Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nationalism from the Rubble of Liberalism Cometh Forth!

An Outline of WHO, What and How:( this has been expanded as part of the Organic Society Series. Thank you, we appreciate your support.)

A strong stable society is based upon strong families, who are based around the male and female lifelong bonding pair. Our pseudo society has effectively destroyed this base, by means of feminism, sodomy, the destruction of traditional morality, and with legally enforced no fault divorce. This destruction of our society, has left an awful lot of men, in the rubble. These men, are bound to pay for a family who has no loyalty to them. These men are legally in effect serfs. These men are the most obvious first demographic that nationalists in the West should appeal to, for these men have no illusions about the system's benevolence nor do they believe in any of its lies.

These men are simply waiting in the soup kitchens, underneath bridges, sleeping in their cars, for a glimmer of hope, for a light to guide their way. Essentially they are waiting to find new purpose, so that they can do what men do and that is to build the basis for social and political organization, by means of their economic cooperation organization. If this sounds complex but what it means is that men naturally work together to create value which value is then used as the basis for social and politic order thus the Men's economic efforts are the basis for social and political stability and society, just as the stable family is the basis for the man's ability to work and build value effectively. So in effect nationalists must go to these men and become their extended family.

Then from this will flow the natural productive forces which come from people cooperating to a common end, if this family is giving even the most nominal organization, and understands that hierarchy and discipline are essential to any large scale organization affecting its long-term goals.

Once nationalists have this family, drawn together from the outcasts of modernity then, they will need to organize to consolidate and to conceptualize a long-term plan(s). 

Organization is important because it teaches large groups of people how to work together for common interests. There are many different forms of organizations available different forms of charities nonprofits, for profit corporations, single proprietorship businesses, and a host of others, but the essential element of all of them is that there is a planning principle, which is able to save capital for the enterprise to use later upon long-term goals.

For nationalists I would posit that a worthy goal that these men could save towards, would be to purchase rural and suburban lands that are unwanted or run down, move the new family there and then worked to build them up.

This would allow their new family's to learn to work together and to learn to submerge their personal interest in the common cause. This work would also allow the family to produce wealth which could be exchanged or traded with the local population, in such a way as to gain goodwill with them and show that nationalist care about them and their interests. Or it could be used to provide charitable relief to them again to show by actions the Nationalist intent for the commons. The Goal will be to house, feed and cloth all the family members; make money; create capital; generate good will among the locals; and live successful lives.

Once the family the nationalist family, has established itself, on at least one parcel of land and is doing economically and socially well then I would advise creating other corporate enterprises to expand its functional reach and to allow the family the room to grow it will need in order to become a great Nation.

 First is a Land Management Corporation to mutually manage the 'families' holdings and to assign various family members their parcel to work.  The LMC will own the families holdings in total but members will posses and use them.  From Many One.

The Second (set of two) to function as a local market (Farmers market) and as a local regulatory agency (Producers cooperative ) this would allow for the family and for the local people to learn that their work and effort is the basis for all economic value.

The Third a credit union, which would be capitalized by the labors of the family and the local people. This credit union organization would allow them, them being all the people who worked in this area, to fully capitalize upon the fruits of their own labor. It would allow them to invest in their own future, in the future of their children, and in the future of the community. In effect it would allow them to be free of the international market and the International Bankers. 

The fourth being a charitable nonprofit designed to help others while spreading the message by example not empty words.

The fifth would be a political society with the goal of securing control of both parties at a local level and all non partisan offices available.

Sixth a media corporation. It is essential to have control of Our own message from print to pronouncement. Nationalists cannot rely upon the internationalist media.

Seventh an educational fund. The youth's education is the future.

After all of the above has been established, now the family -- who started as unwanted outcasts and has been's -- has a family of family's, in a functioning organic local community, who take care of their own economic/banking system, their own social order, and are well on their way to having full political power over their own destiny. The key is the first group of men becoming family who then work to become family toward the locals in their area of operations. The men will find women and have children, raise them to have respect for the values that allowed all this to happen and .... from this follows all the rest.

From the Rubble cometh Forth the Family to Found a Great Nation!


  1. We need to stop 'Property Taxation.'

    People are beginning to understand that they can never own property as long the government is able to impose property taxes; the silent majority recognizes how vulnerable they are to property tax increases and foreclosures.

    It all started with the 1933 bankruptcy where the government declared that they owned everything, including you, that they could tax you anywhere, all the time.

    This taxation included monetizing your birth certificate and any property (houses, cars, boats, land yachts, basically anything that had a title) to put up as collateral for the banks in the bankruptcy. So, can you say that you "own" anything?

    The Answer is, ‘No’ you don’t own anything that has to be titled.

    You're paying a "user fee" tax for the privilege of being allowed to use the items you paid for.

    Millions of property tax foreclosures take place every year; as long as you are forced to pay property tax you really don’t own the property.

    What is the answer to this problem?

    We need to stop 'Property Taxation.'

  2. Very energetic blog, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?