Friday, March 25, 2016

We have to be able to rely on us

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We have to be able to rely on us.

Dependency, is the mother of slavery. Autonomy, is born of sufficiency, upon ourselves. Let these simple sentences sink in; if you do not control what you need, another is master over you. This is true, for us all. With this in mind,

Our attention turns to the fact, that the majority Americans, and their western European cousins, are utterly dependent upon an internationalist rootless cosmopolitan plutocratic oligarchy, who, have no loyalty to our people, and who are paying for both PC with it's mental poisons, and for mass immigration, which is displacement by any other name.
In short the elite of the West are waging mental, spiritual, and economic warfare against the majority European citizens of the West.

Those among the citizens of the west who refuse to be part of the national suicide that is PC coupled with mass immigration, must therefore, make from scratch and by their own efforts the means necessary to become free of any dependency whatsoever, upon the internationalist cosmopolitans.

The citizens, must be able to provide their own food, clothing, housing, and to use these provisions as a stable base from which to build industry, such that they will have control over the necessary items they need to survive.

To do this they must have a strong family and community identity and a 'common good' spirit that will not tolerate PC selfishness or greedy Judas like behaviors.
The citizens will have to fall back upon their historical identity, their historical majority, so that they thus can in autonomy control their historical lands.

For autonomy is born of sufficiency upon one's self. But this cannot be done in the school systems which are under the control of the rootless cosmopolitans, thus that dependency must be broken as well.

The minds of our people particularly our youths must be kept from the clutches of the rootless cosmopolitans and their enablers. Our citizens must become autonomous in their learning and their education, so that their culture, may be kept by them in their own lands.

From here the citizens would be wise, to form their own counter banking system, and thus be free of the rootless cosmopolitans tyranny. The road to this organization is paved by our historical identity, by our loyalty to this identity, and our love for the intangibles which this identity implies. The great fortress of our people is the fact that we have no place to fall back to, and thus our love for this land, will be among our greatest assets.
The cosmopolitan politically correct elite know these to be facts, thus the reason for white guilt, the indoctrination with the nonsense about racism, sexism, homophobia, and the rest of the buzzwords which PC fills people's minds with in order to break down their identity, and weak and their love for their native lands.

It can be ready grasped that while we are dependent upon the international cosmopolitan system for Our provisions, for our education, for our moral instruction, we are slaves, to those who hate our way of life, and who wish to displace and destroy us.

Therefore it behooves the citizens to becoming Morally Autonomous from the PC's world view and to build upon the values of their fathers rather than accept the 'new' values of this degraded age.

This is a great truth: the ultimate root of autonomy from PC lies in being morally autonomous, and determining for, by, and with reference only to ourselves what shall be our moral law and how it shall be applied. It is this control of our group conscience which is the most paramount autonomy that can be gained from the politically correct system. For here is the great power that leads to all other successes against the PC Internationalists.

In point of fact, the power that becoming autonomous from PCs morality accrues to those who are willing to embrace it, is the root of the motivation which will drive the masses to overturn the apple cart of political correctness. Mental spiritual autonomy is the wellspring of all true freedom.

From here we become Our Own Men and from that point We and Not PC write our History again ... We have become able to rely on us. And thus we are able.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


What is being conserved?


True Conservatism is about ensuring OUR People survive, to enjoy the use of Our own land, under Our own laws, by the lights of Our own culture.

The Captive Right of 'Conservatism Inc'(tm) are liberal-PC-Cultural-Marxists whose job is to play act like they stand for the Majority as they in fact sell out the majority 'conservative' citizens to the money bags that fund both the Captive Right and the treason lobby Left.
Hear us our people, and weep for your nation as it has been betrayed. We have been sold for 30 pennies by Judas to the money lenders.

These plutocrats and economic elites have spared no expense to ensure that all 'allowed' or 'respectable' voices are bought by themselves. (This is why Trump has them so worked up as he is NOT bought by them and cannot be trusted to keep their 'arrangements' in place. However back to our narrative. )

The Historical Majority Rightful People of the West are nearly a minority. The Christian values of the west are almost cast down. The lands of the Western Peoples are being invaded and appropriated by foreign hordes of pillaging, raping, culture destroyers.

All this while conservatism inc seems to fiddle among the smoldering tire fires in the streets of the cities which were once the Western lands, like some sort of collective Nero.

Fires meant to burn out the foundations of the West. Fires meant to force us by fear and necessity to submit to PC multiculture and its death cult beliefs derived from Marxism's theories about 'universal humanity'.

Fires started by the direct action of the Left, Captive 'Right' and Big Money that backs both of the wings of the Two party facade called 'democracy' which a farce and a fraud – the Demos – that is the majority historical people – are silenced and keep out of 'archy' – that is power by all means fair and foul.

Fires started by subversives given legal protection by the Left and enabled by the 'conservative' leadership who have long since sold out to the false idols of the Leftist Cult called Multiculture Political Correctness – false leaders who value mammon over main street; money over mom and apple pie – false leaders who are perfectly willing to fall on their face on command from PC, Big Money and the Left's Diversity – and tolerate it as well. Fires, looting, pillaging … and the Captive Right nary utters a whimper and that is because:

The left dictates the morality and the captive 'right' submits. (See: St. MLK)

This statement has been the complete and utter truth since at least the Civil Rights Era – an openly subversive overthrow of Majority society, which put modern America on track for today’s multicultural liberal death cult; an overthrow the Captive Right supports, since as things stand they are enthralled, nay captivated, even cuckolded, to the leftist world view. Their thralldom and treason come as a set. The elite among the Captive Right get money and perks, as well as being physically 'safe' for now from the PC hordes, so thus is their treason explained.

However what is totally beyond us; What We cannot figure out is:

WHAT is conservative about common middle and working class majority citizens playing along with this rigged game in which 'their own side' sells them out to the PC Death Cult?

Frankly the answer about, 'Well it is better then the left/liberals winning', – which we have all heard for decades—is absurd as the Leftist/Internationalist are winning in real time, all day every day and have been winning in a big way for some time now. (Hint: all the 'teams' in play are internationalist teams, thus no matter who wins internationalism wins by default. )
The money supports the Left so the captive right allows the Left to have its way with their 'conservative' base. It is rather like a pimp giving a girl out as a favor, actually.

But be that as it may, the Left has forced the following upon 'conservatives': Diversity, tolerance and political correctness free of question; Affirmative Action as a right; Safe Spaces to plot further subversion against traditional society; Gun Control by many other names; Babylonian transgenderism as normative, healthy and a veritable fact of nature itself; Support from the law and the State as they engage in the degradation of ALL traditional values as a protected and absolute 'right'; Centralized control of Education by which they spread their egalitarian, liberal, lies to the children; Mass Immigration to dilute the majority and to punish us for our white guilt; and last but not least a captive 'conservative' tax base that pays for all the left/centrist subversion of Our ideals, way of life, and biological integrity as a Western People, while they wait two, four and six more years to get all worked up about losing, over and over again...

Maybe honestly assessing reality would be a solution? Maybe leaving the false leaders and quack theories of the captive 'right' for real leadership who care about conserving the Majority People and Our values might be an option? Leaders that do not lie to Us about reality. Leaders with the stones to stand up to PC's fantasy notions about White Guilt, 'Human Equality', Diversity, Tolerance and Oppression. Maybe, just maybe, leaders that OPENLY proclaim that the Majority have unique interests, and an identity and history worthy of being proud of might help us stop acting like whipped curs, huh?

Yes, yes, Hitler, how droll, let the media memes go folks. Just maybe it is time to put down the Hitler as he as nothing to do with modern immigration. That just is NOT cutting the grade... It is the liberal/PC/Cultural-Marxist equivalent of Pooh Pooh Head. We are all, way past that point. Dry those eyes. Now to continue with the process of mental liberation...

It is often claimed that third worlders are more socially conservative but, how does that help us when it is NOT our culture they wish to conserve? Conserving their culture among us helps us Native Born Majority Rightful Americans how exactly?

Assuming this is truth, that the invaders are 'more conservative', the predictable result is still that WE end up minorities in Our Own Lands...

What is conservative about that out come?

How do you conserve a people and their cultural values by allowing them to be degraded and diluted to the point they are destroyed?

Do you all want to be INVADED by foreign hordes that WILL destroy your unique identity or not?

Basically, one cannot bring in huge numbers of totally biologically different people from all corners of the globe and for the most part directly out of the stone age – with the intent purpose which the left shouts daily from the roof tops of creating 'diversity' IE a minority out of the majority – and expect to keep the norms and customs of the proper majority first world citizens among the diverse soup so created. This is not rational. Nor will the former first world citizens so swamped by the third world barbarians, be able to keep the standards of living, material culture or the level of intellectual discourse at anything like its current Western Majority levels.

We all know this, saying the truth out loud will set you free, so again from the top: What is conservative about importing people that will displace your people and your principles in time? Nothing at all is the truthful 100% painful answer. It is in fact suicidal for our Western Nations to import all these third worlders who bring NOTHING except violence, squalor and barbarism. They are of zero value to the Majority Citizens.

Why does anyone tolerate being replaced by barbarian stone age savages?
Same reason conservatives join in calling anyone that objects to the mass immigration invasion, diversity, PC and other Leftist fantasy notions, 'Hitler' 'Racist' and 'Nazi' because Conservatives are ALL terrified of being called names by Liberals and Cultural Marxists... the labels Racist, Nazi and Hater terrify you folks... The Fact is that conservatives need to free their minds from the Left's value judgments and come over to the Nation. We are waiting to embrace our lost brothers and sisters, but only after One has let go of the PC and its death cult mentality. Free yourself from this burden of living up to the enemy's expectations and you will be free to serve the National interest exclusively with no shame.

We think freely of the PC, thus we can say without shame:

True Conservatism is about ensuring OUR People survive to enjoy the use of Our own land, under Our own laws, by the lights of Our own culture. True conservatism is based on a singular Nation in a land, and is NOT universal, at all, but particular and unique. True conservatism starts with conserving the People, their communities and the families which make up said communities. It is about preserving and passing on traditions and culture with pride. It is about keeping what is ours to pass down to our own.

Free your mind from PC and you will be free to Think of your Western Identity.

We think freely of the PC. If you wish to 'know what We think' read the PDF linked in almost all our works – link at end of document.
To sum up our beliefs in a few sentences: The White Western Peoples are under assault by PC and Money Forces which working as a team are importing the third world to break us down into serfs.

That is the long and short of Our beliefs.

It is logical, visually obvious and factual true according to the left's own public pronouncements and the 'right's' own stance upon these issues – To which we propose going back to Family as the foundation of People, and from there simply leaving this multicultural ship, to the end that We the Majority will be our own Ship.

We the Western Majority have NO need of the PC Multiculture.

PC being purely a parasite that lives upon the Western Peoples the same as Marxism lived off the Slav Peoples for its time.

We are far more anti-communist than any of the modern right but also we are community minded and hate this individualist free for all likening it to rats in a flood – vile and base, lacking in honor.

It simply is not natural for humans to operate as little happiness units each preying upon his fellows... Liberalism is a form of War unleashed upon society so that others can reap the $$$ from the chaos.

This war will be ended by us to our advantage and the lies of PC, modernity and liberalism will be cast out from among our living spaces. This will ensure We have control of Our Destiny.

That about sums up our beliefs off the cuff, but feel free to ask questions.

Share, download and subscribe to the blog and youtube. { 193 page pdf clean link.  A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success.    }

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Restoring Organic Wholeness to Our People

(An extended excerpt from the Organic Theory of Society – 193 page pdf clean link. A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success. )

WHO, What and How can will and must restore Organic Wholeness to Our People:

For those looking for a hobby or play time activity: This is not for you.

This WILL NOT BE EASY. It will require a lot of give and take. A lot of compromise and flexibility on the part of all parties involved. But it can be done if the will, and want are there to make it happen. We wish to point out that taking success from the jaws of failure will take a LOT of work, since, the cause of those, that believe in Nationalists Organic Principles in North America and in the west more generally, is failing dismally. The failure is a product of clinging to ghosts of the past, and an improper understanding of the facts of today. This reality is coupled with outright pigheaded insistence that failure is success in an attempt to reframe reality by way of word play. Conservatives are powerless before the PC, while, populists and Nationalists are side lined by the established parties, media and academia not to mention the money elite who are all lined up against the People of the Nation.

This cannot be denied by any honest observer, in fact the serious failures of current Nationalist, Populist, Conservative thinking and action are the reason We have penned this tract in an attempt to give the National Minded Man something to anchor himself upon as, at present the center and right are in full retreat before PC's assaults across the entire West.

These too are hard facts.

Tradition is being routed. The family is in collapse. Order itself is coming undone.

And yet those that purport to be Nationalists, that is to believe in Organic Principles by and large cannot even have a conversation over fish and bread with the very nations they purport to lead, because they are despised by and despise their own historical nations and people! It would be comic if the hour was not quite so late and the need not quite so pressing.

One of the main reasons among several for this epic failure is the arrogant highhanded attitude of the majority of far right 'movement' itself towards the common people. The majority of the 'old guard' among 'Wnist' and 'race realist' type movements simply have nothing to offer the common working and middle class person that is worth the sacrifice needed to gain those offerings. While the 'mainstream' GOP types are fully in the service of the same system flushing the Common Man's dreams down the sewer along with his standard of living, wages and future. What dissent there is the 'far right' provides.

The (vast majority of the partisans of the 'far right') movement openly, call the common people, sheep, slaves and serfs on the one hand, but on the other castigates them for not loving and following “the movement's” (IE their own) eccentric and contradictory belief systems fully and without question.

Why would the masses follow those that call them asses and insult their core values to their face? Who on top of this have nothing to offer them but nothing at all?

The sad fact for Us believers in Organic Society is that the current 'right wing' movement in the Anglo Sphere cannot and will not accept its own failings and must project blame onto others while never ever even considering the problem is internal to itself. Blaming is a projection of weakness.

Why would the common Western Man want to associate with folks that act like demoralized school girls insisting that nobody will let them be free? Who sees this and thinks,”There is where We want to place our bounty”, who?

In this regard the current far right movement is more of an online cult with a hodge podge of confused beliefs that have no center of gravity or meaningful application to the real life of the West, than it is a well thought out mass movement.

It is this 'goonish' and inept public display coupled with the far right's open contempt for the common people that ensures their ongoing failure, not any conspiracy external to themselves.

The inability to provide meaningful answers to the day to day questions in life, twinned with the elitist contempt for the masses ensures failure, in and of itself.


Therefore it follows that for the cause of those that believe in Organic Principles to begin to succeed those persons who believe in an Organic Society based on solid families in homes, with hearths, passing on a heritage, must bring on a large segment of the common people to their beliefs.

However for this to happen they must formulate their beliefs such that they conform to common experience, and they must also be internally sensible and non-contradictory.

These beliefs must be presented in such a manner as to appeal to the manners and ways of the people while steering them towards a society more in line with the theory presented in this work.

And further since belief informs action, the acts of the those that believe in Organic Principles must be in line with the goals of those principles.


Therefore the most sensible way forward would be to formulate NEW Principles that openly embrace the common people from the family level as being paramount to the Organic Society. One Big Family of Families.

These new principals must be presented in the nature of civic-social-economic ideals. To be guidelines upon which to base the outcome of actions social political and economic. Morality Matters. Uniformity of Belief is Crucial.

In short these new principles that will replace the hodgepodge conflicting and meaningless concepts that the modern 'right' presents with The Organic Social Theory, which we hope will be able to unify and unite the effort at an ideal level while allowing for greater flexibility at the operative level. More uniformity of ideals with less micromanagement of the details that lead to the outcomes.

The facts as derived from this line of thought will be presented as the plain facts of existence, as an answer all of the big questions in the people's lives.

These principles will grow because they will be useful while lending themselves to flexibility and general applicability.
True to our core principles but not hateful to our people who are after all merely lost and misguided needing our aid to find the path.

In this way The Organic Social Theory and its advocates will go from being associated with the hated fringe anarchic right who are internally confused, to being well founded upon correct principles and thereupon will find themselves a proper loyal base amongst the population.
Those that believe in Organic Principles themselves will also go from being associated with buffoons and charlatans play acting at being 'nobles' to being more or less thought of normal people who do WORK in the SERVICE of their FOLK, and who in return are well thought of by their folk.

But all of this begins with the cause of those that believe in Organic Principles purging those elements of thought, action and ideals, from the past which have no application in the future; and coming down off the mountain to meet the people in the middle, like proper leaders of Men.


The movement shall have to journey mentally and spiritually from being highhanded lords, to being proper servants of their people. For the highest nobility is service, and all proper right to rule is based upon the duty to do good for those ruled. This must be the internal light that guides the actions of The Organic Social Theory – The Common Good over Self Interests. If they shall not others shall fill this vacuum of true leadership and direct the outcomes of events.

If The Organic Social Theory externalizes this truth of leading by providing a good example in performing lawful legal, yet useful and 'good' actions in the local community.

This will generate good will. Good will coupled to proper action based upon right understanding, will in and of itself work to draw to The Organic Social Theory the very masses that have scorned them to this point.

Life builds upon life, and good upon good. Do well; Build much; Bring in Others; Continue cycle.

If The Believers in Organic Social Theory play the role of the well meaning elder brother, or even paternal father, who have their people's interest at heart then the nation will embrace them and return this affection. As you do, so you are judged; is it not so?

If the those that believe in Organic Principles speak in terms that people understand, then the masses will comprehend. An adult must find the language to put difficult concepts to those less mature than them, or they are poor stewards of the people.

If they act and live humbly, dutifully, and do what must be done selflessly then people will in time elevate them to do their duty. Since all that 'will to power' are 100% unfit to wield power.

If they lead their own lives' in ways that bring reward and a betterment of, their own families and the to the lives of the commons, then they will have proven themselves to be worthy of their peoples adoration. For who is more worthy of his country's love than he who has made his country strong body and soul?

The cause of those that believe in Organic Principles would do well to remember that Man to Man relations are far more powerful than any money, or economics or any other factor. Like draws to like, Life to Life.

It is the fact that The Organic Social Theory acknowledges these relations, as beginning in the family and expanding out to the greater nation that sets The Organic Social Theory apart from all out modeled pure mechanical and materialists belief systems. The family is the sold foundation upon which the theory rests. The unit by which the rest is to be judged. The means to freedom from our bondage to modernity and PC. The Strong Base.

The Believers in an Organic Society will by their own word be a 'first family' at a community level; one to make the circle complete; such that life grows from life.

We shall do this by the A, B, C's of the matter.

A.) Who:

A strong stable society is based upon strong families, who are based around the male and female lifelong bonding pair – premise.

Our pseudo society has effectively destroyed this base, by means of subversion of the patriarchal home order; the elevation of alternative 'lifestyles' that only produce death, the destruction of traditional morality at all levels starting in the home and rotting outwards from there; and by destroying the stability of the family by the agency of legally enforced no fault divorce.

This weakening of the strong base has allowed for the rest of the subversion that is PC modernity. PC is well funded, organized and widely dispersed among the people with a consistent message; those who oppose it are not and thus are hapless to stop the destruction about them.

The destruction of our society, has left an awful lot of men, in the rubble, under the wreckage that modernity and 'progress' has brought upon Our People and our National-State. These men, are bound to pay for families in name only, who have no loyalty to them and demand payments from these men but refuse to do their duties to the men in return.

These men are legally in effect serfs. These men are the most obvious first demographic that those who wish to reestablish Organic Society in the West should appeal to, for these men have no illusions about the system's benevolence nor do they believe in any of its lies.

These men are simply waiting in the soup kitchens, underneath bridges, sleeping in their cars, for a glimmer of hope, for a light to guide their way. Essentially they are waiting to find new purpose, so that they can do what men do and that is to build the basis for social and political organization, by means of their economic-cooperation organization.

If this sounds complex but what it means is that men naturally work together if presented the chance and given a real meaningful reason and they will then work very hard to create value which value is then used as the basis for social and politic order thus the Mens economic efforts are the basis for social and political stability and society, just as the stable family is the basis for the man's ability to work and build value effectively.

So in effect those who wish to reestablish Organic Society must go to these outcast, brow beaten men, expose them to the truth that they can have a better future if they but only come together with effort and thereby merge with them becoming an extended family to each other; One, United.

A Great Family that can do great things if they but act like good normal productive virile, healthy, able and generally useful noble men that a rural community would WELCOME into their ranks.

Then from this will flow the natural productive forces which come from people cooperating to a common end; however this natural zeal must be channeled or like a flood it will merely run off not doing much good and usually doing much damage.

Common understanding of values, common expectations and a common willingness to work for each other will go a long ways to digging a deep and wide harness these productive forces.

B) What:

Once those who wish to reestablish Organic Society have this family, drawn together from the outcasts of modernity, and hammered together with the ideals of Family, and the Organic Theory of Society; and have burned into them a desire for a solid stable home, hearth and heritage of their own, then, they will need to organize to consolidate and to conceptualize long-term plan(s).

Thus it follows this family must be adopt for itself at least a nominal organization, and understand that some measure of hierarchy and great amounts of discipline and group restraint are essential to any large scale organization affecting long-term goals, and keeping the group together as one.

In general Organization is important because it teaches large groups of people how and WHY they are going to work together for common interests.

There are many different forms of specific organizations available from many different forms of charities and nonprofits, to for profit corporations, to single proprietorship businesses, and a host of others; but the essential element of all of them is that there is a planning principle, which is able to save capital for the enterprise to use later upon long-term goals.

In most English speaking countries there is a concept called a Mutual Benefit (Not and For Profit) Corporation. This is basically a taxed but not for profit corporate structure that allows many people to come to together and act as one legal person for many many purposes, including, clubs, charities, self help groups, insurance pools, community gardens, farmers markets, trust funds, housing associations, and many many more perhaps including the credit union but that is usually provided for by another specific act.

This form of organization is similar to an LLC (limited liability company) or S type corporation in that they require little paper work to establish, and simply provide the agent with a layer of corporate immunity while the tax owed is basically the same or in some cases slightly less than if you simply filed as a self employed person, the main advantage gained is that each member of the new familial society has some measure of legal immunity against total bankruptcy in the worst case scenario and each learns some degree of 'know how' as to paper work, taxation and business in general.

For those who wish to reestablish Organic Society I would posit that a worthy first step and initial goal that these men could work and save towards, would be to save up, and jointly purchase rural and suburban lands that are unwanted or run down; slowly move the new family there into 'group homes' or communal housing (the idea being to save on useless repetition of costs and forge working friendships among the 'housemates' if possible as a bonus.); then work to build them up into viable small farms and home based businesses; while also building bridges to the locals by good works and generally acting with good will towards them coupled with respect for their ways. A willingness to help and good efforts in that direction make all the difference we estimate.

This would allow the new emerging organic family to learn to work together as one and to learn to submerge their personal interest in the common cause. It would take them away from PC's urban power base and place them squarely among the rural folks are are largely themselves dissidents from Liberal Modernity.

This working environment would allow the space and freedom for the new family to produce wealth which could be exchanged or traded with the local population. If this was handled in a just and generally honest and forthright manner, it would be to gain goodwill with them and show that nationalist family cares about them and their interests.

This value produced could be used to provide charitable relief to show by actions the family's intent for the commons.

The Goal will be to house, feed and clothe all the family members; make money; create capital; generate good will among the locals; and live successful lives. As they bond into an extended family with their community by the natural procession of man meets woman.

This will ensure that they continue growing in political and social numbers such that the new extended family – the first family and the community that have become as one – can send emissaries to the near by rural areas, small towns, and other municipalities.

The steady result will be a spreading of the area under the family of families influence in the rural areas, as well as a steady accumulation of administrative and governing skills by attempting to be elected to public offices at all local levels. Then to slowly to move back into the suburban areas, and some select urban areas to spread the ideals of the Organic Society and to show its successes as persuasive arguments unto themselves. Thus they shall have a base upon which to operate that extends into the suburbs and rural areas, such that unlike a mere political party they will be able to provide fully functional life assistance to those deemed worthy of their efforts.

But to not get ahead of ourselves now we get to:

C.) How:

1.) The Location is important. The chosen local must have the resources needed to support industrious people – from raw materials to finished products freedom means a secure supply of resources. It must have water that cannot be shut off from the outside – without water there is NO life or agriculture. It must have the right kind and number of inhabitants who will be receptive of the intergalist organic nationalist message of the first family. And it must be far enough from the centers of imperial power as to be unnoticed by the PC regime, so as to be more or less immune to its influence – this will ensure an insulated area in which to introduce the ideals of the Family to larger audiences and to have a larger chance of being the sole viable voice in those areas.

In such a chosen location the family will have to locate and then proceed to to 'prove' themselves the equals of the locals, and act the part of brothers, and sons to their new community.
Part of this includes acting with couth and manners towards the locals and 'taking them on board' by presenting one's self to them, and simply allay their concerns and answer their questions so as to head off bad tidings, gossip, rumor and the other thousand misunderstandings that aloofness will only aggravate.
Now, it is 100% true that legally one is not required to consult anyone but the seller, and a few other functionaries in the local 'county seat' or town hall about ones purchase of the land and subsequent use of said land. It is a private matter in so much as this goes, true enough, LEGALLY.

However we are not Lawyers and ethically speaking, practically, and person to person, the age old custom of meeting with the locals and breaking bread and explaining one's self and intent openly and honestly, still carries pretty big mojo in the country. Hospitality is a sign of good intent and it shows that one has a certain manner about one's thinking that reflects in one's social attitude toward others.

It could – legally – be disregarded but it is just such slights that turn country folks and poor folks off of the more high handed rich and middle class gentrifiers that 'return to the land' – that is invade small towns and try to take over throwing money about like pimps – to say nothing of the mass immigrant invaders. And Our Family will have NO want of such poor regard from them in fact this would be the ultimate failure – as it would show that our people were too stupid and proud to find a way to be proper members of an already functioning rural community ready for the family ideals. The shame and fault, would be Ours and no others.

We wish to stress that this, all the meet and greet is not about 'We have to' it is about 'We think this is the right thing to do'. It is purely a matter of character, or even ethics rather than law, which have more weight and will gain more good will than cold adherence to the impersonal anti-nationalist 'law' we linger under today in the modern West. In a very small village one could and should simply invite the entire population – man woman and child – to the tavern (local meeting hall), buy them all some food, put some refreshments out, shoot a few rounds of darts and pool, laugh a few laughs, maybe tell a joke or two, then, let them ask all the questions they have in a calm and friendly environment.

The key is to answer forthrightly and leave them without ill will and at best with good will. This should not be that hard 99 times out of a 100 if one is really just moving out to the country to be one of the rural working folks and live a life close to the soil, and attempt to build a solid foundation upon which to raise families of our own.

2.) This leads us to point two: People like Ants, not grasshoppers. Look to the Ant Oh Sluggard how she toils with no overseers! If one goes to an area that is run down, and does things to make it better. Then folks will notice and generally approve of this even if they don't agree with one on much of anything. They will at least see that you do as you say, and that your say has meaningful weight behind it.

We feel that if the other differences were at least left unresolved civilly that some elbow grease, genuine effort and productive work ethic, could tip the balance from NAY to AYE many times out of a hundred.

And we know that doing something positive, useful and productive is more useful than not, every single time all the time, every time.

3.) Bring what the family needs from the outside: Coming equipped to succeed about 99% of the battle. Bring tools, food, water, medicines, bandages and camping gear so that from the outset, a hygienic, clean, fairly organized living space and be laid out. Think: base camp. This will also show the locals the family have some clue and are not going to be a burdensome and tiresome unwelcome addition to the community.

This will show that the Family has some organization, and common sense. Again this will be a basis for respect if not admiration and can be a deciding edge when things are put in the balance. People like organized, clean folks who think ahead. Add in good will and honest efforts and We feel this will lead to acceptance by the community of the family.

4.) Amplify Similarities and down play differences. Basically: Blessed are the Peace Makers for they shall inherent the Earth. In the context of a group of men melding into a family unit based on the Organic Theory and moving to a community to bond with said community, this would mean that one would try to do good things for the locals One would be polite, mannered and proper. And one would ensure that ALL of one's fellows did likewise, as it would seem to Us that finding ways to make ones presence useful to the locals could not hurt the acceptance and bonding process. Helping out is one sure fire way to be included sooner or later. And it builds a sense of 'these are our people' in the family of erstwhile lost and rootless men. It is a win win for everyone and that is because it is based upon the natural and normal relations of men serving a community which in return accords them respect and a 'place' among them of honor.

5.) Never make it an issue of 'us V you'. Who here would not fight to the death for Our home? If somebody came and told Us they were talking over, would We fight? Yes One would if one is worth one's salt. Truly it does not matter whom, nor what pretext: If Anyone is 'taking' from Us, then WE are fighting it out to defend our Homes. This is instinctual. Anyone who has ever had their town overran by immigrants understands this. And those of Us moving to this new town are immigrants. Being respectful of the local's ways never hurts the prospects of peaceful settlement, acceptance and bonding in, with and by THEIR town.

Once, the nationalist family, has established itself, on at least one parcel of land, and is doing economically and socially well enough that expansion is feasible, then We advise creating a series of interlocking corporate enterprises like those mentioned briefly above and making the informal enterprises more structured and directed beyond mere survival of the small family come to its new community.

The purposes of this increase in organizational complexity will include: to expand the families functional reach; to help manage and control their holdings; to aid them in attaining goals necessary to the formation of a wider Organic Society; to allow them to divide labors and apply skills each in his most productive sector; so that the family can live the ideals of the Organic Society, thereby defusing them by action; and in short to allow the family and larger community it takes on board to learn the skills needed to be a great National-State one day in their own right by their own labors.

We have seven (like the notes of the Scale) of these in mind. They are meant to build from each other, and to mutually self support each other. They are based upon building up raw material supplies first (food, fibers and green fuels primarily at the start), then applying labor to these raw materials to create finished products from them, which have an exchange value. The family will bring on the local community into a proper organic community. The organic community will further increase the value produced by multiplying the families labor into a family of families labor, and the whole will use this value toward the end of creating their own credit union. Thence the community from there building up the rest of the vectors necessary for the Family of Families to have the means to replace the prison bars of modernity with Organic Economic, Social and Political Pillars built from the ground up to serve the Peoples' best ends and which are an extension of their living selves.

Having these corporate bodies in place allows for the individual members to have at least some legal immunity from full personal liability and it allows for them to ALL act as ONE legal persons under a variety of guises so that they can do more for all by multiplying their efforts and cooperating rather than uselessly competing with each other. The family will pull in the same direction and will use these basic corporate persons to help make up their mind in which direction to pull, then use their skills and know how to best do it, all the while learning collectively the habits and skills needed to live in the new organic society they are working day by day to create step by step, stone by stone.

Small stones piled deep and high a strong wall make.

First among these is a Land Management Corporation to mutually manage the 'families' holdings and to assign various family members their parcel to work, and generally act as the. The LMC will own the family's holdings in total but members will posses and use them for the end's of their own families and the whole family of families such that each reinforces the other and good will builds good foundations which result in good outcomes for all. From Many One. From ALL Some. To All Their Just Due.

The Second (set of two) to function as a local market (Farmers market) and as a local regulatory agency (Producers cooperative) this would allow for the family and for the local people to learn that their work and effort is the basis for all economic value, as well as providing them with a means to control the value of their own labors on the market.

The market will set the prices of the products produced by the its members who will (largely) also be members of the producers cooperative which will control quality and help members coordinate labor such that all get the maximum output from the available labor.

These two will work together to ensure that those that produce and NOT stock jabbers and commodity brokers get the value, benefits and over all enjoyment of their labors.

Markets will set prices by matching labor and labor, dollar for dollar ideally if the time ever comes for issuing our own currency but until then they will act again to more generally ensure the value of the labor stays in the local economy to enrich those that produced that value from land by application of their labor's, and the regulations were both practical and conducive to productive and just local results when applied in the context of organized group of men seeking to establish organic society one brick at a time..

Third a credit union, which will be capitalized by the labors of the family and the local people.

The family will set aside a percentage of all incomes to this end. This credit union organization would allow the family and all the people who worked and helped to build it up in these more rural areas, to much more fully capitalize upon the fruits of their own labor.

It would allow them to invest in their own future, in the future of their children, and in the future of the community. In effect it would allow them to be free of the international market and the International Bankers. This would be the step at which the family and the community into which they had placed themselves become one in interests and commonality of goals.
They will become one having duties and responsibilities one to the other like proper men in an organic whole societal commonality.

At all rates they will SURELY be masters of their own credit beholden to none but their own labors. This unto itself is the most worthy of the tasks put before us: Break the bonds of interest and the bankers whim over our People by the People becoming their own bankers and side stepping the agents of usury and chaos. A credit union is the poor man's bank. His Shield against the darts of the Bankers Lies.

A credit union in the context of a tight commonality, would allow them to have control and real power over their own jobs, homes, and general well being.

It is the lynch pin and engine of the whole organic society's economic ideals – that each productive person creates a dollar every time he makes a dollars worth of goods and services for use or exchange, and thus OUR collective labors as a People, are Money, and we who produce, who labor, and who create value, are a bank and therefore have NO need of any other outside power lending us anything since We would then merely be abdicating our natural ability to create value from land by using labor upon it.

The fourth being a charitable nonprofit designed to help others while spreading the message by example not empty words. The Family will show its rhetoric to be true by its actions. It will purposefully set aside a percentage to give as the modern equivalent of alms to the poor, and needy from among only those just slightly outside the family circle of businesses and properties, from those that live near and are in need – no preachy nonsense, no lectures about anything, just food, music, perhaps some song and dance, and then some literature at the exit when they leave that they might perhaps wish to read. This will show those outside the circle that you are both artistic and literate people, and that you can have a fun time, and 'be at one' with them on their own terms. Correct bonding person to person, family to family, is the basis for all good government as good government is the expression of good character of the people that found the polity as such.

Also as part of a 'community charity' program the Family will set aside money, and time to assist local community with many other personal, economic, and other matters by all expedients from cleaning the old's gutters, to helping refurbish public buildings, the family will be there doing their part, showing that they mean what they say about being ideally a circle of good will helping those with good will.

The fifth being a political society with the goal of securing control of both parties at a local level and all non partisan offices available.

The reality is that BOTH parties are corrupt and are anti-national, anti-popular, anti-traditional, and anti-majority.

The political society will be dedicated to both exposing the corrupt nature of the 'two party system' and to ensuring that those loyal to the Organic Society are the candidates in all local races for both parties every time all the time, so that the local political machine will function to assist the construction of the Organic Society by the Family and its chosen Community as it comes over to join in the efforts seeing the acts and words of the Family as lining up as One.

Basically what truck does Organic Society have with Republican or Democrat? We are reject all modern, liberal theories. All materialist theories. All atheism. And all and every point of any theory that endangers the family as the corner stone for a stable lasting unique, unitary, complete, self sustaining people, nation and state.

We should work on bringing a new narrative about them to the masses – that the two choices are FALSE teams designed to divide. Thus it is high time to stop failing by supporting the GOP OR Dems and their policies and start picking off the 'socially conservative' ie WORKING CLASS dems, since the lower and middle classes have NO place else to go they must be loyal to the soil. Thus they are Our Natural Captive Base.

The way to this is by formulating an ACTUAL Party PROGRAM that has something to offer both the Red and Blue state working and middle classes, while putting it in sharp focus that the elite are treasonous to both at turns. Local control pluralities in both parties will ensure that such a program is brought forward the agency of the enemies instruments.

It will turn his phoney 'elections' which are selections by any other name, into locally ensured organic social advocates being in positions of authority. The idea is that the political society will encourage its members unofficially to join both the 'right' and 'left' local party so as to influence their choice of candidates ideally toward Organic vs Organic being every single local race, and those loyal to the Organic ideal being a plurality, majority or super-majority in every voting pool – in that order; uniting a plurality to gain a majority and positions in both local wings of the oligarchies political fronts as a means to a super majority control of candidates, elections, councils and all local public offices.

We must ensure that the masses find truth. Which leads to our next proposal.
Sixth a media corporation. It is essential to have control of Our own message from print to pronouncement. those who wish to reestablish Organic Society cannot rely upon the internationalist media.

We must control the message and have final say as to all matters editorial since it is a given that modernity will do all in its power to smear, belittle and otherwise shape the debate to our determent being as we are a direct threat to the plutocrats and oligarchs who pay the media's way. A media that will report on reality from the view of the families in our circle and from NO other view.

That will ceaselessly expose the corrupt and rigged nature of the so called 'free market' and the 'liberal democracies' that support give it political protection so it can economically rob the masses of the productive working folks – blue and white collar.
Seventh an educational fund. The youth's education is the future. It is the reason for the sacrifices of the now. There is no treasure worth more than the mind of the children of our people. It is in their hearts that the future starts. Education is much much more than what merely happens in school. It is the values taught in the home, around the hearth and as heritage in the first instance. It is the proper understanding of what it means to be part of the people and the duties and rights that places upon one's being. But it is also proper reading, writing and arithmetic, a good grasp on logic, music and song, as well as the higher more specialized sciences. Education is a moral and an intellectual endeavor that by two means acts toward the common end of helping to bring up citizens who have the skills to be useful to the common good and the moral fiber to wish to be of use to the common good.

These and the proper skills necessary to fulfill ones roles in the organic society, with a general layer of what might be called 'cultural education' things of the nature of dance, song, and music that make the bonds that unite. The Organic Society should to our mind set aside a stipend to pay for tutors so that no child with the talent, interest and motivation will be left outside of the organic cultural circle. The fact is that 'education' need not be lifeless. If children can associate learning with signing and having fun – within limits of course – then it seems to Us that they could be encouraged to want to learn more and perhaps would do better based on the idea that most of us do better at those things we can enjoy, rather than those things we despise – interest and pride in the work at hand be it learning or labor is a factor that we think is very much under appreciated in the modern materialist world of cold hard numbers and lifeless 'forces'.

At any rate if we want our Society to continue past the first generation the Youth must be Our Future.

And thus we have a complete set of 'functions' to counter the elites controls over the lives of ourselves and those we care about; all brought about by our hard labors and concerted efforts. This will enable our little band to have the base from which to establish themselves for further expansion to near by communities. The model will be always the same but also never quite identical as no two communities are exactly the same but all have the same basic requirements if they are to be healthy, strong, and well founded. Also the more communities on board with the organic society the larger the pool from which to draw upon as regards efforts, time, resources and all other tangibles.

After all of the above material foundation has been established, now the family – who started as unwanted outcasts and has been's – has a family of family's, in a functioning organic local community, who take care of their own economic/banking system, their own social order, and are well on their way to having full political power over their own destiny.

The key is the first group of men becoming a hierarchical family capable of organization who then work – socially-economically-politically – to become real blood family toward the locals in the area of operations they have chosen as their new home.

They will be able after all this work, and learning be able as if by natural instinct apply the ideals here in the actions they take to forward the folk in their daily lives. They will act as an example to spread these ideals to others. They will have taught themselves to be useful to their folk, both teaching and being taught by the folk who are the foundation upon which all this rests.

By applying the effort needed to get to this point they will have learned National Mindedness and unlearned selfish liberal thinking. They will become as if by nature forces each and every one singularly and collectively for the Common Good.

In so doing they will have won the most important struggle in all of life; the battle for ones one heart, and mind. They will have by sticking with this difficult program during its less than productive phases learned that the 'truths' which the market and liberalism had taught them are fully and purely lies meant to reduce us to atomized serfs and to break up the family, community and people into warring factions such that they can be ruled more readily.

In so winning this new mental spiritual freedom from greed and petty ambitions these men will have cleared the way for others to follow in their path; they will show that a better more fulfilling way of life is in fact possible. They will by nature try their utmost to free from the mindless greed and selfish petty ambitions of Liberalism all those around them into a better more noble way of existence which offers purpose to all that are loyal and who do their duty.

And clear and prepare they shall. And come to the message and results of this theory they shall.

They will act to do almost instinctively what is best for the families, home, hearth and heritage as if each and every one was in fact his own, as they will have in fact taken and been taken by these people into their hearts.

The common good will have become their own highest Duty to maintain. They each and every one will take pride and doing their duty as they are able with loyalty and steadfast courage in the face of all obstacles, from this service will come their sense of honor.
And thus these folks who will be able to answer with conviction the questions posed at the top of this document about Nations:

Who? A family makes a nation. Their family in this community is the foundation each and every one of a potentially great nation.

What? A nation is a family of families. These families together are the material for a nation.

How? By acting like a proper family. Us together, the new and old family members acting as one: That is a nation.

Why? Because we all have a family and we all need others to live a proper life. Family builds upon family until there is a Nation.
Where and When? Here and Now. Starting yesterday and continuing into forever! * See Appendix C for more 'questions and answers' about Organic Society.

The immediate Natural result of all this is that (most of) these men will find women and have children, raise them to have respect for the values that allowed all this to happen and attempt to keep the circle of life growing outward. For this to work in the real world however it will require the Family to understand that they are NOT the master of the community but its servant. That they as the enlightened ones who are bringing the impetus for change are the servants of the masses and their brothers. They come from and will return to the Popular Family that is the community. The Family is the servant of the whole community, trying its very best to take on all as brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, mothers and fathers – to become REAL family to them by action and deep commitment to the principles outlines in the Organic Theory of Society.

Thus From A Family to an Organic Society with Proper Economic, Social and Political Relations.

The Light Shines in the Dark and the Dark Comprehends
It Not!