Thursday, December 28, 2017

Do we have a proper National Society?

Do we have a proper National Society? Do we have a proper nation? What
is a Nation? A nation is a People living in One Land with One Law and
One United Way of Life under a Common Culture. A People is an ethnically
similar group of persons who have common descent and who share communal
bonds. There is No such thing as a Nation of ‘individuals’ that is
Enlightenment fantasy.

Give us 10 minutes and we will show you
the way out of the Liberal/Marxist Cave ... Work Will Set You Free --
Nothing else will do but to WORK building Stength upon strength and life
upon life, using Our Western Identity as the bedrock upon which we
build. Nothing, but organizing and working lay ahead. Not glamor but
lots of grueling labor.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Virgin Odin VS Chad Monks ... Christ Wins.

Virgin Odin Vs Chad Monks ... Monks have Christ ... true God at their back. They have Learning,  Writing and Zeal.  Odin has lost an eye because he could not learn without cheating. Monks Win. Hail Christ.

A Merry Kalergi Christmas Far Right | We are Just Right

This Christmas we notice that every single 'far right conspiracy' -- rape gangs, mass immigration -- seem to become a given reality when the powers that be declare it real, but at any time before or after that IF any right wing person says it -- UTTERLY INSANE and completely untrue – replacement immigration for instance.

We also go into other subjects at random since that is what we do. A to Z we can drift there if given time.

But at the end of the day: #ItsOkayToBeWhite This #Christmas. #ItsOkToBeWhite on New Years too ... Epiphany as well .... And really every day my friends ... Love God and your Neighbors, Be charitable and kind to those of Good Will; by and by, the rest will work out fine.

Stay Safe. Enjoy your friends and family while they last.God Bless You and Yours.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Our Modern World there is a way out

The Modern World
The Modern world: Is based upon unsound notions about family, persons, society, values, notions which are untrue and destructive at the same time.
The fact is that not one of the major tenets of Liberalism or Political Correctness have any solid foundation in the nature of things.
Equality is a patent lie. Diversity is not a strength or blessing but a cancer and a curse. Tolerance is not the virtue of the strong but of the pathetic and weak.
Pluralism and individualism combined with hedonistic consumerism amount to anarchy under any other label.
And because the world view of the PC Liberals is based upon unsound and untenable, notions the result has been to turn the entirety of society into an asylum ran by the inmates at large.
But the believers keep doubling down on their 'values' like junkies shooting smack. They will keep importing and supporting barbarism, keep demanding more 'tolerance', keep hammering away at the foundation of the Western Culture to the ruin of the West. Keep lighting fires until the fires literally consume their own person. They delight in their own on coming doom as they doom the rest of us.
The secret is that Liberal Political correctness is a death cult – affirming all things that lead to death as ' free expressions' and rejecting all healthy, normal, natural behaviors as 'oppressive authoritarianism'. It must logically lead to death as it exalts death above life.
The modern world is a dead, dull world of repeating sameness. There is no vitality. No originality. No craftsmanship. Only repeats of repeats upon remolds upon recasts. The PC controllers have polluted the theater to the point that 'action movies' have no human action in them at all – everything happening upon a green screen. In learning, and print all is shaped according to very PC specific codes. Every act, mannerism or lack of appropriate zeal on the job, and increasingly in the home, are rigorously policed for signs of unapproved isms, phobias, or other deviations from the New PC Normal. The most dedicated shock troops of PC self police through double think.
This auto-internal policing makes one stupid, vile, weak and servile.
It makes one stupid because PC is immune to logic being based upon feelings.
It makes one vile because it makes one arrogant, as PC exalts the selfish individuals above all other considerations.
It makes one weak because it makes one's thoughts predictable, being based upon emotionally stunted ‘needs’ presented to one by the PC media.
It makes one servile because it requires one to perpetually kowtow before the alter of the mass feeling, which master is again immune to reality, or logical thinking about reality.
Thus Modern World has nothing to offer – Being based upon individualism, hedonism, and consumerism. It is literally the antithesis of the values of the past which were communal, ethical and productive. The individual is the dissected and dead remains of the once living Western community. Hedonism is the rubble and the ruin of our high trust society based on the former moral order imposed by the True Faith. And consumerism has reduced all things to mere commodities and has taken all the pride out of producing products worthy of a man's name in its vile race to the cheapest labor sources. This utterly empty imitation of a proper functioning society and national polity has replaced all the former truths of our people with communist and consumerist inspired lies which have been accepted as 'the new truth' by the easily beguiled masses; however, there is NO such thing as new or old truths. Truth is ETERNAL or it is not the truth but merely a convince used as a means to an end. Man – the best and highest kind of men at any rate – attempts to take the ideal timeless pure absolute TRUTH his mind and soul perceive in moments of insight rational and otherwise and replicate what good truths he may among himself. This is our nature, our dilemma, able to see the best and yet never able to make this best thing a reality.
The Truth as a way of life is simply that if one lives a life in accord with the Nature of Man in harmony with Creation, and the Creators dictum, one will live a life worthy of living. Anything else is willful indolence which partakes of the decay in morals PC has presented as ‘the new normal’ – that shall not be acceptable.
Now to be fair, no 'True' IE Platonically perfect government will ever be possible among men, as we are not perfect beings, nor ideal thought experiments conducted in a vacuum. But men are capable of creating social, economic and political forms that more or less are true in the sense that they tend toward the final end of Just, stable government that ensures the survival of the common stock over all other things. Common Good over Selfish Interests.
Many are presented with this simple humbling, Truth but few grasp it. Many will reject it outright, being greedy, selfish, destructive and atomized themselves they cannot see or will not accept that other things are possible. These sorts are lost to us, and must be left in the land of the dead and dying, for they will not come out of the forsaken city of woe, to the land of the Living. They refuse to see, and thus are willfully blind, blindly leading others to their doom. They are the multitude of Sodom, who must serve their part so that the elect may know mercy and grace.
But for those that will have other ways, that would want and do wish for something else out of existence.
That something else is at this link 193 page pdf clean link.
A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success. It is logical, simple and based upon the Real Nature of Mankind, not upon rationalist notions about what ought to be. We have been taught that Nature is secondary but this is a lie. Nature is dominate over nurture though both play a role – that is just the empirical fact.
The information contained in the pdf simply requires that much of the lies taught to all of us be unlearned – Materialism, Hedonism, Atheism and Individualism primary among them. These are cancerous memes killing the People and their communities as they sedate their minds with false happiness.
For many the pdf will be harder than for others, as all of us have been taught a mountain of false ideological nonsense from birth about the nature of everything including nature itself. Many are deeply invested in those lies, and will go into the deep with the sinking ship of falsehoods rather than swim to new shores.
An open mind and the willingness to let go of this modern world order which is so void, so empty, so vacuous and stultifying. A willingness to think of things from other angles and to 'shift' the frame of reference from the 'assumed' PC liberal materialist one under which most of us where brought up and which we, like fish in water, notice not at all.
Those of you that feel like rejects from modernity and who have NO love for the PC liberal world – This was all done for you. You personally. You as a whole. You. You, who are the living way to other assumptions behind social, economic, and political relations. You who will shape the future.
An Organic Living Society is a matter of Living People working in unity. It is no more impossible than any other idea is 'impossible' in fact because it accords with
nature it is quite very possible indeed. Something much better than this tepid mess is possible.
That something else is at this link 193 page pdf clean link.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Twitter Labels MAGA Crowd Nazis Bans Working Class Right

Twitter has began its purges – among the Working Class WHITES who reject Leftism. They are labeling them Nazis and off they go to the digital gulag. The very system they pretend is good moral and just is allowing them to be the first group of censored non-persons in the internet village.

We warned them. #Cucks #Judas #predictable

#antiwhite is a religion among the Far Left …. Cucks enables its growth by cowering to its insults – Racist, Nazi, Hitler … LOL. We advise growing up: Names will never hurt me.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Trump Turns Cuck to appease MLK loving GOP losers | #MAGA denied

All for mere tax cuts. No wall. No MAGA. Just a bunch of money lender rhetoric. We were sold America First what we have gotten is RUBBISH on par with Rumdummy Ray Guns Nonsense in the 80's.

We will have our MAGA -- America will be WHITE AGAIN!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Falsifying Modernity's Fables –

Toppling its Taboos!
Down with this Anti White Tyranny – the Common Cry.

We all know that modernity is based on a narrative which is basically a fabric of a great many fables one must pretend to believe. Which fables in sum amount to Whites being evil and deserving to be destroyed/punished for the sin of being White.
Among these is the absurd notion that violence is in some way inherently bad for whites but just *shrugs* when non-whites, since White bad oppressor and non-white good ‘victim’ of oppression.
Father intends to slap this notion down today. Triggers are coming. Feelz will be hurt. Free Speech will be Had. Hitler will be Hitler still after all this time. Puppies might drown. Kittens will weep. I will not be sorry not even a little.
Patriarchy, Identity and Pride will rise from the ash in ... 5 ... 4 ...3 ...2 ...1 ....
"Violence is 'bad'", says the weakling.
"Violence is a tool, that is used for personal and group survival, protection, expansion and advancement",says the Man with the Hand.
Violence is neither more inherently bad or good, than any other tool, use to sustain life. Violence, just exists as part of the natural order. Violence must be used as needed to survive just the same as cooperation within the group must be used to ensure it thrives. Violence without the group is the means to ensuring that cooperation within is used by the group for the groups best over all ends.
Aggression comes to those that accept aggression; peace comes to those that can wage war. -- Reality.
This belief that is good or holy to suffer merely to suffer on sufferings account, that whites must never retaliate with violence against violence, is death cultism and nihilism. It is devoid of meaning, since to truly be a martyr one must be dying for a higher ideal that is more than ones own ego fulfillment – True Martyrs die for ideals that transcends the today with an ideal LIFE tomorrow; not for sodomy, feminism and libertine degeneracy.
Dying to affirm materialist hedonism is only suicide by diversity in the name of tolerance by fools and self-haters. It is just Anti Life; Nothing More at all. It is the outer expression of a life hating cult that has engulfed our western world. The great Death Cult that consumes the earth, its peoples and must dominate all things at all times in the name -- today -- of 'progress', tolerance and 'love'. In fact its retrograde, demanding and cold.
If this anti-life-affirming behavior in the face of internal spiritual/cultural assaults and invasion from without continue long enough uncorrected they will result in the destruction of the white western people, by the much more aggressive and pragmatic enemies, from the third world, who are brought in by the Death Cult -- since the Death Cult is Anti Life it WANTS TO BE DESTROYED but it needs to see Whites who are the object of its projections destroyed first.
Driven only by hate, and a lust to dominate without concern for future only the now, the Death Cult means to have its way. Selfish, senseless and senile, modernity, must be cast down History’s stairwell for the good of all. Like a mad old uncle it must be put humanely out of its guilt ridden existence. To be targeted it must be framed.
The Death Cult is Liberalism,Communism and Heretical Christianity all syncretised into the religion of #antiwhiteness. It is the out cry to #ItsOkayToBeWhite that makes one realize: They hate YOU WHITE MAN.
This notion of the inherent badness of White retaliatory violence in particular (which makes us physically weak in the face of invasion) essentially comes into the modern Death Cult from heretical low church evangelicalism synthesized with the liberal happy feel good notions about universal humanity and universal salvation, and some dollops of commies ‘oppressors’ are always evil; whites are oppressors; for extra maximal completely morally paralyzing White Guilt.
Modern Whites are too Guilty to breed, or fight for freedom from the death cultist insanity, thus has the WHITE man bowed down like a Panda Bear. So guilty he submits willingly en masse to what amounts to a remake of the Moloch baby murdering death cult of old, meant to destroy the White Peoples by any other name, using every means from abortion to the mythical concept called xenophobia. Except for ‘the furnace’ they cast Whiteness into in this case,the ‘hot place’ that consumes our children, our very selves, are Muslim rape gangs, packs of blacks and other enriching immigrants who roam the streets predating upon White women, the weak and even upon children knowing they are protected by the elite death cultists notions about violence and white racial ‘evil’ and guilt.
Also they rely upon the brain dead soulless deracinated masses whom live life dumbed down to the level of circus apes and gutter tramps such that they are willing, proud and happy to be victims of violence. Death Cult is all they have even known – they must be driven from its embrace by demonstrating its impotence.
The End of this Rotten System is Upon Us – The Crack of Doom.
This Death Cult must be countered head on for this violence that is done to our people by the savages in our home lands to end. Anything else will be at best an evasion of the totality of the issues at hand. Its tenants must be broken. Its Power Destroyed. Its taboos violated. Its 'truths' invalided.
To that end: we must never at any time fall into their trap of rejecting the use of violence. No, it is by meekly submitting, before there is any contest that we ENSURE our defeat by these honorless soulless merchants of misery. We must simply resist them if need by using their weak legal system to our advantage since most convict Whites out of hand reject the Death Cult Guilt trip. We must at any rate plan upon pushing them aside as we deny them the right to impede us. We must indicate by millions of discrete decentralized acts of manly valor to both the elite death cultists and their street thugs we are serious out protecting our persons against their outrages. When we are attacked: Destroy all aggressors.
Let none stand that attack you in your rightful land – Victory.
We must topple this evil horrible life destroying system. We have but the sole option in the end to be free of Death Cult such that We Loyal Sons have power over affairs to keep the invaders out of our lands. In Short, We must alter and abolish the existing death cultist regime and erect a life affirming ethno state upon the rubble of the failed multicultural disarray. We have no other hope. But this is a viable hope still yet.
But hope only has meaning when there is action – Valor.
We must find a will, create the desire in hearts, to reject the fable that is diversity. We must find the strength to reject the lie that is tolerance. To these ends the taboos about diversity and tolerating invasion under the guise of mass immigration which are both keep in place by the fear of being a racist must be completely put to route by laughing at the racist nonsense and only keeping our eye upon our group advantage to the benefit of NO others but our own. Openly proud of being intolerant of Death Cult Lies about Inclusion.
We must remember that we rose above the level of dumb vile apes in the first instance because we used violence to dominate the world in a very communal centered and unyielding manner -- this is to be CELEBRATED not castigated. Let us be thankful and openly appreciative of our blessings from the Lord God of Hosts who gives us Victory in Battle not ashamed.
We must recall that we were the master of the worldwide house, because we better coordinate and use resources, both for peace and war. Once our mind returns we can be Strong in our Culture, Nationality and Traditions once against as ever proper people are at all times.
We must remember that to have peace it home, that have strength we must be ready for war against all who are enemies. And no war was ever won, solely by prayers. Pray but be armed too, be vigilant for thieves come at night -- like Africans, Mestizos and Muslims who run borders where ever white people exist to 'oppress' them with prayers and welfare.
Men manifest in action not words – Heroism.
We must realize, that, yes we are at war with third world. We are at war with African invaders. We are at war with Islam. We're at war with mestizos. And this war is for our homelands. It is a war that if lost will destroy our biological existence as a unique National Culture Entity.
We must admit the invaders are brought here by our treason lobby elite for the purpose of diluting us as a Nation, as Folk, so that our identity, wealth and pride can be stolen from us along with our Independence and future.
It is a war of destruction which we must WIN or Lose FULLY and FINALLY. The Great War. The Only War that has ever mattered in all time.
The Greatest mystery about this conflict is the lack of knowledge that most Whites exhibit about the nature of the demographic, spiritual, material war that is being waged against them by invaders and elite traitors.
Since you see whether you pray, go to war or otherwise, when the enemy is invading your lands, will being allowed into your gates: you are at war. You need not agree or even know you were ever at war to be on the losing side. See: Ambush; also 'betrayed gate'.
Fact is that: We are simply losing at this time, because death cult traitors, weaklings, and self haters have control of the means of public discourse and the means of policing, organizing or rallying the people at large. Too few are too little aware of the enormity of the issues about us.
We're losing because our so called leaders, have surrendered without a shot fired, having chosen to sacrifice us the western people, upon the altar of diversity.
We whites have nothing to gain by meekly being a lamb to slaughter in this obscene ritual. We have nothing to gain by some mission to this insanity. Our most rational choice would be to rebel against these leaders, and repel an drive out the invaders.
The Veto of History is upon PC and Diversity – Truth.
We must totally remove those others who are here, back to their home lands. By hook or crook they must go. But for these to do Death Cult must die. No other formulation is acceptable. Our Land for our People Alone. No Others. No Diversity Acceptable, no Death Cult Elite.
We run with scissors and reject PC, tolerance and diversity out of hand. Equality is a patent LIE.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Political Correctness is AntiAmerican and AntiWhite

The Simple reality is that 'racism' is commie gibberish. Kotowing to its nonsense is equal to be ruled by communists.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Say It after US: WHITE WORKING CLASS. Most Western WHITES are WORKING CLASS. They work day to day, check to check with no realistic hope of advancing and only see their checks shrivel decade to decade.

(Yes we know about the error at the beginning. Thanks but only TWITS allow spelling and grammar errors to throw them off the truth. It will not be corrected.)

#AltRight are for good jobs, clean streets, school that educates, health care that does not bankrupt, and the idea that EVERY LOYAL WORKER deserves DIGNITY RESPECT and HONOR for his contributions towards the COMMON GOOD.

We on the #AltRight will do this by breaking the bonds of the USURY based money system and driving its lackeys into the sea so that OUR PEOPLE may labor free of their golden prison and never ending lies.

#AltRight is the end of this plight. We are the Hard Working People that understand the Reality of Day to Day Existence living pay check to pay check.

#AltRight are for good jobs, clean streets, school that educates, and the idea that EACH AND EVERY LOYAL WORKER deserves DIGNITY RESPECT and HONORS for his contributions towards the COMMON GOOD.

For a realistic plan that has chance of working our way out from under PC: 193 page pdf clean link. 

Check out our blog

Sunday, August 27, 2017

AltRight Real Right GOP are Marxist Lite

#AltRight Real Right

Do you tire of the Lies and Failures of the GOP? Do you hunger in your soul for more than mere tax cuts and rhetoric about limited government and the constitution? Do you want real changes that will help YOU, personally you, get out of debt, have a job and provide for your own and families future? Do you want to end the waste of money both on idiotic social programs and idiotic wars that gain us nothing but debt? Does an Ethno State sound like something you can abide?


Come to the #AltRight where we offer and demand just a bit more than the tired old: tax cuts for those privileged few that have never worked a day; unending warfare that feeds the corporate troughs with the same money the could have been your future;MLK adoration coupled to AA and quotas; and last but surely not least a steadily impoverishing globalism, of the center left GOP.

The #AltRight rejects these values utterly. The #AltRight will have no part with them except to USE their hierarchy and local organizations to win politically, so we can have social and economic power locally.

The GOP is Globalist, Usurious, and Rapacious. The #AltRight is Nationalist, Productive, and Honest. Nations are blood groups that live upon a land with a particular way of life. The AltRight teaches Nations are not clubs that one joins by moving to magic dirt and becoming a tax payer as the GOP contends.  This distinction is critical.

The #AltRight are not the corporate shill GOP whose job is to lose professionally, to the Democrats who are the favorite of the same money and business powers that rule this nation behind the facade of ‘democracy’. The same money powers that insist upon mass immigration, diversity, white guilt and the other hundred evils the GOP enables by its treason to the historical White Nation called America. The GOP who exist,only to lose, to shill for White Guilt from inside our gates;they are traitors to, White America, while the Dems and Wall Street are just enemies of the People proper. The GOP are a center left party that accepts Every Single Tenet of the radical left as regards diversity and tolerance. The GOP are one half of the Death Cult that we on the #AltRight oppose with all our might.
The AltRigth by contrast are here to WIN our freedom from the PC regime, from tolerance, from diversity, from WHITE GUILT and from any accusations of racism, hate or privilege. The system is defunct and the time to alter and abolish is upon us. The time to choose: freedom from usury or slavery under its economic and social whip? GOP are the party of Slavery and Death.
We Altighters do not have illusions about ‘going back’ as that is nostalgic nonsense. We Altighters mean to end this inane party system, and institute systems by which the Will of the People can be done rather than the will of the donors and usurers.
We Altighters have a vision to be FREE of usury and the corporate allies of the big money, as well as to SMASH the greedy selfish nature of the liberal-PC regime about us.
The Alright knows that once we have smashed the usurers hold on our society, economy and politics that we shall thrive, as persons, families, communities as a nation. We will have a producers and savers economy not a speculators and borrowers economy. Local Productivity, general prosperity, and livability will be placed over International Fiance’s Money Games.
The AltRight teach common good over the selfish interests. We teach this not because we are weak people who cannot succeed but, because, we are mature people who see that many working as one are strong. We see that hard work is the trade off for being independent and free from mass immigration and usury. We accept the implications – Whites will pick and grow our own food, make our own clothes, build our own infrastructure, manufacture our own needs, and care for our own ends, by and for ourselves.
The Alright exalt the ideal of a producer society in which all do their duty and all are remunerated justly such that each can provide for a family and have children which are the purpose to all life affirming systems.
The Alright see that children had in the parameters of stable families in well founded communities, are the way forward, they are not a burden but a blessing, that gives us all hope. Without them we die as a kind. These children are the living face of our identity. The concrete expression of our resolve to see our values and ways survive to be passed onto these in their time like the cycle of life demands. The GOP will say these things have some finite price: The #AltRight will not, does not, seek to sell our identity, values or ways, since these things are gifts from God that are priceless.

#AltRight Real Right, real Light, real Life.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Racist = Poo Poo Head.

Racist? Was I suppose to fall over dead or cower like a punk? Your White Guilt has NO power here!

'Racist' is just Poo Poo Head for adults ....LOL ... No you are the Doo Doo Head ... Sticks and Stones ...

Don't Deny. Don't defend. Simply mock and degrade the WHOLE concept of 'human equality' upon which the EBIL of 'racism' depends ... NO such Equality is Factual Evident in Nature ... NONE.

Thus my dears when you hear THE INSULT(tm) the proper response is,"Oh I see my dear commie progressive liberal trash bag, you are all out of ideas and the kitchen sink hail Mary insult is all you have left ... no but nice try. Why not go and get enriched at a riot son? LOL. Toddles."

Here is some truth: Liberals and Country Club Conservatives are 'anti-racist' only because they don't live with the diversity and are not 'enriched' daily by its criminal antics upon people's persons and property. It is NOT their living quarters 'enrichingly' ghettoized by the diversity.

They don't have children assaulted by loving diverse feralings every other day in schools, on transportation and at parks. It is not their schools that descend into Lord of the Flies.

And lastly they will NEVER ever lose their job to a diversity scab imported from Cheap-labor-istan to replace them. They will never sleep in a Walmart parking lot or under an underpass, this entitled upper and middle class.

The rest of us KNOW the real score. Some of us are simply tried of being silent about the obvious reality which is that Multiculture and Political Correctness are abject failures. Period.

*cups ear* Is that Big Sobbing Tears mixed with howls of hatred, I hear brewing up Snowflake Cupcake .... By all means: Go and cry among yourselves as Daddy has NO time or effort for you ... My love and concern is 200% conditional upon your compliance with Basic Commo

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Anti-SJW tip of the day

 -- When confronted with a sjw that sees 'racism' in everything. Don't Cuck. Don't Cower. Boldly suggest the SS were heroes who fought to save the West from the Godless hordes of Communism, and allude that without the NSDAP and the courageous sacrifices of the Wehrmacht in the East the entire West would have went pure Stalinist Red by '41, for extra trigger.

Then pretend you really want them to stay to tolerantly discuss your differences freely sans micro aggression ... No sjw don't leave me. Uncle Wolf and I really want you commies to stay ... Don't go.

Moral of the story: I would rather play cards with Uncle Wolf at an arbeitslager than listen to SJW babble about MLK, tolerance and equality in a mental institution. The NSDAP brought order and strength -- the sjw brings only decay and death.

And I am only more vocal than the millions of others that reject the entire reality called PC and liberalism.