Friday, April 22, 2016

Free Speech? Where?

Free Speech?

Only if one is a leftist hippy homo loving race mixer whistling past the graveyard of the West on the way to Sodom or what the cucks of the world call 'tolerant' of being ‘enriched’ by the diversity horde.

The real fact is that, in the modern USA – and the ‘free’ world more generally – One truly only has 'free speech' if one says what the left allows one to say. Every thing else is labeled 'hate'.

Hateful speech gets censored using 'terms of service', codes of conduct, ethical standards and other low life lawyer games here in the USA, while at the same time SJW types aided by the Media, Academia and Government, will go after one’s employment – hate has no right to participate in the workplace – threatening one’s surely weak willed boss with the hellfire of 'racism' if they don't shun one like a leprous apostate. They will hammer away and do everything possible to drum one out of society forthwith and posthaste, since they decide what is to be freely said in this free land and no others.

So yeah anyone 'can' freely say anything IF they are willing to risk their good name, job and the security of their family.

The parody starts when the oppressive menstruating SJW apparatchiks pretend that they are being oppressed by the people they have decided to hold their little inquisitions upon – Oh yes they will LOOK for folks talking about things they don't like.

Claim to be triggered.

Denounce the person they intruded upon with shaming control words like racism and hater.

All the while trying to rally the crowd to denounce the person intruded upon by the little communist agitator.

And then as a final act the agitators will pretend that they are the 'victim' of an aggression, if their intended victim fights back against their nonsense accusations.

It happens all the time on social media, at schools, parks, stores and frankly we can only imagine where else, that the purveyors of perversion, and putrefaction, look for anyone having a conversation about race, nation, history, biology, politics, or any other subject not to their liking. Find what they FEEL to be nonconformity – Then Commence to pretend that they have the right to 'look' heretics over to see if us unwashed racists live up to PC orthodoxy in our deeds and thoughts.

In their arrogance, they act like Bolshevik Informers and Fat Cat Party Bosses! They act as if their feelings are the Law. As if their whim is our Moral imperative. As if they are the living face of ORDER, JUSTICE and PEACE. They seem to think that the White Majority need their leave or permission to think and speak as we wish, will or whim.

Triggers coming, clutch the pearls baby --

We are not subject to SJW or the Lefts pseudo-morality. We simply grant them NO power to dispose of our person, let alone to control, order or otherwise inform, our thoughts, feelings or actions. Let them VOTE – We shall VETO!

Veto – I REFUSE CONSENT! Yes, WE refuse to consent to their bully boy games and badgering antics of the SJW types. Lawyer games are based on paper; Fire is greater than paper.
We refuse to allow these modern day Babylonian Temple Merchants the RIGHT to hold judgment over us. We will not be harped on by harridans as if they are our headmistress.

That is for cucks, punks, sissies, and boys.

We tell such as this to shut their lips and mind their own shop. We realize that We are NOT subject to the PC folks' will. We refuse to allow these lowly and vile hoi polloi the right to judge us, as we are the rightful Lords of This Land.

We do not allow the enemy to shame us into accepting defeat. Mice allow cats to badger them.

The correct response to 'your a racist' is not 'no I am not' it is 'racism, racist, hater and the rest are imaginary concepts with no basis in fact, so only idiots babble about them as if they matter'. The correct response to 'you hate X' is 'no, rather you hate me because I won't agree with your view about X, but thanks for trying to manipulate me anyways.' The old 'but you are really afraid of Y' game is best counted with a variant of 'we will go into the tank with Y, Y being a bear, RIGHT after you do.'

The correct response to most PC accusations is bluntly,’What you say and think does not matter in the least, now Shut Your Lips, or physically force us to comply, Please Leave as your Commie Gibberish is NOT Welcome.’

Never defend always deflect and attack. Always challenge their authority and make them carry the load of defending their insane world view. Deflect; Attack; Defeat!

The PC bots will double down on the names, huff, puff, rave, stomp, maybe even cry, but if you hold to the guns, they will go away in obvious defeat. This will leave YOU able to have your say to the crowd. This simple fact will encourage others to defy these PC commie control freaks in the future. They shame, you refuse to care, they flee, you win.

Deflect, Attack, Defeat!

That is how National freedom is had. Freely say what you want, free of concern for diversity, tolerance, or PC’s moral approval. Freely defy their wants, norms and expectations with Nationalist wants, norms and expectations, this is how Nationalism is reborn from the rubble of PC Multiculture Liberalism. Freely be a Free Man who has NO need to ask their leave to freely say and think what is right, good and just for Free Men to think and say.

Then you are truly free of PC.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Barbarian lives don't matter:

(B D M for short)

(Warning Massive Triggers Coming: Seek Medical and/or Legal Attention if you are fragile.)

There is an awful lot of chatter from the media and academics, these days about the supposed, 'equal' value of lives, minority thug barbarian lives particularly.

We are told, that every minority barbarian thug life, which is cut short by, an assumed to be White policemen, suddenly has vast impart, and truly matters, as if by ghetto fabulous magic, due to the ‘fact’ that, 'black lives matter'.

'Black lives matter' – so runs the never ending narrative – the narrative We are told by the academics, media, sjw and ‘community leaders’ because White racist police only harm, arrest or otherwise cause injury to innocent inner city minority youths. Gentile caring youths, who would have been future saints, community leaders, and rap stars, if only allowed to grow to their full thuggish potential.

Saints community leaders, and rap stars, who were slated to graduate university with the highest marks. These special youths incidentally would surely have invented the cure for a cancer, we are told, if only their life was not tragically cut short by racist White police backed by a racist White system.

We are told that the mile long rap sheet of the barbarian thug, was merely a technicality. We are often told that it was just such 'experience' at 'keeping it real' in ‘da hood’ that enabled him to so ably enrich the ghetto community, along with the greater society as a whole.

We are without fail told how 'they was a good boy' who 'dindu nuffin'. Good boys, who though they might have been covered in the victims' blood, were completely innocent. Every time against all odds. Because? Black Lives Matter – Full Stop.

We are told just as endlessly that for majority White people to insist that 'all lives matter' IE that White lives have value as well, is racist, evil and exclusionary. While we are told that the exclusionary slogan 'black lives matter', is just and apparent; the implication, never spoken but always there, being that all nonwhites' lives matter, while Whites (racists) are merely racists whose lives, do not matter.

Fact is, we're told an awful lot of lies and half truths meant to deceive us. The media lies to us. The educational system lies to us. Our churches lie to us. Politicians lie through their teeth. We are told these demoralizing lies day in and day out; a stream of non-stop hogwash. We are told these lies in a 1,000,000 subtle ways, and 1,000,001 not so subtle ways. We are daily told emotionally laden stories, fables really, recounting yet again how violent vicious thuggish barbarian lives matter, more so, after they are killed in the act of their barbarism, by (White) police. Lie. Vicious Wicked Lie.

In point of fact every important authority figure in the PC modern world has made pact with this wicked lie – This false slogan which, we are told endlessly by the Marxist Media to excuse Minority misbehavior. This false slogan used to shift the blame onto the White Man for the actions of others. This false insidious slogan, which is a means of accusing Whites of racism by proxy through the police, seeking to trigger ‘White guilt’, which will act to appease the barbarian horde rather than hold it accountable.

It has come to the point that We are even expected to repeat these absurd lies among ourselves as if they are some sort of joyous, truthful and useful news to be celebrated.

We shall not do this thing.

We have made no such pact with Death. We reject the expectation that we lie to each other about the value of such 'lives'. We shall not lie to you or anyone else about the value of barbarian lives.

We state emphatically that these barbarian thugs have no one to blame for the deaths they meet but themselves. We state emphatically that viscous violent thug barbarian lives, not only do not matter, but that their lives are also overly costly, as well as being, overrated in regards their relative value to the majority citizens. The same citizens, who pay for the thugs to live, bred and prey upon us in our own lands.

We state that barbarian thugs, who pose a threat to the lawful majority, should be put down in the street with no mercy or remorse. We state, that anyone who supports these thugs against lawful authority, by, stonewalling, protesting, rioting or looting to 'honor the memory of the dead' should be treated as if they are the thugs themselves.

We state that no strong civilization allows its dregs to intimidate it on the streets of its OWN cities, nor do the strong allow the weak to pillage and loot among them. – this is what we state.
We state that the honest lawful citizens whom these thugs rape, rob, murder, and subject to other horrific terrors, matter far more than any of these barbarians thugs ever mattered. We state that the least amongst these honest lawful majority citizens, are worth more than all of the barbarian thugs in every ghetto across the entire nation.

We state without ambivalence that it is the majority honest lawful orderly citizens, whose lives matter and whose safety is paramount. The hardworking citizens, who play for the PC traitors and diversity to enrich us, matter, while those that threaten their well being do not matter.
We state that every thug who raises a hand to any honest hardworking lawful citizen, takes his life into his own hands, in effect they kill themselves when they engage in lawless barbarism among us. We state that, our people matter, while Barbarians who cause us harm do not matter – alive or dead.
QED: We state emphatically that these barbarian thugs have no one to blame for the deaths they meet but themselves. We state emphatically that viscous violent thug barbarian lives, not only do not matter, but that their lives are also overly costly, as well as being, overrated in regards their relative value to the majority citizens. The same citizens, who pay for the thugs to live, bred and prey upon us in our own lands.

To Finish –

We say that those of you who attempt to use the words hater, racist, NAZI, or other attempts to emotionally manipulate us into silence are dupes in pact with death, having sold out to the modern world and PC/diversity for a temporary safety amongst the maelstrom that is the rising tide of diversity's anarchy.

We say the Barbarian Thugs are merely encouraged by the academic and political left, social justice warrior types, and media appeasing them as they grow more and more restless and violent.

We say the turncoats will find it a bad bargain, as the increasingly barbarous behaviors of the ghetto thugs, will more and more endanger their family and person. A danger they promoted under the banner of 'Black Lives Matter' – IE ‘Anarchy is the way to get things’. A danger which will turn upon them and devour them as they signal to the false idols of Equality and Tolerance, in horror and shock only then to realize – Barbarians Don’t Matter.


Friday, April 1, 2016

The single cell vs. the whole body

The liberal individualist single happy cell model was always doomed to failure, right from the start. The failure is inherent in the idea that people are 100% complete unto themselves and have no need for anyone else. If this cellular basis for society is allowed, doomed follows close by on the time line.

Shortly Swiftly, and Surely.

The simple reason is that humans operate as groups of families, of communities, as peoples, not as individual cells. There is no individual cell that can long survive in nature. And so it is with people. Humans operate in groups of at minimum a family unit. These groups of persons (families, communities, the People as a whole) not the single individual are the vehicle of human history. If the individual is taken from the context of these groups they become sterile and lifeless – man and women alike.

Culture, Commonality and History are a group effort.

The liberal world order in its relentless quest to atomize and singularize all things, has been breaking down these group bodies for quite a long time. Like a greedy and mindlessly destructive virus that invades a cell, so the liberal order has invaded and destroyed the people, community and family units among the Western World Order that was once Christendom. It also like a virus uses the now lifeless bits of its hosts to replicate more virii which act to further weaken the host(s). This is all liberalism – both economic and social – from Smith to Mises, Mills to Popper, it is known by its corrupted fruit and denuded landscapes.

Worse, yet for the Western Peoples, Liberalism paved the way and opened the door for Marxism, which is merely liberalism striped of all romantic notions and taken to the logical extreme implied from the start – Materialist, Determinist, and Atheist. Thus attack the Liberal root and you take out the Marxist branches as well – fall this rotten tree must for it has no substance.

The reality is that the modern hyper-individualist hedonist world is alienating, and empty of true joy, fulfillment and satisfaction – for everyone of all ages by and large – even among the plentiful goods and shallow shows the masses find but temporary escapes, which leave them lacking, always needing more, never sated. Among all these material goods there is NO sense of The Good, community or anything like working towards a common good that transcends merely personal gain.

The entire consumer matrix is designed to stimulate us all to always want more, more, more, and to never at any time find our fill, want as we might. It thus is logical since it promotes atomized people as individuals that it leads to alienation person to person, and because it has nothing of substance to offer it must empty all it touches as the cold bleeds away the heat. Logically it is no wonder that many of Us feel as we do that something is terrible rottenly amiss with this completely upside down system.

And this my dear readers is because to arrive here as a collective whole, we have forsaken much that once filled these voids in men of former ages – ethics, heritage, traditions, communities, families, trust, goodness, God himself, and not least our own honor. All this in exchange for beer, sports, soaps and shopping malls – TV Circuses and Bread Crumbs!

Let us be as a light in the materialist, atheist, determinist, darkness. Let us Be the Heralds of a return to normalcy, Let us enforce Life by teaching a History about our Common Past that will motivate the Majority to make a life affirming Future.

After all, History is the knowledge of the past – it is NOT a science; it is an ART – a knowledge that we shall wield without SHAME to our ends. A knowledge that is Power; A power that will bring the Single Cells back into a Whole Body!

Please download and read – 193 page pdf clean link. A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success.