Friday, June 19, 2015

What is a Nation?

Seems like an easy question why do some, many really, nationalists have such a hard time with this simple question we wonder?

We have a very very simple answer: A nation is a family of families which have homes, hearths, and heritages.  These combine over time by natural increase to become a People,  who have a commonality of language and ways, a history which is shared by them and a unique culture that binds them. This people then form up a Nation which ensures to them access to land upon which to gain a livelihood, and thus a life, and a state, which acts to bring law, order and justice inside the circle of the people and as the administrative machinery to keep out those that would harm the integral wholeness of the Family which underlays the entire structure.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Freely Freed From Freedom.

T'is only free until it hurts a minority.

I am so glad we live in a free society where we can freely express our opinions about race, nation, and the realities of things about us. It is good that we unlike those evil 'closed societies' – you know those societies in which terrible tyrants and authoritarians force one by legal decree and by social force to follow a party line or else -- that we can freely without penalty express our heartfelt opinions openly like adults.

Otherwise in a closed society we might have a media that takes sides against the Majority based upon an ideological narrative that makes the Majority wrong and all minorities innocent and pure by default. With no dissenting voices allowed, can you imagine?

Otherwise we might have closed campuses upon which ONLY one point of view is allowed and that is to be the one that again is against tradition and the majorities interests without exception. Again imagine if we did not have our freedoms keeping this for happening?

Otherwise, we might end up with a close loop two party system that is 100% in lockstep with the media and academics against the majority and who actively work against us in our face while daring us to object. One shudders what one would do if Freedom was not working overtime to keep this from happening here.

Otherwise we just may end up with thousands of single soccer-mom squads that hunt down and hound out all dissent from the job, home and social environment acting as the lance for all the above, like they do in those communist and fascist counties. Fancy that?

Otherwise People could even start being fired from jobs for having the wrong opinions; yes if we were not free this just might start happening. Hardly imaginable right?

Otherwise people might find that they have to toe to party line or they are carted off to diversity and sensitivity training. Could never happen here, can I get an amen?

Otherwise, people might find that they cannot say or even at times express thinking about those things the authorities have placed outside the limits drawn for such as them or they will be non-personed by the media, and even to a large extend their family and friends. I know it is really hard to imagine isn't it?

Otherwise … Unthinkable?

Boy it is good we defeated those evil closed societies …. Imagine if we had all the above …

One shudders to even think about it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GOP Leftist Way Travelers

GOP Leftist  Way Travelers,

The GOP media inspired world view was custom crafted like a product. It is a coupling of capitalism, Marxism and Freud. It is a tool of the elite. It is utterly liberal in all ways. Nothing about it is 'conservative' and all beliefs its base have about being a 'conservative force' are deluded.

 ALL of its objective features tend toward more and more individualism facilitated by capitalist market forces regulated in a more or less Marxist-lite manner, with Politically Correct ie Cultural Marxist values being promoted by ALL 'major' parties, groups, associations and the like, to include the media, and all of this is mixed with a bizarre dollop of Frueds oddities as its inheritance from the so called soft or social sciences.

This world view is custom crafted to destroy the west. It is meant to give the Fem-fag-minority brigade victory over Us. It is designed to ensure the defeat of Traditionalist populist and nationalist forces by internationalism using its two false 'arms' or parties which are themselves relics from another time and place.

I say Reject it en toto, since those that embrace it embrace the inevitable lose of homes, hearths, and heritage. And for what? For a babble? Are we the Indian tribes to be lured for trinkets?   Should happily exchange our heritage for 'diversity' and barbarism?

The system is keep in place by  the PC 'cult' of equality which has instilled fear of key words like 'racist', 'homophobe', and the like among  the commons. In effect they have by edict and without ANY LEGAL POWER WHAT SO EVER 'banned'  certain words from the lexicon as if they are the authority to what we should be saying or no.

So let me set it right:

Almost all the "ism" and "obias" are pseudo-words coined by COMMUNISTS or Freudian Fruitcakes, whose work was paid for by Wall Street investor types for the final purpose of flooding the first world with third world people and thus to balkanize its population so as to ensure control -- diversity means LESS WHITES and more coloreds, minorities and the rest: Fact.  Nobody will every say: Boy we need more rednecks here; it is too damn Cambodian. They  had best bet Their bottom dollar on that fact!

These rich traitors that fund this internal displacement/Moist brainwashing  are also 'Cadillac socialists' who will never see the effects of their treason to the nation, and so who can claim it as good -- so long as they are winning. Otherwise they run to government buy some laws and then keep on winning.

Now that takes up back to the GOP way travelers who PAY the taxes and do the military call up that defends this rotten system ... so the Way Travelers are SO deluded they 'fight' PC by paying its way and fighting its battles!

In effect the GOP is Wall Street, which also is the Dems ... All One Party ... and you are NOT invited ... Though you will be paying the cultural bill.
Now deal with that 'pals' of PC. * Hugs and Kisses*


Reality Called and it wants its Second Party.

Monday, June 1, 2015

In the Pools:

Foolish Fear Facilitates Fatal Fixation upon Falsity.

There was once a man who suddenly found himself adrift upon an alien shore. He knew not how, or what brought him forth, why or by what means were equally mysterious to this man.

As if we was reborn: He was once here and then he was there. No past, no future, nothing but there. The perpetual now of nothingness shattered by the crude realities of the world.

Bewildered and blinded by the light, this man was utterly, naked, ignorant, afraid and alone, but he found a cave in which to reside. As he climbed to this cave he saw more of the island, noting the oases and the plentiful food and water about them, but also noting there might be some danger about – on this his only day light trip – and these sights and sounds reenforced his deep seated fears of this new land of which he was wholly clueless.

He could not deal with the fullness of his new reality – it was beyond his depth to stand up to fear, and boldly take the course of action, and thus he retreated into the dark cave, to await the night, which was blissfully free of stimuli.

In that cave he sat fearful of all the sights and sounds around him, unsure, but he knew that fear aside he needed the water and food, this he had seen could be had only at the oases scattered about the island. He resolved to be seen by nothing and to see nothing so he only went to the pools after dark on the bright moons of each month.

The light he declared his enemy and true sight was replaced with 'sights' cast upon the dark filament of the night. He resolved that if he would, could not see it, he could deny its threat to his person.

He went down that first night and heard the nighttime noises. He went to the nearest oasis. The sounds he was certainly sure that those were demons. His ears heard things all around; Demons everywhere, as he picked the fruits and gourds he survived upon, he was this first night and every even ever after afraid of the sounds in the night, demons every one.

But it was not only fruits and gourds he needed, so then as he had his full of fruits, he approached the pool as the moon reflected its pale light across the surface, and as he leaned down to get his drink … in the depths ... He saw IT.

The horrible thing, that stared back up out of the water – this dark and foul being. It was he was absolutely convinced the Devil … the source of all evil's that afflicted him, chief of all the demons and the cause of his plight in this alien, dark, sad, land.

He recoiled noting as he reached for the water, as forward he went, so the devil reached, it came, at him. By experiment it was found the moon should be allowed to set, the light keep from behind one, and then the Devil would not see him at the water's edge.

And so it went.

The man hiding in his cave, existing but not living, only resolved to venture forth once a moon or at most two from his dark sanctuary. Always fearful of the bumps and noises in the night, his demons, keyed in terror to each and every sound in the night as he lingered about getting his provisions; but in his heart of hearts it was the Devil in all the pools of water he dreaded most – yes it had been found it was in ALL the pools as the demons were at all the oases.

He had found to his terror and dismay that in those pools, in each and every one -- there in every drop of moon lite water lurked, this horrible and evil devil that always peered back at him as he went to drink and would nearly every time ALMOST get him as he reached for the water in his thirst.

Those demons were terrible, and had to be dealt with by stealth but the Devil in all the Pools, was always waiting and keep the man from his rightful use of the water. The terrible chief of his afflictions that keep him in his cave and restricted his use of the water and food.

It was everywhere, the man went, with him at all the pools always reaching back to destroy and engulf the man least he tarry about the pools too long or at the wrong time or in the wrong way!

It came to pass that the creature became more wretched looking, more savage, more deadly, more alien, as the moons passed – the man knew not how many rapidly losing tract of such concerns. The demons they could be overcome to a point, but the Devil could not, would not be brought low. He feared it, he hated it, he clawed at and yelled into and even attacked the water furiously … and yet the Devil it was always there looking back up at him, each and every new moon, in the still of the water, did it lurk.

And so it went this terrible and disfigured existence among the dark, with its demons and Devil, until this man's life was spent in hiding from the demons and devils on the Island came to a dreadful end … This man, he died one night as he staggered to the pool, barely alive, and not quite sane he saw the Devil one last time, but this time he did not recoil but went face down in the pool to the Devil's own arms; yet NO Devil was there to meet him in death?

How Can this Be? This Devil – It was only a moon light reflection of his own fears, and weakness. It had existence only in the mental gymnastics of this man's cerebral processes. It was a nightmare given form and substance by his own faulty perceptions of reality. This man having rejected the light was subject to the falsity and errors of the darkness. Fully bound by his own foolish beliefs and actions.

That is the fact of it.

The tragedy is that he only but had to come out ONCE in the day and seen that the pools only reflect and do not now and did not then, contain a single thing except fish and clean water.

The Moral: Foolish Fear Facilitates Fatality Fixation upon Falsity.