Sunday, August 27, 2017

AltRight Real Right GOP are Marxist Lite

#AltRight Real Right

Do you tire of the Lies and Failures of the GOP? Do you hunger in your soul for more than mere tax cuts and rhetoric about limited government and the constitution? Do you want real changes that will help YOU, personally you, get out of debt, have a job and provide for your own and families future? Do you want to end the waste of money both on idiotic social programs and idiotic wars that gain us nothing but debt? Does an Ethno State sound like something you can abide?


Come to the #AltRight where we offer and demand just a bit more than the tired old: tax cuts for those privileged few that have never worked a day; unending warfare that feeds the corporate troughs with the same money the could have been your future;MLK adoration coupled to AA and quotas; and last but surely not least a steadily impoverishing globalism, of the center left GOP.

The #AltRight rejects these values utterly. The #AltRight will have no part with them except to USE their hierarchy and local organizations to win politically, so we can have social and economic power locally.

The GOP is Globalist, Usurious, and Rapacious. The #AltRight is Nationalist, Productive, and Honest. Nations are blood groups that live upon a land with a particular way of life. The AltRight teaches Nations are not clubs that one joins by moving to magic dirt and becoming a tax payer as the GOP contends.  This distinction is critical.

The #AltRight are not the corporate shill GOP whose job is to lose professionally, to the Democrats who are the favorite of the same money and business powers that rule this nation behind the facade of ‘democracy’. The same money powers that insist upon mass immigration, diversity, white guilt and the other hundred evils the GOP enables by its treason to the historical White Nation called America. The GOP who exist,only to lose, to shill for White Guilt from inside our gates;they are traitors to, White America, while the Dems and Wall Street are just enemies of the People proper. The GOP are a center left party that accepts Every Single Tenet of the radical left as regards diversity and tolerance. The GOP are one half of the Death Cult that we on the #AltRight oppose with all our might.
The AltRigth by contrast are here to WIN our freedom from the PC regime, from tolerance, from diversity, from WHITE GUILT and from any accusations of racism, hate or privilege. The system is defunct and the time to alter and abolish is upon us. The time to choose: freedom from usury or slavery under its economic and social whip? GOP are the party of Slavery and Death.
We Altighters do not have illusions about ‘going back’ as that is nostalgic nonsense. We Altighters mean to end this inane party system, and institute systems by which the Will of the People can be done rather than the will of the donors and usurers.
We Altighters have a vision to be FREE of usury and the corporate allies of the big money, as well as to SMASH the greedy selfish nature of the liberal-PC regime about us.
The Alright knows that once we have smashed the usurers hold on our society, economy and politics that we shall thrive, as persons, families, communities as a nation. We will have a producers and savers economy not a speculators and borrowers economy. Local Productivity, general prosperity, and livability will be placed over International Fiance’s Money Games.
The AltRight teach common good over the selfish interests. We teach this not because we are weak people who cannot succeed but, because, we are mature people who see that many working as one are strong. We see that hard work is the trade off for being independent and free from mass immigration and usury. We accept the implications – Whites will pick and grow our own food, make our own clothes, build our own infrastructure, manufacture our own needs, and care for our own ends, by and for ourselves.
The Alright exalt the ideal of a producer society in which all do their duty and all are remunerated justly such that each can provide for a family and have children which are the purpose to all life affirming systems.
The Alright see that children had in the parameters of stable families in well founded communities, are the way forward, they are not a burden but a blessing, that gives us all hope. Without them we die as a kind. These children are the living face of our identity. The concrete expression of our resolve to see our values and ways survive to be passed onto these in their time like the cycle of life demands. The GOP will say these things have some finite price: The #AltRight will not, does not, seek to sell our identity, values or ways, since these things are gifts from God that are priceless.

#AltRight Real Right, real Light, real Life.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Racist = Poo Poo Head.

Racist? Was I suppose to fall over dead or cower like a punk? Your White Guilt has NO power here!

'Racist' is just Poo Poo Head for adults ....LOL ... No you are the Doo Doo Head ... Sticks and Stones ...

Don't Deny. Don't defend. Simply mock and degrade the WHOLE concept of 'human equality' upon which the EBIL of 'racism' depends ... NO such Equality is Factual Evident in Nature ... NONE.

Thus my dears when you hear THE INSULT(tm) the proper response is,"Oh I see my dear commie progressive liberal trash bag, you are all out of ideas and the kitchen sink hail Mary insult is all you have left ... no but nice try. Why not go and get enriched at a riot son? LOL. Toddles."

Here is some truth: Liberals and Country Club Conservatives are 'anti-racist' only because they don't live with the diversity and are not 'enriched' daily by its criminal antics upon people's persons and property. It is NOT their living quarters 'enrichingly' ghettoized by the diversity.

They don't have children assaulted by loving diverse feralings every other day in schools, on transportation and at parks. It is not their schools that descend into Lord of the Flies.

And lastly they will NEVER ever lose their job to a diversity scab imported from Cheap-labor-istan to replace them. They will never sleep in a Walmart parking lot or under an underpass, this entitled upper and middle class.

The rest of us KNOW the real score. Some of us are simply tried of being silent about the obvious reality which is that Multiculture and Political Correctness are abject failures. Period.

*cups ear* Is that Big Sobbing Tears mixed with howls of hatred, I hear brewing up Snowflake Cupcake .... By all means: Go and cry among yourselves as Daddy has NO time or effort for you ... My love and concern is 200% conditional upon your compliance with Basic Commo

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Anti-SJW tip of the day

 -- When confronted with a sjw that sees 'racism' in everything. Don't Cuck. Don't Cower. Boldly suggest the SS were heroes who fought to save the West from the Godless hordes of Communism, and allude that without the NSDAP and the courageous sacrifices of the Wehrmacht in the East the entire West would have went pure Stalinist Red by '41, for extra trigger.

Then pretend you really want them to stay to tolerantly discuss your differences freely sans micro aggression ... No sjw don't leave me. Uncle Wolf and I really want you commies to stay ... Don't go.

Moral of the story: I would rather play cards with Uncle Wolf at an arbeitslager than listen to SJW babble about MLK, tolerance and equality in a mental institution. The NSDAP brought order and strength -- the sjw brings only decay and death.

And I am only more vocal than the millions of others that reject the entire reality called PC and liberalism.