Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Legal is just as bad as illegal

– it is the displacement not the legality that is the Issue! 

 Legal or illegal are Lawyers trifles: We Don't care if they are 'legal' we care that they are taking our place in Our Own Homelands! That is the Issue, not trivial lawyer word play!

Mass Immigration is the Death of Nations, and the birth of bastard countries based upon nothing but money and selfish gain … IE based on nothing at all.  ( A Proper Nation is based upon  ONE People in ONE land, under ONE Law, with One Way of Life, living by the lights of ONE culture! Multi cultural is just short hand for NO culture and a hodgepodge of alien persons pretending to be a proper nation. )

Thus let us set aside that PC weak kneed nonsense about 'legal vs illegal immigration', as if the 'legals' will magically just become part of our Nation and People after paying their entry fee to DC and are better than the Illegals ... They are NOT one bit better because the simple fact is that it does not matter if my people are displaced by illegal or legal immigrants only that they are being displaced at all. That is the key matter of focus. Why?

Why because MY people the American Majority people Made the state called the United States of America in the image of our nation and of NO other!  ( If you are English, or German or Swiss ... Just substitute, and the idea applies just as readily! Reject PC 'history'! )

If we, the Majority Population go the land mass remains but 'America' is gone with us! All of the wealth, creativity, and greatness: That was us, not some paper, or land mass, but only and merely US. That is the fact of the matter. We made this, it is OURS and OURS alone, and We have NO reason to 'share' with barbarians that are simply tearing down what our ancestors built up with such care.

We the Majority Americans are the, Body, Heart and Soul of America and the PC Rainbow 'America' is a feverish fantasy that is more akin to a trading post slash brothel than a Nation.

If you replace us with third world immigrants you get third world Country that will be more like Liberia, or Laos, or Lebanon than America. All THIRD WORLD immigration of any kind is unacceptable as those savages are both alien and a burden upon my Nation. 

They have NO reason to be here among us being only a net loss and a destructive element among our ranks.  They are NOT in any way a 'benefit', nor do they enrich any but the very few who hire them while putting Lawful Majority Citizens out of work by so doing – so they are merely tools used by treasonous carpetbagger employers and culture destroyers as well as disease and crime vectors – EG they are NO benefit at all to the Common Majority Citizen.

The reality that PC and the equality cult does not permit us to discuss is that different groups (races) of people have different inherent abilities and some just cannot build anything like a First World Nation and in fact when they come to one they ruin it in short order … that is why all minority areas in the First World resemble the Third World.  And the more of them we import the more Our Nation will resemble their failed states. The more our culture will retrograde to meet their savagery in the middle to the end that our once High Culture will become Cannibal Congo Cargo Cult Culture.

Thus legal or illegal, if you flood the land with barbarian alien foreigners, you destroy the unique identity, mores and values of the People. And that is what 'diversity' is by any other name Destruction! Mass Immigration of Diversity has  caused the State to become alien to the People, which allows the State ( Government) to be free of the People and try to Crush the Nation ( the peoples power as Sovereign) rather than being its good servant. Thus mass immigration legal or illegal is a means to subvert our nation and destroy our unique identity,  the 'benefits' are imaginary and fraudulent, the cost permanent. 

Any Questions?

 Any Questions Now?

WHITE PRIVILEGE ... No such device exists.

People, as most of you well know, there is an utterly insane idea called WHITE PRIVILEGE floating about among left wingnut academics, the media and all those who favor PC. Basically it alleges that all whites had it good because of white skin at the expense of minorities, homosexuals and 'diversity' ( yes they think we historically oppressed a noun ... correct. )... Back it dem days Life was one big utopia for the WHITE MAN before PC set the minorities free, who did all the hard labor the White Man being a Lazy useless lump and lay about ... that is not what they say but it is exactly what they believe. It is always dressed up in the terminology of class and gender 'struggle' but in the end the long and short is that from top to bottom WHITES had it easy: To put it simply the photographic record proves that WHITES built about 99.9999% of everything we have in our Nations by our Own Labors and that in fact MOST Whites had it worse than the Minorities lazing about on welfare today. Now do you believe PC or your own lying eyes? Look at the 'lay abouts' and judge for yourself:
Some easy and totally non back breaking farm labor ... Privilege or Privation you decide. Could have had the oppressed do it but what the hay?

Oh and look, nothing like some EASY potato farming for the tikes.
And these little guys sure look to have done big things with their cut of the Privilege.

Could have been Lazy about Minorities but went with Privilege instead.
And look even the ladies are joining in the ranks of the privileged ... Hum stay at home femenist or finger in a machine ... Must be privilege again!
 These blokes are so privileged that they had to riot to be able to get into a hole filled with cancerous dust in order to starve at home among their meager belongings!
You know you are privileged when you have to riot for the privilege of mining Coal!
Note the privilege of leaning on the wall as one starves slowly on a substandard diet.

So to recap: White Privilege is a Load of Bullocks invented by Subversives that Want what White People Worked to Build!  They work upon the LACK of IQ among the general population preying particularly upon the fact that most Whites are totally ignorant of History. Knowing your real history, is the key to defeating the lies of PC and Multicult.

Political Correctness is a disease.

It was custom crafted as a weapon against the West and its people. It grew first out of an odd variant of Marxism, which was taken up by 'Fabian' style elite socialists here in the USA, at the elitist schools, after the Frankfurters came to America. These folks then took over academia, media, and bureaucracy, then as now allied with the Big Business boys – the sons of whom where their first and most fervent 'converts' – This duo acted together upon our People by way of government power bought corruptly or had by subversion. They have since that time almost destroyed our identities, our pride, our nations, our … History. The General pattern is the same with minor changes all over the West.

Basically our Nations are being made weak on purpose by this duo so that they can tolerate being impoverished like a multicultural serf while they work harder and longer than diversity as tax slaves for and subjects to PC.

PC did not just appear from the ether. It is the bastard off spring of Consumerism and Marxism with a bit of Feminism, Freud, and Maoist group think for good measure! It is a Spiritual-Emotional-Physical package designed to open Nations up to be sold to the Market while they are destroyed by witch-crafts and polluted by abomination, gluttony, greed, lusts of all sorts, and generally reduced material minded lowly vile servile brutes and beasts.

It took serious funding, serious time, and serious manpower to create. And no it is NOT Obama, Bush or Clinton, or any other politician at all! – The Fact is that the US President, Congress and Courts belongs to the Money Power. The Money Power is that shady lot whose word is as good as gold, and who get to magically produce money by whim for private profits … The FED and Bank of England are two branch locations of the Money Power, among many many others.

The Money Power OWNS both the organized conservatives and liberals – lock stock and barrel. It funds almost every major think tank and public voice we hear that.

It OWNS the media, the colleges, and the Market: Which are all used to further its own power over us.
This power RULES the USA from behind both 'major' parties using Political Correctness as Its Sword and Shield. Both the Mainstream Right and Left have kowtowed to PC and its main backer the Money.

Do you think this power would allow PC if it was threatened by PC? Think about that folks: Why would such a big dog tolerate this yapping PC mutt unless … It was its MOTHER!

Thus since PC has serious funding: The Money Power is Behind PC even though the Far Left fronts its social dimensions most fully in public. Just as the Money Power are behind Market deregulation off shoring and in sourcing of labor even though the Country Club GOP Front that in public to take the heat off the Left while they run the social experiment called Multicult Political Correctness. Which terms are largely used as a synonym for 'Cultural Marxism' which is a theory based of the works of Gramsci, Ardono, Marx, Lenin, Kautsky, Leon Trotsky with Freud, Feminism and Consumerism tossed in as the leavening to ensure 'consensus' agreement about its dogmas. It posits that social power and not ecnomic class is the 'battle' and that to win the 'progressive' IE left-gay-matriarchy-feminist-anti Western-side should 'march through our institutions. First securing a foothold, then taking them over, and then finally warping their use, rewriting the facts about their history if need be and using those institutions to effect change in line with the Marxist Dialectic.

The pillars of CM or PC are enforced 'Equality' of outcomes regardless of the reality of inequality of inputs. While normal people can see that sometimes people cheat and sometimes they are better, to PC any victory by anyone is cheating. Seeing anything else 'proves' to PC people that you are racist, mean, hateful and otherwise a witch in Salem.

Here we should like to introduce the concept of 'more equal' see all are equal but 'minorities' are more equal than majorities, Female are more equal than males, coloreds than Whites, and the world is more equal than First world Christian Societies.

Basically our way of life is perfectly equal and perfectly equally unequal at the same time! See: Animal Farm, the more than equals are the pigs and you the Western Peoples are Boxer the soon to be glue not more than equals! Now to continue on.

Multiculturalism is based on the theory that if all cultures are the same then ours has no value and only others can 'enrich' us while we are just plain, boring and have nothing but labor, taxes and a place for minorities to enrich us with crime, poverty and disease in return.

Toleration means acceptance by the Majority population for the acts of the PC Marxist subversives, their protected minorities and really anyone but the not-more-than-equals, while the-more-than-equals are expected and required to have NO toleration for Majority values, ways, wants, concerns or even their very persons, because in truth Majority Western Peoples are actually enriched when murdered by a vibrant, ask the New York Times about it!

And for those that think I have forgot the money counters … never forget this all brings chaos and chaos brings the chance to hustle up Profit$ while the natives are distracted, and to profit like maggots off the common man's misfortune under this blissfully insane belief system.

Diversity by which is meant Less Majority Western Peoples. The PC Big Money folks NEVER call for more diversity in the Third World, in fact Our going there is 'colonialism' and evil! But their coming here is 'economic migration' and a Uman Right no less! So Some 'diversity' good some 'more good' … immigration is all equal but some is more equal.

Now most people on the Right or Center stop here, and pretend that Big Business and the Market IE Wall Street and the FED are not in on this, or are 'victims' when in fact they are core conspirators. Who ripped us off just a few years ago for trillions? Which imploded our economies and is driving more mass immigration? Not the leftist that is for sure! So lets be very very clear: The right hand is washing the left while the left dries the right. They are part of ONE body which is centered upon $$$. Mass immigration is the means to ensuring low wages, no benefits, and apathy among the masses. For the BB Boys it is a god send, one that they and the PC left want and will for as long as they share power in the 'two party' mockery of a Government.

Essentially the PC Leftists hijacked, with big money help – no get this I can document this – the academia, media, bureaucracies at all levels, then allied with the big business folks (who then and now care about ONE thing and that is increased profits, Nations, Peoples, Families are JUST units to be traded, sold and cut up into pieces to be traded and sold!) to open the flood gates to immigration for the one, while they went to work 'transforming our nation' and thus we now have SOP of the Off Shoring In Sourcing PC for Profits Show we call society. This is why the Fortune 500 crowd are 100% okay with PC, egalitarianism, and the rest of Multiculturalism – they only care about MONEY and would sell their mother to get it. Loyalty to anything but money and 'happiness' is utterly foreign to their mind set.

Thus what is clear is that NOBODY cares about the Majority Citizen who is being cut up and sold like so much Roman Debtor!

To hammer this home: The 'market' and the 'communists' are in a waltz together! They sit playing cards using your blood, heritage and nations as tokens. They have sold you by their witch-crafts into whoredom! Let that soak in a bit.

The Market gets to squeeze the Lawful Citizens us from behind government, and with government protection, and store the profits off shore. To use to plot against the Lawful Citizens using 'The World' as a base of operations.

The Leftoid folks get to boil the pot slowly, as they destroy the identity and soul of the American People to replace them with robot coffee colored cheap laborers, who are not citizens but merely serfs, whom the citizens are taxed to support, again from behind the mask of government power.

The media covers for both sides, pitching stupid nonsense at the proles to keep them stupid and ill informed.

The academia preaches the 'truth of it'; it being anything the two allies need today … even if they logic conflict they are BOTH true, and you are racist if you disagree, under PC!

Thus the Majority Population are drowning under lies told to make them accept coolies, cheap products made and served up by coolies at Sweatshopmart, poverty and coolies as permanent house guests and coolie laborers who will work for pennies on the dollar under bidding us for our bread. And those lies are systemic and come from all sides at all times with NO dissenting voices of note.

Thus the Right and Left both get their pound of flesh from the Common Man who is crushed in the middle of this coolie cult onslaught!

These coolie laborers then serve as an excuse to under pay Nature Born Citizens, and generally further run us all down in an absurd race to third world pay scales. Also the Left can denounce you as racist for Not wanting to give up your land, homes, schools, churches, jobs, and Identity to coolies as holding anything back – even if the try and take it by force – is after all Racism.. and that my good man is worse than death … ask that girl that was light for her 'sin' of being white!

As an added bonus the coolies in the natural order of things have 'anchor babies'. These anchors ensure the coolies are NEVER going home if we follow the PC rule set as presented to us! After we are whammied like this the Big Wigs 'invest' their lucre overseas tax free and safe from the IRS, so the Middle Class and Working Class Majority Citizens have to pay the tax to upkeep the coolies on top of all the other misfortune – and to complain is of course PRIVLEGE since the Majority just pays while the Minority just stays, duh! This dance keeps going with the Money Power demanding the PC people clamor for more coolies to undercut the old coolies and the Natural Born, the right finding 'compromises' that ensure coolies for ever… repeat from 1964 to about now and you have workings of the PC-Big-Money-anti-Nationalist alliance well enough to know the truth. 

Thus in the end We assert that PC is the Dogmatic Religion of Mass Internal Displacement, Tolerance of Insult, And The Doom of Our People, which the Right and Left both support at the National Level.

Reject the Death Cult of Modernity: Reject PC! Don't be a Tool reject PC too!

Diversity is Doom with an I! Doomed are we with Diversity!
Toleration for PC is toleration of Strangulation!
Reject it you, don't be a strangled fool!
PC has Nothing to add, no merit on its side, a price we cannot abide, so it must subside. To leave this land never to again reside.
Rejected in toto, rejected into eternity!
Now if you please we shall keep our rightful Majority!
And that will end our inquiry into PC versus the Lawful Citizenry!