Tuesday, February 24, 2015

PC MultiCult Versus Normal Mono-cultural Society

T'is easy to see a strong majority rejects PC!

It is not complex and everyone who is willing to let go of the useless R v D, Right V Left gibberish the media pushes, should be able to understand the overall concept. 

The First Great Truth is that ALL 'allowed' or 'major' parties are driving Our Homelands to Diversity and Multiculturalism using PC as a weapon to mental brow beat us into Minority Status.

We dissent from PC and MC, and will not accept Minority Status in our own Home Lands and thus they are NOT with us, nor We with them. We have parted ways US and them; they have turned their backs upon Us and seek to replace Us with Mass Immigration.

This is because a divide commons is an easily ruled commons, while a unified People is not so easily keep low!

Basically the point of the video is that:


Unified societies based on Duty and Honor are stronger than multicultural country clubs based on personal advantage.  This is because in a Proper Nation State the bonds person to person are those of familial type. They are based upon proper understanding of ones Duties towards oneself, one's family, one's community and one's Nation; and are understood to END full-stop at the edge of the Nation.  ( Not upon $$$ as in fact such behavior is foreign to honorable men. )


Properly Unified National Societies are based upon Unified Families ( Male and Female Life Long Bonding Pairs, and NO other grouping ) which ideally identify with a 'first family' who are the founders of the Nation. Said families form the basis for the People, who through various manifestations are the Nation and the State both being merely ends to ensure the People continue into the future and remember the past.


Thus the Nation is ( ideally) a family of families who posses a unified identity, heritage and history. Their Land is Their HOME.  ( Mass Immigration is therefore Home Invasion Foisted upon Our People.)


This all follows naturally from the Normal Male-Female Bonding pair that function to create the chain of Life that is A People. All People come from a Mother and Father and from no other place; therefore ALL Nations come from a Mother and Father and from no other place.

The People are the font of a cultural and value system, they hold a land as their home, and provide life, values, mores, law, heritage, and history to the Nation-State.

These values and norms are them form a Nation IE a People as Sovereign to find the commonality and make a law of the land.


The Nation then erects a State based upon their law and way of life to protect the future of the People against all designs of Nature and Man. 


The State being the administrative forms the Nation assumes to give live to its laws, and colletive will so as to be able to protect the People which are at the center of all National Concern and ALL proper State Action. 
( People = Child; Nation = Mother; State = Father.  Children being the Future and reason for the WHOLE operation. )

 Summation of my ideas on things over all in under 3 minutes of diagrams, charts and the like. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Man that gave too Much

Yes it starts all all nice and happy but keeping strays as pets never
works well in the end. Don't be a PC tool, reject the Raccoons too! 

Keep them off our porch and you need not come to this Fool's End.

What will you leave to your Children

It is a very easy question: If you give away your Home Land what will you leave your Children?

Friday, February 20, 2015

I am Machine

To keep a Machine Running you must provide good parts. Skimp on that and it breaks down. Society is a machine and not all humans are equal as parts. Reject PC! Embrace Your Majority!

GOP ( is ) NOT Your Savior

This cannot be hammered home enough: The 'right-wing' is part of the same body as the 'left-wing' and feed from the same Feed Bag IE the Same Money owns them Both, heart and soul!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Once on the Farm

What do you get when you have clueless folks and fiends on the same plot of land? Clueless folks tossed out and their lands taken! It is really really simple: don't take in or tolerate scum on or near your lands and you won't be besmirched by their actions.  Basically: When the Subversives ARRIVE is the time to rid yourself of them, not after they have entrenched against your Land, Family and Home! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Industrious Birds

In just two minutes we mock Liberalism  and PC mercilessly! Let us call it the Two Minutes Anti-hate.  The Two of Minutes Warm Fuzzy Feelings! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

The credit Monopoly

The western peoples, are ruled by a credit monopoly, which has chosen the facade of democracy,'freedom' and market principles; yet labels not with standing none of these states are governed in the interest of the Nation which founded them. Not a single one.

But how can this be? They are all 'democracies' and the people get to vote, freely, for several candidates of 'their choices' do they not? Well, yes in all of these nations, there is a nominal right and left (a relic of the French Revolution). I say nominal, because, both parties are under the control, of the money donors whose approval they must gain, to hold office. The Donor pays the Candidates way and the elected fellow repays with favorable legislation, rulings or enforcement. By way of this power of the purse the donors thereby secure access to public money and power over the public, by means of their puppets in the parties. These donors are none other than the domestic face of the Credit Monopoly. And the parties their rum-dummies.

The parties are paid to misrule in the interest of the international financial credit monopoly, which interests are more often than not adverse to the interests of the nation in which the nominal parties operate. Thus any party which the credit monopoly continues to support with money, does not operate to the interest of the common person; whose national interests are adverse to the international credit monopoly's interests.

Those parties the credit monopoly favor are favored by the media, and those policies they support are given serious attention, and 'sold' to the public as 'reasonable' and 'the compromises necessary to keep things going' and under a hundred other guises.

However, Any party, policy or action, promoted, supported or otherwise presented by the commons to see to its own interests outside those bounds set by the Monopoly is suppressed, both by legal and extra legal means.

Therefore elections are really a formality since no matter which party 'wins' at the poll, the credit monopoly's money wins the (s)election, therefore the credit monopoly always wins; having paid the way of ALL 'major' parties and most 'minor' ones. In fact the Money that owns the so called 'two party' simple cannot lose long term the way the matter works out in real life. There being plenty of weak and desperate persons among the masses willing to take their money.

'The People' and 'a majority of citizens' comes to mean those that pay for the parties way, and no others surly not a numerical majority of citizens. Thus we have in fact a 'vote' counted in dollar amounts or what can be called 'financial democracies'.

Through this financial democracy the Credit Monopoly have bought the freedom to write laws in their favor. Thus this monopoly, controls much more than just credit, and the volume and value of the money supply, since these same persons who make up the credit monopoly, have also employed the corporate veil, to combine their money, and dominate the general economy, media, and academia as well as the finance economy by means of the power of the purse. They are a full set, cradle to grave operation – wishing to maximize profits off of every major event in your life from birth, to death.

So we have a situation where the so called productive economy, which is really just the productive citizens, is being milked dry, against the National will, to the advantage of the small group of international traitors who collectively comprise the credit monopoly. And this situation is generalized across, all of the western nations. Some more than others and all a bit different but all the same in essence.

In Fine: The Problem we are not suppose to mention is that Cosmopolitan Credit is King over our Countries of Birth and is attempting to subjugate us in our Ancestral Lands.

This situation can only be remedied, by ensuring to the Nation the power to issue their own credit free from the internationalist Creditors and their bought pet parties control and outside their power thus beyond their authority.

My sense is that this can be done best by: banding together on the local level; forming productive enterprises; buying selling and trading at the local level with the intent to form your own local pricing mechanism; and finally banding all of this wealth and expertise together as communities into credit unions. Credit Unions are unlike a bank ran for the interests of those whose money is deposited in them, and are 100% controlled by the members. Thus one has, a productive local economy, based upon LOCALLY controlled prices, and credit that is ultimately based upon said local work and efforts, not on the say so of international financiers.

It is my feeling that such enterprises, would put the lie to to the false two party systems. It would show them to be the lapdogs for international finance, which they indeed are. And would wield together the people, into a unitary wholeness, which would be much harder for the international money monopoly to manage and maintain control over; a unified group being harder to master than single individuals. It is my feeling that trying to take this power from these united wholes would result in very large popular outbursts, which outburst could and will only end badly for the Credit Monopoly.

It is my feeling, but all of this hard work, needed to bring about these credit systems, will act as a solvent to wash away much of the destruction that the credit monopoly has unleashed on the west.

The first great washing, will come in the minds of those who create credit from wealth as they realize these bankers have lied to them the whole time. We are credit; they've simply been selling us back our own work! From this all the rest of Modernity and PC, Diversity and the rest crumbles as it is all based upon the Credit Monopoly Usurers controlling The People's Credit and thus being able to FORCE PC upon us at the end of a Loan! Reject any; reject all! Take back the one; fight back all the others!

The end.