosa pronunciation: [uˈmkʰonto we ˈsizwe], meaning
"The Spear of the Nation") was the paramilitary wing of the African
National Congress (ANC) ... its mission was to fight against and topple
the South African government and the ruling National Party.
warning the South African government in June 1961 of its intent to
resist ... MK launched its first attacks against government
installations on 16 December 1961. It was subsequently classified as a
terrorist organisation by the South African government and the United
States, and banned.

Friday, August 17, 2018

#PC is #death for the #Western Nations

PC is Death for the West!
To my Leftiod Fans and Supporters!
PC is Death for the West! Leftism is a mental defect! It makes people: Stupid, plain, homogenous and lame. It makes them worship death and seek their own end... the West under Liberalism has turned Western Man into the Panda of human history... so guilty He might continue on He is willing to give up His Ancestral home and his rich history to 'make amends' for crimes he has NOT committed... WE are the Panda of Human History... this is because leftism/internationalism have mentally and spiritually nutted our race, destroyed our families, cheapened all human interaction to the level of a market exchange, left our cities in ruins, raped our history, looted our heritage, imploded our industry and is soon to toss a match to the pyre so that what remains can burn to ash all so that liberal hypocrites can feel good about making others feel bad about being born! And so the 'market' calf worshipers can charge for everything from birth until death. These two come as a set.
We told daily how are suppose to embrace 'globalization' ie being as poor as African natives, or at any rate how we WILL since it is coming no matter what.
And along with that come two other 'aspects' of this little social experiment:
The drive for cheap labor by international capital has lead to an alliance with the egalitarians by which 'diversity' is supported by both and by all allowed parties in all allowed public debates – it is a foundational dogma of PC
Diversity means = Replacement of YOURSELF by a foreign horde. Period.
To frame the debate the vocal outrage of the native populations has been labeled as 'hate speech' as has ANY expression by ANYONE that rejects any of the following: Equality as a mystic truth; gender 'choice' as a fact; or the mythical 'same-sex-fambly'.
Hate speech = Truth about (insert PC dogma) nothing more... it is the means
to ensure that ONLY the left-capitalist alliance support gets to speak while they pretend it is an open mic... Basically ALL speech is allowed but some is not allowed.
Thus they are telling you that you are to be replaced and that if you pipe up about this replacement process that you are full of 'hate' and cannot talk about the process further but will still participate – fully AND smile – from prison if need be Comrade. This last part is actual reality for many in the EU right now, who effectively cannot say boo to a minority without facing hate charges.
This is because all modern Leftists liberal PC Multicultists are Maoists in all but name... their 'little red' book is 'My two mommy/daddies' and 'How anything is equal to everything'.
This world view is custom crafted to destroy the west. It is meant to give the Fem-fag-minority brigade victory over you and yours the Rightful Son's of the Soil.
It is designed to ensure the defeat of Traditionalist populist and nationalist forces by internationalism using its two false 'arms' or parties which are themselves relics from the French Revolution, and who are both owned by the same money that backs PC against Us.
Reject the PC, and its MONEY MASTERS en toto, since those that embrace either eventually embrace the lose of homes, hearths, and heritage. And for what? For a babble? Are we the Indian tribes to be lured for trinkets?
The circus system above and the PC 'cult' of equality are keep in place by fear of key words like 'racist', 'homophobe', and the 'banning' of certain words from the lexicon as if the left is the authority to be saying or naying, not to mention judicious use of fines, character assassinations, and smear campaigns. The Media is fully on board with PC and is NOT an impartial reporter any more than the Soviet Media was impartial. The media will gladly single out a citizen for shaming if they cross pc's dogmas. The media is a weapon that uses words to wound our folk.
So let me say this simply:
Almost all the "ism" terms used by the media and academics are words coined by COMMUNISTS and/or Freudian Fruitcakes. Fruitcakes, whose work was largely paid for by Wall Street investor types for the final purpose of flooding the first world with third world people and thus to balkanize its population so as to ensure control – diversity means LESS WHITES and more coloreds, minorities and the rest.
The PC freaks see this as part of their cult of guilt and the Wall Street scum as a means to increase ROI short term.
Nobody will every say: Boy we need more rednecks here; it is too damn Cambodian. You had best bet your bottom dollar on that fact! And that is because Rednecks would demand TOO HIGH A WAGE!
These rich traitors that fund this internal displacement/Moist brainwashing are also 'Cadillac socialists' who will never see the effects of their treason to the nation, and so who can claim it as good – so long as they are winning. Otherwise they run to government buy some laws and then keep on winning. All the while pretending that the Government is NOT assisting them in winning at all.
Winning economically but losing their soul; meanwhile their never ending greed is forcing the rest of us to band together, lose the individualist fantasy, and remember that we all are part of a group called a FAMILY that is part of a larger group called a Nation which is NOT a club but a blood grouping.
PC thinks it will tell this newly awakened Family of Family that we have to accept their bastard imports … We shall tell them to Eat Cake.
If you think of Louis totally clueless in his Palace... you are not far off the mark.
* Hugs and Kisses*
Reality Called and it wants its Two Dollars back from PC Multicult Modernity!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

MidTerm Election | Two Parties One Money Bag | Same Results

Folks the American left, and right, are in fact one party owned and operated by and for Wall Street ( the Big Money Internationalists who in fact OWN this Slave Camp.) While we may openly have the appearance of a two party system, the fact that the same big money buys all significant factions that operate in politics, has ensured that we have a De Facto one party system. The people 'choose' nothing and merely SELECT from among candidates chosen for them. No matter which person wins this or that race over all the Moneybags win EVER SINGLE election as they CHOOSE who would be running with their money donations. This is the reality. This single party system, is internationalist, and has absolutely no loyalty to the common majority American in any way shape or form, having as its stated goal the end of diversifying our nations --diversifying being a euphemism for less majority citizens, and more foreign barbarians, whose sole purpose in the country are to drive down wages, lower standards of living, divide the majority, dilute and destroy our unique identity, and thereby insurer that we can never vote our way out politically correct serfdom to the one party plutocrat money bag system, which will have destroyed all these things we love. The one party system will if allowed its way, take our land, destroyed our heritage, break up our homes, and more generally make us homeless serfs, on the continent our fathers conquered. The one party system, both democrat and republican, promote political correctness and neoliberal economics, the democrats have an emphasis on political correctness and its social values, while the republicans place their emphasis upon neoliberal economics; however, they both to a lesser or greater extent support all political correctness and neoliberal economics.

#Midterms2018 #Elections2018 #RedWave #GOP #Trump

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#nation #national #nationalism #nationalist #nationalists #nationstate #nationalismislove #nationalismislife #nation4life #nationsarepeoples #peoplesarenations #family4nation
#justprice #justdue #justplace #familyoffamilies #honestwork #honestpay #honestgovernment #honestelections #goodwagesforthecommongood #commongoodoverselfishinterests #commongood #breakthebondsofusury #publicbank #publiccredit #jobsforcitizensonly #onepeopleinoneland #onelawonewayoflife #truefreedom #realliberty

Source: MidTerm Election | Two Parties One Money Bag | Same Results - YouTube

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Friday, July 20, 2018

One People Land Law Way of Life | United as One Nation

The very first step in unifying as one people in one land under one law with one way of life by the likes of one culture unified as one nation, BEING able to say the following without any shame:
A Culture is a Head. A people a Heart. The State its Body: Together they are One Nation; united as one Nation!
One People, in One Land, Under One Law, with One Way of Life, Living By the Light of One Culture!  United as One Nation!

One Culture Complete! One Heart! One Body! One Nation!

One Culture! One People! One Law! Our Land! Our Nation! One!

Unitary; Whole; Strong: United as One Nation!

United We Remain One People! United We keep our Laws and Our Lands and Our Way of Life One Organic Nation! Unitary, whole, strong! United as one Nation!

#Border, #BorderSecurity, #BorderWall, #DeportThemAll, #DeportIllegals, #MakeAmericaSafeAgain, #StopTheInvasion, #MAGA, #AmericaFirst, #StopTheCaravan ,#stopthecaravan, #WhiteRights, #WhiteCulture, #WhiteHistory, #DefendEurope, #DefendEuropa, #EthnoCommunity, #EthnoState, #MAGA, #AmericaFirst, #AltRight, #LockHerUp,