Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nationalism from the Rubble of Liberalism Cometh Forth!

An Outline of WHO, What and How:( this has been expanded as part of the Organic Society Series. Thank you, we appreciate your support.)

A strong stable society is based upon strong families, who are based around the male and female lifelong bonding pair. Our pseudo society has effectively destroyed this base, by means of feminism, sodomy, the destruction of traditional morality, and with legally enforced no fault divorce. This destruction of our society, has left an awful lot of men, in the rubble. These men, are bound to pay for a family who has no loyalty to them. These men are legally in effect serfs. These men are the most obvious first demographic that nationalists in the West should appeal to, for these men have no illusions about the system's benevolence nor do they believe in any of its lies.

These men are simply waiting in the soup kitchens, underneath bridges, sleeping in their cars, for a glimmer of hope, for a light to guide their way. Essentially they are waiting to find new purpose, so that they can do what men do and that is to build the basis for social and political organization, by means of their economic cooperation organization. If this sounds complex but what it means is that men naturally work together to create value which value is then used as the basis for social and politic order thus the Men's economic efforts are the basis for social and political stability and society, just as the stable family is the basis for the man's ability to work and build value effectively. So in effect nationalists must go to these men and become their extended family.

Then from this will flow the natural productive forces which come from people cooperating to a common end, if this family is giving even the most nominal organization, and understands that hierarchy and discipline are essential to any large scale organization affecting its long-term goals.

Once nationalists have this family, drawn together from the outcasts of modernity then, they will need to organize to consolidate and to conceptualize a long-term plan(s). 

Organization is important because it teaches large groups of people how to work together for common interests. There are many different forms of organizations available different forms of charities nonprofits, for profit corporations, single proprietorship businesses, and a host of others, but the essential element of all of them is that there is a planning principle, which is able to save capital for the enterprise to use later upon long-term goals.

For nationalists I would posit that a worthy goal that these men could save towards, would be to purchase rural and suburban lands that are unwanted or run down, move the new family there and then worked to build them up.

This would allow their new family's to learn to work together and to learn to submerge their personal interest in the common cause. This work would also allow the family to produce wealth which could be exchanged or traded with the local population, in such a way as to gain goodwill with them and show that nationalist care about them and their interests. Or it could be used to provide charitable relief to them again to show by actions the Nationalist intent for the commons. The Goal will be to house, feed and cloth all the family members; make money; create capital; generate good will among the locals; and live successful lives.

Once the family the nationalist family, has established itself, on at least one parcel of land and is doing economically and socially well then I would advise creating other corporate enterprises to expand its functional reach and to allow the family the room to grow it will need in order to become a great Nation.

 First is a Land Management Corporation to mutually manage the 'families' holdings and to assign various family members their parcel to work.  The LMC will own the families holdings in total but members will posses and use them.  From Many One.

The Second (set of two) to function as a local market (Farmers market) and as a local regulatory agency (Producers cooperative ) this would allow for the family and for the local people to learn that their work and effort is the basis for all economic value.

The Third a credit union, which would be capitalized by the labors of the family and the local people. This credit union organization would allow them, them being all the people who worked in this area, to fully capitalize upon the fruits of their own labor. It would allow them to invest in their own future, in the future of their children, and in the future of the community. In effect it would allow them to be free of the international market and the International Bankers. 

The fourth being a charitable nonprofit designed to help others while spreading the message by example not empty words.

The fifth would be a political society with the goal of securing control of both parties at a local level and all non partisan offices available.

Sixth a media corporation. It is essential to have control of Our own message from print to pronouncement. Nationalists cannot rely upon the internationalist media.

Seventh an educational fund. The youth's education is the future.

After all of the above has been established, now the family -- who started as unwanted outcasts and has been's -- has a family of family's, in a functioning organic local community, who take care of their own economic/banking system, their own social order, and are well on their way to having full political power over their own destiny. The key is the first group of men becoming family who then work to become family toward the locals in their area of operations. The men will find women and have children, raise them to have respect for the values that allowed all this to happen and .... from this follows all the rest.

From the Rubble cometh Forth the Family to Found a Great Nation!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Problem with PC

Its theories are grand and its propositions deep, but they lack just one thing to make them complete --

The real issue with PC and its ally theories is that they are predicated upon fantasy notions about magical individuals who are completely 'equal' -- no such device exists.

The entire value system of the modernist collection of allowed beliefs are premised upon an object that simply does not exist-- the perfect individual with NO ties to anyone else and NO duty to anyone but himself, who is also perfectly equal to all other individuals each and every one. 

They require what is impossible and thus are NOT logically possible and what is not possible is not soundly used as a premise -- it must result in a false result. The Failure is inherent in the unsound premises. A theory must be possible to be sound.

The modernist individualist fantasy is not possible because ALL people alive are the result of TWO people mixing flesh and thus ALL people require a group to exist -- no perfect individual has ever existed or will ever exist.

This is the first,only and best objection that ANY Nationalist, traditionalist, or other anti-modernist can make to all materialist, individualists, hedonists, and/or modernist dogmas -- liberalism, communism, feminism being just several among the herd.

A consistent nationalism must have the central belief that national groups are the vehicle of history.  It must firmly adhere to the ideal that what is best for the Whole People is Best over All -- self interest must FIRMLY and openly be denounced as greed and perversion of the better instincts of the kind in open manly defiance of the wrong minded materialist nonsense about happiness.

A solidly based Nationalism must reject the communist and liberal explanations of both nations and individuals as being inadequate and untrue.  In both Communism and Liberalism you just sort of magically have individuals who have 'economic' purpose from nothing -- this is NOT how it actually occurs in nature's realm. 

In Natures Realm families -- Man and Women bonding pairs headed by the man --  create children and this natural order requires that the Man is head and NO other. The man as head and provider works to provide for the women and child. The women stays with the child and home fire, keeping the home and children in order when the man is gone.  The children are raised by mother until they are a certain age then if they are male they go with father. But when their are choices to be made by and for the family FATHER makes them as this is nature's proper order.

The family like the nation state has an economic function in such as a proper economy is concerned SOLELY with the feeding, clothing, and housing of the kind to the end that more of the kind may be produced and those already here can be strong and well founded.

The First Family is the First Economic, Social, Political Unit and serves as the measure of all the others. 

It has a social function as it serves as the means to ensure that the children learn the way's of their own people as the RIGHT and ONLY way. They are essentially tamed to civilization and endowed with culture from the font that is their family.

And it has a political function as its Unequal distribution of rights and duties is the model for ALL well founded stable societies.

The First Family  grows over time into clan, tribe ( insert steps here ) until it becomes a Nation State. It is Patriarchal, Hierarchical and being based upon familial relations Paternal. 

Thus Nationalism must state plainly that nation's are born of a first family -- a first father and a first mother ( at least ideally) - - and are thus a family of families. And that families are Exactly One thing: A Man and Women living together for the purpose of continuing the kind, where the Fraternal power is simply preponderant over the family, society, the economy and politics utterly and by design.

To repeat, in the natural order of things:

Families exist for the good of all as One Unitary Whole.  Families exist because of the Natural Gender Differences and the need to continue the kind.  Family's the male and female bonding pair, exist so that living offspring who will become an integral component of a family can be produced, nurtured, educated in the ways of their people, and thereby ensuring that the history, heritage, and homeland of the nation are preserved.  The Family is the engine that produces the Folk. The Family Order is the Social Order in miniature. The family is Patriarchal, Hierarchical, and based upon respect for Authority with the Man at its head. It is based upon the unequal distribution of duties and rights between males and females, with the purpose that children are produced to ensure the kind is continued.   The Family acts as the standard by which all else is judged.

There is no family of one. There is no nation of one. And in nature no 'individual' exists for more than 20 years.  Thus liberalism and Marxism's obsession with individuals is ill founded, because individuals only exist as a member of a larger family grouping who itself is a member of a larger social grouping, the group is the permanent structure the 'person' just the replacement parts. The People a body and the person a cell.

There is NO economic order that only involves one person.  And it is only when we have a family that any talk of economics' has any applicability at all. 

And it is only once we have proper hierarchy and order that we have families who are properly ordered --the family and the state being a mirror image of each other, the one being a microcosm of the other -- with the father at their head, the mother at the hearth and the children well behaved, there is no such thing as gender equality. This is a Marxist liberal lie, based on a political fantasy.

Men are meant to rule and that deal with those things outside of the home; women are meant to rule the home; and children are meant to be ruled and to accept instruction from both the male and female parent who are their authority figures.  This is the only stable natural normal arrangement for the family.  It is the only proper ordering of power and delegated duties between the genders, and the adults and children.  Anything else is utopian politically correct subversive modernity.

True the liberals, Marxists and feminists will try that nonsense about 'hate' * waves away with swipe of hand *but the reality is that We are simply aware that One will be the Head and NO others. It is just that simple:  genders are NOT social constructs they are BIOLOGY and they have NOT evolved, they  do not experience 'progress' ... All of that is fantasy.

The fact is that as the family as 'progressed' towards the welfare single mother model our society has collapsed.  And thus we have come full circle to the make pretend and utterly reckless nature of all the modernist dogmas.

They attempt to reject reality in favor of theory and that in the end is the problem that will ensure the failure of PC and all its minion dogma's. Reality will not be denied by theory and that is a problem for PC but not for Thee. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Organic Social Theory by the Round About.

The Common Man over the Market's Interest! 


The Basic Idea is that Nation-States are based upon A specific People -- One, Unique, Lacking in Nothing -- who provide it with a culture and give it life. This People is based upon Strong Families that have stable homes, hearths and heritage. These families are based upon unequal and divided roles for the Male and Female.

The Man is provider and head of household, the mother maintainer and care giver to the end that the children are raised to become proper members of the People, Well adapted to the National Mores and Culture and Citizens of Body of the State for the Men over a certain age who are also heads of household.

'Education' such as it will exist will be such that is teaches the art of living as part of a Unique and Valuable Folk.

The Family is the basis for all. 

From the necessity of each to do their duty inside the familial circle to make the whole function follows all correct social, economic and political inferences are drawn -- since these are based upon actual created reality, not rationalizations they will be well founded.

This theory is the way unto Life.

As such this theory is squarely set against Liberalism, Marxism and all materialist individualist theories of person, society, economics and politics.  These are all based upon nothing other than sterile and lifeless theory and they produce only death by any other name.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Threat is already here

Inside Our Very Homes! No walls can save us now!


We hear an awful lot about the 'threat' from Isis, Islam and the rest of the third world lot. They are NOT the actual threat at all, my dear fellow citizens. No, in fact the true threat is our OWN moral emasculation into post-modern relativism. The subversion of our homes by the feminist harpies. The debasement of the voting franchise by allowing the most degenerate and morally inferior an equal say to those with wisdom and moral fiber. It is an absurdity upon its very face; and it fails because failure is inherent in the formula. Multicultural is NO culture. Mass Immigration is an invasion by any other name.  The PC Regime and its attendants are the threats. Islam, Feminism, sodomite empowerment and the rest of the decline of the West are merely symptoms of this internal affliction, brought on by Liberalism's individualist fantasies.

The Fact Is That Men of Action could Materially Address The entire 'Islamic (PC) Problem' as such:

1.) Seal Borders and thus Trap them INSIDE. then round them up for further disposition. In this action a call will be made to the Loyal Son's of the Soil to come to the Aid of the Nation.  Only particular demographics will be appealed to since NOT all are equally Loyal to the Soil.  This is all meant to be one action with the purpose of establishing the manpower base needed to carry out the other points.

2.) Deport Islamics and Outlaw Islam.  Those that will not take this offer will be the gist for (4). Those that offer any resistance will be dealt with severely.

3.) Declare all Muslims and their supporters ( particularly the media and academic pinkos) enemies of the state and proclaim them to be OUTSIDE legal protection.  Encourage Local Unregulated Disposition of Matters in Anyway favorable to those involved.  Any 'protests', looting, rioting or other actions by supporters of barbarism will be meet with precise and exact responses that will ensure there is no fifth column threat to our nation and folk.

4.) Then vigorously apply public and cruel punishments to those that are found to be in hiding that are meet out without appeal or mercy.  This will ensure that a proper information conduit between the population and rulers is supplied -- for without good information, sound action is not possible.

5.) Self-Deportation would be the watch word, after the first 'round'. After which is only necessary to stymie the courts by passing a law removing from their jurisdiction the power to try anyone for any of the above and establishing LOCAL tribunals manned by the SAME people who purged our Nation of the Islamic/PC/Tolerance threat to try themselves.

This is basically what the Spanish did to get rid of the Muslims all those years ago -- and it worked!

Harm, Punish and Push Out -- this is the basic formula for making another group LEAVE your lands.

Any Nancy man nonsense about rights, and 'rule of law(yers)' will result in Muslims flooding into our lands and destroying our way of life.

( To anyone that harps about 'our values' .... 'Our values' are not worth keeping if they result in us living under a Caliphate. )

All of the above is 100% prevented by the current system and paradigm but all of the above is 100% possible in the given paradigm if that paradigm is inverted upon its own head.

Allow me to explain.

The daft system we live under that is importing the barbarism, is controlled nominally at the polls by even more daft females that fear the effects of barbarism -- to the extent the media has not 'sanitized' their wee minds. 

It really comes down to the fact that at some point the Islamics and other third world barbarians are going to chimp a chimp too far, and spook the White women in the ivory towers and media ( who are the brains behind PC soft communism  such as they are) real good.

These will then become Harpy the Harridan and demand action from Whimper the Eunuch-Paycheck-Provider who was formerly known as the White Man and Head of Household, against the problems that same PC enablers brought on themselves.  The above 5 points may seem extreme even to some 'far right' types  (what ever that media mamba means); however, they will be PERFECTLY acceptable to the harpies in the time of the Great Chimp Jihad -- girls are only 'fair' in fiction. In real life, if you are outside their little circle, you are dog-meat.

The harpies will become afraid as Order decays and danger threatens there persons. They will clamor at the useless liberal eunuchs, but what can such pathetic creatures really do in the grand scheme of things?  They will go first to this faction of 'men' try to mitigate the damage and ensure they can take back control once the crisis abates. But this will not work to restore order as these men in name only creatures are weak and pathetic.

Then at last when things are really starting to slide in the fires of Chaos the Harpies will DEMAND that Men ( not people but MALES born with a penis and the correct chromosomes) of Action take action, and these men will demand a Free Hand in dealing with the issues at hand. These men will act and then onto the next phrase which is simply to assume power -- this is the classic decay into imperial model.

Islam and the Colored Hordes will act the part of the barbarian, and the Harpies will play the part of the degenerate population that demands security and the rest.

Wait. The harpies themselves will be Our lever out of PC -- and Islam will be the Fulcrum. PC as such will not survive this transformation.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Black Mob Violence -- A lecture about reality.

Mistake Number One: That first mouthy agitator, the boy should have
PUNCHED him in the mouth or even stuck a finger into his mouth and
fish-hooked him. Never play nice with the wildlife and NEVER let them
SURROUND you and get amped up ... Always attack before they can get
consolidated and attack the BIGGEST one first!

Always; it is a must!  At any rate I am sure that there is a lesson
learned here by our foolish protagonist -- yes he lost but he is still
our man.

Now for the other boys and men in the line. In the future. Never allow
them to pack up on you. If they do, immediately escalate the fight by
sticking them, fuck the 'legal consequences' as it is FAR better to be in
prison with the coloreds AFRAID of you then living 'free' and having
them run roughshod over your life at whim! It is better to be judged than
dead or maimed.

This is a true fact.

To stop a group of Orcs:

You WANT BLOOD, PAIN, and SCREAMS OF AGONY FROM ONE OF THE ATTACKERS, preferably the biggest most 'top dog' one, so as to stop ALL threat to your person. KEY CONCEPT Otherwise they will beat, rape, rob, and most likely kill you if they are able and of the mind.

Use what ever you have in your pockets ( keys in the eyes with a
man's weight behind them REALLY do some damage -- will outright punch out an eye ) or what is handy ( Look to Cain here a good solid brick or rock is a good ally indeed! )

When the orc pack is upon you, frankly folks PLAY DIRTY since that is
survival we are talking about here not some school yard fight with good
honorable humans.

Go for the eyes, kidneys, knees, elbows, neck, throat, and groin.

Also orcs have a thing about their shins being VERY sensitive we have seen.

The very fact is that this above is part of a long on going low intensity WAR. The Orcs are the foot soldiers of 'change'.  The PC folks Hope you will tolerate it until its final phase when a pack of orcs is chasing the last of us around the streets like it is Haiti after a slave revolt.

The Liberals, Agitators,Money Backs, Perverts, Subversives and Minorities are at war with YT Old School Americans.

Hint: They did not attack the boy above because of his 'values' or his commitment to free market principles. But because of his Race. His Looks NOT his values were the reason for that encounter -- that is reality.

Oh the enemies of YT pretend it is not so, but their own BULLSHIT concepts like WHITE GUILT and back peddling in calling the above 'youths' in the media, and making up excuses for how good they really are when they are in fact Violent COLORED SAVAGES beguiles that lie!

What the media calls 'racism' is the good sense to NOT be around those folks so as to NOT be a victim of their savagery.  That is the reality about black mob violence.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Parties are no reason to be Joyous.

(For they are not held in your Honor.)

We are encouraged to believe that the parties are opposites fighting it out over differing 'visions' for the future.

In truth ALL 'allowed' or 'major' parties are driving Our Homelands to Diversity and Multiculturalism using PC as a weapon to mentally brow beat us into accepting lower living standards, and Minority Status. The parties are tools of the elite who are pushing Multicult, PC, diversity, tolerance, feminism, sodomy, and the rest of the toxic soup called 'equality'. It is one big race to the bottom of Sodom.
Thus the parties are NOT at war but in fact merely the book ends of the 'allowed' range of dissent – none of which upsets the Elie apple cart in the least. Or if you will they are the team of mules that pulls the Elite PC MC Diversity train-wreck along over your dead body if need be -- literally.   Therefore those that support the parties, support the elite that have subverted those parties, and they support their own subversion by the parties!
We Nationalists do NOT support either party.We Reject the silly notion that being offered the 'choice' bewteen poison (d) or the rope (r) is a real choice -- both end in death.
We reject the entire Modern world view from individualism to legalism – it is all garbage as the Family ( which is the real basis for human society NOT individuals) that grows into a Unique Popular Nation who form a particular State and have laws, and ways fitting to themselves alone is the True Way. The Just Way. The Right and Proper Way. 

We reject their entire premise that 'happiness' is the basis for a lasting Popular National State – Again Father, Mother, Child are objective categories that imply duties, rights and responsibilities toward each other beyond mere money gain or happiness, and these familial bonds encompass any REAL Nation and State, as both are simply expressions of a given people, who are a family or families, each in the homes, around a hearth, hording a heritage.
We dissent from PC and MC precisely because: they undermine the Father; undermine the family; and endanger the Child, home, hearths and heritage of ALL our People – all that makes us Unique PC-MC would strip from us as it shamed us into submission.
We refuse to tolerate and will not accept Minority Status in our own Home Lands, since this is the prelude to our destruction – no people allows ANY other people to occupy, overrun, and dictate terms to them upon their ancestral homelands unless they are weak, pathetic or insane.
And we thus must decline their offer to be 'enriched' by diversity and mass immigration in the lands of our rightful birth – let them stay home and enrich each other there! -- since to do otherwise is to roll over and simply die out and become as though we had never been!
Thus the parties are NOT with Us Nationalists, nor We with them. We have parted ways US and them; they have turned their backs upon Us and seek to replace Us. Verily mass immigration is a new twist on an old idea called 'population transfer' where by an empire uses one subject population to divide and police another who is looked after by yet others – the net effect is that each subject people becomes divided, petty in outlook and weak, while being of use to those that profit from the empire.
The elites seek to do this because a divide commons is an easily ruled commons, while a unified People is not so easy to keep low! That is exactly what we see here. The parties backed by the media and academia who are all backed by the economic elite, support the most degenerate actions and behaviors to destroy our traditions and culture. Also the very same parties backed by the very same economic elite and the 'diverse' voting block are importing the most alien, barbarous, and vile persons into our homelands SO that chaos will ensue because they want an excuse to control Us the Majority further so that MORE immigration and 'diversity' ( sodomites, catamites, and other perverts mainly) can be forced onto our once great national state as it decays into empire decadence.
This is the plan the elite have in mind. If they can make it come to fruition is another matter altogether. They think they have put to bed all opposition and that none remain who know the hard truths that their fantasy liberal beliefs dictate to them.
They have it all wrong.
This is the truth:
Unified societies based on Duty and Honor are stronger than multicultural country clubs based on personal advantage. This is because in a Proper Nation State the bonds person to person are those of familial type. They are based upon proper understanding of ones Duties towards oneself, one's family, one's community and one's Nation; and are understood to END full-stop at the edge of the Nation. ( Not upon $$$ as in fact such behavior is foreign to honorable men. )
Properly Unified National Societies are based upon Unified Families ( Male and Female Life Long Bonding Pairs, and NO other grouping ) which ideally identify with a 'first family' who are the founders of the Nation. Said families form the basis for the People, who through various manifestations are the Nation and the State both being merely ends to ensure the People continue into the future and remember the past.
Thus the Nation is ( ideally) a family of families who posses a unified identity, heritage and history. Their Land is Their HOME. ( Mass Immigration is therefore Home Invasion Foisted upon Our People.)
This all follows naturally from the Normal Male-Female Bonding pair that function to create the chain of Life that is A People. All People come from a Mother and Father and from no other place; therefore ALL Nations come from a Mother and Father and from no other place.
The People are the font of a cultural and value system, they hold a land as their home, and provide life, values, mores, law, heritage, and history to the Nation-State.
These values and norms are them form a Nation IE a People as Sovereign to find the commonality and make a law of the land.
The Nation then erects a State based upon their law and way of life to protect the future of the People against all designs of Nature and Man.
The State being the administrative forms the Nation assumes to give live to its laws, and collective will so as to be able to protect the People which are at the center of all National Concern and ALL proper State Action.
( People = Child; Nation = Mother; State = Father. Children being the Future and reason for the WHOLE operation. )
What do our petty useless lying parties have to offer compared to this?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Reject and be rejected


or embrace and be embraced: It is simple.

The nationalist movement in North America and in the west more generally is failing dismally. This cannot be denied by any honest observer. The center and right are in full retreat across the entire West. This too is a fact. Tradition is being routed. The family is in collapse. Order itself is coming undone. And yet the nominal Nationalists by and large cannot even have a conservation over fish and bread with the very nations they purport to lead! It would be comic if the hour was not quite so late and the need not quite so pressing.

One of the main reasons among several for this failure is the arrogant highhanded attitude of the movement itself towards the common people. The (vast majority of the partisans of the) movement openly, call the common people, sheep, slaves and serfs on the one hand, but on the other castigates them for not loving and following “the movement's” (IE their own) eccentric and contradictory belief systems fully and without question.

In this regard the movement is more of a spontaneous extemporaneous cult than a well thought out mass movement, and it is this 'goonish' public display coupled with their open contempt for the common people that ensures their ongoing failure. The inability to provide meaningful answers to the day to day questions in life, twinned with the elitist contempt for the masses: this only ensures failure.


Therefore it follows that for nationalist movements to begin to succeed they must bring on a large segment of the common people to their beliefs.

However for this to happen they must formulate their beliefs such that they conform to common experience, and they must also be internally sensible and non-contradictory.

And further since belief informs action, the acts of the Nationalists must be in line with the goals of those principles.


Therefore the most sensible way forward would be to formulate NEW Principles that openly embrace the common people from the family level on up to the nation which is after all a family of families.

These new principals must be presented in the nature of civic-social-economic ideals. To be guidelines upon which to base the outcome of actions social political and economic. Morality Matters. Uniformity of Belief is Crucial.

In short these new principles that will replace the hodgepodge of gibberish that Nationalism presents as 'facts, as well as answer all of the big questions in the people's lives, while lending themselves to flexibility and general applicability. In this way nationalism will go from being hated, and being internally confused, to being well founded upon correct principles and thereupon will find itself a proper loyal base amongst the population. The Nationalist themselves will also go from being buffoons play acting at being 'nobles' to being more or less normal people who do WORK in the SERVICE of their FOLK.

But all of this begins with the nationalist movement purging those elements from the past which have no application in the future; and coming down off the mountain to meet the people in the middle, like proper leaders of Men.


They shall have to journey mentally and spiritually from being highhanded lords, to being proper servants of their people. For the highest nobility is service, and all proper right to rule is based upon the duty to do good for those ruled. This must be the internal light that guides the actions of Nationalism -- The Common Good over Self Interests.

If nationalism externalizes this by (lawful legal, yet useful and 'good')actions, this good will, coupled to proper action based upon right understanding, will in and of itself work to draw to Nationalism the very masses that have scorned them to this point. Life builds upon life, and good upon good.

If nationalism plays the role of the well meaning elder brother, or even paternal father, who has his people's interest at heart then the nation will embrace them and return this affection. As you do so you are judged, is it not so?

If the nationalist speak in terms that people understand,then the masses will comprehend. An adult must find the language to put difficult concepts to those less mature than them, or they are poor stewards of the people.

If they act and live humbly, dutifully, and do what must be done selflessly then people will in time elevate them to do their duty. Since all that 'will to power' are 100% unfit to wield power.

If they lead their own lives' in ways that bring reward and a betterment of, their own families and the to the lives of the commons, then they will have proven themselves to be worthy of their peoples adoration. For who is most worthy of his country's love that he who has made his country strong and who makes his country most strong but he heals them body and soul?

The nationalist movement would do well to remember that Man to Man relations are far more powerful than any money, or economics or any other factor. Like draws to like and blood to blood. 

It is the fact that Nationalism acknowledge these relations, as beginning in the family and expanding out to the greater nation that sets True Nationalism based upon proper first principles apart from liberalism, and communism and all twentieth century out modeled belief systems.