Friday, December 4, 2015

A terrible Little Secret

Say the Following: We reject the false notion that Humans are mere
economic beings. We affirm that natural human societies form from
families and are thus build upon the duties and rights of the members of
those families – or put differently, Society exists so that families
can produce living offspring that will be 'Society' in the future. We
reject the liberal-PC-anarchist (communist) ideal of individuals with no
loyalty, duty, and no higher morality than mere pleasure or material
gain. We affirm that man finds his highest expression when he does his
duty to those he owes loyalty to and when those in return do their duty
to him. Duty and loyalty are the basis for all rights, not happiness,
not material gain. We affirm that We have a Unique Identity based upon
Our Majority ruling this Land and that We value this identity, Majority
and Land.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Oligarchy

The Oligarchy brings in minority hordes and stirs up the minorities that live in our lands, against us. The same Oligarchy then militarizes the police force, to use against the common lawful citizen, when they react to the minority uprising.

This formula has been used by many tyrants in many lands. The Oligarchy didn't originate it, it found this on the shelf. The most simple formulation is that one creates a threat, while at the same time protecting against its damage. The key is to keep one hand ignorant of the actions of the other.

Given that this formula is being applied systemically to the western world, it follows that to support the militarized actions and paramilitary behavior of the police is to support the power of Oligarchy, to brutalize us with the minorities the police ensure we have to tolerate. To support one hand over the other hand is to still be beaten like a field hand. We the free white people of the west deserve better and should aspire to more.

The road which these aspirations will take us upon will not be easy. It will involve struggle. It will involve discipline. It will involve a vast willingness to subordinate petty personal interests to a greater common good. But this road is the way out of the valley of tyranny, and is the only way out of liberal modern society, which leads us back to a manly virtuous society. A proper society based upon our historical traditional cultural biological bonds, ways and values.

The first step on this road, is the realization, of the dual nature of the threat which the Oligarchy presents us.

Threats both from within and from without simultaneously. Once this is understood, and only once this is understood, can a meaningful understanding, of the insidious nature of the terms 'diversity' and 'tolerance' be had. Once one sees these terms as verbal weapons, that it can be understood they mean 'everyone but you, which you are expected to tolerate. And if you do not tolerate it, then the enforcers of the system, will either allow the minorities to have at you directly, or they will parade you about in the media and shame you after you are suppressed by either the enforcers or the minorities and sometimes by both'.

Once this realization comes into place it all makes sense after all.

This is why you see minorities run amok rioting looting pillaging and nothing is done to check them. Because this lawlessness gives the system an endless excuse to expand its power over the lawful majority.

Why should the lawful majority support at any level the police power which will be used to imprison them with the same minorities it purports to defend them against?

Monday, November 9, 2015

The PC Oligarchy

The PC Oligarchy

We in the modern Western Peoples live under a credit based oligarchy. It rules our society by means of controlling the volume and worth of both the issuance of credit and the commodities traded for that credit. All credit creation gains this oligarchy more power because ALL money created comes with an unpayable percentage of interest that does not exist. The basic formula is 
A + X% =/= A; where only A exists in the world of empirical reality. If you think of society like a hamster on a wheel you are not far from the truth. This enormous power has allowed this oligarchy to in effect buy our social institutions in full.

Both parties are on their payroll. All major corporations are their partners or property.
The media is a monopoly with the Oligarchies agenda as the ONLY allowed agenda. Education is designed to ensure stupid consumers NOT thoughtful citizens, because consumers are easily controlled by trinkets. IN sum our entire system social, economic, political and otherwise is rigged against you, the common man … and if you are 'majority' and male its doubly against you. This is the reason why it seems that YOU are not in control of your nation's destiny. 
It is the reason why electing this or that party will not make any difference. It is the reason you are paying more and more and more for less and less and less while also making less and less and less, even before inflation is factored into the matter. It is the reason you are being impoverished slowly, and not so slowly. Why you are becoming like the Romans whom Tiberius Gracchus once noted were fighting for: the common air and light ' for being 'houseless and homeless they wander about with their wives and children.' their leaders lied when they said they were fighting for 'defend sepulchers and shrines from the enemy; for not a man of them has a hereditary altar, not one of all these many Romans an ancestral tomb, but they fight and die to support others in wealth and luxury, and though they are styled masters of the world, they have not a single clod of earth that is their own.” ( Quotes from Pluarch.)

Sound Familiar to anyone you may know?

Please download and read The Organic Theory of Society which can be had as a 193 page illustrated PDF here: 193 page pdf clean link.

 A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC.   We intend to be free and keep our Homes, Hearths and Heritage.  Do You?

Friday, October 30, 2015

Some Thoughts on Government in an Organic Society

 Still under work, input now can affect the final product.

The ideal government is NOT fixed based upon rigid 'rules' or 'laws' there being NO such fixed points in natural reality. But is instead based upon the character of the People at hand. Each is unique and thus they erect a unique, society, economy, and then polity that reflects their whole and integral personage as one National-State. Our sense is that in the Anglo-Sphere and perhaps much of Western Europe that something like the Swiss Landerser, Icelandic Thang, or even New England Townhall system is not unnatural to the people's temperaments nor unwieldy to their main need which is to ensure strong stable families so as to ensure control over territory in which to raise the children of those families into the culture, history and general common existence of the People.

In any event no matter what the mechanics of power in the social order, there will be hierarchy because men are NOT functionally equal. In the ideal state the society is tuned such that 'honor' and 'service' are one. United in the common mind such that 'station' and 'rank' imply duty to the commonality in the same manner that a Father has duties to his wife and children, so does each and everyone have duties to the People in proportion to his ability to perform service. The diagram at the right visually outlines this.

The ideal is that the Working Class are the base of the Organic Society. They are the solid foundations and their integral strength is what holds up the rest of the construction. This must be respected and at times action taken to repair and reinforce this base.

From this starting point, those with a bit more ability go up a step but while they do in fact have more rewards, which is just, they also have more loyalty and service expected from them to those both above and below them.

The 'upper class' or the ruling elite, have the same basic concept applied to them and have again more rewards but are expected to ensure that those they rule over are given justice, and allowed the means to prosper. The exact ends used are frankly not very important. Just so that the fundamentals that underlay it are solid the rest will work itself out to the general well being of the WHOLE and this will tend over time to work to the general advantage of the parts.

What is important is WHAT basis the state is founded upon. Liberal States are just occupational forces used by the oligarchy to thumb down the commons.

A proper National-State is on the other hand the Expression of the commons basic character. Liberal Modernity assumes 'equality' while the Organic Society is predicated upon the natural and truly UNIQUE history and character of each and every people, and thus unlike liberalism we have NO dogmatic assertions to make about this or that particular, administrative forms or procedures.

We do not assume that there is ONE universal good form of government as we reject the idea of there being one universal 'humanity'. What is good for ours is good for Us and Us alone.

Be this how it may, in the Western World the county and department system is mixed with a municipality system, which are established by long usage as the base unit of the political system.

These should in any functional system ideally be kept as the 'units' of the larger polity much as the family is treated as the unit of the people, for social and political purposes.

The reason for keeping this or that form here and there is to ensure the least amount of sharp break from the past, and to ensure the most amount of familiarity with the new system from the outset.

At the left is our basic outline of authority and power. The People are the base of the polity and the source from which all sovereign power rightfully derives.

Their well being is the highest law.

The People through the natural relations that form families, and communities diffuse themselves into what can be called counties or districts if you will.

These are the primary political unit, as this will be the unit that will have purview of the local business, production and economy that is vital to the organic societies functioning.

First Principles:

Ideas are the central force in human history, not matter, not modes of production, which are only the material upon and the means by which human ideals ie will operate in reality. Human need generates a will, which puts labor to work upon raw materials with capital, to produce wealth.

Thus Men make tools; tools do not men. Tools make money; and both serve Men.

Men band together by nature. Man is as Aristotle says, 'the political animal'. It is his nature to form combinations for the purpose of ensuring general survival of the kind. 
They do not choose to do so, it is not a compact or 'voluntary', since in real time each and every person is born into a family group and from there becomes a member of other groups, which form up into groups of groups that have internal hierarchies,in all European societies.

The People are the Sovereignty. The people are both a states foundation and its animating spirit.

Their collective world view is its world view, and in the end their consent is the permission it has to act. Hence the state's existence is predicated upon the continued support and input of those governed. The People are the polity. They are sovereign and the highest earthy judge of all matters political -- God is however Highest Magistrate and 'ruler' over ALL. The People can in theory assign this to any number of combinations of offices or persons, but they still remain the base of the pyramid, which is society.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are meaningless 'rights' without, a corresponding right to livelihood, hearth and substance to thus ensure 'life' against the vicissitudes of reality. Thus the ideal is to ensure as general an ownership of land; and/or ownership stakes in capital ventures by the masses which will provide the nation's labor; as may be achieved to ensure the meaningful application of the above 'rights' to human life and not incidentally a more generally diffusion of wealth thereby. Thus in the Organic Society every other consideration will be subject and secondary to the Well-being of the Organic Whole, which whole will provide the root that feeds the branches in their parts. It is not an 'either' 'or' issue.

The means to this generally good end is Law. Law is the will of the nation. Law will be clearly worded, and made to be internally consistent. Law is supreme within its domain, but should be limited to the least amount of domain that will keep general good order and ensure the conditions outlined above, such that the ambitions and avarice of the parts are kept in line with the General Good. Generally less layering equals more justice to the many and less legalism by the few, and the less room that judges have to insert their opinions into the operations of law, the better. We have seen that this is a particular odious form of corruption.

No special law is valid, nor shall any unwritten law be enforced. A law not enacted properly has no effect, and is NO law at all.

Equality before the law, means ONLY that NO persons get special privileges at law and everyone gets a minimum standard of treatment before magistrates. Nothing else at all.

Nor should it ever be taken to mean that any legal being is equal to a living man.

Any act contrary to, or unsupported law by any governmental agent or employee is tyranny. All acts without power of Law are tyrannical at their inception. Any state official that acts without the positive sanction of law is a tyrannt and may be resisted with deadly force by all citizens.

Any person that attempts to enforce tyranny by what ever means forfeits his life. There being only ONE punishment for the attempted overthrow of the Law: Death.

Tyranny is NEVER lawful nor just, all may kill a tyrant. No one is bound to the will of a tyrant. No Tyrannical act has the power or sanction of law.

Citizens shall simply dispose of criminals, who may be stopped by any citizen with any amount of forced needed to protect both his own person and the general common good. No citizen is liable for a crime in stopping criminal acts. The word of two citizens in good standing shall be enough to prove the action just.

Men make weapons to defend their interest in both their own things and in the general order about them as such: No law outlawing the keeping of private infantry weapons is to have effect.

No Corporate Being is or can be a citizen, and thus NO such being has RIGHTS.

This being cannot vote and cannot be called up to defend the polity so to give it equality with those that can and will is obscene. Corporations are creations of the state which is itself a creation of living men, who are created in the image of the living God. Corporate beings have ONLY privileges.

Corporations must be loyal to the national interest. It simply makes no sense to allow enemies of the nation to function from within our country with our blessing and support.

Voting and Taxation/Call-up: These should be tied together in so much as those that do not pay in, nor risk life and limb, should not have a say in how monies are paid out, this is just. These are the two primary duties. ALL full citizens shall pay at least some nominal tax AND risk life to qualify for full citizenship. Any male citizen that refuses his call up duty will pay DOUBLE tax, and lose his voting franchise. No service, NO say!

Females will not be subject to call up, nor shall they vote, but they also will be exempt from legal duty to the state – jury duty, most criminal and civil law -- such that their time can be proper dedicated to the Home, Hearth, and Child. Females that are not married to a man will be subject to tax at the rate of males that refuse call up, and shall be 'encouraged' by other legal restrictions to do their duty to the kind in the home. Liberal Modernity will perish at all levels.

Duty and Right: These in union with justice are the foundation of all good human ordering and just such ordering is the basis for human society. Rights without Duties to keep their exercise within decent bounds bring chaos and anarchy, with all the waste attendant there upon. But on the other side of the coin duty without right is merely slavery with flowery terms attached to the matter, a form of serfdom if you will.

All Rights carry with themselves a Duty to exercise them in a manner that is just and morally defensible. Duty is the key to right. Thus no person that rejects duty can act in a manner which is morally defensible and just. And as such the state and its citizens have no reason to act as such toward them. Hence those that reject duty do not have rights that will be respected by the People as valid and having force.

Given the above I propose the following :

As regards:

The People: Initiatives, Referendums, Recalls and Plebiscites, need put into place to ensure at all levels of government are the servant and not the master of the People -- as defined above -- whose will it represents and whose agent it is in fact at all times. We want a government of the People, by the People and for the People, who will be defined as all male adults that pay tax and do call up, in the new order of things. The simple fact is the rot begins at the bottom in our system. Our localities are corrupt, the states even more so and the fed is beyond gone. They are corrupt because they know that once the every other yearly show at differences is over it will be back to the same old back room deals, and shady activities, with NO effective means of the voting citizens to check their actions. If the country council or mayor, and all the rest on up, could be simply VOTED OUT like they were voted in, and this was fairly easily done, these folks would be far more amendable to public inclination, and far less likely to engage in corrupt and or unpopular practices. Thus the healing would start at the bottom and work its way up. This would also be good in that it would instill the practice of banding together to peacefully debate and otherwise engage in civic activity in the exercise of their sovereignty. Politicians and the administrative class generally need to remember right good and well that they hold office and public trust, and for that matter any station in life, at the leave of free men, who can and will freely take that trust back with impunity, as is their right.

Parties: The only thing more openly controlled, than a two party state that does not allow any sort of national or any meaningful state plebiscite on matters of nation/regional impart, is a one party state, with an openly Leninist system. The unofficial two party system is in dire need of being dismantled, and any advantage or control over elections and candidates eliminated by means of positive legislation. In their place I would like to see only individuals running on platforms that they will be bound to keep if selected by the people.

Voting: If you do not do call up and do not pay at least the nominal minimum tax you will not vote. Voting days and times will henceforth be uniform across all jurisdictions, and all voting days will be a paid holiday so that working citizens have time to exercise their franchise. Really though there is NO reason that voting cannot be done on the fly. We have the network technology to allow people in the Hindu Kush to vote if need be, so all the silly technical arguments against popular direct voting are rubbish, pure and simple.

The Law: Standardized legal procedure and practice across all jurisdictions Common Law will be put to bed and Stasis Dare will NO longer exist. What was ruled before will be of NO consequence now. A Codified Civil Law will be the order of the day. The People and Congress -- which Congress will be thoroughly under the control of the people by means of recall and plebiscite -- and NOT judges will make law; judges will merely rule on the application of particular laws to particular citizens, and then sentence them to the proscribed punishment.

The States: These are anachronisms, and at the very least require their laws and administrative codes normalized by introducing uniform legal codes, procedures, criminal codes, regulations. They should be keep as congressional voting districts and administrative districts, but have NO existence beyond this. Their governors will be appointed from the center and there will be no legislatures. All legislation will come from the Congress.

The Congress: The House-- Needs to be expanded to four times it current number and all members need to be voted in proportionately in the House by 'state' voting districts, with any party that can get 15% of any district's electorate eligible. The Senate – four senators with all being elected by direct election by administrative district formally known as states. This expanded Congress should be the center of the new state and the prima inter pares among governmental bodies, and all laws will be passed by it, subject to veto by the electorate, in the name of the People and Congress.

President: Needs abolished and replaced with a collegiate office subordinate to the Congress, all of the current executive offices will be put at the disposition of congress and the people, which will alter, abolish or reform, them as needed.

Courts: The court will be a strictly junior partner in government. They will be subject to recall just like any other public official. The House will nominate them and the Senate will either confirm or reject them, subject to the final approval of the People at large.

Central Banks: There is no action that these parasitic bodies performs that the body politic cannot perform for itself. If the nation can charter a bank to lend itself can skip the bank and simply lend itself money. If the nation can give a bank power to issue legal tender at interest thus facilitating bond sales and debt, then the nation can issue legal tender, on its own accounts without interest and no inherent debt attached. Thus I move that the treasury simply issue debt free notes that function in much the same manner BUT that are issued without interest and without bonds bearing interest backing them, but that are backed SOLELY by the productive capacity of the nation as a whole. Moreover I mover that the international investors bond -- ALL OF THEM -- be defaulted upon and any properties they may hold within the United States be forfeit to the Treasury to be sold at free open public auction for public profit. I can see no reason to allow foreigners and traitors to keep ill gotten loot.

Army/Police: will be under the command of the new congress. It shall be manned by the citizen body who shall serve in rotating reimbursed 4 month call ups from 18 to 58 years of age. It shall be composed so that no unit is based near its home nor has a majority of persons from any state or locality. The Officers to include upper ranking NCOs shall be the only professional corps of career soldiers in the state, and shall serve from 16 until 70 . There number shall be limited to 50,000 to be chosen based upon ability alone, and they be provided for at public expense from tax revenue; however they shall be barred from marriage and all their property will revert to the state upon death. The army shall act as the constabulary force, when and where the armed citizenry cannot keep order, so there will be NO more local, or state police.

And thus ideally one ends up with a system in which the People are the real power and in which they have control over all the various sectors of society which have power over their persons, families, homes, and livelihoods. They have control over their present and thus can preserve their past and work to make their future brighter, lighter and better for all.

Just some ideas of ours for more see The Organic Theory of Society 193 page pdf clean link.  A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success.

Realism will be required. We ought to have many things but they are not realistically possible since reality is not a clean slate ever.  With that in mind all useful suggestions and well intended criticism are welcome. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A proper National-State

A proper National-State is on the other hand the Expression of the commons basic character.

Liberal Modernity assumes 'equality' while the Organic Society is predicated upon the natural and truly  UNIQUE history and character of each and every people, and thus unlike liberalism we have NO dogmatic assertions to make about this or that particular, administrative forms or procedures. 

We do not assume that there is ONE universal good form of government as we reject the idea of there being one universal 'humanity'.  What is good for ours is good for Us and Us alone.

Be this how it may, in the Western World the county and department system is mixed with a municipality system, which are established by long useage as the base unit of the political system.

This is a small excerpt for the larger tract -- The Organic Theory of Society, ( the link below) which attempts to answer the larger questions of:
Where do nations come from?

Who makes a nation?

What is a nation?

How to keep and restore a nation?

Why Nations matter?

Who? A family makes a nation.

What? A nation is a family of families.

How? By acting like a proper family, and banding together for the common interest over selfish gain!

Why? Because we all have a family and we all need others to live a proper life.
Where and When? Here and Now. 193 page pdf clean link.  A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success.   The PDF is far from polished, we are NOT an academic, and if you see obvious errors please do point out the page and suggested correction, this would help forward the ball.

At any rate:

Check out  the rest of our blog. Particularly see the post called Summary on the right of the front page to get idea of our general position about most things.

Feel free to comment but keep it on topic and 'up beat'. Name calling and negativity will not be tolerated.  We have enough doom and gloom for our entire Realm, thank you. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Could we stop?

 Can we not?

It is quite heartening, to see the beginnings of the revival of the western people in response to the invasion of their lands by foreign alien hordes.  It brings great joy, to my being to see the people of the west stirring against the politically correct multicultural experiment which has went so woefully awry.

The politically correct establishment in response to this stirring of the people, has doubled down on its racist narrative, as well as on its white guilt routine. The meidia is almost hysterical and the Social Justice Warriors are clutching by instinct when anyone right of center so much as speaks. Good.

We are of the opinion that the time for these weak feeling based games, are at an end, because the politically correct establishment has endangered the people's lives, their homes and their children by these latest actions of willful recklessness.  They will start to more and more play their games alone while the normal people who can be salvaged from the wreckage organize anew.

But not so fast ...

The people rise against an invasion, by savage hordes of foreign outlander persons, and the governments of the west stand to beat the people down, and hold them down, so that the invasion force of the enemy may do maximal damage to their national identity, homes, hearths, and heritage.

This is treason by any name. 

The treason the establishment is uniform and pervasive, with the cucks on the right, and the communists on the left, all paid for by the golden calf in the center.

They act as a team against the evil (socially constructed) White Majority every where they operate AKA in every Western Nation,using, White Guilt,Political Correctness, Multiculture, Tolerance, Diversity and Mass Immigration to force destruction upon the Majority.

The Left we are just going to write off, but the Nominal Right pretends to care about the White Majority while it CUCKS to equality, sodomy, pc and the rest with racial cuckdom at the top of the list.

And fact is that most folks think that:

This Cucking on the nominal GOP right about 'one human race' nonsense is getting tiring. They see it as selling out to the Left -- and more and more they are seeing the Big Money Golden Calf behind the whole operation.

So could we stop pretending that our eyes are lying? Really?

The fact is that Americans -- Real Pre 1964 Americans and their BLOOD kin -- are upset about immigration because it is from BARBARIAN third world nations who are Foreign to our ways and give us NOTHING in return, but genetically dumber citizens. This is not a strength at all.

We would not be upset if they were Germans or Whites of any kind. That is reality. This is because those People are the BLOOD relatives of the Actual Americans that built this once Great Nation.

'Racism' is pure COMMIE talk that CUCKOLDS cuck for the Gold Calf ... Anyone with a mind knows that race is real; that which one is the majority is matters very very much; and that keeping OURS the Dominate Power in North America is the end game.  There is ZERO advantage for WHITE America in becoming part of a great PC melting pot. That is ALL fantasy nonsense predicated upon false concepts about equality. Period.

Sane People accept these realities and do not feel guilty about them.

The rest worship their own death in the form of equality and diversity.

We ask the sane folks: Could We stop and get off this ride?

Our Strength is OUR IDENTITY!

Diversity is our strength? How many times have we all heard this line of nonsense? One time is too many times!

Here is reality: Diversity is expensive, dangerous, and brings Zero Advantage to the Historical First World Nation of Peoples. It simply is a sink hole that cost money hand over fist, shames us with bs about guilt and at the same time is robbing our history, and future as we give it control over our present.

It is shameful for this once Great People to cower before names like 'racist' when race is really real, and it really matters being all the difference between Germany and Ghana. It is really that simple.

'Racism' is pure COMMIE talk from the same parasites and culture destroyers that cooked up Tolerance, Diversity, and the insane concept of Mass Immigration as the means of atoning for White Guilt. 

White Guilt and the fear of being called 'racist' and other names by the media, academic and bobbled headed legions of SJW are the engine that power mass immigration, and allow 'diversity' to run riot over our culture, people, history and material interests in the now!

What strength is there in being a cowering weakling that cucks to foreign hordes and allows them to rape your lands, life, and your livelihoods? What exact strength is this?

None. None, at all. That is the exact right, and truthful answer. Diversity is Doom with an 'I'; We are Doomed if we keep 'Diversity. Our Strength is our OUR IDENTITY!  That is our true Strength.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Why does the White Majority have to play by the MLK PC inclusive play book? What advantage do we gain by becoming more like Mexico or India or those other inferior hell hole countries? In what exact way does diversity make us stronger compared to say AMERICA ca 1965? Why do these enriching elements always bring POVERTY SQUALOR and VIOLENCE? Why is it that the most diverse places are always the most violent and authoritarian?

It is time to chose -- the PEOPLE make the PLACE! White Americans made the USA and the others make Calcuttas, Mexico Cities and Detroits out of the swaths of the USA they infest -- There is NO equality about the matter. Importing more of them will logically lead to more ghettos, squalor, and over all barbarism.

How is this suppose to be a strength? Why should this be celebrated as some advantage when it is surely fatal to the Majority People?

'Racism' is for racially Cucked middle class sorts -- we not only won't cower when called such silly commie insults we will LAUGH in your face and LOL at your 'triggers' ... OMG ...Pow, just Pow.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Questions every person who supports the Organic Society should know

We have been working on a new and expanded edition of the Organic Theory of Society. The newer edition has a prologue that lays out OUR views as to how we arrived here, and what here is. The goes into the Theory itself which is primarily about family and what needs to be done to support The Family Group. Then goes into 'What is to be done' in Chapter 4. And then has some appendices of which this is the last but not least. The PDF links at the Blog Posts and Pages for the Theory point to the New PDF but the MP3s and text is dated. Please refer to PDF. Thank You.  193 page pdf clean link.  A real Plan that has an actual chance of success.   We welcome constructive input and feedback.

Appendix C: Questions every person who supports the Organic Society should know – a Q and A to be used as a means to spread the ideas contained here in to those not yet acquainted with the theory.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? These are the paramount questions.

The Votives of the Organic Society must be able to answer,” Who? What? Why? Nations Matter?,”on the fly in a calm and reasonable manner.
We must have answers to the questions that present themselves to the task. We must know the questions to ask and the correct answers so that we can know our purpose, our mission, and understand correctly the parameters under which we conduct our persons, family, households, communities, economy, and politics to the best ends of the Organic Society as a whole and thus to our best interest's as parts.
The questions and answers will serve both the learned and ill learned. For the learned they shall act as a means to educate the ill informed and keep their own zeal sharp.
For the ill informed they shall act as a light in the darkness that shall guide them to understanding and a place of learning, such that they too can become a candle lighting flames in the darkness spreading the message of hope to those that had none.

To the Q and A:


What is a family? A family is a Father, Mother and Child who share a Home, Hearth and Heritage.

Who makes up a family? The Father, Mother and their children.

Where does a family live? In a Home.

When is a family complete? When it passes on its heritage around its hearth in said home.

Why do families exist? To continue the kind.

How does a family fit into society as a whole? It is the model upon which the rest is to be judged. The well being of the family is the measure of the whole as the health of the cells is the measure of the bodies health.
What are a Father, Mother, And Child? The Provider, the Preserver, and the Potential of the Family unit.
Home: What is a home? The Wall about the Family that keeps their hearth and heritage safe inside, such that child can be safely keep by the Mother and Father against Nature's ravages.
Hearth: What is a hearth? It is the place where the meals are cooked, eaten and the gathering place of the family more generally. Why is this valuable to a family? It ensures that affection holds them together such that petty emotional issues do not divide them against their whole best interests.
Heritage: What is heritage? It is the 'way of the ancestors' handed down to you from antiquity and hoary with age. Where does it come? From the actions of families around hearths generation upon generation.
What does it do? Provides a basis for understanding who is in and who is out of the family circle.
It also provides the basis for the long term continuation of the values and morals of the family units in society, without which moral continuity there can be no stable social organic order.
Why is it important? A family must have a definite wall around it both emotionally and physically, and thus the heritage acts as the house to the family's group mind as it were, ensuring that those out of its embrace are less trusted than those inside.



What are a people? A people are a group of families, who have a commonality of living area and lifestyles, a shared History and a uniting Culture. The Families are the unit that makes up the People.
Thus each people is as unique as the collection of families which make it up, and will have its own character and traits.
Who makes up a people? Families acting as parts of functioning organic communities make up the people.

Where does a people live? In a community under a common law, and with a common way of life, united by a binding living culture.

When is a people complete? When the families that comprise it are strong.

Why do peoples exist? To ensure that each among the families will have the greatest possible chance at survival in the world and thus the greatest chance of being of use to themselves, their families, and the people more generally.
How does a people relate to the family and society as a whole? The family is the cell, the Nation-State the people erect are the skin and mind, the people are the bones, organs and soul of the whole body politic.

What is a commonality? It is the product of many families sharing their heritage and living space over time.
What is a History? This is the result of families in a community sharing their experiences and being bound as one by them.
What is a Culture? The means a people uses to express their values and morals in the context of their community's commonality and history.

I & II:

Values of the Family and People:

What values hold the organic people and family together? These values are Honesty, Frugality, Dedication, and Respect.

What and why: Honesty, Frugality, Dedication, Respect?
Honesty because it is only when each and trust each others word that a people can have internal harmony and good will.

Frugality as a people that is not wasteful will not come to want.

Dedication as a people that will not give up shall not know defeat.

And respect as without proper due given to ones elders and leaders there is no community at all.



Who makes a nation? A unique people, living on a land with livelihoods.

What is a nation? It is the means the People use to defend their internal well being such that each is able to provide for his family home such that the whole people can be strong.

Why does this people establish the nation? The People establish a nation to gather to themselves the fruits of acting toward the common good and to ensure the commons works toward their interest in a reciprocal manner.

When is a nation inside its proper sphere? When it tends to the whole while not doing harm to the parts.
When it functions to ensure each his just place to live, each their price for their labors, and to each their just due of the life and livelihoods of the whole people in proportion to their merit.

Where does a Nation exist? In the hearts and minds of the People, Communities and Families that give the Nation animation by the care for it they hold in their hearts.

What is Land, Livelihood, and life and why do they matter to who, for what, when and where? A land is the material base upon which a people live, the entirety of the resources available to them from which to produce the things needed for life.

A livelihood is the means each uses to produce those things needed for life such that their labor will honestly contribute to the whole and make their own family strong at the same time.

And life is the chain that bind the past, the present and the future into one timeless now that gives to us our sense of our place in the tapestry of creation.



Who forms a state? A people acting both inside and outside their circle which the state acts to hold intact.

What is the purpose? To act as the head to the popular national body. To ensure Law Order and Justice inside the organic whole and to ensure no wrong comes from without.

Upon what basis is this authority grounded? Upon the Patriarchal authority of each man over his own home and family.

Is there any other sound foundation for the state? No.
When will the state best do its function in the Organic Society? When it is founded upon the will of the men as One Sovereign, when the best of the men are promoted based on merit and when all have a minimal say in War, Peace, Tax and all the grand affairs of state that effect each and every household and community in the state's national domain.

What are Law, Order and Justice? Why do they matter, to whom, for what, when, and where? These are the benefits the state brings to the National Popular whole and they matter to all, old, young, mother, father and child. They provide for safe homes, hearths and heritage and ensure the commonality, history and culture are keep at the center of the People's civic world. They are a blanket that gives to the land and those in it the ability to conduct lawful business in freedom and with assurance of just and fair dealings upon regular rules known to all.

How does the state communicate its will to the governed? By means of Law which are the rules under which all must conduct their deals private and public.

What does the application of law to the public and the adsorption of it into the hearts privately do for the popular nation? Provide order so that life, livelihoods, and land might be best enjoyed and most advantageously pursued by all.

What would one call this status of the State providing lawful order? Justice. Such a state will ensure each his just place – home – just price – livelihoods – and just due – law, as a moral duty that lays about mere desire to escape punishment.

If the state must choose between profits and Justice which is primary? Justice as no amount of profits will buy one back honor and honesty sold for ambition. Justice ensures each has what is due to him and without this the trust in each other needed to have an organic society dies.


What is the National State? Who makes up its foundation? The People acting as earthly sovereign. They do so in one way or another, which varies from each people to the next, such that their collective history and culture might be passed on whole and complete, and also that they might conduct their life's in peace and good order as best they are able and inclined.


National-state Virtues:

What values hold the organic Nation and state together as one and ensure they remain one with the People? These are loyalty, duty, courage, and honor.

What and why: Loyalty, Duty, Courage, Honor? Loyalty ensures that each man, women and child will do their duty to their home, community, and the nation state as best they are able and to the level required of their station. Duty is the sense that one is required to serve a greater good than mere self and that this good is the family, the People and the National-state. Courage is required such that each might face the particular challenges they are assigned with a cool mind and a calm heart. And honor ensures that each has a sense of their place and rank in the greater family of families that is the National-state.


Popular National-State:

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? The Popular National-state is simple the families acting as a people who have erected the proper nation and state to fit their character and needs, singularly and as a whole. It can be seen as the fully autonomous whole as viewed from the outside. Much as the family are the whole to the National-state who make up the people who then form the national-state which taken as a whole gives as yet again the Popular National-state which again is the whole to the parts. The universe in which the people, family and individual operate in nature and the whole lens by which they see the events of things.


Other Questions that have No logical place in the above hierarchy of units in the social economic political order:

Who shall lead? Leadership is an extension of the father's authority over his home. Therefore of those fathers those that are able shall be promoted based upon the basis of 'service is the greatest duty' with merit and skill being the determining factors, generally.

Why would they want to lead? Because leadership is a duty to the People as a whole, their family as a part and to themselves as a unity. Those that have the ability have the duty to loyalty and with courage perform service to the whole folk, this includes leadership as much as labor or keeping a home. Those that do this duty well shall be accorded honors and given responsibility to act as the father acts for his home and family. Leadership is exactly this a responsibility and not an opportunity.

When and where shall leaders be chosen how? When they are needed, at the place chosen by the adult tax paying men of military age, and by what means these men shall fix by law.

Why are tax, fatherhood, and call up required for the men to have a vote? Because if those that vote are not those that pay, fight and will miss time with their beloved, then those that vote will become reckless with the treasure, blood, and affairs of those that give all to defend the whole. Those rooted in the community with a stack in the outcome must be those that have final say.

With this a person now has a reasonable set of answers to many of the typical questions which will be asked and to what we consider the core ideas of the Theory of the Organic Society and its practical operations as envisioned by us.

The Core Idea is that the Common Good of each Family, Community and thus the Whole Nation must come before ANY selfish gain, benefit or other consideration.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Simple thoughts from a Simple Man

Just some simple thoughts from a simple sort of man. The intent is to break PC's conditioning of the Folk; Call out the GOP CUCKS; Denounce the PC Tyrants; to the end of eliminating the $$$ Oligarchy  that rules our life using the first three as means and ends!

Monday, August 31, 2015

National Mindedness or Self Centeredness:

all the difference between a Nation and a Country Club.


We in the West are being swamped by Third World Mass Immigration of Barbarian Hordes.  The Unique character of our people is being mixed away in some INSANE scheme to bring 'human equality' when in fact NO such 'humanity' exists -- Humanity is the Third World and PC folks gang raping the West to death in the name of Tolerance, Equality and Diversity. 'Humanity' as in ALL people everywhere being equally dear to anyone is PURE Fantasy. It is a purposeful built lie that supports other lies built to support the nonsense that is modern 'scientific' egalitarianism IE the on going Western Assisted Suicide Death Pact with the alien, foreign,vile and dangerous Barbarians, we are told 'enrich' us.

This whole utterly senseless phenomena is driven by a alliance of the Party Bigs on Both the Right and Left -- the Right gets cheap labor with which to run the American Citizen down to third world status ideally and the Left gets its vaunted 'diversity' with which to destroy our Unique Identity and make us and the rest of the world into equally dull lifeless PC-bots.  One gets our pennies and the other is taking our Past, Present and Posterity!

That is the long and the short of it. Those opposed to Mass Immigration, legal, illegal or otherwise -- since it is being replaced like so many parts in a machine that we object to not lawyers quibbles! -- must go beyond the two false parties and their nonsense 'platforms'.

They must learn not to see it as 'left' and 'right', those are just mind games the system plays to Divide Imperium but, merely NATIONAL MINDED and SELF CENTERED IE  Loyal Folks and Treason Goats.  

The Nationally Minded, must eventually network and then combine efforts to form many decentralized and obscure clubs, organizations, associations etc. of true Majority Americans ONLY ( exclude people without regard to lawyer games), who want to live with other majority Americans, do business with them, keep their majority over their nation, and concentrate numbers in areas to maximize political control by those who live this way of life -- if the PC lawyers sue ... Give them ASH if they win your real property HIDE all that can be hidden and turn over NOTHING willingly to them.  

Basically you defy them. And force them to work double extra hard for every single penny of blood money. Make them strain hard for that Judas penny.

Since the Lawyer is STEALING from you using the Color Of Law ... there is NO moral obligation to give way to the pretensions of a thief.  And since the 'law' is controlled by folks that want to destroy our way of life ... well you know.

This must be done upon the principle that it is better to suffer now personally than to bring the entire group sorrow later. 

The Self Centered Oppose the PC regime only because it does not put Judas pennies in their own personal pockets. They are opportunists breed under the amoral PC regime; fully for sale and not to be trusted under any circumstance. Our Political, industrial and spiritual 'leaders' sadly mostly fall into this camp of less than men. 

They will go over to the Bigs if offered the 20 Pennies ...

Contrasted to this are the Real American Citizens, us fly over people, We are A Nation. Not a business, not a place to be happy, not anything else. Our Land, our Identity, our Lives are in a very real sense ONE. We are not all identical but the sum of our persons makes the patch quilt that is 'America' and sans us there is only the land mass called North America because Our Nation animated, created and sustained the Country called America; we are its soul and without us the corpse must die in short order.

We see ourselves as families, communities, circles of friends and neighbors banding together to help and provide for one another. 

We are a People. Living and with a destiny and history, and we do not assent to our Lands, Identity and Pride in our achievements being taken from us by anyone what so ever! 

This land is OUR land, it is filled with OUR people. We are NOT for sale. We are NOT a Club you join by paying a fee in DC.

The National Minded folks are exactly squarely and openly where I plant my flag and will make my stand. The rest can go to the Devil their father, and be away from me and mine.  Since they are the only faction that supports what I believe, it follows that they are the only faction that I support in return.

National Mindedness is the way to Nationalism proper.
Please see our PDF about the Organic Society for more information.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Attention to Cuckservatives

Now hear this: 

You might be a PUNK running scared to keep your status in the PC world ... But us Working Class folks WE DON'T care about your 'values' IE the values the media promotes and see clearly  that Jeb = Hillary = USA becomes a Third World Nation of Brown Trash = USA destroyed.

Why?  Race is more real than ideals.  Race is as real as Your Face! 

One is BORN into a race but the rest is by and large LEARNED using the POTENTIAL given to one at birth in their DNA and the CULTURAL history of a GIVEN people in a given place. That is reality. 

All that cuckservative nonsense about 'we all could be equal' is PATHETIC loser speak gibberish. It is pure fantasy having NO reality at all.

One (race) is based upon MATERIAL REALITY and the other ( PC egalitarian mojo about rights) upon feelings about what reality OUGHT to be.

Ideals do not make brown hordes into Nations of White Liberals and 'melting' with the servants will ONLY exterminate our bloodlines TO NO GAIN AT ALL  -- save the gabbering nonsense about feelings and 'rights' as that is CUCKSERVATISM blowing liberalism in an ally!

Groups are the engine of history and if you BREED YOURS to the level of the Congo or Gautamala ( same average IQ of about 70 ) ... you are finish historically speaking.

Thus you know you are committed 'cuckservative'  or just a garden variety sodomite atheist commie, hard to tell them apart at times, if you even CARE about the Commie left's 'waycism' gibberish.

Essentially if you even believe in the idea of 'racism' you are running their water.  It runs hand in hand with 'white guilt' and a host of other insanity.

We LOL in your face ... you sound like an hysterical women, get a grip you limp wristed sissy. Stop appeasing those that will eventually destroy your kind and its entire history.

'Racism' is just the Natural GOOD and normal preference for your BIRTH GROUP over outsiders, in so much as the use of the GROUPS territory and resources are concerned ... It is Healthy and Normal to exclude OUTSIDERS and to ensure they stay out. It is GOOD to prefer your own over others and to not even bother acting like it should or could be otherwise. Only weak fools even deny these facts or attempt to defend them as if they are 'bad' and need defended from the LOONEY LEFTS litany of insanity.

'Racism' and its natural corollary Nationalism make for a STRONG unitary united people that value themselves above others and who will NOT abase themselves before 'diversity' ...

Therefore what the Left call Racism is the way back to being STRONG and to uniting against the Horde that is consuming our land and shitting out Detroit.

Diversity is WEAKNESS ...  PC liberalism is a Death Pact with Sodomy!

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Organic Theory of Society: In Five Parts, with PDF and Audio files, New And Improved.

The Organic Theory of Society; The Natural Progression from First Family to National-State based upon A Unique People, in One Land, with One Way of Life.

By, A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

* All Rights Reserved.

– For and To All Loyal Sons of the Soil. May You all Join And help Us in Our Endeavors to Make Straight the Way that We May Preserve Our Homes, Hearths and Heritage.

There is NO Just Use of Rights that does not invoke a corresponding duty to act toward the common good

Preface: To the Living.

We wish to introduce the very crude formulation of an idea we have chosen to call the Organic Theory of Society – it is basically the idea that a National-State is predicated upon a people, which people forms from a family, and from the family relations ideally come all other relations in society at large, economic, social, and political. The theory is intergalist,corporatist, promotes a common good economy aiming as far as possible towards autarky such that the families, communities, and people as a whole can have a free polity that responds to their will and not the interests of the internationalists' market.

The Organic Theory aims to outline a social-economic-political system in toto under which the whole integral people as one extended family can be stable in their homes, on their land, and Living as One Organic Society.

The unit from which this all this starts is the singular nuclear family, which by natural increase grows out into the community at large.

We are convinced that an understanding of this truth that appeals to the emotional group mind, is the way from liberal decadence to starting to heal the terrible ever empty materialist hole in the heart of the Western Peoples.

This internal healing will fill them with a zeal which will animate the People to refound the world around them upon holistic organic soundness. And thus the whole of the edifice that is Western Society will be stable and lasting, whole and lacking in nothing. A family of families.

We are not an academic and in fact We are just another common faceless person. It is purely by the will and grace of God that this document has even come to see the light of day.

However, even though there are limitations and what will generously be called 'errors' – which will be corrected as the document evolves into a more finished and refined form – we would ask that all fair minded Nationalists, Populists, Traditionalists, and Others rejected by Modernity, please give it your just consideration, and your honest yet polite feedback. This work in progress is an attempt to answer some basic questions:

Who makes a nation? What is a nation? How to keep and restore a nation?

Why Nations matter?

Who? A family makes a nation.

What? A nation is a family of families.

How? By acting like a proper family.

Why? Because we all have a family and we all need others to live a proper life.

Where and When? Here and Now.

The intention is to provoke thought about the need for a set of first principles and a methodology that centers upon Us as a Nation and not trivial things outside Our Circle of Life.

To this end the Just Price, Place and Due are meant to be the 'guides' inside the over arching theory, against which Economics, Society and Politics are to be judged. These three pillars act towards one end, which is to support the proper organic society.

Inside the Organic Theory they are meant as a means to formulating guides upon which to judge future progress or failure and from which to draw inferences upon which to act socially-economically-politically each to the other and thus to ensure the most stable society in which to continue the kind, preserve our homes, hearth, and heritage.

Preface to Second Edition:

We would like to state here that we appreciate all the input from our fellows who have helped to shape this document into the form it has taken. They have been a boon to us. All praise to them, and all censure to Ourselves. We have expanded most of the document here and there, and have added entire sections inside the chapters as well as many other minor changes. All blame for the quality is Ours and We accept it without equivocation. This being simply the best our meager abilities are able to produce.

We are not unaware of our limitations, nor do we have pretensions about being 'well educated', in fact quite the contrary; but, we are compelled to make an Organic Society possible by implanting a desire for it in the hearts of our people. Since We are assured by our heart this is the correct course of action – believing as we do that Faith is of the Heart and Faith and Not Reason is the Means to the Divine who plays a very real and intimate role in Human Affairs great and small.

We have seen in Our minds eyes that the decline of Faith runs hand in hand as one, with the decline of our people into the morass that is modernist materialist’s nihilism and hedonistic apathy.

To the end that this be a spiritual as well as socioeconomic regrowth is desired from this effort and to that end it is partially directed as part of the over all thrust of strengthening the family such that it can be the proper base for a strong civilizational order..

We are after all voices lost in the wilderness. hungering for richer fare and thristing for our home springs – all future family; all seeking homes, hearths and to save Our Heritage from the Hordes of PC Modernity and its Usurious materialists Atheist system of death-think-acting.

One Man the Future Does Not Make; Many acting together brings the whole forward and ensures a better, brighter, future to All.
With that We present:

The Organic Theory of Society;

 The Natural Progression from First Family to National-State based upon A Unique People, in One Land, with One Way of 

In Five parts – with 121 page PDF full of ~35 pages of visual aids aimed at helping young and old alike with learning the concepts and also with an audio accompaniment linked in each section aimed at helping bring in more senses to the process.  There is also a newer 150 page edition -- the blog will be updated to reflect this soon.

We highly recommend that one download the PDF, and play the audio as one reads the particular section. This will ensure the maximal amount of information in the least amount of time can be absorbed by the reader. We are not trying to be arrogant or high handed here but merely reflecting upon the fact that what limited formal education we received involved the concept of learning to read out loud, and follow the text with our finger. This method has served us well over the decades. So we reason that it could be of use to others, thus the effort in making the 90 page pdf and 5 part MP3 series so that those more serious about learning rather that merely reading can do that -- We highly recommend the PDF as it has many illustrations and diagrams that bring into sharp focus the concepts presented in the text and audio. 

The MP3 linked to each chapter are only ~ 155 minutes of audio and are meant to be best used with the  121 pages of text and visual aids available for download

We advise quarter to half hour cessions over a couple of days at a leisurely pace, with reflection upon, what one has taken in so as to be able to best accept or reject the thesis that Family Units of Father and Mother are the Basic Unit that produces a People, and from this People comes a National-State.

Also this is a work in progress – go gentle on your hard suffering author.  With that: ( all links to chapters are to pages on this blog. We highly advise again reading this in order and with the sound and pdf rather than just plain text. )

Part IV – WHO,What and How to restore Organic Wholeness to Our People 

The go to link at the end of each will bring you forward and the go back to main will take you back here.