Thursday, April 30, 2015

Attempting to pacify the unreasonable is expecting the irrational.

Read that again: Attempting to pacify the unreasonable is expecting the irrational.

The chaos in Baltimore is a symptom of the majority American population's inner spiritual weakness. It's a manifestation of their self doubt. It is an expression of their apathetic and indolent worldview. Which worldview centers around trinkets and sports games.

Burning, Looting, Murder, Destruction and Chaos: Meanwhile mindlessly like slaves, the same majority mass labors away day and night to pay taxes which support the very chaos which threatens to consume their society, and destroy everything they hold dear -- they pay for ghettos, mass immigration, diversity feminism and political correctness.

Thus by their own hand is the chaos enabled to spread, without end, day after day, and the worker slave drones work day after day to pay to fund more chaos. They work to their own doom. Blindly and loyally.
It is utter madness. It is a once great people literally burning the funeral pyre of their nation one city at a time. Fire, looting, pillaging, and barbarism eat away at the foundations of their civilization, and the drone slaves simply keep working away, while the masters continue lying to the slaves and themselves insisting everything is 100% OK.

It is national schizophrenia. It can be nothing else but a form of insanity. For what rational person can look at these ghettos and the rioting looting and pillaging that happens down there, and wish to claim equality with such as those? The fact is that even in cities where blacks control everything the ghetto blacks blame YT for all their woes. And the media encourages this view, so do the academics, and the uptown yuppie liberals --all of which are full of self hating people, whose actions directly will
lead to the end of our great society and people.

This is my analysis of our national psyche on these riots. 

The fact is is that barbarism cannot be appeased through weakness, since the primitive man knows that what matters is strength and power not right and rationality -- those only have application after one is strong and has the power to impose ones values. 

Savagery cannot be tamed by means of surrender -- for savagery knows no compromise.

Riots cannot be tempered down by means of bribes since all such payments in time have a way of
turning into tribute been based on weakness as they are – and those who pay tribute are subject vassal peoples.

These being true. And the blacks and other minorities being barbarian savages who riot quite often.

It follows that we cannot buy them off; we cannot give them little bits of power here and there; nor can compromise with them; without subjecting ourselves to their whims and losing power over our own lands. 

The loss of control of our own lands is the prelude of a people who are disappearing from history. Thus barbarism must be called barbarism. Savagery must be called savagery. They must be confronted and checked. This behavior must be met with punishments not rewards. With big sticks and not carrots. With spine and not with supplication.We are rightful rulers of these lands and we have no reason to compromise or bandy about terms with these barbarous savages. Anything else is abdication of our right to rule our own lands – leads us back to the fact that attempting to pacify the unreasonable is expecting the rational.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

White Guilt Enables Thug Culture

The Thugs you see looting burning and killing on TV do all they do because of WHITE GUILT!  And it is madness squared!  We are suppose to feel guilty because the minorities live better than they could ever live without us? No I won't.  Since even the very idea is ridiculous.

The idea that us Whites should feel guilty because minority thugs bully us, kill us, rape us, steal from us, and otherwise pillage, loot and rob us, is hateful and absurd. I refuse to draw that water or hew that wood! I decline to be the whipping boy for PC and Multiculturalism's failure to deal with reality.

Thugs act like thugs, then they get dead. Then other thugs burn, loot, rape, kill, and otherwise cause mayhem and I am suppose to feel bad?

No way, it is not happening for you. That is again hateful and only a weak person would even think to go down that path!

Monday, April 27, 2015

The liberal chickens are coming home to roost.



Who will clean up the droppings?

For decades the liberal lunatics have appeased the black masses in the urban inner city, and for decades the blacks have steadily become more violent barbarous and retrograde. (Substitute Muslim or most any brown horde here for Black and the effect is much the same. )

The liberals have for decades insisted that this is racism, patriarchy, and or other isms of various kinds. It is the Our Fault -- that is the short of their thoughts.

Since of course it is an axiom of their belief that no colored, gay, or nonwhite male Christian equal can be held equally accountable for their own failure, and that evil male white people had to have caused their problems.

When for decades it has been patently obvious that the problem is the blacks themselves, the insane social engineering experiment called welfare, and frankly the liberal do gooders who have no clue about how reality actually works. The reality is that while white males ( of the working and middle class mainly) pay for this failed experiment the politically correct subversives have ended up gaining a political 51% 'majority' voting bloc to use as a battering ram upon traditional society, morals and values.

These three factors the barbarian blacks, the idiotically contrived welfare state, and the clueless liberal white female/eunuch yuppie, have conspired to destroy America, and replace it with 2.0 version of itself that is realistically impossible.

It is impossible as ALL viable societies are Patriarchal to some extent, have hierarchies and rely upon authority and respect for elders, traditions and values.  Their utopian matriarchy is not in line with reality and thus must of necessity implode.

Thus,the lunatic liberals have conspired to destroy but they have no possibility of ever creating anything in the place of that which they have destroyed.  And destroy they have.

We've seen this insanity let loose on American Society, since sometime in the late fifties early sixties when the subversive liberals took over the media/academia and started to enforce their perverse worldview and values upon the rest of us.

It accelerated in the seventies and eighties as these liberal egalitarian tree hugging clueless fools entered the halls of power, and began to write public policy that enforced their colorblind insane world view upon the rest of us.

It has reached a point where the brake no longer functions and the doomed train is chugging along at terminal velocity this can be shown by the fact that a communist subversive has been giving his own personal holiday; I reference of course Martin Luther king the communists subversive.

These riots and chimp outs that we see in the streets, are merely the symptoms of the internal disease, that is political correctness, egalitarianism, enforced tolerance, and diversity.

Those that accept these dogmatic tenets of the death pact called Modernity are sick; morally and spiritually sick. Since all of those terms in practical application mean less western white male society, and more urban intercity " culture", as well as more never ending 'new citizens' from the most alien barbarous and poor places possible.

Again all this without end until We are The Minority in Our Own Nations, and have NO power over the Nation our Fathers Built, and then we can be simply disposed of like unwanted house guests.

Verily only those with NO life and near upon death could be so willfully careless about the survival of their kind, or the future of their children.

Now to put all this in perspective:

We tolerate these chimp outs because we are afraid to be called a word --racist – by people who are physically weak and effeminate; what does that make us exactly?

We sit around and watch our neighborhoods go to the dogs as the saying used to go, merely so that we can have trinkets and bobbles; why would anyone else respect us when we don't respect ourselves?

We allow politically correct communist subversives to diversify our nation's even though diversity means less of us in our own nations and more of foreign outlander barbarians; who can have even the most fleeting respect for such weakling people as us?

It says that we are weak, cowardly, craven, pathetic, brow-beaten, Nancy-boys that have lost the will to keep and preserve their homes, hearths, heritage.

 It says loud and clear at a very very primal visceral level that we have lost our vitality and have no will left to fight.

 It says that we are pathetic tamed broken imitations of our once great ancestors that made such rabble as these invaders and traitorous Judas-goats tremble in terror.

And this is why the blacks riot whenever they feel like it. This is why the Mexicans invade our lands with impunity. This is why every form of minority has us the majority lawful rulers of this nation afraid to say Boo our own homes. This is why a tiny minority of sodomites and other disgusting people have forced themselves upon us.

It is because we don't respect ourselves enough, or trust in any thing like higher values enough to stand up against political correctness tolerance diversity and so call equality. 

We lack the courage to tell the people who push it to push off and stay out. 

We do nothing to fight for our ways, or to keep our lands.  

The Liberal poison has killed the vitality in the breast of our people and we are now dying. This death cult called PC with its dogmas of equality, tolerance, diversity and mass immigration, is the faith of this decadent age. And it produces only Death. We have made a pact with death, and thus we are dying. It is because we have spiritually died inside, that these people are running riot over our body as it rots.

And thus the chickens are home roosting in force. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

The bankers bailout as equivalent to the IMF third world model

If it looks like a fraud:

The elite who we use America as a base but who have no real loyalty to America, Americans, or American values, traditions and ways, have used the IMF and World Bank to leverage many third world and small countries around the world since world war two. 

The general tactic is to distribute loans that cannot be sustained, fund media at home in America and domestically in the target country that is critical of those who receive the loan and praiseful of those that distributed the loans, then call in loans upon the little people while threatening the government would destabilization if it intervenes, as the IMF and World Bank pillaging the common people of its country.

In the bankers bailout we see the same basic model in play. We have bankers who handed out loans that were mathematically unsustainable and could not be repaid under any circumstances. These bankers then took every penny they humanly could, as well as the real property they held as collateral upon the mathematically certain default of most of the debtors. At the same time the same bankers using influence upon the government through the debt they held and chief positions manned by their loyal cadres, essentially threatened to destabilize the economy.

They then with the help of their media, and regulatory allies heaped the responsibility for the destabilization of the economy upon the government and the borrowers, rather than upon the crooked money lending system that prompted this mess in the first instance.

Lo and Behold: it worked. The proles blamed themselves and each other for living too large(14k and moving on up!). The middle class, denounced the working class on cue. The long suffering 1%, CEO's and Off-shoring-Kings denounced all that opposed them as 'Marxists'. All had a go at 'welfare mothers'.

The Media made sure that anyone and everyone but Plutocratic Usurers, the Free Market and Wall Street were blamed for the mess. 

Academia came full force for the 'bail out' ie hand over of the public credit to Vulture's perching for now on Wall Street. 

And last but surely most critically importantly, the government dutifully to its pay master's whim allowed these usurers to pillage trillions of dollars from the common caste people, and then in the final act of Judas legalized it and made the citizen body as a whole responsible for paying the bill.

Tarp et al. = Protection Racket legalized post de facto by a prostitute 'congress' and rubber stamped by a puppet president.

The difference here is merely one of terminology between the effects of an IMF loan default upon a 'developing country'.

But substantively you have two instances of creditor vultures handing out credit which they knew mathematically could never be repaid to both the common citizens and government. Then they use the power this gives them over the government to force said governmental regulators and legislators to allow them to have their way with the common people, and at the same time force the government to pay them what in effect amounts to tribute. And in the end the creditors gain control of the commoners economy and bleed them as dry as they can. Sound familiar, anyone?

Another 'stunning' similarity is that in all such instances use backroom, secretive, underhanded deals to achieve outcomes that could never be had openly. By ensuring a compliant corporate media, the bankers ensure that everyone is kept as clueless about events as possible until it is far too late to oppose or stop them.

In any instance looting by the Banking Plutocracy, is financed by the Common Majority Citizen. Yes that is right they are expected to foot the bill for their own downward economic projection IE they get to pay more to have less as they pay even more to have even less. It was not apparent to many at the time, but now the common person is starting to feel the austerity -- higher prices, lower wages, and privatization of public goods and services -- as the media tells them that the economy is 'recovering'.

Ring a bell, folks?

It should as the Bankers Bailout model is the New Economy for You and your children. This low wage, low mobility, lowed living standard model is the New Reality that is your slated future.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The people who ruined themselves on purpose:

A tale of Usury, Stupidity and Greed.

Once in a faraway land, there were a people, who yearly, brought the entire value of their national worth to the great idol of the golden Calf.  The entire population from the largest to the smallest, from richest to poorest,brought every single penny they had and laid it before the feet of the Calf.  There it was counted by the Calf's usurious money lending priests, who would add up the entire national worth and then lend this amount back to the people with interest added such that the amount owed was always more than the amount of worth in circulation.

Because the amount of the interest was not covered by real world goods and services, a mathematically certain proportion of people had to lose something, many everything so that all of the people could repay the loan partially, such that every year another loan had to be made, to cover the lacking portion from the year before, thus keeping the bankruptcy/poverty cycle going, every year, year on year, without ending.

And thus this people, by their loyal subservience to the usurious priests of the golden Calf, year after year brought bankruptcy, poverty, scarcity, homelessness and despair upon a mathematically certain number of their people, young and old, sick and healthy. And ensured that as a whole they would be in debt to the Calf.  And this was called 'freedom'.

In a not very long time a very large number of these people, had nothing to bring to the Calf.  These dispossessed and impoverished citizens, had no more illusions about the Calf and saw to it for the rapacious fraud that it in fact was.  But the priests of the calf foresaw this problem and used a small amount of the ill gotten loot to divide these impoverished people and play them off against each other.  And for a long awhile this worked, though overtime the people started to see through these divide and rule games, and thus threatened the usurer's power over them.

Alarmed by the thought, of losing their lucrative annual 'trade' the priests of the Calf encouraged the plurality who still had worth to pillage, to believe that the majority of the people were  becoming poorer not because of the usury of the priests, but because of the laziness, and uselessness of the impoverished masses themselves.  And so these remaining few debtors with goods to pillage denounced and rounded on the masses, acting as the overseers and administrators.  Working night and day to  keep them in line for the Calf, as the priests of the Calf consumed every last bit of their substance and made them one with the masses in poverty bankruptcy and despair.  Many of these dupes ended their days as Judas ended his -- dangling from a rope cursing the day they saw the thirty pennies of the Usurious Priests of the Calf.

And finally the day came, when none of the people had enough to pay off any of their loans, and the usurious priests owned everything.  And on that day they all of them defaulted and became serfs. Bound to a never ending debt which could never be repaid, and perpetually laboring for the benefit of another group's best interests. Forever laboring to profit another in the Lands they Once Ruled!

It was sad and it should be a lesson to others. The Lesson is that:
Any people who allows usurers to control their money, goods, commerce, and credit will end up like the people above...  Bankrupted, impoverished, disenfranchised, dispossessed, enfeeble, overthrown, and serfs in the land which they once ruled.

 Ask any person in the western world, for We all live under such a usurious system which is slowly turning us all into serfs, as it grinds Us All down into poverty.

Monday, April 13, 2015

This People will Remain Unbroken

Family --- People ---  Nation: This is the natural order. They form a circle that will remain unbroken. Multiculture aims to break this circle and destroy the People the Nation and People by means of destroying the Family.

7 steps to restarting Nationalism

The Fact is that Netz Nationalism will have to do somethings before it will ever be able to become a Real Mass Movement. Otherwise it will remain an on-line Roll Playing Game.

 The Fact is that the Neo Nazi Image/behavior set is a SURE FIRE LOSER.  The Longer Nationalism clings to that and the trappings of last centuries media version of Fascism, the Longer the failure is multiplied and the PC world more firmly cemented into place!

Friday, April 10, 2015

To Summarize and attempt to systematize ...

If you want to 'get' my ideas, going through my posts in this order will make it much easier to get a systemic idea of what I would like to see happen re:Nations, Peoples, Economics, Justice, Governance and Society more generally:

First so that we don't waste each others time: Nationalism ( Not Larping.) Monoculture and Unity based on Common Descent are the name of the game here. Civic Nationalism, Liberalism economic and cultural, and I am pretty sure Cultural Marxism are all 'down the hall' and will not be part of this experience. 

The GOP Acts as Their Doorman ..   For more factual info watch this And this.

Now a question or two about serious Matters: What will you leave to your Children if you give away their homeland?  

And don't you understand that bringing third world strays is dangerous to your family and home?

0.) A tale or two first:

And then something else:

And An old Fable:  

Moral of the story(ies): Never Trust PC, Multicult or Diversity.

1.) We live under a Credit Monopoly that is used by a Plutocratic Oligarchy to rule us all.


2.) To be free we must band together and work very very hard.

3.) Hammers home the 1 and 2 some more since repetition is the key here.
4.) Once it is understood that an Oligarchy is attempting to undo us, it follows that we ought to band together, however being atomized we must have an organic understanding of who we are and why, where and what of our doings. It must be hammered home that ANY structure is ONLY as secure as its base is well founded!

5.) Once there is an understanding then and only then does any sort of 'action' make any sense, since before this all 'actions' are those of slaves rumbling about the master's house.  Basically until WE have OUR own 'big house',plots, gardens,  factories, credit power, and thus OUR own means to secure LIFE: We have NO effective means of resisting the oligarchy!
6.) To ensure that folks go towards nationalism all hope in the 'electoral two party' process must be systemically destroyed and any faith in its outcomes eviscerated. No 'win' by either party is a National win because BOTH parties are controlled by internationalist 'free trader' money! Denounce, denounce, denounce!

7.) Nationalist must NOT cling to any one of the rotting corpses that is the two party system and must loudly and roundly denounce all with out regard. Anyone that is a economic liberal, neo-liberal or is with the GOP is the enemy just as much as the equality, lesbian alliance folks are the enemy. Period. Cling to your friends and your principles: Devil take the rest! 
For more ...
8.) Mock their economics and point out that ALL human activity is aimed at GOODS useful to life ... it should be in a sane, rational economic system that was purged of our parasite oligarchs and the 'free market' or as I like to mock it the Fee Mark-up.

9) Miss no chance to condemn the current system, round on it for all things, and give it NO credit slack or mercy, as it will give you none. Play the sides against the middle, since Nationalist have NO viable stake in this system and are the ONLY true opposition to Modernity, and it is only by forcing the phoney left and right to pitch in openly with the internationalist against the nation that the common man will be aroused to understanding. Once they FINALLY understand that THIS IS NOT THEIR SYSTEM; then our time in the Sun has come.
10.) Always ensure that folks have a general understanding of the Whys, and what, and try to make it as simple as possible. Always try to make it as easy as: If you work you ought be able to be housed, feed, clothed and raise a family in dignity. Simple; easy; just; direct. Truth is a powerful weapon.

( More links will be added as time and inclination allow. )
And with that, feel free to ask questions, make constructive criticisms or otherwise be useful.

Liberal Hypocrites, can feel free to move to some third world country and be enriched. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Long Combined Version

 Just some sound, shapes and music.  The first 1:12 is just some goofing around at about that point the 'lesson' starts.  Read the pictures pause if need be.  None of this is difficult. It all builds from simple steps to what I call The Organic Theory of Society. Some sort of 'unified' theory that explains Man as a gregarious being ( a social being that NEEDS a group not a hermit that chooses one on terms ) is the ONLY game in Town for Nationalism ... it is the ONLY theory that explains .. WHY we are Unique and why we matter. It is the SOLID basis in our MINDS for proper understanding which will lead to correct personal and group action.  ALL other individualist materialist theories posit we are but random matter but OTS posits were are an ordered WHOLE that has a collective teleological purpose which transcends the now and reaches into the past and future.

 For the 2 minute visual audio 'lesson' sans the Chi Rhos and the rest Just Youtube, no worries. I don't play dirty pool like that.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Credit is made from Labor

Credit is just a Symbol for the Products of Labor ... So why Not just use YOUR LABOR as MONEY? Why not simply BYPASS the Usurers and Become your Own Savings and Loan Operation?
If Bankers ... Then Why not You? If Usurers can issue credit from their backside ... why not your labor as credit? 1$ worth of work creates a 1$ worth of Credit. Simple really. Economies exist to WORK FOR US not US for the Economy!  In the end economies are about US working to ensure We are feed, clothed and housed ... Not so that we can provide tribute to usurious scum. We must pound home the fact that economics came into being to serve our ends.