Saturday, January 31, 2015

The basic reality is that a plan of some sort is required

( repeats to hammer the concept home.) The basic reality is that a plan of some sort is required:

Men working in small groups, saving, and building the material infrastructure, from which to become locally economically significant. They then act in such as way as to be an example to others and strive to be of service to the local population. In time the locals will see they are genuinely interested in their Best Interests and NOT mere dollars or power but in a better life for all that are loyal and willing to put in to the commonality.  And upon this base of themselves coupled with the local population, they will build with very very hard laborious work to become a significant political-social-economic force. That spreads not by 'memberships' but by doing Good Service and by earning the Loyalty of the People.  Thus we have real communities. That act as ONE. That are not based upon vague far off promises by lying politicians but upon by real work and results, produced by the Community itself. Expand until you have a National Party of Real People vs Garbage Media Parties of Plutocrats!

Basically the first wave are to live life 'communally' to save on repetition of costs of living, as well as build a sense of 'oneness' among them. They will take those savings and put in toward a Fraternal Organization which will be initially set up to help others just below those that started the FO -- wheel of men with good will doing good things for those who also show good intentions. Heart cannot be discounted when dealing with any human group.

Now at any rate. After they get to a certain level they can start to 'sub camp' by buying up properties, and frankly fixing them up and making them economically viable by a combination of pooled wages from outside jobs, and common work upon the properties themselves.

Repeat from 'men working' until there are several properties or even FO's then combine them into an buyers and sellers cooperation's -- Farmers Market and Farmers Association combined.

Those will act as a means for the FO members to learn more large scale administration and what amounts to governing of bodies of men.

When they have both the capital and numbers  the FM/FA ( basically the small groups of men under a corporate veil ) form into Credit Unions  -- and now the Communities have their own credit base, and the means to branch out from 'mere' farming, dirt work, and harvesting from the wilds to manufacturing, media, schools and hospitals.  These will be used NOT to turn profits but to assist and strengthen the local communities upon which they are based -- the purpose of MONEY is not to make money but to assist people in the business of Life.  And these actions will bring more and more of the desired Commonality ( the Western Majority )loyally into the Nationalist Camp, and give us a pool in which to swim.

Basically:  Seems more effective than bitching on the nets. It is legal. And anyone with time, life and friends can give it a go. No special skills above those taught in grammar school are required. And if they acted normal they would be almost impossible to track unlike the costume clowns!!

Sort of a systemic outline of my views, which are not easily 'boxed' into the silly 'either or' paradigm liberalism and marxism so favor.  Most things, I find are however a 'is and that' and they complement rather than contradict the other.

A fellow mentioned that I must make a killing off ads ... No ... I have no such motivation. I do not want your money. Some of us are driven by other ends.  I would rather light one candle in a mind that shines than see all the gold under the skies!