Monday, April 27, 2015

The liberal chickens are coming home to roost.

Who will clean up the droppings?

For decades the liberal lunatics have appeased the black masses in the urban inner city, and for decades the blacks have steadily become more violent barbarous and retrograde. (Substitute Muslim or most any brown horde here for Black and the effect is much the same. )

The liberals have for decades insisted that this is racism, patriarchy, and or other isms of various kinds. It is the Our Fault -- that is the short of their thoughts.

Since of course it is an axiom of their belief that no colored, gay, or nonwhite male Christian equal can be held equally accountable for their own failure, and that evil male white people had to have caused their problems.

When for decades it has been patently obvious that the problem is the blacks themselves, the insane social engineering experiment called welfare, and frankly the liberal do gooders who have no clue about how reality actually works. The reality is that while white males ( of the working and middle class mainly) pay for this failed experiment the politically correct subversives have ended up gaining a political 51% 'majority' voting bloc to use as a battering ram upon traditional society, morals and values.

These three factors the barbarian blacks, the idiotically contrived welfare state, and the clueless liberal white female/eunuch yuppie, have conspired to destroy America, and replace it with 2.0 version of itself that is realistically impossible.

It is impossible as ALL viable societies are Patriarchal to some extent, have hierarchies and rely upon authority and respect for elders, traditions and values.  Their utopian matriarchy is not in line with reality and thus must of necessity implode.

Thus,the lunatic liberals have conspired to destroy but they have no possibility of ever creating anything in the place of that which they have destroyed.  And destroy they have.

We've seen this insanity let loose on American Society, since sometime in the late fifties early sixties when the subversive liberals took over the media/academia and started to enforce their perverse worldview and values upon the rest of us.

It accelerated in the seventies and eighties as these liberal egalitarian tree hugging clueless fools entered the halls of power, and began to write public policy that enforced their colorblind insane world view upon the rest of us.

It has reached a point where the brake no longer functions and the doomed train is chugging along at terminal velocity this can be shown by the fact that a communist subversive has been giving his own personal holiday; I reference of course Martin Luther king the communists subversive.

These riots and chimp outs that we see in the streets, are merely the symptoms of the internal disease, that is political correctness, egalitarianism, enforced tolerance, and diversity.

Those that accept these dogmatic tenets of the death pact called Modernity are sick; morally and spiritually sick. Since all of those terms in practical application mean less western white male society, and more urban intercity " culture", as well as more never ending 'new citizens' from the most alien barbarous and poor places possible.

Again all this without end until We are The Minority in Our Own Nations, and have NO power over the Nation our Fathers Built, and then we can be simply disposed of like unwanted house guests.

Verily only those with NO life and near upon death could be so willfully careless about the survival of their kind, or the future of their children.

Now to put all this in perspective:

We tolerate these chimp outs because we are afraid to be called a word --racist – by people who are physically weak and effeminate; what does that make us exactly?

We sit around and watch our neighborhoods go to the dogs as the saying used to go, merely so that we can have trinkets and bobbles; why would anyone else respect us when we don't respect ourselves?

We allow politically correct communist subversives to diversify our nation's even though diversity means less of us in our own nations and more of foreign outlander barbarians; who can have even the most fleeting respect for such weakling people as us?

It says that we are weak, cowardly, craven, pathetic, brow-beaten, Nancy-boys that have lost the will to keep and preserve their homes, hearths, heritage.

 It says loud and clear at a very very primal visceral level that we have lost our vitality and have no will left to fight.

 It says that we are pathetic tamed broken imitations of our once great ancestors that made such rabble as these invaders and traitorous Judas-goats tremble in terror.

And this is why the blacks riot whenever they feel like it. This is why the Mexicans invade our lands with impunity. This is why every form of minority has us the majority lawful rulers of this nation afraid to say Boo our own homes. This is why a tiny minority of sodomites and other disgusting people have forced themselves upon us.

It is because we don't respect ourselves enough, or trust in any thing like higher values enough to stand up against political correctness tolerance diversity and so call equality. 

We lack the courage to tell the people who push it to push off and stay out. 

We do nothing to fight for our ways, or to keep our lands.  

The Liberal poison has killed the vitality in the breast of our people and we are now dying. This death cult called PC with its dogmas of equality, tolerance, diversity and mass immigration, is the faith of this decadent age. And it produces only Death. We have made a pact with death, and thus we are dying. It is because we have spiritually died inside, that these people are running riot over our body as it rots.

And thus the chickens are home roosting in force. 

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  1. You see things as they are. the white western world was great cause we honored Jesus and he blessed us. Most churches 99% lie about everything. the antichrists who claim to be "jews" are the synagogue of satan (bible book revelation 2:9) and were behind communism and own the media.