Saturday, March 28, 2015

What to do with the Gated Community Yuppies And Other Caviar Egalitarians?

 Oh what a web we weave, when we set out to Deceive.

The egalitarian's purported world view is based upon the idea that  all People are only individuals and all these are in some way equal.  The ranks of the 'Western Elite' who preach daily about the benefits of diversity, mass immigration and the enrichment of Multicultural society, nominally embrace this view of reality, nominally and as a political expedient.  They brow beat any of the common caste worker bees that might object to 'Diversity' and insist all of us MUST benefit from Multiculture. But, folks, verily, like many false teachers they teach one thing in public and carry on along different lines in private.

If one is observant on will notice that these same people so seldom choose to be enriched by diversity or to tolerate the behavior and cultures of minorities when they have a choice in places to live, work, learn, and rear children. They avoid at all costs traveling through much less residing in 'diverse' and 'vibrant' areas. Truth be told they seem to gravitate to the Majority Straight White Areas, or they tend to live in gated communities with a minimal amount of 'diversity' or 'vibrancy'. 

Keeping in mind that these vicious hypocrites are the same people, who push the hardest for mass immigration, multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity.  And in fact keep up the pretense so far as to enforce it by legal mechanisms on the lower classes of people in western society.  This two face morality is par for the course among their moralizing snobby caviar socialist kind.  Keeping all this in mind.

We, the Working and Middle Class Majority therefore challenge the Yuppy Gated Community Egalitarians to walk the diversity and equality walk by moving themselves into the poorest, most enriching, least majority, most minority area they can find, and tolerating the vibrant behaviors of the local diversity.  

We Challenge them,  to leave the gated community behind and become Enriched(tm), Diverse(R), and White-Guilt-Free(patent pending).  

We Challenge them to place THEIR loved ones and property in the very schools and communities, they  would foist upon us Majority citizens and to tolerate it, while remembering their White Guilt, and embracing 'Diversity' as a strength.  

We challenge them to set up a professional practice or business venture there in among their equals and in that equally equally neighborhood .  

We challenge them to send their wife out shop in the local neighborhood on foot unescorted so she can 'become enriched' by the locals.  

And most of all We Challenge them to allow their children to be enriched local public schools, and to provide them with a chance to check their privilege.   

In Fine: We challenge them to embrace the strengths and enriching qualities of multiculturalism and minority communities, that they preach about without end. 

Or we demand they cease chicken-pecking the rest of us for rejecting the very same diversity they refuse to tolerate day to day themselves!

 Now we know this challenge will go unanswered except for with more cries of racism; however, we are baffled if all people are equal how can our proposal that you move amongst these equals be racist?

And of course the reason for this people, is quite simply because these yuppies know that their PC egalitarian rhetoric has no basis in fact, and that in fact poor minority peoples are dangerous, criminal, barbarians who nobody in their right mind moves next to willingly.

Oh they poo poo on us poor and middle class whites who are actually saying that these blacks are barbarians and that diversity is a short deal, but the very fact is the yuppies in the west are hypocritical liars, who believe the exact same in their heart of hearts.
It is telling that they revile us poor and working class whites who actually live next to diversity for wishing to be away from diversity and speaking out against political correctness, when they themselves live in areas with almost no diversity, where they have no need to tolerate multiculturalism or other barbarism. 

Their actions, which speak louder than any words, prove beyond any shadow of doubt, that they only wish to make us poor and working class whites live with diversity so that they can reap the benefits both material and moral. They are in fact a form of carpetbagger and the GOP are there scalawags, while the minorities are their hordes that are unleashed upon us to beat us into submission so that we can be more easily managed by the same Trash that fastidiously avoid being enriched!

 In short: These lying scum  do not care for 'diversity' any more than any or sane person. They simply wish to foist diversity upon us working and middle class people, so that they can have a moral perch from which to look down upon us, on the one hand, and use the chaos diversity causes as it mugs our persons, threatens our homes, and endangers our wives and children, as an excuse to pick our pockets clean.   

And I say: Sauce for the Goose is Sauce for the Gander and it is about time they got their full portion of Enrichment.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Atomic Individual VS Real Flesh and Blood People!

Liberalism is a fantasy through and through:

It requires an 'atomic' man or SINGLE INDIVIDUAL as its logic premise for economics and society but there is NO society of ONE nor an economy involving a single person in nature now, nor has there ever been.  There is NO 'totally free individual' nor will there ever be such a person as this.  

The Atomic Individualists refrain: But all acts by a group happen because of an individual who came down from Heaven with ALL the Rights of an Englishmen fully formed ... ( who had property, was of the 'right' station and had all the proper connections, luvvy. Why didn't the 'atomic person' have the Rights of a Roman Equities, or a Scottish Highlander Chief?) 

{ And this is what you do: Mock and cut off this gibberish: Demand PROOF that such a Person ever existed rather than merely 'posit' such a person, Or Better Yet, construct a proof that is at least as sound as their 'person with all his rights in nature' who never existed.}

Reality's Iron Propositions to Liberalism (Rip Liberalism):
Axiom: We must continue to exist,as a group, as that is the natural imperative. (W1)
Axiom: We only exist as individuals within the bounds of groups, which exist to ensure survival of the kind. (W2)
Axiom: These groups all flow naturally from the male female gender dichotomy, the patriarchal family, which tends to result in a 'state' and as such a social state within a group to which we are born and in which we live is 'nature' to humans as there are NO natural humans who are born or live outside of a group. (W3)
These are ALL true. No debate about them will be had.
Any thought process that says that we the group kind are secondary to any other consideration runs counter to W1 and thus is FALSE. It is also suicidal as it is the group that ensures the individuals survival ... It is that easy.
Any theories about 'atomic men' or 'natural men' that are singular in 'nature' is false, and must be rejected in its totality. The simple fact is the ALL of us alive are alive because one Male and one Female -- two people being a group -- mingled flesh and produced us. 
Any idealizations about humans existing in nature sans a civic government or just living on the rocks free from all 'authority' are pure fantasy ie false; the normal status for all humans is to exist in a society that grows from the familial circle outwards to the greater state. And all of these have preexisting rules that govern duties and rights. They are not purely choices now and they never have been before, nor will they ever be such a choice in the future. 
Therefore liberalism -- from Locke on to modernity -- must be rejected by Nationalists because it proclaims the false concept that, individuals predate Nations, Nations are second to economics, and that self interest is over all, and this is counter to W1-3;
That individuals and NOT groups are the foundation of society, and again that said individuals have NO loyalty to anything outside themselves and this is counter to W1-3
And that society is a club, that can be chosen or rejected not a patrimony that one is born into and accepts on its terms, and this utterly contrary to W3.
No person has ever lived long in nature without SOME kind of nearby settlement or access to other human's labors ... None ... and those that do 'survive' in such a low and savage condition are mostly of the 'wolf boy' variety; barely fit to be labeled human much less living. That is basic reality.

There is NO way to 'survive' as a fully human person minus a 'collective' in nature.
Further, NO actual society has ever existed based solely upon 'volunteerism' type ideals or idealized contracts  and all communities founded upon them have in short order fallen back upon 'collectivism' ie found that leaders are needed and that social ranking based on performance is just part of reality.
Families are 'collectives' with hierarchy and chains of authority -- Father rules the whole and deals with the outside world;, Mother the home and child when father is away; and the Child is ruled with the ideal that they will grow to take the gender role NATURE assigned them. 

This most basic group and division of labor as well as arrangement of power and rule is normative among humans, as NO person exists that did not have a mother and a father ... and no proper family exists minus proper authority and rule ... thus Families are THE basic unit for humans NOT individuals and therefore Groups are a fact of human existence as are the consequences of groups: Taxes, call ups to defend the group and in the end dying if need be. All of this springs from the Familial Duty to Defend the Home and Hearth.
Basically to be part of a normal functioning polity sometimes one must sacrifice one's personal best good to that of the group -- it all follows from the Man's responsibility towards his own family which is NOT a choice and is a duty, the mothers duty to care for the young and home, again not a choice and the child's duty to fall into line and behave: None of this is a choice or involves any 'consent' and all attempts to 'tweak' it result in failures to a greater or lesser extent.

From all the above it can only become clear: Liberalism is pure rationalist pap. It is grounded on NO actual reality and like all fantasy must eventually fall into its foundations. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Debt Slavery Made Simple.

And the hard yet simple solution:

We in the west today, America and the UK in particular, are experiencing a long term economic downturn.  Sure the pig is being dressed up, and we are being sold the idea of never ending prosperity, but that is mostly word-smithing and spin. 

The reality is that because, the volume and value of Our currency is controlled by usurer internationalist bankers, we are being slowly bled dry, and will continue to be bleed until we stop running up and down their interest laced blade. 

The problem originates with issuing the money as debt, with every unit of currency created, a corresponding debt is created which debt, is not covered by the amount issue.  IE P+I > P. Interest plus principle is always more than the amount of money in circulation.  

This situation ensures the usurers take from the population a mathematically certain amount of , their real property, real labor, and real time, given those that issued the debt in what is effectively a system whereby we pay tribute to bankers for their 'right' to issue our own money to us at interest.

The Sad Truth: Rumpelstiltskin is loaning you back your own work.

Thus by participating in their game and using their Bank(debt)notes, we all make ourselves their slaves.

The Simple yet hard solution:

Abolish the present central bank; replace with truly Public Bank that acts as the governments holder of deposits and the issuer of public currency. ( See Bank of North Dakota for more. )
Then, Issue the money as a function of commerce, not credit. As Legal Tender NOT a loan. As currency not as 'debts' with interest but as public credit interest free.  ( Greenbacks not gold, not petrodollars, but money based upon productive labor and productive activity. )

Now society is not held in thrall to bankers whims, but controls for good or ill its own future.
It is just that simple.

Class dismissed.

The End.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A little secret ...

* Looks around *

Here is Truth: The People Make the Place into a Homeland. Places do not make People.

The Majority people of the United States of America, made the United States of America.   We the living Majority People are America. Blood Draws to Blood. America is US and we are IT. 

Stated Plain: Diversity is NOT a strength; 'diversity' is not our equal at building up a great nation in any way what so ever; People build places; places do not build people.  This being so, Tolerating Diversity is irrational because diversity brings Poverty, Squalor, and Crime everywhere in the West it resides. 

Diversity, tolerance, 'equality' are all just commie buzz words that describe NO real world items or events when used in a praiseful manner, or that are used to cover up the True Nature of this Blight upon Our People, Nation and Culture.

Diversity is the Death of the First World, Tolerance is Timidity, Mass Immigration is an on going gang rape of our People, and Multiculture is NO Culture at all! All else is PC-Liberal-Commie Fantasy.

This is the cold stark reality of the matter. It cannot be undone by social programs or 'education' or any other human effort as it is part of hard wired biological fact. The fools can lie to themselves but some kinds are not equal to others at the task of building and maintaining a FIRST WORLD CIVILIZATION.

It matters WHO we import: First World People build First World Nations ... Barbarians build NOTHING worthy of being called a 'nation'.

Accordingly if political correctness, through mass immigration replaces the Majority First World American with Barbarians and makes them a minority among alien and competing hordes of barbarian minorities, it will keep the shell, the forms of America, but all of its life, substance, vitality, and greatness will be gone.

What one will in fact have is Detroit, Camden or Gary Indiana writ large, and frankly an example of a once great people going mad and building up their own funeral pyre. 

Thus, America will become, Somalia if enough of those primitive backward persons are imported into the Midwestern heartland.  It will cease to be a productive breadbasket and become a Fully Dysfunctional Basket-case, there is no doubt about this.  Reason?

Because, unequivocally: The People Build the Place in their own image.

Therefore: Somalians will rebuild SOMALIA not Sweden.

Simple really. No equality about it. 

'Who' is the paramount question of history.

Any rational person must see that the obvious and foreseeable result of importing third world barbarians will be third world feuds, violence, savagery and over all barbarism here, not a 'richer' America but a degenerate backwards third world state, here in what once was the former USA.  If one conceptualizes Northern Ireland or say 'The 40 years Wars' you are onto the truth of what this curse will be like. This is our slated future if the PC Diversity Mass Immigration Tolerance Horde get their way ...

If …

Now ...

Unless you fancy the idea of being overran by a horde of barbarians and giving up the Land Our Fathers Built, You must get your mind right and leave the Color Blind Plantation that keeps you tied to PC. 

You must reject the false and embrace the True.

Say the Following:

We reject the false notion that Humans are mere economic beings. We affirm that natural human societies form from families and are thus built upon the duties and rights of the members of those families – or put differently, Society exists so that families can produce living offspring that will be 'Society' in the future.

We reject the liberal-PC-anarchist (communist) ideal of individuals with no loyalty, duty, and no higher morality than mere pleasure or material gain.  We affirm that man finds his highest expression when he does his duty to those he owes loyalty to and when those in return do their duty to him. Duty and loyalty are the basis for all rights, not happiness, not material gain.

We affirm that We have a Unique Identity based upon Our Majority ruling this Land and that We value this identity, Majority and Land. We therefore reject the idea that we are just one among many that should 'share' this land, or that we have no right to Our Land and Our Majority.

Having affirmed the above:

We must Unite Behind Our Identity, Our Majority and Our History!

We must unite, behind our rightful Majority; we must reject becoming a purposeful minority in our own lands; we must rally behind our Identity proudly. 

We must unite around those things we love! 

We we must loudly proclaim that we object to our families, homes, communities being trampled, downgraded, and destroyed by barbarian out-landers.

 We must and we shall unite around Our hearths, heritage, history!

We shall unite around our people, and our unique identity! 

We shall unite behind Our hearths, our homes, our heritage, our history, our homeland. 

We shall unite as One nation. 

We shall unite.

We. Shall. Unite.
Say. It.  

We. Shall. Unite.

We shall Stop PC from Displacing Us.

We shall stop PC from destroying our identity. 

We shall put an end to its aiming to subvert and harm us while degrading us in our own homelands. 

We shall put an end to its attempts to divide and destroy the family, confuse the genders, as well as stop its attempts to poison our youths minds by means of indoctrination fronting as education. 
We shall stop cold its attempts to break down our people morally spiritually, ethically, and destroy their false system of thought, replacing it with a morally sound ethic that is in line with OUR values, and that serves Our ends.

We shall unite as One Strong Whole Majority and push aside their false 'two party' binary, as we can surely do better.  

We shall do this. Us united as One majority.  We affirm, Our Minimum Demands to Be:

One people in One land under One law with One way of life living by the lights of One culture!  Unitary!  Strong!  Whole!  One!  United as One Nation!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Liberal Lies:

Here be Hypocrites!

Liberals are the ultimate hypocrites.  They have a time lampooning poor whites for their supposed racism, yet the same time these caviar socialists live work and play as far from the diversity, vibrancy, and enrichment, that tolerance, diversity, and multiculturalism have brought us as they physically can place themselves.

We invite them to move themselves and their family to the poorest most diversity rich area they can find and walk the walk, while checking THEIR privilege.  But, they will not as they know in their heart that this claptrap is a lie.  They know that all their grandstanding about 'equality' is merely a stool from which to spit down upon others. They know it is all about them looking down the nose. They. Know.

And yet they still will lecture those who are honest about racial differences, as if they themselves do not believe in these differences.  They will continue to prance about as if they are some kind of morally superior human to us poor, working, and middle class whites.  They will surely miss no chance to denounce us for being leery of the minorities and their disproportionate amount of criminality, barbarism and savagery.  They will continue very much to mock us from their little well to do perch about how we hate these people for taking our jobs. 

All of them pretend mightily -- even fooling themselves in some cases -- that they believe these fables about equality being absolute, and every one in every place being the same.
But the acts of these caviar socialists; their choices in places to live; the general society with which they surround themselves and their families; all belie the words which they mouth but which do they do not hold to their hearts.  The lectures are nothing more than grandstanding, so that they can act superior to others morally.

Being called to task by us 'cracker people' for their malarkey way of acting really gets them going: Oh they hate us 'racists' for calling them out. ( Try it and see Call them out for their Faux Adherence to PC.)

And how they wish they could silence us. But wish, want and will are not the same thing.  So accordingly, until what they wish matters We will simply point out that, they choose NOT to live in the rubble of the urban areas where the entire population is 'enriching' and is 100% 'vibrant' in most cases. In point of fact they will fight to live amongst us evil 'racists' whites in the suburbs and rural areas rather than live in the Urban Enriched Zones.

And what is more they do this by choice.  Thus indicating a preference by this choice -- Seems the Left needs to Check its Choices!  Seems they need to admit reality: Until then They are as We have already said the ultimate in weakling hypocrites. Too Timid to Tell the Truth, and too Weak to Matter if they did! 

For More use this link.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Magic is for Children not for Nations of Grown Men

The country club conservatives have this belief in magic. They believe that if you put a thing in a hat and wave a piece of paper around it can physically become another item! Yes t'is truth!  They verily believe that magically a piece of paper, is able to turn a person of one nation into a person of another nation.   Further they believe, that because a piece of paper says that all persons are equal that all nations of persons are equal.

Therefore they reason it doesn't matter where we import new citizens from because everyone is the same.  And this is a fantasy, based upon Liberal Lies.

The real fact is that no such equality exists in nature, and thus these conservatives are deluded, tools of the Egalitarians.  Persons are not equal to persons, nations are not equal to nations, and therefore who from where matters as to, what results, how.  Why?

Because, and this is the God's Truth, abilities are inborn, they come from descent.  And mere pieces of paper, and the legalistic magic rituals cannot at any time ever make people(s) equal as DNA made them Unequal from Birth. 

This is shown time and again, by different outcomes among different groups of people based largely upon the single common denominator of common origin and descent.  It is simply a hardwired part of natural survival strategies playing out in groups as they are designed to by nature--or God if you wish.

This inequality categorically is not the result of racism, xenophobia, or hatred; it is in fact only the natural abilities of each separate kind playing itself out, and resulting in natural inequality, which is just the way of things in nature.

It is not subject to political pressures, it cannot be changed by applying money or resources to it; again the only thing that can happen is that the higher will be brought to the status of the lower in a vain attempt to bring up or cannot be brought up, or to shape that which will not be shaped.

PC will have you believe that tribal savages live the way they do because of racism but that is just their natural way of living.  PC cannot accept this naturally unequal status.

Thus the war PC is waging against inequality is a war against nature itself.  It is a war against all kinds.  It is the act of the common enemy of all mankind.  It surely will be this destruction of our kind, if we allowed it to continue with its mad quest for equality with third world savages.

To that end, the country club conservatives are the hewers of wood, and porters of water for the PC world order.  Carrying the egalitarian logs with all the cheer of a coolie in their magical belief in the power of paper.

Their insistence On using words like racism as shaming words. Their kowtowing to equality as if it is reality. All these cowardly and servile acts, facilitate the destruction of our people and our nation.

These conservatives are the equivalent of the Western roman aristocrats talking about barbarians becoming good Romans; it was a fantasy then and is a fantasy now.  It destroyed the Romans then, and if followed long enough, to full enough a result, it would destroy us now.

Thus these country club conservatives, these colorblind GOP dolts, must be put to task with the rest of the PC banker golden calf worshiping crew ( both D and R ); for they are the face of the enemy, and work against our best interest in all of their ways. They are the enemy within and thus must be dealt with most severely else they will betray uS all to Political Correctne$$ and Diver$ity every time they get a chance.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Where will they go?

Once a normal mono-cultural mono-ethnic patriarchal society lost its mind.  Slowly in stages, this society went over to Matriarchy, egalitarianism and what they called 'beehivism'. *

They thereupon threw the vast majority of the  men out of first the home and family, then the jobs, and then Urban society all together.
The motto was,"So the Bee thus We!"

This resulted in an Urban society based on rewarding the 'bees', which society was just barely able to function -- ironically because of the few men the women refused to make leave.

These new drones and sperm donors labored even harder, to maintain civilization than before society had lost its mind, since each had more of a work load and more demands placed upon his limited time.   Their lot was to labor, be laughed at, and when they were of no more use to the Hive to be left out exposed like a left over lump of dung. **

*Ends Really Really Badly as somethings are NOT options Folks.*

** Going to the rural areas was simply not a 'mental option' for the Queens or drones as they has written that off long before, thinking their little concrete box was the universe. **

Meanwhile the normal men, rather than rolling up and dying off as the Queen Bees of PC had intended, instead banded together, trekked back into the rural towns and villages, made do,pooled their resources and rebuilt in the rural lands by way of hard work and making what they needed from what they could have as men have done for millennia.  They simply pooled capital and labors to produce wealth from raw materials.

These Normals by the normal human interactions  attracted the non lesbian reality starved mother-housewife worthy elements from the insane pseudo society. And so these normal folks were able to form a COMMUNITY  which was able to survive and thrive, based on the Natural division of Male and Female labors to ensure maximal offspring survived birth to be reared.

In short these Normals simply formed a society outside of the urban society.  They went to the rural 'sewers' and there simple lived while they avoided contact with and did not openly strive with the Urban fantasy based society they simply lived, bred, and built solid communities in the areas the urban society had already forgotten about or did not concern itself with and let time do its magic upon the fantasy based 'beehive' project.

While the pseudo society eight its own guts in the urban areas the Grown of Normal Communities based on the mass of Tossed Men went on in the rural areas very little noticed by the urbanites. 

There the many communities of outcasts, here and there laid to ground, and quietly lived their lives like normal people.  There in the bosom of nature and its supply of raw materials that the rural areas provided, they produced food and clothing and generally produced those things they needed. 

And as by magic the one society based on reality grew stronger, while the other based on fantasy declined.   

The one with a foundation in rural nature and its supply of raw materials, that one grew strong.

There in the rural lands these outcasts of the Queen Wo-child urban psuedo society bred like rabbits, counting their children more dear to them than any of the trinkets the urban people so favored over all other things.  And thus outlasted and wore down the urban society that hated them and their ways.
From this rural vantage point, from there, they watched as urban society devoured itself, from the inside.   And from their based on their own hard work they outlived the unstable pseudo society that had cast them out, and moved into the rubble to rebuild.

The End-The Beginning.

 ( Feminism must be smashed FIRST; Then Egalitarianism-Diversity-Tolerance; Mass Immigration; then All the rest of the Rotten Lot that is PC and Modernity. Thus Restoring Sanity and Order to Our Homes, Lands, Identity, and Lives.  Do Not be a drone; Be Normal.)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Infection Runs Deep ...

Political correctness, has infected our society so deep, that vast sections of the GOP ( Nominal Right Wing) accept its tenets, almost without question.

They deny the role of People in history, and exalt the lie of the individual, which so conveniently, runs hand in glove with their economic interests. 

They deny the existence of organic people who come from a first mother and first father, needing to deny the the existence of such people, to justify the importation, of foreigners, who are used, by said GOP scalawags and Democrat carpetbaggers to undercut the organic people of the nation.

These profiteers who live in our nation but who are in fact our enemies, do all in their power to ensure that the majority of the nation, cannot unite against them, by denying the Majority any unique place or purpose and perpetually attempting to demoralize them with 'equality'.

To this end they have made common cause with the left wing communists, and embraced the ideology known as egalitarianism, which is nothing more than the communist denial of nations, people, traditions and heritage, under new verbiage.  It is the same old materialist nonsense. 

It is the same belief system, whereby individuals are merely interchangeable parts and we're all the same.  It is in fact, a full court press against the majority citizens of the United States of America, jointly undertaken by the left and the right funded by the big money bag internationalists, with the express stated intended purpose of undermining our majority, undermining our authority, undermining our way of life, and thus ending our unique identity by importing third world barbarians to play off against us in our own lands and thus weaken us enough to ensure the Traitors can Rule us while they destroy all we hold dear!

Therefore all majority citizens who wish to keep your majority.  Who wish to keep your traditions.  Wish to keep your authority over your own lands.  Who wish for your children to inherit the lands your fathers gave to you.  Who wish for your homes to be secure against diversity and it's riots outrages and rampages.  Who wish for your jobs to be secured from the world's third world scabs and wage breakers.  Who wish for your lands to remain yours and for you to remain in control of your future:

Leave the false parties, the false labels, the phoney media promoted 'leaders' which are all funded by the plutocrats. 

Unite as one majority American people, reject political correctness in all its forms, rejecting enforced diversity and tolerance, reject multiculturalism, but most of all it is time to denounce  the false parties and the moneybags that sit behind them.  It is time to denounce the media, the academia, and the so called consensus, that allows for this treasonous farce of a government to continue to operate in front of us.

It is time to say,"We don't want any more immigration legal or illegal, since we already have too many citizens without jobs, and frankly don't want to be 'enriched' any further by poverty."

It is time to say,"We categorically reject importing third world people, sense when we import them we will import their third world culture with them, and that is utterly unacceptable to us."

It is time for us to say,"We don't have to explain to anyone why it is unacceptable to us Our saying it is enough."

It is time for us the majority American citizens to remember that we are Sovereign here and no other, and it's time for us to tell anyone who doesn't like that Fact that it is long past time for them to leave our lands; now quickly without looking back.

Ice and Snow: Reality Comes To Visit

We begin this tale in a remote village located in the heart of Europe during the ice age.  It is fiercely cold.  Organization is needed for survival.  There are many small bands of people scattered, separated by glaciers and ice shelves. 

One of these bands, one winter, discovered a drug called Egalitarianism. They took it in excessive amounts. Full ideological systems were generated to justify the effects of this tragic intoxication. And intoxicated they got.

Now this band of people, had formally had hierarchy, and the men were in full control of their family's within this hierarchy. The Women tended the Home. The Children were firmly under the control of both and broken to civilization.

But under the effects of Egalitarianism the absurdity of  ABSOLUTE 'political equal' was born.
Where before egalitarianism all things had been decided by councils of MEN of over a certain age that had performed their duties to society alone, it was NOW  found that all from first voice to last cackle  had  to have a 'voice' in matters large and small ... enter lesbians, sodomy, pedophilia and bestiality ... then comes the belief that nature ought to just give them all for nothing  ... then ... { passes one, two, perhaps three generations at most } ... They all died.

Normal people then moved into their lands, set up Patriarchal Hierarchy, organized, and survived based on the Family units converging into villages that acted as larger units when the need arose.  These people were told about the former peoples from a lone survivor and found them to be utterly mad.

Since everyone knows that , acceptance of natural inequality and steadfast adherence to natural divisions of labor is what ensures the survival of the kind.

T'is a Lesson here someplace ... * looks about himself *

One Head Two Arms -- Same Ending.

Two hands, One Head; All hooked to the same Body! 

This accurately describes the Single Payer Political System we operate under -- One Money Bag, two sets of Prostitutes ( D and R ), all paid for and keep going by You John Q Taxpayer.

Folks the American left, and right, are in fact one party owned and operated by and for Wall Street ( the Big Money Internationalists who in fact OWN this Slave Camp.) 

While we may openly have the appearance of a two party system, the fact that the same big money buys all significant factions that operate  in politics, has ensured that we have a De Facto one party system. The people 'choose' nothing and merely SELECT from among candidates chosen for them. No matter which person wins this or that race  over all the Moneybags win EVER SINGLE election as they CHOOSE who would be running with their money donations. This is the reality.

This single party system, is internationalist, and has absolutely no loyalty to the common majority American in any way shape or form, having as its stated goal the end of diversifying our nations --diversifying being a euphemism for less majority citizens, and more foreign barbarians, whose sole purpose in the country are to drive down wages, lower standards of living, divide the majority, dilute and destroy our unique identity, and thereby insurer that we can never vote our way out politically correct serfdom to the one party plutocrat money bag system, which will have destroyed all these things we love. 

The one party system will if allowed its way, take our land, destroyed our heritage, break up our homes, and more generally make us homeless serfs, on the continent our fathers conquered. 

The one party system, both democrat and republican, promote political correctness and neoliberal economics, the democrats have an emphasis on political correctness and its social values, while the republicans place their emphasis upon neoliberal economics; however, they both to a lesser or greater extent support all political correctness and neoliberal economics. 

Neoliberal economics, is crony capitalism by any other name.  Those bankers who stole trillions from us some years back, they are the poster children of neoliberal economics. 

Political correctness is Marxist communism by any other name.  The Reds subversives that teach your children about butt sex and that encourage society to embrace every degeneration known since Sodom and Gomorrah, are exemplars of the red Maoist Soviet variety of political correctness. 

In America, at the top of the pyramid, the international plutocrat moneybags, have decided that political correctness and neoliberalism, are going to be the ponies that pull their chariot to victory over us the people.

The longer you the Majority People validate their decisions by a voting for the candidates which they select and present to you, and then go about pretending that you made a real decision, the longer these two ponies will pull you all, to the destruction of Our unique people, the loss of  Our lands, and the end of Our way of life. This is the fact of the matter plain and simple.

The very fact is, the moneybags want everyone in the world dependent upon their centrally controlled market, that is the neoliberalism part of the deal; however, they also need everyone divided, and unable to unite against them, and that is the politically correct end of the deal. 

The moneybags know that the third world peoples are too incompetent to ever organized against them effectively, but since the moneybags are based in the first world, they must divide us by way of mass immigration, else the majority citizens, in the first world, would not long tolerate being these people slaves nor would we care to pay their way.  So they have imported voting blocs to outvote the majority first world people, and created subversive voting blocs it home to subvert the majority people's traditions at home. 

Thus using the communist tactic of pressure from within and pressure from without, to ensure the first world people remain their slaves and that they can, remain in control of their neoliberalism political politically correct empire. 

All empires require diverse populations, to rule, because no unified nationally minded people are they easily held in bondage, well mixed minority populations with no center of tradition have no means of unifying against tyranny and imperial domination. 

The money bags are merely using the old roman trick of dividing conquer, applying neoliberalism and politically correct rhetoric to it, and for the same ends: so that they may rule as they extract wealth from us to their advantage and our general disadvantage . 

If they make us a minority among minorities in our own lands, then then we will be their slaves forever, and most likely we will cease to exist in any meaningful way, as they will have degraded and destroyed our unique identity. As such under their boot we will merely be a token people,servile and low. Betrayed and sold into bondage.

The standard response from both the right and left to the sorts of statements by working and middle class people such as myself, are racism, Klansman NAZI, and many other insulting 'shaming words' meant to shutdown debate, and ensure that the resolution to all discussions about our future in the in the favor of political correctness and neoliberalism, rather than in the favor of the majority population, who again are called racist by these people for asserting their majority rights to national self determination. 

Everyone knows this is the standard response, we're not supposed to talk in terms of our country in our land, but only in terms of this country and this land; the implication being that it's not truly OURS but just a land, among many lands that are all equal. 

Well to the PC, money bag, golden calf worshipers all lands may be equal, but to me this is my land of birth, not just any land that they get to give away to whomever pays the ticket to ride the ride it is their little country. 

This land isn't a club you come here to enjoy or that exists to bring you 'happiness' or any other quality at all. 

This land is something one is born into as part of a living people, a living continuation of the national tradition, as part of the historical heritage in a specific home to parents who were born the same way.
 That is what 'this land' is to me and many others, quite a great deal of whom are still afraid to speak out, but They will find their voices as the vice of Neoliberalism and PC starts to squeeze their children's future like a wine-press. 

The Moneybags mean to have your land and the Two Party Charade is the Means they intend to use to have It! 



The very fact is is unless you want these golden calf worshiping politically correct raiders to give your land away to third world immigrants in the name of diversity and tolerance, you have no choice but to raise your voice and to say," I reject political correctness.  I reject mass immigration.  I reject being replaced in my own land like replaceable parts.  I reject the insane notion that my neighborhoods have been enriched by the diversity which has brought violence crime poverty disease and every other undesirable characteristic in its wake.   

I reject the idea that my people are just the same as every other and have no unique value whatsoever, who moreover should like panda bears just become minorities in our own lands.  I reject white guilt.  I reject enforced equality affirmative action and so called tolerance which is in fact the majority happening to tolerate minorities bad actions.

I reject international country club elitists looking down their nose at me while they tell me that I have to give up everything I love for their profits. I reject the caviar socialist who wish to steal everything I love in the name of their fantasy utopia.  

And I reject the idea that it is hatred to love my own people, my own land,my own way of life, my own laws and to wish to keep them, just as I reject the insane notion that it's hatred to prefer my own kind, my own country, and my own ways over foreign kinds, countries, and ways.  

I reject PC's nonsense shaming words, finding PC to be lacking in moral character, and therefore lacking in any standing, to judge me in any matter whatsoever."

Until the normal person out there can say, these things and mean them, as well as carry through with the actions necessary, beginning with rejecting the two party phony system, we the majority will remain slaves to political correctness and neoliberalism, and therefore be nothing more than the property of the international money bag class who own the American government.

It really comes down to folks do you want to be free, or do you wanna live under political correctness and the rainbow fantasy, while you are bled dry by golden calf worshiping carpetbaggers?

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Score

Message to the Netz Neo Nutzis:  What you are doing is Failing.  Find a new plan.  Since it is time to bring the costumes back to the shop.

The fact is that the net based costume party larping 'nationalists' are NOT going to make the next cut to the A Team, because they are of no use to the majority who rightly reject them as alien oddballs.

The Costume Clowns IMHO, are tools of the system they purport to oppose and of NO use to the Nation they claim to support.   They MUST be called out and driven into the wilds to perish since they are toxic filth they dirty everything they touch. They are unwilling to work and worthless for anything else.

So that we have this clear Net Nutzi nonsense and other Larping equals DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except helping the system stigmatize ALL nationalism with clownish buffoonery.

Take off that silly uniform. Act like a normal human being. Be of GOOD CHEER rather than bitching and crying all the time about doom and gloom. These are good.

Walk your dog and act like a human being that your neighbors can respect and whose goals they can support is far more important than knowing obscure nonsense about Hitler and WWII. This is better.

But DOING work that produces useful things for Family, Community and the kind, like a proper Man is Most Important and Best all in One:
It is just like that. 

Real Nationalists are of USE to their Nation not Uniformed street brawlers or Net Warriors dressing up as Hitler's ghost -- those folks are just Netz Nutzis and should be disregarded by all forward thinking nationalists as again negative, lazy, toxic filth that are the kiss of death to any organization they come any where near.

'Gender Choice' equals insane make believe by any other Name

Iron Law of Creation: Male and female he created them - -and only male and female he created them.

Enter Medical Science, Nihilism, Materialism, and some PC Modernity.

This gender choice mania is based upon the delusion that biological sex and gender are in some way separate, when in fact they are matters of chromosomal differences whereas the modernist idea of gender has absolutely no empirical data to verify it at all--being entirely based upon feelings and subjective states of mind. 

The pushing of this unnatural and sterile way of life is part of the war on traditional values, gender roles, familial, public, private morals and our overall culture.  Hand in hand with this inversion of western values has come the ascent of humanism to pagan God-King like pretensions.

The most startling is the notion that WORDS will paper over empirical reality. From this one flows, among many others, the arrogant notion that we can change human nature with chemicals, surgery, and other mental techniques, such that these cosmetic changes ensure some lasting change to the biological person. Put another way they believe that because we can SAY we can change Males into females and the reverse, that in fact we can do that, when in fact it is all a grand illusion based upon corollary fantasy enabling notion of 'mental gender as distinct from biological sex.' 

Now the Subjective Truth we are required to kowtow towards in our daily life is the absurd notion that:  'There are Males, females, and everything else between if you but believe'.

And believe the misguided and misled souls do, since they are led on by false teachers form cradle to grave to be mindless drones.

But belief or NO:  The reality is, that we can surgically remove a person's sexual anatomy, and give them the outward appearance of the other sex; however, no power on earth will make them a viable part of a natural male and female breeding pair, this too is truth. 

For it is a great Truth of nature, that only Males and females, in a matched opposing set lead to life and the creation of a true family unit with the self perpetuating future.  Male slash male, female slash female parents, and any pairing with a sterile imitation, result in nothing and are doomed to the grave by the end of one generation.  For these pairings create no life to perpetuate themselves and are sterile and empty imitations of nature.

This is because underneath the illusion of transforming gender, nothing has changed at a biological level, and the man remains a man, while the woman remains a woman, both again merely being sterile imitations of naturally occurring Males and females who have had cosmetic and superficial changes made in appearance only and no changes made at the essential level of biology. 

They have not transform into the other gender at all, but have merely become a eunuch caught in between the normal natural sexes.  The reality is that they have nearly given up their natural healthy body for a freakish imitation with the other sexes outward gender traits but having none of its inner essence.  This ensures that they are an outsider to both genders, outside the circle of life, a mockery of the 'transformation' promised. 

This phenomenon of mutilating sick people is fundamentally wrong as it harms sick people to perpetuate the insanely dangerous  illusion that the elite who push this delusion are in fact in control of nature such that they can bend it to their will Whim. 

Thus because these needless operations harm the sick,  enable the enemies of tradition, and encourage further sedition by the degenerates among the Liberal Lumpen, this crazy practice must be opposed and denounced as the insanity that it has become.   They believe in their New Gender nonsense... We Need NOT.   Since frankly pretending to believe what is NOT real is utterly moon bat insane.