Saturday, July 11, 2015

The flag goes down; THE FLAG Goes Back Up; The Circle Continues unbroken!

The most basic Question:

Is the Liberal push to destroy and besmirch the Battle Flag and White History in the Southern USA a win or loss for Folkish Nationalism and the other loyal right wing and center elements among the Son's of the Soil?

Unequivocally it is a Win. A double win.  It will awaken the long slumbering crackers and help to heal the divide between rebs and yankees that still inhibits effective national cooperation among right thinking majority people. 

It will start by awakening the rural poor chucks from Dixie to the Pacific -- who are largely displaced midwest and southern crackers at any rate -- to the fact that they are Public Enemy #1 of the New American Rainbowtopia.

The pot has gotten too hot and the frogs they are jumping. These frogs are not just any old frogs though, they are the sleeping giant who has the potential to destroy PC and the modern world, smash it like fly they can any time they decide to make their will a reality -- like a fly.

Put simply: the poor and middle class Whites hold the Center of the Continent; control ALL the productive farm land ( or can SEIZE it at a whim); have all the skills needed to build or destroy a modern civilization; and are the ONLY true Folk except for the Cajuns and French Canadians on the North American Continent ... all that was lacking was MOTIVATION to free ourselves from this monstrosity called Multicult and PC what with its phoney love, tolerance and deadly diversity.

Well now Pharaoh wants more bricks from his He ... Majority, um .... Sla ... er, no .... taxpayers ... And soon our Moses, he will be a coming ... and then it will be all about 'Let My People Go.'  ( See Book of Numbers 33:52 and the Book of Joshua for more about that subject.)

The liberals and commies coming for the Battle Flag with the GOP acting the part of PIMP and enablers; the open in Our face Hatred for YT especially our women and children whom the barbarian never seem to grow tired of victimizing; the colored crime more generally; and the Housing Ruling that will force the ghetto barbarians and their visceral hatred for and criminality upon the suburbs, these will almost surely be the FIRE under The YT Folks Backside that gets Billy and Jeb up and riled, but they will NOT be alone.  It is one thing to TALK about 'equality' and another to have your schools and neighborhoods 'enriched' by Muslim savages, or negro thugs.

We wager that once the burbs get a good sized dose of 'equality', and that ever 'enriching' diversity that the middle class folks will rather be HELPING to organize the working class majority loyal folks against the modern slave plantation called PC/Multicult. The TV's lies about how much better it is to be 'diverse' only last until you live with DIE-versity. Then the scales fall off the eyes -- and once that happens the middle class majority will look for allies and they ONLY people they have are the working class of their own KIND ... as everyone else HATES them. Finally the reality will be presented to the cluless burbs ... and they will have a 'meeting of the minds' with the working class.

Once the Trailer parks and Suburbs put aside their petty differences and work together ... PC's days are Numbered. They. Are. Counting. Down. The objective fact is that the liberal-commie-sodomites have set the table and are busy baking the meal ...

You can already see it at the flag protests: Upper Middle Class folks surely organized the meetings but they invited EVERYONE that was LOYAL to attend and 'sing along' ... ( and remember Southern Whites mostly work, and if 200 could be there IN THE DAY on a work day -- there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of silent supporters waiting in the wings.)

And about that singing thing -- which gives the Soul Wings as it were.

When you see Southerns Singing songs like the 'Can the Circle Be Unbroken' in a CSA officers uniform -- they are FIGHTING MAD -- See that song is sort of a birth and funeral sort of song ... so they are singing about their dead kin, themselves and those that will come after them. That is the essence of Folk -- a circle that transcends the now and connects one to past and future equally.

I foresee the folkish nature of the rural Southerner Whites spreading as the other 'Yankee' poor Whites start to identify with the battle flag and it takes on the entirely new meaning of 'US WHITES VS YOU OTHERS'. Once that breach is healed -- the 'reb vs yankee' tiff -- then there is NO force on Earth that can hold us in bondage to PC or continue to force Die-versity upon us any longer.  ( Fact is that MANY of us folks in the Far West and Mid West are of the SAME exact Blood Decent as the folks in the Deep Rural South -- it is STUPID for us to fight out a 175 year old tiff that was NOT our tiff even then -- let the Rich fight the Rich man's battles and let the Rest of Us Loyal Folks band together for the fight, Aye?)

Thus all in all and by and by, this premature push to eradicate our heritage, invade our homes, and kill the fires in our hearths, is long term a massive win for those of us that reject modernity's absurdities, multiculturalism's lies and the insane idea that mixing with barbarian low iq primitives enriches us in any way at all. 

This time of uncertainty, were new lines are being drawn upon and old issues being put to rest is just the moment it takes to realize that one is in fact nearly outside the walls of the prison house that has held one for so long against one's will -- it is the disbelief in the freedom that awaits in times good grace.  It is really doubt in the ability of our side to win. And yet Win We Shall.


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    1. Notice the coward has NO name.

    2. The Man Paying Your WayJuly 12, 2015 at 12:42 PM

      You won't be laughing when the Crackers STOP PAYING the taxes that support you ... Then you will be STARVING MARVIN.

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    1. Nick, my we suggest you say in San Fran as Dixie don't want ANY of your kind. Thanks.

    2. So says the 'man' who is a member of NAMBLA

  3. It is funny these punks think they are 'running me down' but all their idiotic comments do is ensure GOOGLE picks up the Blog MORE and spreads it further and further ... Already backed up will be up in 10 minutes if it is censored ... BOO HOO leftists We are having Our Say!