Saturday, December 20, 2014

There is NO Nation based upon 'ideas'

There is NO Nation based upon 'ideas'. There is NO nation that is not rooted in a Particular People, Land and Way of Life.

Truth follows: Proper States are Based upon Nations and proper Nations are based upon One People, in One Land with One Law and Way of Life! All Else is PC Modernist Subversion.

A proper nation has a People as its center, this people give the nation its outlook, its values. If you remove or replace them you kill the Nation and the State dies with them; just as removing the Soul and Heart of a Body will kill it.(Cultures are the Souls of Peoples, Peoples are the Hearts of Nations, Nations are the Blood of States. People; Nation; State, they are ONE, not interchangeable parts, not pix and mixes, ONE, Unitary, WHOLE.)

Nations are People who have become Political Self Aware to form a State ruling themselves as themselves by and for themselves. They are SOVEREIGN, one, complete, and whole. They have a common destiny, a HOMELAND, and value their being, their People, their ways and customs above mere incomes, business, happiness or even life. They see NO sacrifice personal collective too great to preserve the Nation which defends the People who keep their Souls and Hearts healthy.  Nations, proper nations centered on a particular people and land, see DUTY, SERVICE, AND Loyalty to the PEOPLE, not silly principles, trade values or trinkets but their OWN particular Unique People as the Highest Good. The People, Nation, State are one like the Soul, Heart and Head of a Living Man are ONE.

They are exclusive, aware of who is inside and outside the benefits and rewards of THEIR labors. They know that their land is their home, and that their home is theirs alone! They know who is and WHO is not part of their People and what is and what is not to be allowed in their Nation. And most importantly they are beholden to none outside their own ranks regarding these choices made among themselves. They reject any outside authority as usurpers!

They know their PEOPLE are one, right and that justice is one their side. And this sustains them through the hard times, and give them the will to continue on to see the Light of Victory over their enemies time and time again as history as shown.

To be part of the People; you are BORN into a People; Live in side of and participate in its Culture; Die inside its norms; and you teach your heirs carry on in the same way as your Father's First Fathers!  It is these deep roots going back into prehistory that allow a people to sustain strong national trunk which allows that nation uphold the canape of the state. A National State is ONE like a tree is one!

IN Short a Nation has a Center a People, One, whole, unitary, indivisible, NOT a club, but a living being that grows from the loins and wombs of ITS particular Mothers and Fathers, and so long as this center holds and is valued above all other things what so ever, the National Will is sound, the culture strong and the State rightly aligned with that People and Nation!
Anything else is PC leftist subversion and the prelude to extinction of the People, the Nation and the replacement of both with the cookie cutter 'countries' PC envisions for the Western Peoples!

These false and artificially contrived Lawyer contrived Countries based on universal cosmopolitan ideas, and the silly idea that everyone fighting will produce better order are merely groups of persons having NO center, no head, no heart and only a rotting and putrid body which all fight all for among the rubble of once great Nations. Countries are chaotic cat-houses with a Golden Calf in one corner and an alter to Moloch and Mammon in the other!

They are mere trading posts, whorehouses. They cannot be Sovereign as they have no head, no heart and thus fall subject to the 'international' order. They value 'trade', money, greed, and personal happiness above the commonality and in fact countries are made by destroying the commonality of a Proper Organic Nation.  They lack a people, are not a nation, have no center and thus are just artificial creations that all crumble into the fantasy that a People can be made solely based upon greed, self interests, and personal aggrandizement.

All such pathetic fabrications soon ( not more than a few hundred years) die in nature having no strong basis in history or roots in affections of their citizens being merely 'opportunities' not duties; wealth, not welfare; selfish, not common!  Having No strong center when it faces difficulties at the perimeter it merely implodes into nothing. A Strong State is a Nation with a People at its Center, all other 'polities' are transient beings soon to die!

Nations Endure ... Countries are history.

If we reject Mass Immigration the People remain and the Nation endures ... if not the Country will overwhelm the people, mix us into a Babylonian Sewer, and once the economy goes belly up there will be NOTHING here to remain of the People --

The American People that REAL Americans BORN into the Nation not the Paper Citizens that have NO loyalty or feeling of regard for the Nation or People what so ever seeing us as a BUSINESS VENTURE to gain from not a living Organism of which they are a part!

I want MY NATION back  ... MY Nation and People MADE the Constitution and gave to ALL of this its life ... when we are gone: IT is GONE!

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