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The Organic Theory of Society: In Five Parts, with PDF and Audio files, New And Improved.

The Organic Theory of Society; The Natural Progression from First Family to National-State based upon A Unique People, in One Land, with One Way of Life.

By, A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

* All Rights Reserved.

– For and To All Loyal Sons of the Soil. May You all Join And help Us in Our Endeavors to Make Straight the Way that We May Preserve Our Homes, Hearths and Heritage.

There is NO Just Use of Rights that does not invoke a corresponding duty to act toward the common good

Preface: To the Living.

We wish to introduce the very crude formulation of an idea we have chosen to call the Organic Theory of Society – it is basically the idea that a National-State is predicated upon a people, which people forms from a family, and from the family relations ideally come all other relations in society at large, economic, social, and political. The theory is intergalist,corporatist, promotes a common good economy aiming as far as possible towards autarky such that the families, communities, and people as a whole can have a free polity that responds to their will and not the interests of the internationalists' market.

The Organic Theory aims to outline a social-economic-political system in toto under which the whole integral people as one extended family can be stable in their homes, on their land, and Living as One Organic Society.

The unit from which this all this starts is the singular nuclear family, which by natural increase grows out into the community at large.

We are convinced that an understanding of this truth that appeals to the emotional group mind, is the way from liberal decadence to starting to heal the terrible ever empty materialist hole in the heart of the Western Peoples.

This internal healing will fill them with a zeal which will animate the People to refound the world around them upon holistic organic soundness. And thus the whole of the edifice that is Western Society will be stable and lasting, whole and lacking in nothing. A family of families.

We are not an academic and in fact We are just another common faceless person. It is purely by the will and grace of God that this document has even come to see the light of day.

However, even though there are limitations and what will generously be called 'errors' – which will be corrected as the document evolves into a more finished and refined form – we would ask that all fair minded Nationalists, Populists, Traditionalists, and Others rejected by Modernity, please give it your just consideration, and your honest yet polite feedback. This work in progress is an attempt to answer some basic questions:

Who makes a nation? What is a nation? How to keep and restore a nation?

Why Nations matter?

Who? A family makes a nation.

What? A nation is a family of families.

How? By acting like a proper family.

Why? Because we all have a family and we all need others to live a proper life.

Where and When? Here and Now.

The intention is to provoke thought about the need for a set of first principles and a methodology that centers upon Us as a Nation and not trivial things outside Our Circle of Life.

To this end the Just Price, Place and Due are meant to be the 'guides' inside the over arching theory, against which Economics, Society and Politics are to be judged. These three pillars act towards one end, which is to support the proper organic society.

Inside the Organic Theory they are meant as a means to formulating guides upon which to judge future progress or failure and from which to draw inferences upon which to act socially-economically-politically each to the other and thus to ensure the most stable society in which to continue the kind, preserve our homes, hearth, and heritage.

Preface to Second Edition:

We would like to state here that we appreciate all the input from our fellows who have helped to shape this document into the form it has taken. They have been a boon to us. All praise to them, and all censure to Ourselves. We have expanded most of the document here and there, and have added entire sections inside the chapters as well as many other minor changes. All blame for the quality is Ours and We accept it without equivocation. This being simply the best our meager abilities are able to produce.

We are not unaware of our limitations, nor do we have pretensions about being 'well educated', in fact quite the contrary; but, we are compelled to make an Organic Society possible by implanting a desire for it in the hearts of our people. Since We are assured by our heart this is the correct course of action – believing as we do that Faith is of the Heart and Faith and Not Reason is the Means to the Divine who plays a very real and intimate role in Human Affairs great and small.

We have seen in Our minds eyes that the decline of Faith runs hand in hand as one, with the decline of our people into the morass that is modernist materialist’s nihilism and hedonistic apathy.

To the end that this be a spiritual as well as socioeconomic regrowth is desired from this effort and to that end it is partially directed as part of the over all thrust of strengthening the family such that it can be the proper base for a strong civilizational order..

We are after all voices lost in the wilderness. hungering for richer fare and thristing for our home springs – all future family; all seeking homes, hearths and to save Our Heritage from the Hordes of PC Modernity and its Usurious materialists Atheist system of death-think-acting.

One Man the Future Does Not Make; Many acting together brings the whole forward and ensures a better, brighter, future to All.
With that We present:

The Organic Theory of Society;

 The Natural Progression from First Family to National-State based upon A Unique People, in One Land, with One Way of 

In Five parts – with 121 page PDF full of ~35 pages of visual aids aimed at helping young and old alike with learning the concepts and also with an audio accompaniment linked in each section aimed at helping bring in more senses to the process.  There is also a newer 150 page edition -- the blog will be updated to reflect this soon.

We highly recommend that one download the PDF, and play the audio as one reads the particular section. This will ensure the maximal amount of information in the least amount of time can be absorbed by the reader. We are not trying to be arrogant or high handed here but merely reflecting upon the fact that what limited formal education we received involved the concept of learning to read out loud, and follow the text with our finger. This method has served us well over the decades. So we reason that it could be of use to others, thus the effort in making the 90 page pdf and 5 part MP3 series so that those more serious about learning rather that merely reading can do that -- We highly recommend the PDF as it has many illustrations and diagrams that bring into sharp focus the concepts presented in the text and audio. 

The MP3 linked to each chapter are only ~ 155 minutes of audio and are meant to be best used with the  121 pages of text and visual aids available for download

We advise quarter to half hour cessions over a couple of days at a leisurely pace, with reflection upon, what one has taken in so as to be able to best accept or reject the thesis that Family Units of Father and Mother are the Basic Unit that produces a People, and from this People comes a National-State.

Also this is a work in progress – go gentle on your hard suffering author.  With that: ( all links to chapters are to pages on this blog. We highly advise again reading this in order and with the sound and pdf rather than just plain text. )

Part IV – WHO,What and How to restore Organic Wholeness to Our People 

The go to link at the end of each will bring you forward and the go back to main will take you back here.  

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