Friday, December 4, 2015

A terrible Little Secret

Say the Following: We reject the false notion that Humans are mere
economic beings. We affirm that natural human societies form from
families and are thus build upon the duties and rights of the members of
those families – or put differently, Society exists so that families
can produce living offspring that will be 'Society' in the future. We
reject the liberal-PC-anarchist (communist) ideal of individuals with no
loyalty, duty, and no higher morality than mere pleasure or material
gain. We affirm that man finds his highest expression when he does his
duty to those he owes loyalty to and when those in return do their duty
to him. Duty and loyalty are the basis for all rights, not happiness,
not material gain. We affirm that We have a Unique Identity based upon
Our Majority ruling this Land and that We value this identity, Majority
and Land.