Part 2 of 5 -- The Organic Theory of Society.

The Organic Theory of Society;

The Natural Progression from First Family to National-State based upon A Unique People, in One Land, with One Way of Life.

By, A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Part 2 of 5 parts.

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CHAPTER 1 – Introduction to the Basic Ideals

The iron reality is that all human beings are born into a familial group of a mother and a father as a child. These parents ideally share unequal responsibility in the management of a home, which has a hearth and who give to the new child a heritage. This home, is part of a people who have a community, a history and a shared culture.

The people and families share certain qualities in any successful economic, social and political order.

Those qualities are Honesty, Frugality, Dedication and Respect.

When each person who makes up a family has a good and solid word and deals fairly openly and justly with others, then all the others can rely upon him.

When each is wise enough to be frugal, the whole shall not know want and shall usually have more than enough to satisfy their limited needs and wants.

When each is dedicated to the duties and tasks proper to them, they shall not know permanent set back as they shall have the resources and depth of character to start anew and overcome the obstacles that face them.

And When each has respect for themselves and others, then the whole is a gem to be treasured.

As the person, so the family and thus the people.

These good moral qualities allow for stable lasting families, tight knit communities and a strong sense of belonging to a people that is a greater whole relative to the family units in the communities which the people inhabit.

This ensures a sense of being part of a united people who have a commonality of language, customs, and more binding ties than more economic gain in common; in effect it ensures
the organic society is a family of families, which spring from the first bonding pair to form families, communities and the living the walls of the national-state which encompass
the whole: One, complete, self-replicating, unique, strong and united.

A Family of Families with a way of life upon a land, living as they see fit to live.

A greater family who have a shared historical experience which binds them to the present and a common understanding of the past which also gives them a sense of the value of the present tasks at hand.

A family writ large with an overarching culture that shapes and is shaped by the heritage of each family which makes up the People, such that it expresses what is best about the
people, family and persons.

One Great Family.

This people as a unitary whole form up a national-state.

The nation being the ways and means the people use to ensure their culture and lives are secure INSIDE the circle and is mainly customary and non legalistic.

The state is the law and governing structures that protect the People and Families from external threats and ensure general order to the whole Popular National Body.

This natural nearly automatic organization ensures the people are well ordered inside their circle and protected from the chaos which is ever present outside the circle.

But everything starts with the family consisting of a father and mother forming a life long bonding pair giving structure to a stable home, with a sound hearth and passing on
their true and whole heritage to a child. Which child will then restart and expand the circle in his or her turn.

This first family is the solid basis for our existence in a very real way as out of its collaborative work product are all great Nation's delivered into the world. It is the factory and fortress of the People.

The Family being Nature's primary division of labor which division allows for the father and mother to specialize – the one at providing and the other at preserving such that a
child can be provided for out of the joint effort of the parents with the purpose of carrying on their hereditary ways and passing on their values.

By this means over time the family will grow into a people who have commonality, a shared culture, and a unitary historical narrative, who then erect a national-state, by which
to defend their land, life, and livelihoods and to ensure order, law, and justice to all by means of an almost ingrained sense of duty, loyalty, courage, and honor the citizen
body has toward the familial people which are the base and reason again for the entire edifice called 'society'.

The family can, and should be seen as the first polity, first social community, and the very first joint economic venture in history. It is the template from which all more
complex organizations arise and the measure by which to determine what is the correct course of action – what is good for the family is good for the whole society as the what is
good for the parts makes the whole better by default.

This first family's proper relations, rights and duties form the basis for any successful political, economic and social order.

From its example flows: The order of Politics which has the aim of securing justice to all high, low, and middle; the proper pattern for an organic society which is to ensure
proper relations one family to the next, and one person to the next outside the context of law and in the domain of good morals and manners; and it sets out the pattern for the
proper function of an economy which is to house, cloth and feed a given popular national-state starting with each family home that makes up the National State. If the singular
families are sound the Whole People is well founded, and the National-State is The People acting as One.

It is by unity that a Family and a People, build a National-State.

The Familial People, based on individual families, and NOT the individual is the quantum of human existence. The family can expand itself but the single individual is sterile and
has NO hope of a future apart from his complementary opposite of the other gender with which to continue the kind.

This primary fact, of human dependence upon a family, who depend upon a community of efforts for existence means that individualism, is a false destructive belief, which
endangers the productive future of the people by encouraging the members of the individual families and the families themselves to behave without proper regard for their duties
and obligations towards the greater whole. Or even toward their own personal survival in the long term. All humans live in some group of at least an extended family. There is no
man woman or child at home in the natural order of things, who exists without a past, a family and a society into which they were born.

The individual only exists as part of a family in the first instance, and families are only as strong as the individuals do their duty as part of the Whole and are taken care of
by the whole in return, and the whole only grows, and renews by action of the family bringing new members into the fold of the people. They all pull as One. Or there is NO reason
to use the collective pronoun in discussing them.

Therefore it follows, then a balancing point must be found which allows for the individual to exist and the group to not be negated and which allows for the group to exist and
for the individual to not be negated, but which in the end favors the family and larger group over the individual as being primary, since again the Male-Female pair can expand
their own numbers by natural increase where as any single person is simply sterile in nature and doomed to a very short and brutish existence.

This may sound like some sort of mystic dualism, but this is only true, if you accept the idea that individuals and groups are necessarily in conflict. Once you accept the
reality that they exist only as complements to each other. It becomes very obvious: The 'two' 'opposites' are in reality only ONE thing considered in two ways. Once this
realization sinks into the mind the apparent mysticism and dualism vanishes under the gaze of proper and correct understanding.

The Member and the Family – and by extension the Families and the People – are two ends of the self same thing and properly serve each other as much as they are served by each
other, each sustaining and animating the existence of the other, from now until all time. We exist for each other as much as for our selves as man is a social being designed by
providence to be part of a familial group which group is bonded together not by economic advantage or fear but by Love and Kind Regard as one regards their kin and close
associates, so is the Familial People who have taken the Organic Society to heart and made it their reality, bonded by goodness and justice not mere gain. In the context of the
Whole each and everyone have duties, responsibilities, and obligations, that are attached to their birth family in the first instance, then slowly they learn to extend this
outwards to the People more generally. As they grow wise they see circle of life and the connection between the past, the now and the future which they are laboring as one to
build upon the solid foundations they labor upon today.

They have rights, and freedoms inside the circle of the people, but only because of the activity inside the circle of the people in the form of duties, responsibilities and
obligations, which tend toward the end of securing the conditions under which those rights and freedoms have meaning. Outside this circle of order there is only violence and
chaos. In brief freedom and rights exist because the People organize and order is established, and because the people value those goods enough to organize, live, and labor to
attain them.

Thus said rights are only natural in the sense that man will naturally as an extension of his household have a polity that will form order, and in so much as said rights and
freedoms in their active application do not harm the morals of the family, the stability of the people in their homes, at their livelihood, or otherwise weaken the people over
all then they shall not be prohibited. Most matters should be merely choices among a range of acceptable choices but this freedom to choose only occurs because men form a circle
that keeps out tooth and nail nature such that the 'better angles' of human order can reign. So it can be said that in so much as rights are used to strengthen the families, and
people those persons who so act will be encouraged, even perhaps helped in their efforts. Surely in a just order they would be held forward as an example to all. Since to hammer
it home again 'civic order' only exists because men loyally defend hearth and home, while the women and children act as auxiliaries – This arraignment where one defends and one
supports the defense of a home area is the natural organic manner of living higher than an animal. To having a stable and proper home, land, and law like a proper man. To the
better way that creation presents before Us the dissidents of this decadent age as the truest way to ensure Life in a land as a unique people with our way of life intact whole
and complete.

The Family based 'model' is the tried and true way forward for our People out of this land of death and back to the Land of the Living. It has proven its worth over thousands of
years, and has shown its value most by it absence among the modern Western Peoples, We are inclined to believe.

Families are the foundation for all civilized life among our kind. From the basic reality that The Family is the ideal model of human social organization, it follows that all
societies, must like all just families, ensure a place for all their members. It simply true that everyone in a society must have some use, purpose, or function in the society or
they shall become alienated, and not hope for the best interests of the society at large.

If our people are a people and they are in fact 'together' then it is NOT to much to ask that we ACT as if we in fact do care about our brothers, sisters, and elders, the young,
and all that are loyal, have good will, and are willing to do what they are able to help the greater whole go forward.

If we are in some way 'one' and have a 'past' that is shared I say let us celebrate and rally around that oneness and past as anchors and guide posts along the way of life.

If we are to be a people, let us act as ONE like a people – let us learn to act as if:

Everyone must have a purpose which tends toward the common good; Everyone must put in labor and efforts that tend toward the common well being;

Every able adult must do their duties – the men at work and at call ups, and the women at the home and in the primary care of the Children – as they are able to the common good
but also must get their right and just due from the commonality. Those that have handicaps will be assigned lighter or more formal duties BUT everyone will have a duty:

The men to work and provide for homes, and defend the whole if need be from internal disorder and external invasion;

the women to see to the homes, so the men have a strong base from which to labor at their tasks, and to see that the children are brought up into the family and community values,
morals and ways;

and the Child to be dutiful to his parents and to learn and he grows to assist in tasks first around the home, then the community and finally to assume the mantle of adulthood.

And lastly Everyone shall help to take care of Our old, sick, injured and young like the treasure to us that they are. Every attempt will be made to ensure that the Old have time
with the young to pass on Heritage, and teach them the morals and values of the Commonality while their parents are doing their duties in the home, factory, fields, schools,
churches, and parade ground, such that the skills and wisdom of the elders might be more fully passed on generation to generation. We shall pass on Our circle unbroken from this
to the next generation, as One.

The above precepts form the basic moral doctrine of any true political, social and economic system withing the frame work of the organic social theory.

Since the Popular National-State is a family of families, if one stays as close to the above concepts as humanly possible one will have a People that is a family in truth, and
not only in name. They will live for more than money and have justice from foundation to the finishing-cap.

In Our modern time and terms, these basic principles imply and mean that each family unit, must have a home in which to live; work that will provide for the upkeep of said family
home; and that these two bedrock conditions must be protected from all outside forces especially 'market forces'.

Failing this in time men with money, will ensure that some citizens are landless(homeless),pauperized (out of work) and cannot properly raise families to increase the citizen
body, and that the pauperized citizens will be too materially poor to be of any use to the old, sick and other ill favored by fortune which will tend to lower their moral
character as well as diminish their free use of their land.

This would be a double blow to their ability to actively participate in the general urge to pull the commonality forward.

Thus to make it more general it follows that a just society restrains economic forces to the needs and interests of the members of the society by using political force and social
pressure as means as well as by inculcating good morals among its citizen body more generally acts as a whole to free its members from the need to appeal to the idol of the
market and its money games.

This follows from the fact that a popular and just society views the components of society – all the way down to the least among the families – who make up the people, as members
of a larger family of families, or if you will as parts of an organic whole, all of whom have duties and rights to and from the Whole, and all of whom – Man, Women and Child –
contribute to the common good as well as getting back the common benefits to the extent and in the capacity they are able – not 'equally' but justly and sufficiently to ensure

A proper just popular National-state understands that the bodily, mental and spiritual, needs of the family units that produce the People are the central needs of earthly
existence, and furthering them along safely and in good stead is the sole final end of ALL well ordered polities.

If those needs, economic, social and political are furthered then a Good Life is assured to each of the parts and to the Whole.

One may think here of a body, the head is well because the organs, bones, and blood are healthy, and so the Whole Organic Society is Well and Strong because the families that
comprise it are housed, clothed, and fed, such that they can defend the common land, laws, and way of life as One, United, Strong.

Yes it is true that the above means in part that each and everyone won't get to just do as they please, and that each will have to at times accommodate others. That is true, but
this too follows from the family and the reality of a proper society being an extension of the duties, rights and mutual obligations of a proper family unit.

Basically a proper organic society requires a more reasonable and adult view of what a community, a country and a people are, why they exist, and what the purpose and relation of
them to the individuals who comprise them really are in actuality.

However nothing here that we have said about restraining the economy should be taken to imply that anyone would be stopped from earning an honest living by the toil of their own
person upon any useful labors or tasks. In fact exactly 100% the opposite is the truth. All of this is done to ensure the right to honestly toil and to share in one's just due of
the common benefits, in proportion to the amount of value and useful labor one does. With the caveat that anyone that does a days honest labor will be remunerated such that they
can honestly support a Home and have their just due from the common good.

This ideal of ensuring the least among us is well founded works toward the final, and sole purposefully sought end of ensure strong families, that meet the following criteria:

1.) all heads of household are able to provide for the household;

2.)that the mothers are to maintain a house properly;

3.)so that the children benefit from a stable home, hearth and heritage;

4.) Thus a strong people can build up a strong National-State with which to protect and maintain their commonality, history and culture, since they have well founded families as
a base upon which to build – love and regard being more binding than money and mere advantage.

The key difference between the chaos of NOW and the Order of a Proper Popular National-State is that in the latter Honest shall be defined as that which is MORALLY correct, and
that shall be the actions which tend toward the common good and do no harm to the organic whole.

A further point of difference when comparing the proper order to the degenerate chaos of today is that, Everyone, as in every living loyal member of the People shall be accounted
for first as to their basic needs since Morality, Justice, and the Well Being of the Whole and NOT profitability to any few are to be the meter of the success of the Organic
Society towards its family units as a whole and singly. This is not to say that profits will not be had, or that some will not profit more than others due to natural differences
in ability but merely to say that since We are a Family of Family we shall as a family see to the basic needs of One and ALL. Once that is done and ONLY once this base line has
been meet, will 'commerce' for profit be a priority. The People who give life to the economy and who form the State which regulates commerce have priory.

After all this entire Herculean effort called civilized society is at the end of the day under taken by the whole as a whole because nature has made it necessary for Mankind in
the natural order of things, to perform Productive Work, physical and mental, to provide for his families, and by extension the whole's needs. Work is in the final analysis
solely and only the means to meet the needs of both the individual and the group, which at a minimum are, to be provided daily food, seasonal clothing, adequate shelter and
lastly some sort of effective weaponry with which to protect these other necessaries against both the ravages of nature and of other men who lack scruples.

We therefore come to see that for each family and thus for the whole to have the means to provide for themselves, first and foremost each home must have for itself and its
family, the means to build and create useful items, that is resources upon which to labor and produce value for use and exchange. Each unit of the whole must have an outlet for
the creative urge that is particular to Man such that it can provide for itself and contribute to the betterment of the whole.

Ideally each would be laboring on their own homestead or have a share in some venture from which to ensure that each has their means to keep themselves provided for and to
contribute to the common good. Work binds men together in commonality of purpose: Common Labors, common concerns.

It is after all important that psychologically each think himself to be an active part of the community's life, as such to ensure their loyalty. Thus from this odd view it is
both an end and a means to other ends.

Be this as it may, it must be admitted that in the natural order of things, there are only so many hours to everyday, and that only so many of these hours can be put to work as
the body and mind need rest. Also the affairs of the household require tending. As do a million things that have nothing to do with money like quality time family and friends.
The simple reality is that the basic happiness and contentment of the population at large necessitate a certain amount of leisure time for the working citizens from drudgery and
a certain amount of 'community' events to get the children and women socializing and bonding properly. People like to laugh, sing, have a good time. It is just and good that it
is so.

Thus to reiterate, it can be truly said that, without a, home upon which one has a right to work and earn one's way, cloth on one's back, food in one's belly, and a sufficient
amount of time leftover to live well, the rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are meaningless and extraneous promises that bring nothing.

For the true fact it is only when the basic conditions of material living – food, clothing, and shelter – are met that anything like freedom or any other abstract concept has any
real meaning whatsoever, to anyone.

Therefore any 'livelihood' which does not provide for these minimal conditions, is not justly to be called work at all, being in fact a form of punishment or slavery. We shall go
so far as a state that all work which uses up a significant portion of the workday over any amount of the week must always pay a living wage as that time put into the work can
never be had back, and the person must yet eat be housed and be clothed from the results of the labor used during that time period. Workers Live and thus require Living Wages: No
exceptions. People trump over Profits.

An impoverished people is not a strong people. The fact is that squalor among ones people is not a general benefit as in all practical realities there are going to be few to any,
starving, penniless, vagabonds, who will rise to become philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, or great world leaders; and this is an overreaching fact. Thus if one wants a
more generally able intelligent motivated population ensuring they have time to educate themselves aside from mere survival will be a requirement and this entails ensuring yet
again that their basic physical needs are meet by their own honest labors. Truth be told in our industrial and mechanical age there is simply no reason for any organized people
who value themselves as a family of families and have access to raw materials to fail to cloth, feed, and house every single Loyal member of the People.

Loyal being those who are willing as they are able to pitch into the commonalty’s efforts to secure the products needed for life. A popular National-state provides basic
educations to all children that encompass, reading, writing, mathematics, basic history, civics, some shop and trades courses for boys, and home economics for girls. And free
higher education to all that merit such education, since the better the parts the more able the Whole. Merit and not family income should determine level of education.

As you do unto the least among you....

The fact is that because the Organic Society will see to the needs of the lowest FIRST the highest will be more secure and more apt stewards of the authority placed in them as in
effect Father's of their Nation. And any good father would want his sons and daughters to have a good, proper stable home, hearth, heritage, food, clothing, a healthy vibrant
culture that celebrates life, in the context of a social-economic system that thinks of them as Living Beings with worth apart from mere value at the sale's block.

It should be obvious why we belabor the point again that in any just, proper and stable, polity, for a citizen, to have any meaningful use, of what we conveniently call rights,
he must have his material needs in life met, and still have time necessary to enjoy this life (to actually live) and to engage in the pursuits required of free citizens in a free
state ie he must have education and leisure as well as the opportunity to work by which work to earn a livelihood for his family. This building up of the citizen will by default
strengthen his nation's organic being just in proportion as his own family grows stronger as the members grow in strength and kind regard for one to the other. Strong Heads of,
and Strong Keepers of a home equal a strong home, which is able to rear and raise well adapted, strong and able children to be the future, who if properly educated and prepared
for their duties, shall be the carriers of the Organic Society going forward, to build success upon success and strength upon strength.

In the Organic Society the households are the parts of the National-State Whole – its very cells – so the better they are founded the more stable, lasting and strong the
National-State which they erect to tend to their ends, Social, Political and Economic.

And all of the spheres or pillars of the whole exist solely for the ends of the family of families: All of them have a Moral or Just aspect: Society, the Just Place, being the
given unit from first family to National-State's proper spheres inside and outside the Organic Society; Politics, the Just Duty and Due which is merely responsibilities the
fathers owe to the commonality and the rights inside that circle their discipline and labors ensure to the women and children their due necessary to live like dignified beings in
a civilized state; and economics has its just price, which is merely the just and true value of all labors such that both buyer and seller exchange A value for A value such that
each only gets what is justly due to him.

A society is the result of man's gregarious nature. From this need of man to have food and clothing, shelter and respite from natural attrition, arises the need to organize for
political and economic mutual gain and benefit. This need to have each others company, to organize along hierarchical lines and to have resources from nature made available to the
company is not a choice but a necessity based inside the inherent qualities of man himself

In the first instance, Economics was invented by human beings, for their ends, humans do not exist for economic ends. Thus any theory or belief that postulates that economics
control men or that modes of production are dominant over human will is false. Since it is a penultimate truth that human activity IE human will, created economics and all value
judgments as we know them now – there being no mode of production in nature sans human beings. The small matters of economics are merely matters of human will, money merely being
an invention of our minds, it is absurd that it should be our master. All value is demanded by human want and supplied by human labor upon land with or without capital – Thus it
is absurd that any people should every need to borrow value if they are able bodied, organized and willing to work.

In a preceding paragraph it was discussed briefly, that economics can have a great number of unintended consequences when it is simply allowed to be pursued blindly for pure
personal profit and with no regard for anyone else. Partly these effects run roughshod over people and nations and an other part of these effects, tend to run riot upon the
Natural World itself. Both of these effects would be mitigated and to the extent possible restrained using social and legal force when necessary. Our People are Our Base of
Strength and the Natural World is the foundation upon which our People rest. Thus any large scale industrial action that effects the environment around us, effects our Peoples'
home writ large, adversely effects the health of the People themselves, shall be restrained from doing so under an Organic Social Order. People Over Profits; Life over Lucre. A
land that is livable is more valuable than any amount of mere lucre or credit extended by the market.

This is not to say that we should abandon industrial society, it is only to say that we should balance the needs of an industrial society with the realities of what nature can
and cannot absorb in the line of pollutants, destruction and the rest, as well as simply changing our view of nature from being merely a source of materials to being a part of
the Living Whole around us and over which we are Steward NOT Owner. From there the Proper Organic Society will plan accordingly to do the least harm, and most good to ourselves
and for nature so that we can build upon each other and stop this Man vs Creation mind set which is so destructive to both in the end.

This is also to say that natural resources, should not be used willy nilly, to the benefit of private companies and to the loss of the commons. They should be used like a family
would use it resources for its OWN best interest, since the National-State is a family of families. And as the family depends upon the use of the resources upon the lands which
it owns, so the People depend upon the WHOLE of their lands to provide for their needs, singularly and as a whole. This is because between the Homestead and the Homeland the
difference is one only of scale not kind. People have a Land for a Home. Thus the simple fact is that, no company, no person, no group of persons, have a right nor ideally
should have any legal ability, to do the common people harm, for return on investment or market gain, for such actions constitute treason, and fraud. The idea would be similar to
saying that, in the days of the cave, one person should have the right to hoard the food and sell it all the others at a profit, even though all the others had worked in
stockpiling the food.

Do you think Our ancestors have tolerated being treated like this?

Why do we as a group then tolerate the market selling us our own labor as credit and then hording the results of said labor from us? Since that is the 'free market', where some
horde, and some go hungry, and the market worshiping golden calf worshipers, call this moral and just, but I must ask who would consider a family just if they allowed SOME to go
without while others had more than they could ever use? Who would consider a Family just and good if its freedoms were never free, and quite the contrary were always attached to
interest, debt, pauperization, resource depletion, and over extension, which in the long-term ensure societal collapse?

Since the one fatal flaw with their infinite growth model is that the universe is finite. One cannot get X + Y% from X when X is all that exists.

The market demands more resources from nature eventually than can be had, thus it is a false paradigm that cannot last mathematically. Game, Set, Match.

A further truth that everyone is dying to avoid confronting is that if one looks at the birth of both the Bolshevik economy, and the early English it can be shown that economies
feature the same sorts of population transfers, the land enclosures, the thefts of the commons wealth and the concentration of said wealth and a few favorites hands. If we take
out the names and dates the actions are basically the same, at all points with only very minor details differing. Thus the common paradigm in which there is a controlled market
and a free market, these two perpetual false contrasts, has no real validity. Since the market was not born into 'freedom' any more than the Soviet legal system promoted justice.

WHY is one the greatest crime known to man and the other if even acknowledged explained away as a positive event? Could it have to do with monetary advantage?

This is why we, We advocated nor for a free market but for 'fair exchange' in which one exchanges value for value, dollar for dollar, and does not perpetually seek to come out
ahead but to merely get what is JUSTLY due to them.

The fact is that yes, one should be free to engage in commerce or economics, but, only, if, that commerce is honest and not destructive to the families, the hearths, and/or
the common citizenry who make up the base of the social system upon which one engages in commerce.

That is in so much as one engages in commerce honestly and within the rules as establish for the common good, then one shall be let alone and protected by the might of state,
with the blessings of all good men, to do well if one is able. It is as easy as following the rules, paying taxes, and behaving honestly and forthrightly more generally, while
always being mindful of the fact that one is part of a greater whole. We see nothing there that does great injury to anyone's ability to engage in honest fair business. It simply
explicitly states that Money is the servant and the Man the Master of this Land, while the labor of the man makes the goods which we use to Live.

Those on the other hand that wish to do underhanded business, who wish to cheat the nation, or to make a penny or two more by doing business with foreigners at the expense
of the nation; will be driven out like vipers, routed for the good of all. From here it is only a matter of choosing a political system, which theory aside will be a mixed
system. We advise the tried and true combination of a Head of State; a Council; and an Assembly of the People. From all time to all time, this repeats, one will not escape it.

The only thing that remains is to determine if Those Loyal to the Soil shall control the process, or if others not so loyal based upon what ever qualification shall do the

The operative principle of the Political system should be:

The well being of the People (all the people, especially those who are NOT rich and powerful) is the Highest Law. And: Rank and Station exist so that one can better serve the

This is actually the most simple part as if one has a proper social and economic order based on organic wholeness and natural family relations man to man and group to group, there
is little for the political arm to take care of outside of national defense, seeing to legal cases and keeping basic order among the parts. Since in a properly ordered society
the families and communities deal with most matters informally and effectively at the local level without fuss or need for procedure or with minute regulation, it is only in a
society at war with itself that the state is needed in all areas of the common life as in those such societies there is NO common loyalty and thus cold lifeless law replaces LOVE
as the prime force binding man to man, while the family and society in general are sacrificed on the alter of individualism. This is NOT how a proper well orders society is
suppose to function.

A properly well ordered political society of course is one in which the MEN over a certain age determine for the whole what shall be and what shall not be, by means of first
their Familial authority over their own homes, which then is translated into political control over the community with those with greater leadership capacity being elevated to
the station and rank at which they can best serve they common good.

The only system that seems to work over time ties voting with call up and paying tax, while simply only allowing men to do call up. This way only those that pay and who will
actually fight can vote, hold office or having standing before a court of law. This can work. Anything else will result in replays of the current madness given time.

IN reality the patriarchal family model is the most stable social-political model ever found and that is why the modernists hate it so, as it is a very very hard nut to crack.
Even the limpid remnants of the patriarchal family are giving them a good go, the return of Masculinity from its early grave has them terrified.

And this is where the men among the rubble and ruin that is modernity, must run straight into modernity's supporters and tools, but the undeniable fact is that a large enough or
internally cohesive enough group of angry upset men have no need of voting or any of these other liberal concepts, being as they are the backbone of the liberal system itself.
Liberal modernity can lie to itself, but males are always the strong backs that keep any system standing.

And it is men that are being sacked and down graded by this system setting them up to be in opposition to PC Modernity when the economic bottom falls out of the Matriarchy. Then
the men will defect. They will have found that their interests are no longer served by this PC egalitarianism and modernity. In that time it is absolutely assured that something
very much like the patriarchal society We call for will reemerge from the rubble in the ruins.

It is assured, since once the goods, services and games can no longer distract the young men they will realize that they have been robbed of their future to profit the
subversives who are behind PC. And they will do what men do in such circumstances We are quite sure.

At that point it is Our belief, the entirely new chapter in history shall be written, one that takes the best of the old, and new and makes a unique product well and properly
fitted to Our People. One that places the Family, the People, the Nation and their Unique culture history and commonality at the Center of the Life. One that reaffirms,
wholeness, life, livelihood, a connection to land, home, hearth, heritage, community, uniqueness and that places art, ideals, learning and duty above material goods. One. United
as One. Unitary. Whole. Complete.

The Future is only as far away as tomorrow. Nothing of worth is built in one day; but if one works day after day it will be built.

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