Monday, July 16, 2018

#SouthAfrica #Communist Work to Disown #Boers | Imperial Hit

The Pet communists of the Western Media both the ANC and EFF are being allowed the legal power to steal land and in the murder those that oppose them. Under all the legal babble it amounts to just as I say -- A theft like any other theft.

Source: #SouthAfrica #Communist Work to Disown #Boers | Imperial Hit - YouTube

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

#KeepFamiliesTogether | #BuildTheWall | #DeportThemAll

#KeepFamilesTogether #BuildTheWall #DeportThemAll
White America supports this message ... It is about RACE, Wages and OUR
RIGHT TO OUR OWN LAND free of PC diversity! End of Discussion!

We either deport and keep America majority White or we become a slave camp for cheap colored labor. Your Choice Esse?

Monday, May 28, 2018

Free Unix Like System 4 Free Western Men

Today we talk shop on a Free Operating System that will enable us dissidents to speak FREELY of the PC. Period. No more of this suppression of our views as 'hatred' will be acceptable.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Nationalist Dream of Tomorrow

Once I was dreaming – and realized I was in a dream such that all was allowed and nothing was forbidden but by my will, lord of this hazy land of dreams was I. God had set me at liberty to order this dreamscape I was upon; Legislator, Judge and Executive was I. By my whim, all was order as if by magic in this ethereal domain.

And it began thus -- It occurs to me that the West has been so striped of industry that the normal rule about change in the industrial sector having profound effects upon the workers lives slash greater economy is no longer true as there are a lot fewer industrial workers these days inside the national borders. Fewer Jobs means Less Chaos caused by clean breaks from the present to new conditions – economic,political, and social – conditions that favor the White Majority regaining its exclusive use of this land.

This low wage labor on demand era is a terrible bane to our people, as it keeps us bound to the third world cheap labor,puts the sexes at war for jobs, and divides the natural organic nation for the sake of greed, as well as creating an gap between our rich and poor who are seen are replaceable and expendable. However, I am sure that it can also be a powerful boon as it provides motivation to rebuild a higher wage stable employment situation like the '35-'70 time frame was for our fathers and grandfathers.
If the Right Leadership -- leadership that rejected 'free trade' and the 'world market' in favor of our Nation; leadership that was free of 'public opinion'; leadership with a long term willful purpose -- was to be in power, this status can be used to the good if one realizes that with far less entrenched workers lives and/or special interests to disrupt and with such massive under tapped manpower potential that there really is no wrong way to go. A blank slate allows all things.
For the Record -- Robotics in the absence of a guaranteed living wage is not acceptable ... NO JOBS = NO WAGES = NO FAMILIES PRODUCING WHITE CHILDREN. Robotics is Death Cult at its pentacle. This means LIVING JOBS for MEN so they can be bread winners. It also means women in the home being a MOTHER and home keeper for the families as nature intended.
No Feminism/Sodomite nonsense about 'gender',equality, or choice will be acceptable -- we want FULL ADULT MALE EMPLOYMENT, nearly Universal Marriage, an end to legally allowed Divorce and maximum live births per breeding pair. This means good wages, benefits and stability in the home, as well as stable families that work and stay together to ensure they have the means to care for themselves.
Anything else is death inducing mamba that lowers birth rates and ensures LESS of our kind over time. Unacceptable.
Feminism's death cult mentality among modern 'free women' will be PUT DOWN. White Knights -- who are almost entirely SODOMITES/Arrested-Beta-Boys trying to enable feminism for their own ends -- will submit to LIFE or be shipped to Far North for forced labor ... Neither Suffrage nor Sodomy shall endure into EthnoState -- both are unnatural side effects of Death Cult. We shall sweat them out.
So in effect we must put industry back on track to employ the mass of working middle class folks; however this is not even desirable from a Life Affirming pov unless we also reassert Patriarchy, Family and Life over Multiculture, Individual, and Choice/Happiness.
This means male female life long bonding pairs that have specialized duties over that life time such that the maximum number of living children are born. Not a trivial thing but all things can happen in a dream – and it is Our Great Dream after all.
To set aside the 'we can't do this' .... Because? Muh Markets! Make Me Laugh ... Markets are Nothing but Human Choices in Aggregate. Nothing. As to 'muh liberty' ... What is liberty FOR if not for the GOOD of the COMMONS? Thus by doing this we are becoming the Market and ensuring our mutual liberty as persons and as a whole.
So with that in mind. Lets talk Shop -- Dream the Dream upon the Qua ... The Murri-Qua Magically become an ethno state by my whim. T'was the oddest thing I ever beheld in my mind's eye. Again as I was saying --
We are at this time highly De-industrialized but not to the point that if the major industries were rationalized in their operations and coordinated -- not confiscated or controlled but coordinated -- by a national entity made up of experts in the fields at hand not party hacks, who directed what remained to concentrate upon making the tools necessary to remake/rebuild/retool our industrial infrastructure; there is no material reason we could not work our way back to full employment and a more ideal balance of employment agriculture/manufactures/service sectors; thus putting loyal citizens to work at good pay at manufactures so that they can buy products made by other citizens in the ag and service sectors.
We have coal and petroleum reserves to be exploited, to say nothing of the VAST geothermal, tidal,hydro, and nuclear stocks at hand. We will have the energy needed to maintain a modern standard of living, and ensure that new innovative more or less green tech has the raw materials to produce the products needed for the life of our people and for trade secondarily. This will ensure that our more insular world has the materials needed to maintain an array of industries and skills. Don't think of the retooling innovation as a drag or imposistion but rather as a challenge overcome and honor to be had – The Honor of laying the way to a Golden Age ... but as I was dreaming ...
We have enough military stocks to resist any invasion. And to ensure our liberty among the nations.
We have the man power to make any thing from pyramids to placing a man on the moon possible.
Therefore it seems that as long as our willful rebuild is:
1.Profitable to the general good. Not equally profitable to everyone, but which generally will tend to provide the economic basis for a wise society of unified people to have a decent standard of living -- which is surely a general good – such that we thrive and survive here in EthnoState.
2.Puts the maximum number of people to work for a living wage/benefit package/retirement such that we can have stable family homes upon a single pay check. This gives a sense of purpose to both the bread winner and home keeper as well as giving the children a more stable home life. this too is to the general good as it ensures both more and better socialized children to carry the torch into the future. It gives work the function of ensuring our People's general wellfare not the few's profit margins. We are not 17th century English Rationalists. Richardo is not making it into EthnoState, nor is Locke.
3.Makes a product that replaces an import or even better is of such a kind that it can do that and be exported itself. Less service, more light industry, even more heavy industry. This way we can break our dependence upon the Chinese and other sweatshop nations. And to at a blow we make our selves depend upon ourselves. Autarky is freedom ... being economically free we can be assured of having NO collar that is not purely of our making. By only depending as much as possible 100% upon domestic inputs, resources and labor We will thus control the terms and conditons of our collective labor while striving to replace the outside with internally produced items of equal or greater value. All out sourcing will be to other kindred ethnics alone. There is nothing outside the White World that we need. Nothing.
4. Can be reasonably clean, green and non-destructive on the general environment. This will be a mandated source of innovation. Who wants to live next to a coal mining operation? Concrete plant? Chemical/Petro-Refinery? Okay then. Nuff said. Also Nationalism is the only truly right wing movement that seeks to preserve the living environment for more than its mere economic value. Let us use this to negate much of the far left's thunder.
5. is long term sustainable based on the above parameters and which there for allows for long term domestic resource management on both a private and public level. All successful enterprises from lemonaide stands to mega-corps make 'plans' IE projections based on assumptions. So this is not novel nor absurd.
Thus by doing all this we as a national whole can have a real chance at making a go of rebuilding. However for that to succeed to our mind several secondary policies will have to be pushed through either slightly ahead or at the same time as Project Willful ReBuild -- good thing this is my great dream work ... no policy is forbiden when NO vote is allowed. But as we were saying --
Those policies should include --
1. Institution of a Public not for profit Banking System. No excuse to dethrone Usury to the Common Good is a bad excuse after all.
A.) No more paying for our own labor to be loaned back to us. Issue our money as a function of our national worth. Measure our money by the GDP of our products. Let us be free of the International Finacial System and its evil Petro-Dollar that bleeds us dry and uses our mililtary as its collection agency.
B.)Create One National Not For Profit Bank; Fifty State Not for Profit Banks, County Level Credit Unions to act as the base. This and NOT a commercial banking cartel would be the basis for our new national banking system. The current banking financial elite will be held under house arrest lest they flee and foment revolution against us.
C.) Dissolve Federal Reserve -- Declare its 'debts' of about 11 trillion claimed to be forfeit to the new bank,as well as declaring that the petro-dollar will not longer be maintained -- IE those foreign dollars will largely become worthless except the other ANGLO Nations, the EU and partially Russia, Japan, India and S Korea. China will be dropped hard. This will give us the time and space into which we shall withdraw to rebuild. But so also would be the Gulf Tyrannies dropped and the Zionist Doppelganger at a blow.
D.) ONLY flesh and blood citizens will be allowed to redeem treasuries or bonds from FED ...Institutional investors will be allowed to fail. The Sorros's of the world will be bankrupted, the mom's and pops will be upheld. It is not a hard principle.
E.) New bank notes would NOT be subject to speculation ... money markets will be shut down .. let the money vultures on Wall Street find an honest wage. Let them EARN their money not carpetbag other folks' time and money. These notes would be issued on a one for one basis with the old defunct FED RESERVE NOTES.
F.) This banking system would allow the nation to capitalize needed projects at all levels, such that the commons reaps the rewards, not globalist financiers in New York, London and Hong Kong. As a bonus rather than paying for Wall Streets lavish life style we COULD in theory lower taxes and have much more manageable levels of public debt.
2. The other banks, family trusts, and major creditors would all be required to accept repayment of the aprox 8 trill of the public debt/savings they hold, in long term low interest bonds from the New Banking System -- thus in effect pledging 8 trillion to the pubic good, very civic minded of them indeed -- Call it forced enrollment to the National Good with an incentive to remain loyal or lose all -- if the are good boys and girls for 30 years they will get their money plus a small stipend. Unlike them we keep our word for good and bad.
3. The current owners of the remaining heavy, light and petroleum/chem based industries would be encouraged to accept the new bank notes as payment for the long term lease/use of their capital, in return would also be given long term low rate loans to fund their operations and a lower tax rate. Thus at a blow the cosmopolitans' chamber of commerce MONEY is tied to the well being of THIS nation not the 'world'. Those 'owners' that are not living citizens will be expropriated ... no foreigners will have control over our destiny. None.
And these policies require the following seed bed conditions --
A. The Media, Academic and Commentator Classes/Castes would need replaced with a loyal opposition that does not HATE the Ethnos and our ways. What the Nationalist cause needs most is academics that can take the place of the commie red diaper liberals that run the show in those institutions today. We need Nationalists Journalists, Commentators and Academics who work to bring the working, middle and loyal upper class onto our side. My sense is that the current left wing witch hunter mentality will force many paloes and others onto ethnos island, making them very supportive as we simply SEIZE the media/academics assets and declare them outlaw -- IE beyond all protection of law. So be it. The 'parties' are very much the same in that they all agree that White is evil and diversity is good ... they are busy driving Whites into our grasp as we type. By a thousand little means they drive the White Man into our arms first and foremost hating him above all others. They destroy faith in their own 'equality' 'tolerance' 'inclusion' gibberish by such vicious intolerance toward even the most servile liberal males to say nothing of less subued men of the Western Race to Ethno State's ultimate advantage. The two minutes daily hatred for WHITES, our past, culture and values is out bridge to power near term.
B. Realistically any of this to work long term without massive police and political repression – antifa and other radical leftists will need suppressed but that is long over due –To do this the Nationalist faction would need some of the Military Officer Corps,National State and Local Police, as well as members of the Intelligence community, on board with the world vision of an ethno state based on families in communities happy in our heritage, hearths,homes. Sell them the vision of a non-diverse ideal that defy the liberal/Cultural-Marxist values of diversity, inclusion and tolerance,which tyrannize over their day to day lives. Bring them over by showing them the future is to be reborn like a great Phoenix among the PC Liberal rubble or be buried under the refuse that is modernity -- they are by and large WHITE MEN with the same long term ethno interests as us 'nazis' after all -- This will mean cadres that reach out to these communities promoting our narrative and poking holes in the PC Liberal world view at turns. Also very helpful would be to have: at least a rump faction of Congress to give the changes in policy and basic political orientation, that would be put through the veneer of Tradition and Weight of Authority such as they have;and a nominal national political presence to give the 'hand over' to our cadres and picked members of the army, police, and other nationally minded interested factions, the appearance needed to keep order; some media and academic power, from which to construct a narrative that gives the sense of continuity with our National History Cultural Values and thus legitimacy; validity even, to the end that ACCEPTANCE of the new order comes quickly and with minimal unrest. This means private organizations that teach nationalists by the scores about administering people, resources and time; that give men the fire to be cadres such that they live breath and eat nationalism. Since in the end all this massive dream depends upon Nationalists ability to rule with some justice ability and a mind to the common good -- these are learned skills and arts to be mastered.
Results --
Short Term -- World gets upset. EU and Anglo Sphere stay on board, central and South America, as well as the Carribean are keep. China acting as proxy to the former elite here leads WTO in fomenting a trade embargo, in which India and most of the Middle East and Africa Join. Russia tries to ride the wave and waits to see who comes out in this initial jocking.
America 2.0 can ensure ALL the Western Hemisphere remains in Monroe Doctrine Status and ensure its lines of access to Both Alaska and Hawaii -- these quick decisive actions will give unifying purpose to the new order. As a corollary Canada can be uncucked as well. Since we cannot have a cucked cannuck on the border to the North -- you can keep your weed. LOL.
Mid Term -- America does have food stocks and plenty of food reserves, couple this with the food that can be traded for from Central and South America and there need be no starvation -- in fact we could bring up the general level of the Loyal S. and C. American Whites, which would help bolster our position and ensure we can keep the Oceans Divided to our advantage both East and West. We could maintain a reduced but substantial navy based at the Panama Canal simply annexing the zone, to ensure our defensive and strategic needs were meet. UK Aus NZ are brought into more firm union of friendship and liberated from PC -- White Anglo/Euro will be the Policy from this day to the end of all days.
Long Game -- Our Nation Prospers. Our Cousin Nations prosper. As a collalition we have perpetual dominion over our lands with all confidince. We all have a green clean golden age behind our nuclear wall, space defense and naval forces. Free from the world and its barbarian issues ... Georgia not Gaza ... London not Lebanon ... New York Not New Guinea ...
And then I woke up ... have a nice day y'all.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Building the Dream of #EthnoState |#AltRight Fights

Today we talk about the nonsense replies
we get from both the COMMIES and CUCKED Converitard cowards. Hater.
#Nazi. Tyrant. Yes I am the tyrant who would arm all loyal citizens …
That is Us we are all about ‘tryany’ IE we want to free the
#White Race from the #Usurers Whip and allow them to live like
Dignified Humans in their own lands. We also speak about defending
our lands. Those of you that are Not American … just change the
ideas a bit so that they apply. Your boat is not any more safe from
the storm than our boat. We are both on the same PC sea. Let us stop
these petty feuds and learn to work based on our Racial interests not
upon false civic nationalist principles.

It amazes us that the White Race has
fallen this far this fast such that a person bleeding out the eyes to
help them is a Tyrant. Mind boggling. But bottom comes -- then we
can build upon Firm footings of family and folk, history and
heritage, Community and Commonalty of Language, Custom and Mores.

There is a lot more but as always you
will have to watch to know. Watch. Upvote. Share. Subscribe.

Also Please Download the PDF Below.
Completely safe Link.
193 page pdf clean link. A real legal lawful doable Plan to really
be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success.

But at any rate these quality thoughts
on how #ItsOkayToBeWhite are 100% of monetary cost. We never will
have the Shekel Cup out for donations. Never.

#WhiteCulture and #WhiteHistory. #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa
#EthnoCommunity #EthnoState #MAGA #AmericaFirst #DeportThemAll
#IllegalAliens #AltRight


#BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals
#MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion #MAGA #AmericaFirst
#StopTheCaravan #stopthecaravan #WhiteRights #WhiteCulture
#WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity #EthnoState
#MAGA #AmericaFirst #AltRight #LockHerUp

Friday, May 11, 2018

Liberalism's Heir

Liberalism has ran its course, passing the torch to its heir, Cultural Marxism, which has festered, and the fever while still high is receding. Now it will birth its own destruction. The attempt to destroy White America with mass immigration has the White Majority riled up as they simply have NO interest in becoming a minority among minorities by and large.

They can harp about tolerance all they like, but Territoriality among all gregerous mammals is a fact and it cannot be simply wished away. So is racial identity which has as solid basis in biology as well as cultural historical identities which for all the vitriol from the left is STILL more real than their ‘construct’ gibberish -- biology and the past have weight as a fact of natural affections, behavioral instinct affects action -- this is just reality. 
Creation has RULES ... Life results from following them; Death comes of defying them.
Part of these rules is that each kind has a place that is theirs to have, rule or command as they wish free from outside interference. This is predicated upon the TRUTH that groups are primary not persons, who only exist as living intensities inside a group of at minimum a family. This is life affirming Nationalist Truth.

Nationalism posits that every nation is unique -- nations being BLOOD Related Peoples with similar language, history, customs and culture. Nationalism posits that each has a RIGHT to rule its own territory for the advantage of its group ALONE.  So the Blacks, Browns, Reds and Yellows are NOT of our nation they merely LIVE in our country. Only the Whites in North America are of our Nation sticky speaking but by a bit of extension ALL WHITES who are English Speaking among the wreck of the British Empire are our Kin and will be treated as Nationals of our Ethno State – which could in potential be the GREATEST STATE to ever have existed in population, size, resource base and technological/intellectual vigor. But liberalism demands ‘diversity’ IE DEATH CULT instead. 
Liberalism proposes that PERSONS IE Individuals are primary and thus denies even the FAMILY as a unit that has wholeness beyond a mere contract among individuals. They are death cult because they exclude, diminish or contaminate all that leads to life.

Liberalism at its logical extension requires that no singular Nation or even stable majority have sole power at least the Globalist Multicultural Version does – Which is the ONLY officially allowed version so called ‘classical liberalism’ hides among the Shadows even more deeply than Nationalism Proper theses days. The Liberal-PC-Money-Lender monstrosity is the rule of the wealthiest few, under guise of legal language about 'democracy' ‘equality’ ‘tolerance’ ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ as holy noble goals that bring goodness in and of themselves – It is all an insane fiction. 

The legally enforced equality et al. under the Usurers’ lawyers is not tenable long term as it attempts to shape reality by use, control and contortion of words rather than describe reality using correct words. 
It attempts to use courts to brow beat people into saying that 4 is 5; that wet is dry. It uses threat of naked force and subtle shaming to ensure that we each and all will deny reality, and say the insanity they prescribe for us. What of the Elite? Are they ‘denying’ or just insane? Clueless. They are removed from the problems only seeing the cream. Thus, The elite have nothing to deny … for them 4=5 since all things are truly great from behind the gate. White Black Red, they all pay for the Stead.

They thus can truly believe that every can equally care for and love all others to each other -- absurd as that sounds -- because it is possible to say such a thing in legal language and because it sounds ‘good’. They also can crow about nonsense like ‘we are all equal but diversity is truly our strength’ among other contradictory and self negating concepts. Legalism is abstract and removed from normal human intercourse, value judgements and action. Liberalism took on an immense dosage of lawyer babble, it too is far removed from human reality being at best an absurd sophisticated model, that uses legalistic language to SOUND correct.

This inhuman disregard for the normal bonds of affection among groups of people, will come back to bite it just as it did the commie experiment in Eastern Europe – Marxism being liberalism’s inbred bastard after all. 

Why do these systems collapse, you might ask? Humans seek to have a stable ‘circle’ of wife, children, grandchildren … this is natural. Liberalism’s ‘humanity’ is NOT natural or real. 
Add to this mechanical view of human nature an inclination to promote every death inducing fad, life style or action they can find and it is assured they will fail from nature's good graces. We are thinking of primarily FEMINISM, SODOMY, and Gender Equality – ALL against Natural affection, all pillars of death cult.
To all this is added the fact that Liberalism and its Marxist Brood deny INHERENT NATURE to man, insisting he is ‘clay’ to be shaped at whim. This simple assertion has caused MILLIONS OF DEATHS as Nature resists the ‘shaping’ and the Liberal/Marxist has to KILL the man to ‘remake’ his reality, economic, social, political, or otherwise.

Human Nature will only bend and twist so far before it lashed out and sets itself back to normalcy. Therefore nationalism based on Family, home, hearth, heritage, which leads naturally to a shared commonality of history and culture in the context of a community of folk will prevail as it is the normalcy that most people seek.

In its ways are life, happiness and purpose for the person and greater folk together in collaboration to the common good. We are talking about real organic Nationalism among Whites in America which is growing in spite of the liberals, commies,and useful idiots among the so called "right" as well.  This is because life will not be denied and in nationalism lies life.

We are not talking about internutz 'white nationalism'. No, that is just as worthless as ever, and is in fact a joke. It is in fact an albatross that keep the potential cadre class of the future nationalist folk state fixated upon fantasy 'race wars' rather than working to organize those of their class -- each person has a 'class' we are not Marxists after all -- to the common ends of ALL classes and castes that are loyal to the common good of Whites such that when PC becomes weak we will be well placed to inherent these OUR RIGHTFUL LANDS back from its tyrannical grasp.

It is this lack of a proper leadership caste among Nationalist minded folk, coupled to a lack of small successive goals that lead to larger things, that more than anything holds them in bondage to their enemies will. It keeps them from having a 'vision' a dream that motivates beyond mere personal gain or glory.  Leadership =/= Politicians ... Leaders do more than talk. They perform. They make things happen in the world of real things. They do WHAT is needed without fail, regardless of popularity or polls.

They DIRECTLY ensure their people have the things needed for life before all other things, wealth exists for the GOOD of the FOLK not for vanity. Leadership like Nobility is about SERVICE and DUTY.  Less Talk and More Walk would be the most ideal thing.

The Elite of the Western World are NOT leaders .. ONLY PIMP Politicians
So here we are at the end of the Materialist/Marxist/Liberal world era and at the start of the growth of a new Nationalism that will grow into the new world paradigm given time.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

#AltRight Thoughts on 5th of May | Death Cult All Day Every Day

serfs allow their elites to force foreign 'holidays' upon their nations. This is the ultimate symbol of death cult ... We won't participate; we refuse death cult.  The fact is their don't belong with us. That is that.  White is Right ... the rest is flush it down material.  And before the 'are you racist' crap ... Yes I prefer White over others ... Period. No Shame. No Guilt. No power give to PC to declare otherwise.  I also prefer my 'holidays' to involve GOD AND/OR Our White History ... Nothing else will do.