Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bankers Today, Bankers Tommorrow, Bankers since Forever! The Gracchi and their battles with the Usurers.

The Gracchi tried to reverse the process of turning Rome into a slave state based upon an oligarchy of wealth and restore the prosperity of the commons to and for the good of their Nation. They failed and Rome is NO more. Nothing but a memory. Poverty, homelessness, and beggary were the lot of the 'mighty' Romans except for the select few ..... sound familiar anyone?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Something Old and Something New: Or Two hours of uttery insanity and the lost ramblings of a mind unhinged.

The First I was not going to publish as it is rather ... Well if being at a Biker Club house and having a good time it NOT your thing .. This is NOT for you.

I have had it for a while but I had held it back; however,  I just simple don't care about the 'paradigm' of the so called elite. I reject the Political, Social and Economic system as it exists Now among any actual faction EXCEPT like I say the poor and lower middle class trades and small business types among the Americans that don't need a hyphen and thus what anyone that opposes them thinks is NOT to be considered.  They seem to be fairly receptive to the idea of taking the traitors from power and stopping the few from impoverishing the many.

And  this is old-new: It is much the same today as yesterday .... Think workers/singers/performers that bring WEALTH, goodness, light, learning, and all that happy action that MOST folks would rather be around than Orc Town.

And yes they are LONG. So if you don't have an hour to spend with an utterly insane, loopy, silly, petty, hateful and distasteful person -- all adjectives used by my 'loving' fans -- then you must some cats or perhaps an important date?

Yes it is sure that I am crazy as they come ... but wait there is more .... A whole other hour of subliminal programing by means of colors and shapes and arrows ... oh I mean flipping random pictures ... er .... Crazy talk with more crazy talk talking back to itself ... Norman ... Yes Mother I placed at least 50% more diagrams and pictures and found the effects TOO! Oh Mother it will be joyous  ....

Meanwhile back on the Ranch:

And that is all Folks.

( Edit where I say Cuba I mean Costa Rica ..  I was reading it live and it was stacked like
  Costa Rica
  Rumania  .. And my mind constructed Cuba from that. The error is mine as always. )

Vanity of Vanities and then there is this Guy ... Warning I stopped caring A LONG ways Back!

Disclaimer: I am not MY noble and polished self today, so if harsh 'low technology' words offend you: This will not be for you.

So yeah I was just a bit pained, both physically and mentally: Being cooped for Winter Loops My Fruits. I live to be outside but at a certain temp/RH that = Watery Lungs = Face down coughing up bad bad things and then having to EITHER take poison from RX or brew up nasty horrible home concoction of over the counter Tried and true stuff with Herbal Hill Billy Brew that does work .. but GOD Almighty does Yarrow take F'ing terrible! Oh, was there a point ... how do you lead a fool around the parade ground again?

So yeah, I just do what I do, and if anyone does not like that: Well, God can decide the Right of It. I am willing to place my flesh before judgement, are you? If NOT, then what you think, matter not in the least, and you are NOT the kind I seek, want, wish to associate with, nor know, think about or converse with ... men stand up for what they believe. Right, wrong or otherwise. Other creatures were just born male.

Just in case anyone missed the diagrams.
The basic idea in the rough.
Another way of seeing the rough idea.
Organic Unity creating Wealth as a means to the Greater Goods in Life.

The basic facts of Ecnomics as I see them as they relate to the social/political ideals above.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

To the Country or How Not be be thought of like liverworst.

Thing about wrestling with stupid, is stupid never knows it has been bested!   That knife can and has cut both ways; but it is what it is. ;) RIDDLE ME THIS: Why does a 'white' movement nominally write off about 35 million Majority Folk adult voters who live in the urban areas because they are the 'wrong' party (implying the other party is 'right')?

Basically what truck does Nationalist have with Republican or Democrat -- those are FALSE teams designed to divide.  Thus it is high time to stop failing by supporting the GOP and its policies and start picking off the 'socially conservative' ie WORKING CLASS dems, since the GOP lower class have NO place else to go and are Our Natural Captive Base.  The way to this is by formulating an ACTUAL PARTY PROGRAM that has something to offer both the Red and Blue state working and middle classes, while putting it in sharp focus that the elite are treasonous to both at turns.  Yes yes I know liberals, this, that the other ... everyone was something else once .... And then they find the truth.

What else is brown again, and stinks? We all know the answer.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

There is always that one present that gets lost in the attic ...

A bit of the ole coal for my GOP friends. Better late than never; its the thought that counts.  Adult Content:  Enter at own Risk.

(where I mistaking say 3/4 a trillion it should be BILLION. I was looking at other information when I was speaking, mea culpa. )

Sunday, January 5, 2014

As the Bowel Movement Packs itself up its own backside

Language Warning: If your children are fragile, this is not for them. If you are fragile ... seek help.

Edit: Biobutanol ...
The Commercial Solvents Corporation was established at the end of World War I; earning distinction as the pioneer producer of acetone and butanol by fermentation processes developed and patented by Dr. Chaim Weizmann. Terre Haute, Indiana was chosen to be the site of CSC's research as this location made possible the expedient translation of new processes from the laboratory and demonstration plant into full production.[1] [2]
Address :

Always Mea Culpa, the Error is all mine. 

Basically: If the Movement is upset refer to Null Loop ie go back to the internet. All other inquires welcome.

For an easier time conceptualizing the basic idea:  ( LMC = Land Management Company. FA= Farming Association.

From the Folk as persons to the Folks around back to the folk as their own Bankers.Rather than the below.
Why are we paying what amounts to Tribute to these scum when OUR labor produces the Wealth?
Organize/Produce/Profit/Cut out Parasites.

And the basic idea of what can be done once the Folk are strong: Then they can branch out and retake our Destiny.