Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Atomic Society

The Atomic Society – each little atom stuck face first into a phone texting life away while they could be with others living and having a good day – Tragedy in Action.

We live in a society in which everyone is isolated from each other by a variety of means which should in theory bring them together such as phones, internet and the like. These technologies had the potential to revolutionize the world and what they have done is kill most human social interaction in the First World nations who have most deeply embrace these technologies and the (selfish) liberal world order which itself is the prime mover of this atomic isolation as it promotes the lie that we are all complete little happiness bubbles unto ourselves, needing no one else.

The problem is caused by liberalism’s selfish world view and the technologies we have coupled. The predictable result is that selfish people have by and large substitute real contact and actual discourse with texts, posts and comments. It is a product of the decayed thinking that produced materialist ‘happiness’ in the first instance in which ‘happiness’ is immediate feel good happiness and no other thing at all. That NOT walking to see another is a happiness because being lazy is best … this is the exact thinking behind most ‘modern conveniences’ that being lazy(doing less) is better. Look at all the fat sad lazy unhappy isolated people and tell Us with a straight face We are wrong.

You see once before all these ways to hide, avoid and otherwise not be with others, people had to actually get up, go to the place the other person was at, and care enough to want to see and talk to them about xyz.

It required effort and time. People planned them out and meant to have real contacts with those about them. In short time with others had meaning beyond mere utility and gain.

Now, all this is lost in the haste of needing to chase the newest junk about WallWorlds Shelves and in trying to ‘connect’ with TV characters who would not spit upon us in real life, while neglecting people who are alive and willing to be part of our existences.

It started with the phone which just turned into a way to NOT have to visit and socialize with others. Then the phone was used as a way to milk others of money. Now nobody visits anyone, or really calls each other much except for brass tack reasons.

It has progressed to the point that most folks can’t be bothered to talk with real living people at all, even on the phone. It is getting to the point that many if not most, preferring to text nonsense to others who are themselves isolated and typing ‘lol’ type nonsense to others who are … and the wheel of this stupidity rolls forward. (Yes STUPIDITY, since such low information ‘communications’ is hardly worthy of pack mammals much less men. )

The net result is we live in a society in which people have little to no real contact with other people and have substituted ‘lol’ ‘Kk’ and other gibberish for real meaningful contact.

This is highly unnatural. It is highly distant and in fact works against any strong bonds of affection building up between the parties involved. When people do not really talk they do not really bond at any meaningful level –social contact is necessary for real relationships to exist.

Thus slowly but surely this atomization is dissolving the bonds that bind our people together at an interpersonal level. Even those who will read this on line will still be ‘one plane removed’ from the author and thus are atomized him and them. One to the others. Others to one.
This is the common fate under this world order and its false values, and for so long as people all beeps, bells and whistles to substitute for song, cheer and time with others.

How to get there?

Seems simple over all –

Put down your phones. Step off the internet.

That is the only way back to something like a real society with bonded people who live lives that have some meaning greater than consuming garbage products from trashy stores.

The only way back to a social order that is not degraded by crime, squalor and poverty.

It is just that simple – Time to stop type type typing and start, fix, fix, fixing the social order about you.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Alt-right is a revolt against Modernity in Toto!

We have decided to just grow this post as the Cucks and other mental gimps attempt to 'but there is more than one faction' of the Alt-Right ... Nope ... there is but the Legion of us who have NO part in this corrupt debased system, and those who still have liberal commie think infecting their minds.

Now to recap:

What is Alt-Right?

Alt-right is a revolt against economic determinism, individualism and modernity. It promotes the common good over selfish interests with pride. It promotes the tribe, nation and organic whole over the parts which comprise that whole. And it promotes traditional family and social values including opposition to all degeneracy that decreases births. Alt-right places Duty and Honor over Liberty and Freedom as there is NO true freedom that does not involve doing ones DUTY to the FOLK who give one LIFE. That is what Alt-right is about ... and much much more.
We are Legion and we do not now nor shall we ever ask your leave to impose our will. We acknowledge no equality of choice that would allow for such disorder or chaos. We are NOT equals to the common herd who accept PC without a whimper ... their mind is polluted with the less than Good White Man values of the market, the merchant and happiness based on accesses to material goods. These 'values' are the enemies fully and completely having NO part with the future for our Great Folk.
Basically WE do not worship at the idol of Individual Worth ... most persons are worthless as they exist ... they have zero honor, loyalty, courage and shirk duty.
Choice is worthless without wisdom guiding it ... these over grown children's choices are not important enough to be respected by the adults.
The Alt-Right is in the end the Adults putting the PC children to bed permanently.

Why are you 'racist' -- or How dare you defend Whites from PC Multiculture!

Why are you a 'racist' (evil White People)?

First things first: Let's untangle this mess of verbal ambush.
'Racist' is itself a made up word solely intended to force WHITES to comply with communist's demands on race -- just like sexist and other terms are meant to gain compliance from us on other topics.
It is the commie equivalent of Pooh Pooh Head. It has but one purpose and that is to Shame us into accepting Tolerance, Equality and Multiculturalism inside the framework of liberal PC thinking as the ONLY viable rational world view.

All of this is insane since 'equality' and the rest utterly ignore reality and are frankly planks in the Religion of This Year in Humanity -- which itself is a bullshit concept since there is NO 'one humanity'.  Science you say? They lie to keep their funding being nutless eunuchs.

Thus the question could more accurately be phrased: *Why O' free White men are you against being controlled by commies who have harm for you in their mind? Yes why indeed do we reject being Judas Goated to the place of slaughter. O Why indeed?*

For more about who to be FREE of PC and the Harpy Multiculture.

What is the Alt-Right about?

Alt-right is a revolt against economic determinism, individualism and modernity. It promotes the common good over selfish interests with pride. It promotes the tribe, nation and organic whole over the parts which comprise that whole. And it promotes traditional family and social values including opposition to all degeneracy that decreases births. Alt-right places Duty and Honor over Liberty and Freedom as there is NO true freedom that does not involve doing ones DUTY to the FOLK who give one LIFE. That is what Alt-right is about ... and much much more.  By showing an interest in the topic you have taken the first step in freeing your mind from the prison house that is Modern PC Multiculture. Good for you. Glad to have ya.   For more information please see us here. 

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And more much much more!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Why we do what we do

Hello folks, how are y'all doing today? Today folks we would like to talk about why we do what we do.

Since folks it can be quite a labor, which can consume quite a great amount of our spare time.

However we think the time well spent in so much as it helps to defend conserve and restore, our personal home hearth and heritage, and by extension our community’s commonality of language, culture and purpose, and thus to rebuild the nation from root system to branch, since the family and community are the root from which we all spring, and whose vitality and health reflect and effect our own.

To come to Brass tacks, we do this, because we remember White rural small town America –did you think we were going to dance around it –and we want that small town community back out of the rubble that is multiculturalism, political correctness, diversity, tolerance, and enforced equality. We want White close knit Communities in which to live Life under our Laws in our Lands.

We are quite aware of what we are saying. We are very very lucid. We having been old enough to evaluate the relative value of small town rural White America, vs. Suburban/Urban multicultural America, have found the latter wanting, and find ourselves wanting the former. Put more easily rural White America is greater than suburban multicultural America or urban diverse America. One is the Real America and the other a cheap retread.

We remember rural America, it was an endearing, peaceful, orderly and settled place. Oh to be sure there was a touch more generational impoverishment in that time than there is now, but everyone, was essentially working class, or lower middle class, and it put it nicely there was more community spirit so there was less need of welfare. On the whole 95% plus of these people regardless of class were hardworking, honest, good loyal, people who loved god, family and nation in that order, and around whom your person and property were 100% safe! These people in the main, respected the law, had proper respect for authority, and most of all were united around their common family and community identity, which identity acted as the foundation for their national identity, as White America, for White America with pride in White America.

Contrast this, to the wasteland that is modern suburban multicultural America, and diverse urban America –the differences are frankly, stark and startling, giving rise, to our honest observation that the crime filled, hovels where poverty is the rule, and where now life is violent, dirty, and retrograde, are in no way an improvement over the old rural orderly clean country town of old. Such 'people', and 'communities' which may, or may not, exist on paper under the aegis of the 2.0 America are simply not an improvement in any manner, over old White America’s orderly and clean manner. They are not in any way a strength, nor enriching, being divided, and squalid, filled with chaos, and lacking anything like proper respect for authority and leadership.

This is because the 2.0 on paper multicultural America is merely a Whore house, a business proposition even, a nation in name only, lacking in anything like an identity, thus it has, no solid foundation, and it has predictably, become a ruin. This ruin is filling fast with the hordes of the third world, who contend for the rubble, rubble that once was our exclusive living space.
When is enough enough? When do we the remnant of the Western People here in America (really everywhere) finally simply, turn our posteriors upon this mess, and let if fall under its own weight? When do we put our backs to rebuilding for us by us and leave this wreckage to decay molder and rot? Without us this house of cards will topple. Why do we continue to hold it up, when the world is ours after it falls? Why continue to struggle to hold up the death cult which hates our life and wants us dead?

Truly, We know we cannot be the only person who has had the good luck to have been born into old rural White America, and to prefer it's quite peaceful honest way of life, to the barbarous savage violence of the multi culture. Truly we know that many that have made it this far want what we talk about even if only by second hand. We know we cannot be the only one.

We know we are not the only one, who honestly prefers the common bonds of identity based on families solidly in homes around hearths passing on heritages. Said families well established in a community within which they have the bond of a common culture and language, the binding ties of a shared history and the deep cut channels of a well established way of life. Strong communal bonds which frankly grew out of the biological commonality among the people --they were in fact expressions of our core tribal identity of our people-- this commonality gave comfort and a sense of one’s place in a greater living breathing organic social order.

Multiculture provides none of this. Dead Lifeless Tombs is all it provides.

We know that we are not the only person who prefers the quality life of small rural town living, to political correctness, with its intolerable tolerance and empty slogans about barbarian foreign diversity being our strength. We know we are not the only person who utterly rejects the lie that tolerating barbarism will make us anything but victims of criminality.

We know that the enforced tolerance of the ‘enriching’ diversity is nothing else but the destruction of our biological identity, as our murderers force our replacements upon us using shaming words and legal decrees.

This destruction of our biological integrity is the final act, in the destruction of our community and cultural identity. We know we are not the only one that sees this fact and thinks: We must resist this as we have only this one Unique Identity. It is Ours. There is NO others who are Us. None.

To us our identity, community, and biological commonality, are things to be cherished and loved, since they give us a strong foundation, and provide us with our all in all – Family, Community, Nation. The multi culture provides only demands, death and destruction. The politically correct multiculture is a threat to our homes, families and our Nation.

For us there is no choice, we cling openly and with pride to those we love, and just as openly reject those who threatened the things we love. For who can choose death over life? Who willingly chooses to see those things he cherishes trampled into the dust by savage hordes of cannibals? Who?

Not me and not you, not any sane rational person.

Therefore our goal here is to reach those sane rational people who share a desire for restoring rural White America, and to build a critical mass until there is enough depth to our ranks that we can simply walk away from PC. We will simply self select for opting out of their Multicultural Plantation. We work here to free the minds so that the body can follow the mind’s lead. Yes, in the end, the goal is to simply leave PC and it's insane White guilt, colored oppression and never ending compensation schemes behind in the dust, since the salient fact in play folks is that White America does not need diversity – they exist on our labors not the other way around. We Whites are Our own all in all.

White America was strong and great, when we openly identified with our biological heritage, up as part of our cultural and community identity. When we had laws in place to keep and preserve our majority over our lands. When we had no shame in being the master of our own national destiny.

We know that we're not the only one who thinks and feels this way. But we also know that many are silenced by fear of losing their jobs, parental rights, visitations with children or even just so simple as their social status. We know and we try to be understanding of these fears. These fears that keep the masses silent in the face of ever greater outrages upon reason, good sense and common decency.

It is our sense that the politically correct multicultural tolerant diverse system depends upon our equal individual silence in the face of these continuing outrages.

It depends upon our accepting publicly it's insane proclamations: about diversity; about White guilt; about compensation for slavery; about the holy victims of hatred and aggression; and about all the other insane psychobabble which is the stock in trade of the media academic political class who act as the lance for the PC multicultural system.

The lie depends to put it simply upon our pretending the naked communist has cloths. It depends on our lying to ourselves and each other about politically correct multicultural psychobabble, which in truth many, if not most of us reject and despise.

The first step in overcoming this web of lies, is to openly the state that White America, the object of the PC cult’s hatred, was, is, and, always will be, better in every way, than their 2.0 multicultural diverse America.

Overcoming their lies depends upon us being able to say that only a panda bear homosexual eunuch, would tolerate being enriched by barbarian diversity as it kills our people, our communities, and our unique national identity. The Rest of us Real Western Men, Want White America back.

This in short folks is why we do what we do. The basic goal here is to keep our home, hearth, and heritage, while protecting our family, community, and nation. We intend to outlive the current system, and to rebuild from the ruins if need be.

Why we do what we do? It is as easy as 'Rural Small Town Living'. That is why we do what we do.

If you're interested in more of what we would like to see done, subscribed to the youtube channel, visit our blog, or download the organic theory of society pdf at the links provided below.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Relevance for the Nationalist Movement

It comes by remaining outside the Corrupt Party System.

If the nationalist movement wishes to remain relevant, or even perhaps to become relevant, it must differentiate itself fully from the civic patriot parties, and from all liberal approved parties. It must part from them, while using their squabbles to the advantage of the nationalist worldview. It must most of all not make pact with either ‘wing’. Nationalism must remain fixed upon replacing the ruling world view ie the materialist, atheist, deterministic ideals of the liberal/Marxist plutocrats and ruling elite, not upon ‘winning’ in the system they control.

It must be always remembered that the modern world is essentially liberal individualist and hedonist, none of this makes for a fit base upon which to build a stable national edifice. Nationalism being Traditional, Tribal and Ethical, we nationalists simply have no reason to keep the liberal world order from falling. We in fact have every valid reason to see it topple. In the end between us nationalists and the liberal world, there can be no compromise – only one of us can remain – as any compromise only ensures the survival of the infection, this must go to the knife.

The reason is not far to seek: There is no actual ethno-nationalism, which is acceptable to the liberal worldview, just as conversely none of the liberal world, is acceptable to the true nationalist, since they negate each other. One is unique, particular and natural the other universal, pedestrian and artificial.

The conflict is absolute being based in fundamentally different world views: liberalism being based upon its false atomic individuals, and nationalism being based upon the cooperative family unit. One selfish and the other exalting the Common Good. The notion that liberty extends to the right of betraying the people for pennies is farcical, else Judas would be a saint. The atomic individual is a fantasy, no such person has existed in the order of things. And happiness has degenerated into hedonistic weakness, as it always was doomed to do.

The simple reason is that the modern world – liberal, Marxist, and otherwise – is based essentially on the idea that everyone is equal – this is false – and it creates chaos and disorder in its wake. There is no sound basis for asserting equality between any two living beings. There is no equality man to man, man to woman, man to child, woman to woman, woman to child, or any other equality at all. Equality simply does not exist, except as a verbal construction, which acts to destroy real authority.

Nationalism rejects this liberal poisoned cup. Nationalism most especially rejects Internationalism and all kinds of Marxism including its poisoned offspring political correctness (political equality), egalitarianism (equality of outcomes), and feminism(gender equality), because they are antithetical to our traditions, ethics and tribal interests. Each of these death cult tenets are merely the liberal fantasy of ‘equality’ enforced under a ‘tolerant’ anti-Western paradigm, framed in liberal terms.

Political Correctness is a Congo Cannibal Cult in which the infirm of mind, who lack judgment, who are deficient in virtue, honor, and/or courage are given equal say and power over the common fate as the just, loyal, right, brilliant, and honest!

Egalitarianism is ‘equality’ applied to outcomes, social and economic. It is meant to ensure that the least capable, are made to feel to be ‘equal’ to the most capable by making Capacity itself some shameful condition. The best must be keep low, so that all can be equal to the lowest – and since we have cannibals among us this is very low indeed.

You see this ‘equality’ lie is also used to cover up the terrible little fact that the PC Boazian communists have it all wrong – Race is very real and racial differences matter on a continent wide scale.

Simply stated: while Whites can learn Black Culture and to some extent the reverse, not all groups can CREATE HIGH CULTURE like us Whites. ‘Racism’ is just natural success of the better stock in the given conditions – at least when it is attached to the adjective ‘institutional’ or ‘cultural’.

Western Man is simply more capable than the Congo Cannibals, and Marxists have invented the term ‘racism’ and ‘oppression’ to label us Whites as ‘evil’ for our natural successes over the cannibals.

Feminism, which is equality applied to gender, is nothing more than confusion. A chaotic force that has seen our birth rates plummet and our families destroyed as the mothers of the future quest after useless and base trinkets, revealing away the child bearing years to at best have one child after having many men – this is the way to death. There is No nicer or softer way to put it. 3 children per women with one man in a stable home is the only way to life. No other options exist. None.

Nationalism rejects all of this – in toto wishing to keep none of this rotten mess. Nationalist assert that Liberalism in toto is the mother of the modern death cult, called political correctness and for so long as liberalism lives, it will protect the death cult. Thus is must go.
Nationalism knows that historically liberalism birthed Marxist.
Marxism in any form is soul destroying being based itself upon the false individual and the materialist empirical values of liberalism it shares in the failure of liberalism – there is NO equality and thus both systems are equally in error on this point.

And thus since the cosmopolitan worldview of the internationalist traders – a murky and nebulous lot whose only real loyalty is to increased profits – the money bags who fund the current world order are at heart liberal and partake of all the errors of individualist liberalism, their point of view, cannot have any concrete point of contact with nationalism.
Nationalism being based upon the correct premise that family is the foundation of all folk, and it is upon the needs of the living members of this family, which all life affirming values are based. The values which one derives from the needs of this family are local and concrete having nothing in common with the abstract and universal assertions of the death cult. The the needs of this family can be summed up as housing, clothing, food, and the means to protect these. Thus nationalism deals in concrete realities not in abstract rhetorical generalities. And the number one concrete reality that needs hammered home is that Natural reality has rules.

The most simple of those rules are that –
  • There is NO equality in nature only hierarchy.
  • Nature is in fact predicated upon hierarchy.
  • Nature has provided for patriarchy.
  • Hierarchy and Patriarchy are the means to proper functional order.
  • Order is necessary to our survival as civilized beings.

These facts do not evolve with time, nor are they subject to group votes, since they are material facts beyond the power of man to alter. The nationalist movement must relentlessly point out these natural facts remain as the only real baseline reality against which to judge the success of our efforts. There is nothing to gain by appeasing the liberal world order.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

What is Nationalism?

What is Nationalism?

What The Nationalist

We Nationalists
believe, that Nationalism is a living structure that encompasses an
entire holistic world view, social, economic, and political.

We nationalists
believe, in hierarchy under law, patriarchal sovereignty and orderly
authority, as goods that exist for our best ends.

We nationalists
believe, that inside our nation there is an ordering from highest to
lowest – moral, not merely a material ordering – in that some are
simply more fit for certain tasks and that not everyone is equally
capable, not even in theory.

We nationalists
believe, that Nature was created with Inequality as its basis and
that we must accept that some are simply more fit for some pursuits
than others, but we also accept that inside our nation that
regardless we are a unitary whole Family who will take care of our
own as a Family. The best have a duty to the rest is the simplest
manner in which it may be expressed.

We nationalists
believe, that from this natural familial order comes proper authority
tempered by affections and justice. Thus, Nationalism posits that
from a unique first or ancestral family, comes by natural stages of
growth, a self-aware social, economic and political unit which forms
a whole complete nation.

The nationalists
believes that the family must be sound for the nation to be founded
upon solid lasting and stable foundations for the nation to be well
founded, Nationalism thus takes the family as the unit from which
life comes as there are no living persons who have not a biological
mother and father.

Nationalism affirms
Life by regarding life as a link in a chain that connects present to
the past and future. We nationalists believe in Life and thus We must
reject the sterile individual as the embodiment of death itself. We
believe in family for in family is life. Nationalism accepts that the
family unit comes before any mythical individual.

Nationalism places the
family, child, community and persons in that order of importance at
the center of its thoughts actions and goals. We believe in our
future over any liberal concepts or legal dictum.

We nationalists
believe, that the Father is the center of authority in the family,
the natural provider, defender, and ruler of the family, and that
from his familial power flows the sovereignty of the National
community as a whole family of families.

We believe that the
mother is the foundation of first the people as a whole, and
secondarily a stable lasting home, hearth from which to pass down a
meaningful heritage, which when combined forms the Culture of the

We Nationalists believe
that men and women are simply different in function and that they do
not compete by nature but compliment each other to the mutual
advantage of all in the home, community and nation. We accept this
mystery that produces life itself. A great wonder. We Nationalists
further believe that the natural divided duties and authorities of
the man and women in the home are the basis for all civilized order,
such order being required to rear children with the best chance of
success relative to the survival of the nation.

A nation is not any
random pile of people in a given area, that is a disordered mob. A
nation has a definite boundary and there are those inside and outside
its circle of concern. A nation is a community of families that act
as ONE whole family of families.

Nationalism holds that
each unique nation while similar to others, within its racial
grouping, in some, even many categorically measurable manners are
nevertheless unique and whole unto themselves with their own land
under their own laws. A community of like nations in loose
confederation we believe is the Future which Nationalism will promote
after it becomes the dominate world view in the near term as
globalism forces nations to lager up in self defense against its

It is because of these
Beliefs that we Nationalist state that –

Nationalism values the
natural division of labor between male and female, to the end that
the home and children may be sound and whole. Patriarchal Order is
the basis for ALL sound social order. No other truth is possible.
Thus Feminism and individualism are both cancerous poison which are
killing our kind.

Nationalism promotes the
natural ties family to family such that webs of supporting and strong
communities may result by natural action of affections. All such
‘welfare’ will be reserved for deserving members of Our Nation.
We nationalists see no reason to support outlander people who just
happen to reside in our lands against all justice.

Nationalism openly
proclaims that all economic activity is the result of some human
action. Thus there is no reason to treat the ‘economy’ as some
abstract entity apart from our own actions personally and as an
aggregate. We further affirm that local is superior in every way over
international as We are more loyal to Us than the cosmopolitans are
to Us.

Nationalism will only look
kindly those economic actions which benefit the nation. Economics is
not a magical being separate from society or politics – economic
acts have consequences – There is no right to impoverish the
people for one’s one personal advantage, just as there is NO right
to legislate people into wealth – work not politics creates wealth.
Nor is there any right to destroy the homes or communities of the
People for mere economic advantage. Nationalists open declare the
Nation to be greater than any market, regardless of any other factor
since the People of the Nation are foundation upon which the market
operates. Economics are merely a tool the Nation uses to its best

Nationalism proudly states
that we back and support the Majority Male Working and Middle Class
who are the whipping boy of the modern PC system and who have been
drug behind the feminist cart for far too long. A strong Nation is
based on well employed fathers who can provide for families, without
diversity or any other remnants of liberal PC remaining as stumbling
blocks before them.

Nationalism has no shame
in promoting the common sense idea that any government that does not
serve the nation’s best ends as sketched above must be replaced
with one that does. Nationalists insist that any government that
cannot serve the nation is useless to the National Well Being and
must be replaced by those who can ensure LIFE to the National Body.

the Nationalist Demands from His Community and His Nation

Nationalism demands and
gives loyalty, duty, courage and honor to those that serve in their
station civil and otherwise with dedication, respect, honest and who
frugally use the public resources to the Best ends of the National
Body. Nationalists demand that any government or official live up to
these ideas in his public life. We demand that loyal duty be a part
of each man’s mental domain such that he is driven to courage and
the honor his station befits.

Nationalism is about the
men who have the loyalty and ability being given the means to rule
justly, honestly and with an eye to the best ends of the families who
are cells of the living national body.

Nationalists demand from
these that they do their duty or be held to account, as their failure
is the failure of the nation. There is No magic formula Nationalist
simply accept that flexibility is desirable.

Nationalism is not about
divided loyalties with any outside party what so ever. The
Nation and its institutions is the all in all for the nationalist.
There is NO honor in being disloyal to the Nation – government may
have to be defied at times but the NATION is the ALL in all to all
loyal son’s of the Soil.
Nationalism therefore
demands that any media, corporation, market, business or other groups
or persons be loyal to the Nation or take themselves out of national
domain. Nationalists have zero toleration for subversion of our
traditional way of life by anyone be they carpetbaggers or

Nationalism seeing that
the education of the youth is the future takes a no-nonsense approach
to education. The best for the Best, but some for everyone. For
Primary Schooling: No feelings, all academic figures and traditional
cultural exercises, meant to acclimate the student to their role and
station in the family of families which is the nation. Nationalists
desire to see less waste upon feelings and more over all learning of
the technical mechanical theoretical sort coupled with a solid
introduction to arts, literature and the rest which the more advanced
can pursue in extra curricular pursuits and higher learning which
again will be parceled out on Merit.

Nationalism is the Future
based solidly upon what worked in the Past. Nationalists are
perpetually finding new ways to use old formulas with lasting success
in the day to day life of the Nation.

Nationalism Is The Western
Future – the only belief system that values our future in and of
itself by and for itself!

Nationalism is, in the
end, Family working, to see Family, be well founded!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Dear victimized minority and self haters:

Are you sick and tired of being triggered by (the social construct which is totally just pretend called) White People?  

Does the anger you feel knowing that Whites never made nuffin just eat your spleen? 

Does the very idea of White Privilege cause you to lose sleep, even miss malt liquor drink time?

Are you so worked up about Whitesplaining that you feel the need to be in a more diverse and enriching environment free of the oppression and plain old boredom of Whiteness? 

 Does the guilt you have over being 'white' make you want to be a victim yourself?  

Are you a self hating person that needs more diversity than the First world can provide safely or legally? 

Never fear the answer is here.

You do not have to stay here spinning your tires in the Whiteness.

You can be free of White and its evil micro aggressions. 

There are still places blissfully free of 'Da Ebil White Man(tm)' and his oppressive hygiene, ethics and 'laws', where you can swing free, drunk on banana shine, and high on Khat.  Maximum diversity means maximum enrichment after all.

How, oh how do I get to this magic place you ask?

 First: Go South to the Tropics, or to any Muslim Land My Dear Lad. If the Natives are NOT Oppressively White ... Everything will be magically Haiti alright.

Flee the White and go to the diversity ... bring them tolerance and matriarchy ... surely they will love thee. Find your inner burden.

There are no bars on the windows, you can freely leave the First World.

Yes just leave, at ANY TIME. Then you book one way travel forward into diversity, and simply relocating to the Congo Basin, central Mexico, Angola or any Muslim nation.

Get on that Ship; take a Trip. For those that need the extra enrichment of native activities, we also offer: Darfur -- The One Way Tour -- guaranteed to provide so much in your face diversity and cultural exchange it is impossible not to feel super enriched!  This is so much enrichment there that we suggest building a tolerance,  since it can kill in its straight form -- small doses at first; worm has turned for you man.

No White Racism to inhibit 'free cultural exchanges'. 100% of the diversity with all the tolerance you can stand.Remember: Not all cultural exchanges are equal after all -- Never ever tolerate White's getting in the way of your premium enriching diversity experience.

Second: Stay put and be enriched by all the joyous diversity, till kingdom come.

This Freedom Day -- Ponder the Reality of your 'Freedoms'

Prophetic Words, replace 'kings' with 'the elite', 'lords' with 'society' and we are just about here -- *The old wisdom that was borne out of the West was forsaken. Kings made tombs more splendid than the houses of the living and counted the names of their descent dearer than the names of their sons. Childless lords sat in aged halls musing on heraldry or in high, cold towers asking questions of the stars. And so the people of Gondor fell into ruin. The line of Kings failed, the White Tree withered, and the rule of Gondor was given over to lesser men.*

And here we are in America once a great Western Outpost of Civilization, Learning and Culture more generally, now a decayed ruin full of orcs, goblins, and other none Western Peoples who pretend to be the builders of the ruin they inhabit. The remnant of the Western Peoples will mollify themselves by celebrating their 'freedom' to be part of the general decay as we pile up the pyre of the Western Peoples in the name of the insane death cult called Political Correctness. Cold Towers of Numbers provide the lie that pushed the machine of Multiculture down our throats day and night in all public spaces these false idols of diversity, tolerance and equality must be kowtowed to in every way possible even though those things are literally cold tombs full of rotten bones. Madness. And so the West becomes Mordor, full of Orcs and Vile debased imitations of our once great culture and society. And we are supposed to applaud this as if it is progress ... um NO everywhere the orcs gain in numbers light learning and general order decay and they are replaced with crime, squalor and barbarism. This is systemic and it is NOT because of any 'racism' or action by the Western People -- The Nature of the Orc is Dark, Deadly and Death Inducing.

So we can either gaze at the stars and pretend to be free, or we can work our way out from under this PC insanity which is KILLING America the Nation which was founded by Europeans and replacing it with some circus show from the Congo.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Free Speech? Where?

Free Speech?

Only if one is a leftist hippy homo loving race mixer whistling past the graveyard of the West on the way to Sodom or what the cucks of the world call 'tolerant' of being ‘enriched’ by the diversity horde.

The real fact is that, in the modern USA – and the ‘free’ world more generally – One truly only has 'free speech' if one says what the left allows one to say. Every thing else is labeled 'hate'.

Hateful speech gets censored using 'terms of service', codes of conduct, ethical standards and other low life lawyer games here in the USA, while at the same time SJW types aided by the Media, Academia and Government, will go after one’s employment – hate has no right to participate in the workplace – threatening one’s surely weak willed boss with the hellfire of 'racism' if they don't shun one like a leprous apostate. They will hammer away and do everything possible to drum one out of society forthwith and posthaste, since they decide what is to be freely said in this free land and no others.

So yeah anyone 'can' freely say anything IF they are willing to risk their good name, job and the security of their family.

The parody starts when the oppressive menstruating SJW apparatchiks pretend that they are being oppressed by the people they have decided to hold their little inquisitions upon – Oh yes they will LOOK for folks talking about things they don't like.

Claim to be triggered.

Denounce the person they intruded upon with shaming control words like racism and hater.

All the while trying to rally the crowd to denounce the person intruded upon by the little communist agitator.

And then as a final act the agitators will pretend that they are the 'victim' of an aggression, if their intended victim fights back against their nonsense accusations.

It happens all the time on social media, at schools, parks, stores and frankly we can only imagine where else, that the purveyors of perversion, and putrefaction, look for anyone having a conversation about race, nation, history, biology, politics, or any other subject not to their liking. Find what they FEEL to be nonconformity – Then Commence to pretend that they have the right to 'look' heretics over to see if us unwashed racists live up to PC orthodoxy in our deeds and thoughts.

In their arrogance, they act like Bolshevik Informers and Fat Cat Party Bosses! They act as if their feelings are the Law. As if their whim is our Moral imperative. As if they are the living face of ORDER, JUSTICE and PEACE. They seem to think that the White Majority need their leave or permission to think and speak as we wish, will or whim.

Triggers coming, clutch the pearls baby --

We are not subject to SJW or the Lefts pseudo-morality. We simply grant them NO power to dispose of our person, let alone to control, order or otherwise inform, our thoughts, feelings or actions. Let them VOTE – We shall VETO!

Veto – I REFUSE CONSENT! Yes, WE refuse to consent to their bully boy games and badgering antics of the SJW types. Lawyer games are based on paper; Fire is greater than paper.
We refuse to allow these modern day Babylonian Temple Merchants the RIGHT to hold judgment over us. We will not be harped on by harridans as if they are our headmistress.

That is for cucks, punks, sissies, and boys.

We tell such as this to shut their lips and mind their own shop. We realize that We are NOT subject to the PC folks' will. We refuse to allow these lowly and vile hoi polloi the right to judge us, as we are the rightful Lords of This Land.

We do not allow the enemy to shame us into accepting defeat. Mice allow cats to badger them.

The correct response to 'your a racist' is not 'no I am not' it is 'racism, racist, hater and the rest are imaginary concepts with no basis in fact, so only idiots babble about them as if they matter'. The correct response to 'you hate X' is 'no, rather you hate me because I won't agree with your view about X, but thanks for trying to manipulate me anyways.' The old 'but you are really afraid of Y' game is best counted with a variant of 'we will go into the tank with Y, Y being a bear, RIGHT after you do.'

The correct response to most PC accusations is bluntly,’What you say and think does not matter in the least, now Shut Your Lips, or physically force us to comply, Please Leave as your Commie Gibberish is NOT Welcome.’

Never defend always deflect and attack. Always challenge their authority and make them carry the load of defending their insane world view. Deflect; Attack; Defeat!

The PC bots will double down on the names, huff, puff, rave, stomp, maybe even cry, but if you hold to the guns, they will go away in obvious defeat. This will leave YOU able to have your say to the crowd. This simple fact will encourage others to defy these PC commie control freaks in the future. They shame, you refuse to care, they flee, you win.

Deflect, Attack, Defeat!

That is how National freedom is had. Freely say what you want, free of concern for diversity, tolerance, or PC’s moral approval. Freely defy their wants, norms and expectations with Nationalist wants, norms and expectations, this is how Nationalism is reborn from the rubble of PC Multiculture Liberalism. Freely be a Free Man who has NO need to ask their leave to freely say and think what is right, good and just for Free Men to think and say.

Then you are truly free of PC.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Barbarian lives don't matter:

(B D M for short)

(Warning Massive Triggers Coming: Seek Medical and/or Legal Attention if you are fragile.)

There is an awful lot of chatter from the media and academics, these days about the supposed, 'equal' value of lives, minority thug barbarian lives particularly.

We are told, that every minority barbarian thug life, which is cut short by, an assumed to be White policemen, suddenly has vast impart, and truly matters, as if by ghetto fabulous magic, due to the ‘fact’ that, 'black lives matter'.

'Black lives matter' – so runs the never ending narrative – the narrative We are told by the academics, media, sjw and ‘community leaders’ because White racist police only harm, arrest or otherwise cause injury to innocent inner city minority youths. Gentile caring youths, who would have been future saints, community leaders, and rap stars, if only allowed to grow to their full thuggish potential.

Saints community leaders, and rap stars, who were slated to graduate university with the highest marks. These special youths incidentally would surely have invented the cure for a cancer, we are told, if only their life was not tragically cut short by racist White police backed by a racist White system.

We are told that the mile long rap sheet of the barbarian thug, was merely a technicality. We are often told that it was just such 'experience' at 'keeping it real' in ‘da hood’ that enabled him to so ably enrich the ghetto community, along with the greater society as a whole.

We are without fail told how 'they was a good boy' who 'dindu nuffin'. Good boys, who though they might have been covered in the victims' blood, were completely innocent. Every time against all odds. Because? Black Lives Matter – Full Stop.

We are told just as endlessly that for majority White people to insist that 'all lives matter' IE that White lives have value as well, is racist, evil and exclusionary. While we are told that the exclusionary slogan 'black lives matter', is just and apparent; the implication, never spoken but always there, being that all nonwhites' lives matter, while Whites (racists) are merely racists whose lives, do not matter.

Fact is, we're told an awful lot of lies and half truths meant to deceive us. The media lies to us. The educational system lies to us. Our churches lie to us. Politicians lie through their teeth. We are told these demoralizing lies day in and day out; a stream of non-stop hogwash. We are told these lies in a 1,000,000 subtle ways, and 1,000,001 not so subtle ways. We are daily told emotionally laden stories, fables really, recounting yet again how violent vicious thuggish barbarian lives matter, more so, after they are killed in the act of their barbarism, by (White) police. Lie. Vicious Wicked Lie.

In point of fact every important authority figure in the PC modern world has made pact with this wicked lie – This false slogan which, we are told endlessly by the Marxist Media to excuse Minority misbehavior. This false slogan used to shift the blame onto the White Man for the actions of others. This false insidious slogan, which is a means of accusing Whites of racism by proxy through the police, seeking to trigger ‘White guilt’, which will act to appease the barbarian horde rather than hold it accountable.

It has come to the point that We are even expected to repeat these absurd lies among ourselves as if they are some sort of joyous, truthful and useful news to be celebrated.

We shall not do this thing.

We have made no such pact with Death. We reject the expectation that we lie to each other about the value of such 'lives'. We shall not lie to you or anyone else about the value of barbarian lives.

We state emphatically that these barbarian thugs have no one to blame for the deaths they meet but themselves. We state emphatically that viscous violent thug barbarian lives, not only do not matter, but that their lives are also overly costly, as well as being, overrated in regards their relative value to the majority citizens. The same citizens, who pay for the thugs to live, bred and prey upon us in our own lands.

We state that barbarian thugs, who pose a threat to the lawful majority, should be put down in the street with no mercy or remorse. We state, that anyone who supports these thugs against lawful authority, by, stonewalling, protesting, rioting or looting to 'honor the memory of the dead' should be treated as if they are the thugs themselves.

We state that no strong civilization allows its dregs to intimidate it on the streets of its OWN cities, nor do the strong allow the weak to pillage and loot among them. – this is what we state.
We state that the honest lawful citizens whom these thugs rape, rob, murder, and subject to other horrific terrors, matter far more than any of these barbarians thugs ever mattered. We state that the least amongst these honest lawful majority citizens, are worth more than all of the barbarian thugs in every ghetto across the entire nation.

We state without ambivalence that it is the majority honest lawful orderly citizens, whose lives matter and whose safety is paramount. The hardworking citizens, who play for the PC traitors and diversity to enrich us, matter, while those that threaten their well being do not matter.
We state that every thug who raises a hand to any honest hardworking lawful citizen, takes his life into his own hands, in effect they kill themselves when they engage in lawless barbarism among us. We state that, our people matter, while Barbarians who cause us harm do not matter – alive or dead.
QED: We state emphatically that these barbarian thugs have no one to blame for the deaths they meet but themselves. We state emphatically that viscous violent thug barbarian lives, not only do not matter, but that their lives are also overly costly, as well as being, overrated in regards their relative value to the majority citizens. The same citizens, who pay for the thugs to live, bred and prey upon us in our own lands.

To Finish –

We say that those of you who attempt to use the words hater, racist, NAZI, or other attempts to emotionally manipulate us into silence are dupes in pact with death, having sold out to the modern world and PC/diversity for a temporary safety amongst the maelstrom that is the rising tide of diversity's anarchy.

We say the Barbarian Thugs are merely encouraged by the academic and political left, social justice warrior types, and media appeasing them as they grow more and more restless and violent.

We say the turncoats will find it a bad bargain, as the increasingly barbarous behaviors of the ghetto thugs, will more and more endanger their family and person. A danger they promoted under the banner of 'Black Lives Matter' – IE ‘Anarchy is the way to get things’. A danger which will turn upon them and devour them as they signal to the false idols of Equality and Tolerance, in horror and shock only then to realize – Barbarians Don’t Matter.


Friday, April 1, 2016

The single cell vs. the whole body

The liberal individualist single happy cell model was always doomed to failure, right from the start. The failure is inherent in the idea that people are 100% complete unto themselves and have no need for anyone else. If this cellular basis for society is allowed, doomed follows close by on the time line.

Shortly Swiftly, and Surely.

The simple reason is that humans operate as groups of families, of communities, as peoples, not as individual cells. There is no individual cell that can long survive in nature. And so it is with people. Humans operate in groups of at minimum a family unit. These groups of persons (families, communities, the People as a whole) not the single individual are the vehicle of human history. If the individual is taken from the context of these groups they become sterile and lifeless – man and women alike.

Culture, Commonality and History are a group effort.

The liberal world order in its relentless quest to atomize and singularize all things, has been breaking down these group bodies for quite a long time. Like a greedy and mindlessly destructive virus that invades a cell, so the liberal order has invaded and destroyed the people, community and family units among the Western World Order that was once Christendom. It also like a virus uses the now lifeless bits of its hosts to replicate more virii which act to further weaken the host(s). This is all liberalism – both economic and social – from Smith to Mises, Mills to Popper, it is known by its corrupted fruit and denuded landscapes.

Worse, yet for the Western Peoples, Liberalism paved the way and opened the door for Marxism, which is merely liberalism striped of all romantic notions and taken to the logical extreme implied from the start – Materialist, Determinist, and Atheist. Thus attack the Liberal root and you take out the Marxist branches as well – fall this rotten tree must for it has no substance.

The reality is that the modern hyper-individualist hedonist world is alienating, and empty of true joy, fulfillment and satisfaction – for everyone of all ages by and large – even among the plentiful goods and shallow shows the masses find but temporary escapes, which leave them lacking, always needing more, never sated. Among all these material goods there is NO sense of The Good, community or anything like working towards a common good that transcends merely personal gain.

The entire consumer matrix is designed to stimulate us all to always want more, more, more, and to never at any time find our fill, want as we might. It thus is logical since it promotes atomized people as individuals that it leads to alienation person to person, and because it has nothing of substance to offer it must empty all it touches as the cold bleeds away the heat. Logically it is no wonder that many of Us feel as we do that something is terrible rottenly amiss with this completely upside down system.

And this my dear readers is because to arrive here as a collective whole, we have forsaken much that once filled these voids in men of former ages – ethics, heritage, traditions, communities, families, trust, goodness, God himself, and not least our own honor. All this in exchange for beer, sports, soaps and shopping malls – TV Circuses and Bread Crumbs!

Let us be as a light in the materialist, atheist, determinist, darkness. Let us Be the Heralds of a return to normalcy, Let us enforce Life by teaching a History about our Common Past that will motivate the Majority to make a life affirming Future.

After all, History is the knowledge of the past – it is NOT a science; it is an ART – a knowledge that we shall wield without SHAME to our ends. A knowledge that is Power; A power that will bring the Single Cells back into a Whole Body!

Please download and read – 193 page pdf clean link. A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success.

Friday, March 25, 2016

We have to be able to rely on us

Approximate spoken Text

We have to be able to rely on us.

Dependency, is the mother of slavery. Autonomy, is born of sufficiency, upon ourselves. Let these simple sentences sink in; if you do not control what you need, another is master over you. This is true, for us all. With this in mind,

Our attention turns to the fact, that the majority Americans, and their western European cousins, are utterly dependent upon an internationalist rootless cosmopolitan plutocratic oligarchy, who, have no loyalty to our people, and who are paying for both PC with it's mental poisons, and for mass immigration, which is displacement by any other name.
In short the elite of the West are waging mental, spiritual, and economic warfare against the majority European citizens of the West.

Those among the citizens of the west who refuse to be part of the national suicide that is PC coupled with mass immigration, must therefore, make from scratch and by their own efforts the means necessary to become free of any dependency whatsoever, upon the internationalist cosmopolitans.

The citizens, must be able to provide their own food, clothing, housing, and to use these provisions as a stable base from which to build industry, such that they will have control over the necessary items they need to survive.

To do this they must have a strong family and community identity and a 'common good' spirit that will not tolerate PC selfishness or greedy Judas like behaviors.
The citizens will have to fall back upon their historical identity, their historical majority, so that they thus can in autonomy control their historical lands.

For autonomy is born of sufficiency upon one's self. But this cannot be done in the school systems which are under the control of the rootless cosmopolitans, thus that dependency must be broken as well.

The minds of our people particularly our youths must be kept from the clutches of the rootless cosmopolitans and their enablers. Our citizens must become autonomous in their learning and their education, so that their culture, may be kept by them in their own lands.

From here the citizens would be wise, to form their own counter banking system, and thus be free of the rootless cosmopolitans tyranny. The road to this organization is paved by our historical identity, by our loyalty to this identity, and our love for the intangibles which this identity implies. The great fortress of our people is the fact that we have no place to fall back to, and thus our love for this land, will be among our greatest assets.
The cosmopolitan politically correct elite know these to be facts, thus the reason for white guilt, the indoctrination with the nonsense about racism, sexism, homophobia, and the rest of the buzzwords which PC fills people's minds with in order to break down their identity, and weak and their love for their native lands.

It can be ready grasped that while we are dependent upon the international cosmopolitan system for Our provisions, for our education, for our moral instruction, we are slaves, to those who hate our way of life, and who wish to displace and destroy us.

Therefore it behooves the citizens to becoming Morally Autonomous from the PC's world view and to build upon the values of their fathers rather than accept the 'new' values of this degraded age.

This is a great truth: the ultimate root of autonomy from PC lies in being morally autonomous, and determining for, by, and with reference only to ourselves what shall be our moral law and how it shall be applied. It is this control of our group conscience which is the most paramount autonomy that can be gained from the politically correct system. For here is the great power that leads to all other successes against the PC Internationalists.

In point of fact, the power that becoming autonomous from PCs morality accrues to those who are willing to embrace it, is the root of the motivation which will drive the masses to overturn the apple cart of political correctness. Mental spiritual autonomy is the wellspring of all true freedom.

From here we become Our Own Men and from that point We and Not PC write our History again ... We have become able to rely on us. And thus we are able.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


What is being conserved?


True Conservatism is about ensuring OUR People survive, to enjoy the use of Our own land, under Our own laws, by the lights of Our own culture.

The Captive Right of 'Conservatism Inc'(tm) are liberal-PC-Cultural-Marxists whose job is to play act like they stand for the Majority as they in fact sell out the majority 'conservative' citizens to the money bags that fund both the Captive Right and the treason lobby Left.
Hear us our people, and weep for your nation as it has been betrayed. We have been sold for 30 pennies by Judas to the money lenders.

These plutocrats and economic elites have spared no expense to ensure that all 'allowed' or 'respectable' voices are bought by themselves. (This is why Trump has them so worked up as he is NOT bought by them and cannot be trusted to keep their 'arrangements' in place. However back to our narrative. )

The Historical Majority Rightful People of the West are nearly a minority. The Christian values of the west are almost cast down. The lands of the Western Peoples are being invaded and appropriated by foreign hordes of pillaging, raping, culture destroyers.

All this while conservatism inc seems to fiddle among the smoldering tire fires in the streets of the cities which were once the Western lands, like some sort of collective Nero.

Fires meant to burn out the foundations of the West. Fires meant to force us by fear and necessity to submit to PC multiculture and its death cult beliefs derived from Marxism's theories about 'universal humanity'.

Fires started by the direct action of the Left, Captive 'Right' and Big Money that backs both of the wings of the Two party facade called 'democracy' which a farce and a fraud – the Demos – that is the majority historical people – are silenced and keep out of 'archy' – that is power by all means fair and foul.

Fires started by subversives given legal protection by the Left and enabled by the 'conservative' leadership who have long since sold out to the false idols of the Leftist Cult called Multiculture Political Correctness – false leaders who value mammon over main street; money over mom and apple pie – false leaders who are perfectly willing to fall on their face on command from PC, Big Money and the Left's Diversity – and tolerate it as well. Fires, looting, pillaging … and the Captive Right nary utters a whimper and that is because:

The left dictates the morality and the captive 'right' submits. (See: St. MLK)

This statement has been the complete and utter truth since at least the Civil Rights Era – an openly subversive overthrow of Majority society, which put modern America on track for today’s multicultural liberal death cult; an overthrow the Captive Right supports, since as things stand they are enthralled, nay captivated, even cuckolded, to the leftist world view. Their thralldom and treason come as a set. The elite among the Captive Right get money and perks, as well as being physically 'safe' for now from the PC hordes, so thus is their treason explained.

However what is totally beyond us; What We cannot figure out is:

WHAT is conservative about common middle and working class majority citizens playing along with this rigged game in which 'their own side' sells them out to the PC Death Cult?

Frankly the answer about, 'Well it is better then the left/liberals winning', – which we have all heard for decades—is absurd as the Leftist/Internationalist are winning in real time, all day every day and have been winning in a big way for some time now. (Hint: all the 'teams' in play are internationalist teams, thus no matter who wins internationalism wins by default. )
The money supports the Left so the captive right allows the Left to have its way with their 'conservative' base. It is rather like a pimp giving a girl out as a favor, actually.

But be that as it may, the Left has forced the following upon 'conservatives': Diversity, tolerance and political correctness free of question; Affirmative Action as a right; Safe Spaces to plot further subversion against traditional society; Gun Control by many other names; Babylonian transgenderism as normative, healthy and a veritable fact of nature itself; Support from the law and the State as they engage in the degradation of ALL traditional values as a protected and absolute 'right'; Centralized control of Education by which they spread their egalitarian, liberal, lies to the children; Mass Immigration to dilute the majority and to punish us for our white guilt; and last but not least a captive 'conservative' tax base that pays for all the left/centrist subversion of Our ideals, way of life, and biological integrity as a Western People, while they wait two, four and six more years to get all worked up about losing, over and over again...

Maybe honestly assessing reality would be a solution? Maybe leaving the false leaders and quack theories of the captive 'right' for real leadership who care about conserving the Majority People and Our values might be an option? Leaders that do not lie to Us about reality. Leaders with the stones to stand up to PC's fantasy notions about White Guilt, 'Human Equality', Diversity, Tolerance and Oppression. Maybe, just maybe, leaders that OPENLY proclaim that the Majority have unique interests, and an identity and history worthy of being proud of might help us stop acting like whipped curs, huh?

Yes, yes, Hitler, how droll, let the media memes go folks. Just maybe it is time to put down the Hitler as he as nothing to do with modern immigration. That just is NOT cutting the grade... It is the liberal/PC/Cultural-Marxist equivalent of Pooh Pooh Head. We are all, way past that point. Dry those eyes. Now to continue with the process of mental liberation...

It is often claimed that third worlders are more socially conservative but, how does that help us when it is NOT our culture they wish to conserve? Conserving their culture among us helps us Native Born Majority Rightful Americans how exactly?

Assuming this is truth, that the invaders are 'more conservative', the predictable result is still that WE end up minorities in Our Own Lands...

What is conservative about that out come?

How do you conserve a people and their cultural values by allowing them to be degraded and diluted to the point they are destroyed?

Do you all want to be INVADED by foreign hordes that WILL destroy your unique identity or not?

Basically, one cannot bring in huge numbers of totally biologically different people from all corners of the globe and for the most part directly out of the stone age – with the intent purpose which the left shouts daily from the roof tops of creating 'diversity' IE a minority out of the majority – and expect to keep the norms and customs of the proper majority first world citizens among the diverse soup so created. This is not rational. Nor will the former first world citizens so swamped by the third world barbarians, be able to keep the standards of living, material culture or the level of intellectual discourse at anything like its current Western Majority levels.

We all know this, saying the truth out loud will set you free, so again from the top: What is conservative about importing people that will displace your people and your principles in time? Nothing at all is the truthful 100% painful answer. It is in fact suicidal for our Western Nations to import all these third worlders who bring NOTHING except violence, squalor and barbarism. They are of zero value to the Majority Citizens.

Why does anyone tolerate being replaced by barbarian stone age savages?
Same reason conservatives join in calling anyone that objects to the mass immigration invasion, diversity, PC and other Leftist fantasy notions, 'Hitler' 'Racist' and 'Nazi' because Conservatives are ALL terrified of being called names by Liberals and Cultural Marxists... the labels Racist, Nazi and Hater terrify you folks... The Fact is that conservatives need to free their minds from the Left's value judgments and come over to the Nation. We are waiting to embrace our lost brothers and sisters, but only after One has let go of the PC and its death cult mentality. Free yourself from this burden of living up to the enemy's expectations and you will be free to serve the National interest exclusively with no shame.

We think freely of the PC, thus we can say without shame:

True Conservatism is about ensuring OUR People survive to enjoy the use of Our own land, under Our own laws, by the lights of Our own culture. True conservatism is based on a singular Nation in a land, and is NOT universal, at all, but particular and unique. True conservatism starts with conserving the People, their communities and the families which make up said communities. It is about preserving and passing on traditions and culture with pride. It is about keeping what is ours to pass down to our own.

Free your mind from PC and you will be free to Think of your Western Identity.

We think freely of the PC. If you wish to 'know what We think' read the PDF linked in almost all our works – link at end of document.
To sum up our beliefs in a few sentences: The White Western Peoples are under assault by PC and Money Forces which working as a team are importing the third world to break us down into serfs.

That is the long and short of Our beliefs.

It is logical, visually obvious and factual true according to the left's own public pronouncements and the 'right's' own stance upon these issues – To which we propose going back to Family as the foundation of People, and from there simply leaving this multicultural ship, to the end that We the Majority will be our own Ship.

We the Western Majority have NO need of the PC Multiculture.

PC being purely a parasite that lives upon the Western Peoples the same as Marxism lived off the Slav Peoples for its time.

We are far more anti-communist than any of the modern right but also we are community minded and hate this individualist free for all likening it to rats in a flood – vile and base, lacking in honor.

It simply is not natural for humans to operate as little happiness units each preying upon his fellows... Liberalism is a form of War unleashed upon society so that others can reap the $$$ from the chaos.

This war will be ended by us to our advantage and the lies of PC, modernity and liberalism will be cast out from among our living spaces. This will ensure We have control of Our Destiny.

That about sums up our beliefs off the cuff, but feel free to ask questions.

Share, download and subscribe to the blog and youtube. { 193 page pdf clean link.  A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success.    }

(This started as replies to a Google plus post. Thank You. )