Part 4 of 5 -- the Organic Theory of Society

The Organic Theory of Society;

The Natural Progression from First Family to National-State based upon A Unique People, in One Land, with One Way of Life.

By, A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Part 4 of 5 parts.
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CHAPTER 3 – The Family from Bonding Pair to Hierarchical Society, with a functioning social-economic-political order.

The simple reality is that a Father and Mother produce a Child and then work together to raise it and ensure it meshes with the greater society at large. The entire Popular
National-State begins and ends with this ideal Bonding Pair, this fact simply cannot be stressed enough that the foundation of everything in a proper organic society is the male-
female bonding pair. This bonding pair and the home, hearth and heritage they build up around their child is the Natural Quantum from which the Kind springs and by which it is
maintained – there being in Nature NO Nation or People that consists of only a lone individual. Nor is there any strong Family that is not housed, and in which the Father and
Mother do not split authority and responsibility for the Child's upbringing and rearing. The Home is ideally the family's refuge from the world at large; its anchor in time and
place that gives the family a sense of purpose; its center of balance politically, point origin socially, and point of focus economically. The family is the first social, economic
and political unit that man is born into, and is the model for all the others in a proper popular national-state. The Three Pillars or Layers upon which any society are based are
its Social, Economic and Political Bases.

The Family is the larger organic society in miniature and its proper distribution of duties, rights and responsibilities between the component parts are the model for ALL Social

The home is the first school of the child at the art of living in his society as a well adjusted and properly integrated part of the whole Organic Society, at all levels as an
integral whole. Forming the child into a functional part of an organic people and living community. Shaped by and shaping a commonality in culture and mores, this school is the
basis for all civilized existence. All this starts with the ideal bonding pair and the people having the moral fiber necessary to struggle to uphold this against both nature and
the avarice of other men. That is the 'egg' from which all else cometh – in a sense these real world pairs who are the instances of the ideal and the homes et al they build up by
their divided and dutiful labors are the factories from which citizens are first molded to the rigors of civil life each according to their gender, station and abilities so as to
best serve their family, community, people, and national-state.

The home is the primary organizational unit in a popular national state its template gives rise to the order and authority that allows for all further organization, order and
civilization. The divide in authority inside the home, is between the Father and Mother. This primary division of authority/labor/time-efforts is based on creation's plan. It is
the divide between the caregiver and the provider which was created such that Children could be best raised. The mother at home, caring for the hearth and child, while the father
goes out in the world and brings back the resources needed for the family as a whole is the most operative and tried division in history. It has a proven track record and is
attested both by causal observation and natural development among the genders.

A family is one in many ways and can only have one Head and provider; this Is the Man. It needs a caregiver and keeper; this is the Woman. The Child is the reason for the effort,
but is also in the natural order of things to be expected at some point to start to participate in ensuring success as it grows as befits its natural gender role. The diagram to
the left explains it rather simply.

The Men form the hedge that keeps the family home, safe and provided for, the women makes up the inner walls that ensure stable home life, and the child is again the singular
reason for the whole application of efforts, who will in time become a new parent of his own family. Another way to view the whole matter is that the Men make a strong
foundation, upon which the women are well placed such that children can be raised to be proper members of the society into which they are constituent parts. The Men have a duty
to provide for home. He must go out and work, and defend the home and community from threats arising both from the natural world and the world of man. This is his lot and his
duty. The women have a duty to care for the hearth, such that the child may grown in heritage of the home. They must see to the hearth and rear the child(ren) into adulthood.
They act as the primary educators – the hand that rocks the cradle – of the youth. And upon them is the duty to provide for both the bodily needs of the child, and to ensure he
is able take his place among the members of his civilization.

Because of this unequal division of labor the whole prospers. The man is able to go out and provide for the home because the women cares for the home and child; women is able to
care for the home and child because the man provides for the home as a whole; both parties are necessary and both serve in different capacities to bring the child (family and
people's future) towards the goal of surviving and thriving in this world of ours. The women more passively in the home and the man more actively in the world, generally but both
tend to act to the same end that a stable home can be maintained and keep such that a child can be raised up and brought to its adulthood thereby.

The most basic goal is to feed house and cloth all the members of the society and then to use what is left to make commodities for use or exchange, as shown to the Left in the
Diagram. The idea is that the families resources are used for the whole and not the gain merely of just one part to the exclusion of the rest. The whole family works in its way
to the end of the Family as a whole. The father provides the fruits of his labors; the mother keeps the home which is the savings of those labors; and the child helps the mother
or father as necessary or able, so as to learn young to pitch in and contribute to the group as good and moral thing to do.

This interaction for economic gain is the child's first model of what social organization out to be in the nature of things. The proper model is impressed upon our natures and
most of the stresses of other systems are caused by attempting to fight these biological imperatives of the human kind.

In a good sound society with functioning communities and tight family bonds the parents act as first teacher to the child, and by their example is the world measured. If they act
justly then the Child will learn just dealing and thinking which will lead to just action. The Family acts as the measure for the child's understanding of cooperation,
interaction and socialization generally. It serves as their first introduction to the nature of hierarchy and authority from the fact that it allows of only one head like any
other hierarchy only allows one center of authority. And it serves as the living example of the natural division of labor which creation imposes upon Man as a whole. In Fine: The
Family is a larger society in miniature and its proper distribution of duties, rights and responsibilities between the component parts are the model for ALL Social interactions.

In the order of things the Child Grows and assumes the mantle of their own family and home, and yet usually these groups of families still yet retain much of the familial bonds
that keep the First Family together such that they cooperate to the common ends of the Extended Family (People) specializing to the advantage of the Whole rather than uselessly
compete to the greedy ends of the parts as there is NO order where there is NO common goal nor authority where there is no greater good recognized, and since authority and order
are needed then so is the recognition of a great good that encompasses the whole society spreading out from the family, to the People, to the Nation, and finally the State.

The idea is that the economic, social and politic aspect of the Family and People are there to ensure each his just due of the common good and to allow for each to be best able
to produce the most among of goods for the commonality.

The basic idea is that IF it is good for the familial people then it is good. If any given action is not, then it is NOT desirable, nor will it be allowed to harm the Popular

A) – The Common Familial Popular Nation Interests over the Liberal Market's Interest! The First Economy is a Father fighting nature for resources that are brought home to the
Mother who uses them around the hearth, to be used jointly to the best end of the child who is the heritage of this labor. People need goods, and services, so they do work upon
land (any resources that is NOT labor) they then produce value for use or exchange. If they use resources to create 'goods' that help produce more goods than they have capital –
any tool is a form of capital in this sense – and if they save some of the products produced for later they have wealth.

Therefore value comes from labor applied to land and may include capital as well; if labor is taken away there is NO value produced at all. Thus Labor produces and is the measure
of value. Another and much simpler way to state the same thing is that: Economic activity exists solely because people do useful work. People work to get the things needed for

The economy of the Nation is the servant of the People, the people are NOT the servants of the economy. The proper popular national state is based upon small holdings, local free
exchange and as far as possible autarky so as to ensure that each family is free from the money merchants, that the people are strong in their homes, and that the Nation-State is
independent in action from the 'international free market' which is a collar by any other label. Ideally all males over the age of marriage would and should have a small holding,
a stake in some venture, or otherwise be more or less free from needing to be beholden to anyone outside their local community for their dietary, apparel, domestic and housing

This ensures that each person is productive, as frankly family act as better task masters than any over-seers and lover drives harder than whips. In the past such system's have
involved the concept of guilds, and just price. Guilds were both a union and a self regulation mechanism regarding both output and quality standards. Just Price is the correct
idea that each and every item has a just amount of labor that it trades for equally, NO more and NO less. Both of these in a more or less for use economy with every limited
exchange – meaning ALL the value more or less stayed in the hands the locals rather than concentrating in hands of some merchants and usurers. This combination of guilds and just
price worked amazing well, so well the Just Price had to be dissolved by violence and the Guilds working capital stolen. There is no reason that such a system cannot be
specialized as needed for a modern community such that it could be the basis for a proper local for use economy, which will find a level equal to that of the needs of those that
actually WORK in the economy. A proper economy based on Just Prices that ensure Just remuneration of Labor, NOT one based upon interest and debt that profits parasites. An
economy that makes rational effective use of manpower and resources not to enrich the 'free market' in some far off land but which is used to create strong families that make a
strong united people, that make for a Stronger National-State which is able to ensure their place among the first rate peoples of history, in the here and now. An economy which
profits Us the producers of the earth. In the context of useful production of value, of course, profits are perfectly acceptable expecting that One will not be allowed to bet
against the common good, nor undercut the people – It really is not too much to ask that one be Loyal given that the Whole is the bastion from which One operates. If one wishes
to continue the liberal economic war against us, then one will NOT be allowed to operate from among us.

B) – The Familial Popular National interests are the Social Order's sole and only interests. The First Society is a Father and Mother with a child sitting around their hearth, in
their home, bringing into being by their actions a heritage that will set the tone of the family of families that will come after them. They are in their just place. The 'just
place' is each units domain in society. The Family's Just Place it its home. The people the land. The Nation the defense of life, livelihood and lands from internal chaos, The
State the defense of the law, order and justice, to best ensure the ordering of the Whole to defend from assaults from without their circle. Each of these is just in so much as
it applies its authority to its own place or sphere of influence but UNJUST if they stray – like a just prince stays within his rights and duties, so the just units in society
stay within and should expect to be respected in the use of those powers and authorities proper to them.

For an example: Each family is just in so much as it rules it own home, well, but not if it attempts to overturn its neighbors by violence. In this way in the organic society
each has a place that is rightful to them and over which they have duties and responsibilities such that they are like cells each with a wall that separates them but each ideally
working toward the common bodily good. In this way everyone will have a sense of belonging to first a family unit, then to a community and finally to a greater Organic Whole but
at the same time will be quite sure about ones place in the ordering of these units from first to last.

In a proper well founded social order, the living whole (the People as one Greater Family) is the center of concern and the members of families, and the families as a whole the
wings that pull that center slightly towards one and then the other, towards the group and then towards the individual but always within the arc that ensures it is under the
aegis of the familial peoples' National-State, which is their shield and sword, while the people and families are the body the wields them. Thus the center of gravity drifts
slowly over time like a river meandering in its bed. It oscillates regularly and gradually to ensure the maximal benefit to the whole and thereby to the parts as well. This is
natural and it ensures that the best interests of the whole society are served since society is a family; if the members and family are in proper balance, the families, and
community of families are in balance; then society being nothing more than the sum of these families; the national-state shall be in proper harmony and accord with the people
providing the roots and trunk which up holds the branches and leaves of the National-State and the Nation-State providing the outlet for the creative forces of the whole as a
whole thus ensuring the best for the families as a whole. On the individual level the families in the nature order of things have a father who leaves the home to bring back
resources for the whole to use. The mothers usually do not merely just stay in their own home all day, but in a proper society with function communities they congregate with
their children to do activities like canning, cooking, and the rest of the chores that must be done around the house and the lighter easier work about the community more
generally that needs to be done to that all may live a bit better and learn to work, and live together as one. The fact is that the wage system has in many ways destabilized the
family. The father being gone and always away is not conducive to good order in the home, and it breaks the familial bonds upon which a proper state depend. Thus it seems to Us
that the best way is that which provides for the Father to be able to work AND be around his family, even perhaps have the children SEE work so as to attempt to imitate this
example more readily in their time. Also in a proper society with function communities people meet and gather OFTEN one and the other, know at least those near to them in
proximity, and tend to actually try to get along and have fun. This 'good time' that people so enjoy is necessary to one allow everyone to unwind for the stresses of the daily
toil every once and a while and enjoy life itself and the fruits of the toil just a bit. We seem to have utterly forgotten this fact in our daily lives.

C) – NO valid political action usurps power from the Popular Nation or the Family Home

The family like all other bodies allows for only one head. This is the Man. Ideally all political action in the state stems from this first hierarchy and has its paternal and
familial substance.

Patriarchy is the law of nature.

No being may have two heads and live a good life, so there can only be one final authority in the family. The Patriarchal Authority is necessary so that Law, Order, and Justice
may be implemented one family to the other, and each in the particular families to each other. This domestic authority is the root from which all higher national-state authority
stems. If there is NO authority in the home, there will be no authority among the people and the whole will fall into darkness.

The man speaks for the family politically as he acts in the world to ensure it resources upon which the women and child do their part to pull the whole forward.

The stronger the foundation for the domestic authority, the stronger the higher authority resting upon it. We see that the women and child are the reason for this authority,
since if the man is well founded with a stable home, the women and child both are better off than if the women and child pretend at being men, or if the men act as if they are
children from lack of confidence and skill at the art of leading. It is a simple fact that: this is a duty and a responsibility the man and the man alone carries. Much of the
unrest in our modern society stems from attempting to confuse the role of the man women and the purpose of family, children and community. Creation has rules, and laws which will
be respected or they will recoil upon one. The other side of this rule is that the men have an obligation to rule WELL and to the best interests of the Women and Child ruling
being a duty and responsibility.

In the normal order since time immemorial the men have simply met, spoken, chosen those from among themselves with ability to have authority, and then established what rules they
needed to ensure the benefits of communal life to the whole and the parts in as balanced a manner as possible. This is what a proper Popular National-State does. In parts of
Switzerland it is still done very much this way to this very day.

The basic model has been the same for some two thousand years or more: There will be an executive, a council and some form of assembly of some segment of the whole people who act
as a voting public.

The normal way this works is that the men that are heads of household, pay tax, do call up duties, and are over a certain age, have a say in matters such as war, peace, taxes and
the other matters which effect the commonality and the households separately.

This again just the father's authority expanded along with his duties. The Man has a duty to pay for his household expenses, protect his family, and to guide events within it to
the best ends of all parties. And thus the fathers as a whole have a duty and a responsibility to provide the means to protect the People, which amounts to paying for and
defending the commonality, history and culture of the whole People so that each man's home, hearth and heritage may be more fully protected, sustained and cherished by the
members one and all.

The men will find their own level as needed and it is best to allow the particulars to play out as events unfold: The one bed rock concept is that in ANY Organic Society the Will
of the People will be done. They will elect a government, upon what ever principles, and it shall have the authority to act upon the expectations of the electorate and the
promises of the leaders given authority to act. This government shall be subject to recall and replacement upon failure to live provide for the welfare of the People who are the
basis for the government and the very reason it has any life, existence or substance. The Popular National-state shall be a tool of the Familial People that build it up from
their natural increase. In this sense one could say that in a proper society with functioning communities and stable families who themselves have good order that all authority
and governance is paternal and based directly upon the Father's rule over his family home as is just and fit – a rule that comes with the duty to provide, secure and protect even
at the risk of live and limb.

To recap and restate the above:

First the ideal bonding pair, form a family, then that family is housed, and from there a people grows.

The Basic Idea is that National-States are based upon A specific People who are based upon an Ideal Bonding Pair (First Family) -- One, Unique, Lacking in Nothing – who provide
it with a culture and give it life. This People is based upon Strong Families that have stable homes, hearths and heritage. These families are based upon unequal and divided
roles for the Male and Female, which roles – provider and caregiver – are BOTH vitally necessary to the final end of rearing children into the mold of the people who will in
their turn take the place of their parents and rear their own children safe in homes, with hearths and a heritage of their own, part of a people with a commonality, history and
culture who will help erect and shape the National-State such that its best serves the People by ensuring the family units are keep strong and vigorous and able to produce more
children who are brought up into the ways of the People. The Family is the basis for all. –

From the necessity of each to do their duty inside the familial circle to make the whole function follows all correct social, economic and political inferences are drawn – since
these are based upon actual created reality, not rationalizations they will be well founded. This theory is the way unto Life. – As such this theory is squarely set against
Liberalism, Marxism and all materialist individualist theories of person, society, economics and politics. These are all based upon nothing other than sterile and lifeless theory
and they produce only death by any other name.

Now that we have addressed in sufficient detail, the Why, Where, and When, of a proper Organic Society, we shall address, the Who, What and How of getting it back from the
wreckage that is modernity.

And we can get our organic order back. We can if we work hard, day after day, year upon year. We arrived here by choices; we shall leave modernity by choices.

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