Part 1 of 5 -- The Organic Theory of Society

The Organic Theory of Society;

The Natural Progression from First Family to National-State based upon A Unique People, in One Land, with One Way of Life.

By, A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

– For and To All Loyal Sons of the Soil. May You all Join And help Us in Our Endeavors to Make Straight the Way that We May Preserve Our Homes, Hearths and Heritage.

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Dedication – To Those Not Forgotten.

We started this as a mere diagram one day.

Its declared purpose was to set straight in our own mind some concepts as to WHO ruled the Western Peoples, of Whom My People are an integral part. Why? And by what means. As we
worked upon this first diagram of ours – which was in the end to become the diagram on the right – slowly as we studied and observed, we came to notice more and more, that the People, do not rule. That they do not matter in the so called 'democratic West'. And that in fact they have limited liberty when they have any at all.

We noticed in fact that in all instances MONEY and Resource Control ruled over all other considerations in our generally Western Society, to the end, that the popular notion about 'democracy' is purely a verbal construction having no substance.

We the Western Peoples in fact live under a credit oligarchy, which is liberal in name only and 'free' only in so much as one is free to buy anything one can afford. Usury is its whip and commodities its chains.

An Oligarchy that rules the ill labeled 'liberal democracies' openly as plutocracies – which is what you call a government in which you get the best candidates anti-popular, anti-democratic, anti-traditionalist, anti-nationalist, anti-Christ, oligarchs can purchase and then fob off on the rest of us as if THOSE particular corrupt servants of the oligarchs are Our chosen men! The yoke that keeps us bound to the Oligarch's cart is the credit power. Take away its threat over our life's and we can be free of this band of tax farming cutthroats. They fooled us long ago into believing that money comes from anywhere but our efforts. Gold, capital investments, silver, this, that, many other things. All of which is a lie, money being only a symbol of value created by human effort and desire. They also have long ago fully convinced most among us that Our economic, social and political beings are separate when in fact they are One unitary united holistic living being.

The lie that money is some 'resource' separate from Human creative power is wearing thin. The illusion lacks the luster it once did. The Truth is coming that Productive Work creates an economy, and the products in the economy are Money on a One to One basis is coming into the mass mind. The time of this two card Monty charade is coming to an end.

We can only hope to help the fall of the House of Mammon by any means we can provide with our meager labors.

The time for this rotten edifice to collapse will be upon us all soon; the truth will break forth from the dam of lies. This revelation, this clearing of our minds from the false maxims of materialistic liberalism will wipe away the usurious system that holds Our People in bondage to a debt that is their own labors, paid with interest to cheats, thieves and gypsies. This moment of revelation and understand coupled with a deep acceptance, followed by right actions will allow the breach between our social-economic-political selves to be healed.

We shall be whole yet again, one, complete and fit to compete in the world for our place among the Living. We must reach the mass mind by way of the mass heart and our instrument shall be the truth as best we are able to tell it to the masses. We the dissidents against modernity, individualism, hedonism and the rest of this decadent age, must be part story teller, part dreamer, part practical application, part artist to be able to penetrate to our people's inner self and to be able to reflect their inner most desires, wants, ideals, wishes and needs in an adult and responsible manner worthy of a great and unique organic society and the people who shall erect this society upon the ruins of modernity, the market, internationalism, PC and multicult.

In the pursuit of this goal, We have come to notice that almost all economic, social and political theory, popular history and indeed most academic thought, as well as the media 'news' comes from the point of view of the elite and wealthy Oligarchic Plutocrats. These self same usurers and thieves, who are the prime inheritors of the liberal capitalist 'free market' system that has sacked Western Civilization and pawned Our collective future to a debt based usurious credit system, by which it will bleed us for so long as We allow them control over our vital earthly needs. Usury has NO heart and is soulless, being empty it empties all it touches.

A usurious system which always demands more and more without end; which exists merely to consume; which does not produce; which in fact is parasitic to producers and a bane upon
all that accept its yoke upon their neck.

Thus we have put the following tract to pen with the intent of freeing minds from the dark cave of Modernism and Usury. To do this it is necessary that some portion of the People, shall act as the bards, the myth makers of the Organic Society. These few shall know need to know the truth so as to be able to spread an uplifting 'history' among our kind that favors family, community and people, and that puts their well being at the center of the stage rather than some far off mythical kings or impersonal forces of an economic nature.

The victors may write the history; however, We regard this approach of glorifying the political and economic tyranny that has so thoroughly sapped the foundations of the once great West as an anti-nationalist approach to the subject to adopt. We judge this to be a view that ensures our people follow in the steps of the tyrants that overthrew them so long ago. We see that those we praise are those the youth will wish to emulate and that praising thieves and scoundrels will produce a society full of people with those qualities, as it has in the modern age.

We see that historically this elite who are praised as 'progressive' and 'liberal' have in fact generally been barbarians towards the commons and have NOT had the welfare of the
family or people in mind.

We see that the credit merchant elite have in fact only sought to subvert the powers and degrade the glory of the national-state to use them as a prison house against the national familial people, by means of corrupt money dealings and backroom accommodations.

We further see that this elite have since the time of the War of the Roses used the West as a base from which to break down the Western family unit, having taken over the head of the collective body of the Feudal Estates at a stroke, during the end of the feudal age.

This Elite of usurers and merchants have ruthlessly used this power to despoil the people and destroy the nations which comprise the Western Peoples from inside, spreading their moral rot as they have usurped more and more power from the popular national-state.

This rot has spread from the head down leaving only the hollow shell of the Western Nation's erstwhile greatness standing, while having taken out all the good, solid core that build up the now hollow relics of our once great past.

The primary means this elite has used to drain us dry is control of the money (credit) supply and the power this give them over pricing of the items necessary to life including home, food, and clothing. This has allowed them to cower the political arm and to subvert the community such that our society is in decay and a relic of its former self, the primary sword of the usurer is now and was then their control over the value of credit and commodities.

This power was gained due to the ambition of the contenders for the throne at the end of the Feudal Age. The money lenders simply backed both the House of York and Lancaster.
This gave them state control over the 'market' by second hand; reaping all the rewards while allowing the 'royal power' to take all the blame.

Then the credit merchant elite made alliance with the High Nobles and King against the Church and Commons. This eliminated the only power capable of opposing them and removed the
countervailing customs that had keep the merchant and money power in check.

Then they turned on the King, and replaced the old nobles and king with pliant and weak shadows of their former self. Thus ensuring that they were the only 'partner' left in their alliance who had any real power or control over society, economics or politics. This was complete by about 1689 with the 'enthronement' of the weak monarchs William and Mary.

And thus by overthrowing the old order – the Church, feudal estates and the urban guilds – the mercantile usurers ensured that the modern western 'liberal-democracies' would all have weak governments, that would have to take loans at usurious interest from this elite. Which governments would then act to enforce repayment from the citizens of their countries for the value of these loans by way of taxation which paid the 'public debt' really being just tribute to these usurers under any other pretense or style.

These governments are the merchants' toadies by and large acting to enforce the 'markets' wishes upon the commons,, in fact the largely exist solely to impose the merchants and usurers wishes upon the common people and their families. We see this process started a very long time ago back into the dawn of history, and is not new. As truly Nothing Is New Under the Sun. It can be seen in the history of all peoples who grew too fond of gold, commerce and other trivialities of the merely material world – who grew fixed upon the wheel upon which the clay spins, and forget the spinner shaping the clay.

The Greeks and Romans, as well as all the near Eastern Empires to one extend of another felt its scourge. In fact if One allows debt to proceed to its logical fulfillment one end up with a bankrupt nation of slaves bound to a master that took all from them in steps by usurious loans.

But the fact of history is that usury and the greed it engenders was largely put to task by the Church and State after the adoption of the Faith by the Roman Empire. After the fall of the Caesar in the West and with the rise of the Kings of the Middle Age, usury was still well kept on a leash, until the end of the Feudal Age ca the rule of Edward the III, when the stable system that had grown into place as shattered by a variety of causes. – the black death; the reintroduction of a 'money economy'; rivalries for the throne of England – which resulted in weak central government and perpetual civil war from Edward the III in ca 1377 until William and Mary in 1689.

In this general break down the merchants sided with the royal power against the nobles, commons, guilds, craftsmen and church generally, particularly in England during the War of
the Roses. This is where the story of our modern rotten system starts. On Bosworth Field (August 22 1483), its hold was assured over our destiny for centuries.

There upon that field after a bloody and desperate struggle was a distant Lancasterian claimant to the throne of England, Henry Tudor by name, victorious over his rival King Richard the III of York. This victory thereafter leading to his coronation as Henry VII of England. Henry had been backed many continental and English mercantile allies, who were let lose upon the kingdom.

Then his son of the same name, destroyed the Church to steal its wealth. Then the Grandson Edward and Granddaughter Elizabeth proceeded to spread the rot to first the continental
kingdoms, and then later under the Stuarts to the New World – since the market can never rest happy nor have enough always its maw is in need of more and more until it consumes
even itself.

We see that these acts of ambition and the reckless greed these selfish groups of persons unleashed shattered an entire civilization asunder, bringing down the last good remnants
of Feudalism and Christendom. This let loose the forces of commercialism from all restraint which, set off the very long running internecine war against the family, people, nation and state, which is the resulted in the rise of classical liberalism. And its false ideal of the individual who never existed and who never will exist.

We see that the merchants and money lenders backed who Henry the 7th, 8th, Edward the 4th, and Elizabeth 1st, did so because those monarchs allowed them by royal decree to pillage the commons, church, and kingdom more generally just so the royal coffers were given a percentage and so that the royal power could be aggrandized – with loans at interest mind you – more and more empty, yet quite costly pomp and display, and of course war without end.

We further see that the Stuarts were just dupes were cast off by the Oligarchy, not because they were unjust but because they did not give the Oligarch's their demanded traditional expected cut of the spoils.

They were simply tossed out to be replaced by weak Dutch and German Kinglings who where then and are now only figure heads. Much as the liberal governments in the West are to this very day figure heads to the Credit Oligarchy.

We see even from all these centuries out that these monarchs were traitors whose actions were murderous to their subjects. Whose acts pauperized vast numbers of their subjects. Who were unjust Rulers, being frankly in a protracted civil war with their own peasants for the gain of the same so called 'free market' liberal elite that rules the West today. Which war has never really ended except in a stalemate here and there where the People won freedoms back from the Oligarchs – America (and to a lesser extent Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa) from 1815-1900 in the North and West was about as free as a commoner who natively spoke English could or would ever be from these oligarchs money games and diced political scams since the time of Henry Tudor.

We see that this elite has, since the rise of the 'market' in Merry Old England, been at War Eternal With ALL Means Available to It at all times against the family free holding and the common plots of land, so as to suppress the family home, hearth and heritage; in all ways, and from all directions the attack has come.

This is because a free man in his home stably has NO care about what some far off spoiled inbred king, party or any other parasite who has over stepped their just and lawful sphere of influence, wants or thinks.

And this is why every true tyranny hates the fact that the home, hearth and heritage act the part of a bulwark against the world at large, insulating the commons from the concerns of the Plutocrats market anxieties, and giving them a rallying point that is outside the money market, or party, or bureaucrats concern or power.

Thus since the very first day upon which this War was declared against the Loyal Son's of the Soil by the credit lender tyrants, with the usurers using the royal power as their lance, we have seen with our mind's eye that the credit oligarchs have reasoned that they must destroy or at least control the family, home, hearth. That they must also control the content of the heritage passed down. That they must do this lest they allow the victims of their outrages a refuge in which to plot the down fall of the oligarch and the return of rightful people based organic order based upon justice and duty.

Lest they allow them the strong pillars of home, community, hearth, culture, history, heritage and the attendant values attached to those qualities and quantities upon which to rebuild their lives apart from the tyrants whim over them.

This the oligarchy cannot let the commons have; for who would chose to be indebted to a parasite over being his own man? Would anyone freely CHOSE to be indebted from birth as
part of a vast economic collar put on your nation by internationalists, over being a free men among free men doing their duty to their people, communities and families?

Thus they had to control, destroy and degrade; And control, destroy and degrade they have with zeal.

They broke the home in the first instance by enclosing the land. The family by putting its members to work apart from each other. And finally they have reduced us to the level that our very families are accounted in terms of economic gain. Marriage being reduced to a tax deduction no longer thought of as a sacred institution. Though of in terms of money not in terms of a Chain of Life, by which to preserve a historical heritage around hearths in sound, safe, stable homes; for, one and all. We have been reduced from truly free men to the chattel property of usurers; from creative men to merely pawns of those with nominal power.

And We for one will not hail this as progress as it was and remains a retrogression into inhumanity and savagery. A retrogression that reduced man's view of life to a matter of
mere and petty dollars and cents, when life should be viewed as a blessing and one should be mindful of the gratitude one owes those who came before you who made the way a bit
straighter for one, and also mindful of those that will come after you for whom you are preparing the way a bit.

Therefore all this stated and considered, and With this in mind: We have decided to dedicate this work to the long forgotten nameless faceless common man of the West.

He is down but not out of the fight for Life.

He as lost some bit of his strength but he is not dead by any means, merely made wiser and more weary by this adversity.

He is in dire straights but he will endure.

To the Western Man who build the foundations of the world upon which We who reject modernity rest.

To the Western Man, who was great when he was united under one cultural spiritual banner and who produced such works of beauty and artistry as to dazzle us yet across the centuries, without great regard for pennies but with much respect for posterity.

To the Western Man that excelled when he had a culture of beauty. A culture that idealized life long pursuit at the artful mastery of craft. A culture that affirmed life in a million ways. A culture that gave a sense of belonging to a greater living breathing whole. A culture which now – even being but a ruin of its former self, inspires such awe in others.

This oneness and living spontaneity is now going fast as the result of a false trust in materialism, individualism and competition, which amount to the vulgarization, debasement
and commercializing of all that is dear in life.

Cheapening while degrading all the million things worth living for that defy the 'buy low, sell high' dictum of the market. Destroying the Earth itself as a mere commodity,
having no regard for Life as Life.

Attempting to jostle into the dust bin all that will not bow before the materialist idols of the market. 'What cannot be sold must be destroyed,' is the dictate of the Idol of the Market.

Hating all that value family, people, values, traditions, honor as these contradict the idols most basic dictum that everything is for sale and instinctively understanding that the moral values that uphold traditional organic society stand in the path of the most gain from the least honest labor. The Organic Society demand that honest gains be the ONLY
gains allowed.

The Idol of the Market cannot stand upon such premises. This destructive, pervasive and quite false idol erected upon the premises of never ending greed, was raised in the first instance upon the ruins of the Church and Commons at the dawn of the modern age in England first, and then across the world, the infection has spread. It simply devours nations and spits out 'commodities' which have all the value of a dunghill. It 'levels' everything in the sense that it makes all equally worthless, ugly, vulgar, and plain.

This idol's primary value, greed, is the cancer that killed Christendom and threatens the engulf the living remnants of the Western Peoples to this very day. It is an empty black hole in the heart of our people – killing us as it sedates our moral sense.

This idol and its 'values' can be seen the result as both a heresy invented by a king to serve his own ends and as the direct result of immoral legal concepts dreamed up by absolutists royal lawyers under the Tutors, who had to accommodate the lawyers as part of the reward to their merchant allies, who favored legalism over justice.

The basic idea put forward as a sum and collectively was that the King (and from him the modern 'liberal capitalist states') had the right to all his subjects wealth, property, souls (minds/beliefs) and their very lives, and that the market had a right to control the King, while the lawyers controlled both by way of writing the 'laws'.

This was in utter contradiction to the traditional rights of the King under the old organic order where the King was first among many lords, subject to God, now he became the only among one; a veritable god unto himself, absolute lord of all!

The Market was therefore fathered by a King and mothered by Merchant usurers, midwifed by a Lawyer with the King dutifully defended his child, to ensure the commons had to comply
with the Merchants and Lawyers dictum’s. Then the midwife, mother and child turned on the father and tossed him out, as it proceeded to consume the wealth, traditions, and values of the Western Peoples, and has almost devoured the entire world as of this document.

It is simply an indisputable bloody and vicious fact that the Idol of the Market laid in place against all justice by the Tutors and their usurer allies, was constructed in the first instance upon the theft of saved wealth from the Church, that is from Monks, Priests, and Nuns, at the time that the Church lands were pillaged.

This involved some ¼ the land and fifth the population of the whole of England. The lands were pillaged, the tenants tossed or forced to work upon much less favorable terms. The
wealth squeezed dry so that vile parasites could live high. Never forget that the church had many priceless holy relics that were simply melted down for bullion.

The market being death that produces only death, has no place for ideals, wishes, kind regard or faith, only cold numbers, and dead pennies and cents, if you please. Everything can be counted in pennies or it simply does not have any value to the market.

For these murdered and despoiled monastics and clergy we should have just a bit of regard.

At the same time as the Church proper was being felled. All those who depended upon its mercy and charity were felled as well. As when the truck is fallen so are the branches it
held up taken down.

Thus the Market was secondarily founded upon the suffering of cripples, elderly folks, Orphans, Widows, the sick, the dying, and the otherwise infirm who were left out to die,
and forbidden charity by royal decree when the alms houses and monasteries were sacked and all goodness extinguished from Albion.

Charity and Mercy being great virtues, for they help keep the poor out of the hand of the unjust and unrighteous man. Greed being a vice and greedily taking from the weak, poor and old is among the most lowly vile and vicious of vices. We must remember these people as they are of our kind.

Shortly thereafter it was the turn of the urban Guilds and Craftsmen to be despoiled. Remember the market knows NO limits to its needful extractions.

The Guilds were stripped of their ancient corporate rights to control worker hours, wages, quality, and standards. They also lost the right to hold their collective property which fell to the royal person and his favorites; then by way of 'market magic' to the usurers in London more generally.

The craftsmen were thus left with NO organization allowed under law and fully at the mercy of royal whim as to hours, wages, quality controls, and every other minute detail, such that they in effect lost all real freedom.

They were in effect put under the royal whip so their skills could be used by the Royal Power to the economic ends of the money lenders/creditors who were the real mother of the market and who lay firmly behind the throne. We see that these People of Our Kind Should be brought to mind and thought of well by all that purport to support the Nation.

And finally after the hammer had fallen at the foundations of the Church, and the axes had fallen the urban Craftsmen it was the turn of the rural Nobles and Common land holders
– whole small villages – to feel the scythe of the usurer.

The land holders and peasants who though having lived on the land father to son, father to son, from time immemorial were declared vagabonds and legally evicted, rounded up, deprived of ancient right, usage and custom and put to forced labor against all justice, under legal force and upon whom the most barbarous punishments for 'slacking' were inflicted.

And yes we think that justice requires a mind think upon these poor unjustly treated souls and their afflictions. They having been deprived of long right and usage to appease the needs of an endless greed, and in some cases being murdered and despoiled to the contrary of all just governance and lawful social intercourse.

In effect the peasants and artisans were Re-Enserfed or even enslaved at the start of the Modern Era to provide the 'unfree' labor necessary for 'capitalism' and the 'free market' to come into being. The Free part of the 'free market' is purely verbal lawyer double talk. As the Poor Laws and Combination Acts ensured that everyone worked for this market's gain with NO freedom about, any aspect of the matter for the commons. This is a matter of historical fact, that can be gleaned from royal laws, and enactments as well as various histories. It is not unknown to those who know and can easily be known to all with but a little effort.

It is to these long forgotten Folk, some Our very own ancestors, who resisted the market's defilement, its cheapening of the honor of our people; who taking up what was at hand
rebelled against its false idol and the heretic King that placed that idol upon their backs; who disregarded false legal pretense and clung to ancient and just right.

We dedicate this to them one and all.

We start with the leaders of the rebellion against the unjust extractions of Henry the Seventh and end with the last man standing today that favors justice for our folk over life as a servant to the idol of the market and its false leaders.

We also salute as brothers worthy of honor and praise all that carry their torch today in the fight against the heirs of this theft and who wish to see this terrible wrong righted and to see the balance go back to the Common's Favor over the market and wealthy few.

In Fine We Dedicate this to those dissidents from, oligarchy, liberalism, materialism, atheism and modernity.

We embrace all of The Western Peoples who will that our Glory be Restored in the West and who understand that the Foundation of Our People's Greatness is the Family Unit, the tight community and a common culture that binds us one to the other in a Circle of Life, which builds upon itself for itself to the end of being alive as itself.

Light pushes back the dark; may our circle grow ever outwards; we light one candle to the next – An Eternal Flame.

We Hail Thee as Brother, Family and Kin, you who will shape the future.

Together: For Home, Hearth and Heritage. United as One Nation.

From the Bottom up the Wrong will be Righted!

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