Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Atomic Society

The Atomic Society – each little atom stuck face first into a phone texting life away while they could be with others living and having a good day – Tragedy in Action.

We live in a society in which everyone is isolated from each other by a variety of means which should in theory bring them together such as phones, internet and the like. These technologies had the potential to revolutionize the world and what they have done is kill most human social interaction in the First World nations who have most deeply embrace these technologies and the (selfish) liberal world order which itself is the prime mover of this atomic isolation as it promotes the lie that we are all complete little happiness bubbles unto ourselves, needing no one else.

The problem is caused by liberalism’s selfish world view and the technologies we have coupled. The predictable result is that selfish people have by and large substitute real contact and actual discourse with texts, posts and comments. It is a product of the decayed thinking that produced materialist ‘happiness’ in the first instance in which ‘happiness’ is immediate feel good happiness and no other thing at all. That NOT walking to see another is a happiness because being lazy is best … this is the exact thinking behind most ‘modern conveniences’ that being lazy(doing less) is better. Look at all the fat sad lazy unhappy isolated people and tell Us with a straight face We are wrong.

You see once before all these ways to hide, avoid and otherwise not be with others, people had to actually get up, go to the place the other person was at, and care enough to want to see and talk to them about xyz.

It required effort and time. People planned them out and meant to have real contacts with those about them. In short time with others had meaning beyond mere utility and gain.

Now, all this is lost in the haste of needing to chase the newest junk about WallWorlds Shelves and in trying to ‘connect’ with TV characters who would not spit upon us in real life, while neglecting people who are alive and willing to be part of our existences.

It started with the phone which just turned into a way to NOT have to visit and socialize with others. Then the phone was used as a way to milk others of money. Now nobody visits anyone, or really calls each other much except for brass tack reasons.

It has progressed to the point that most folks can’t be bothered to talk with real living people at all, even on the phone. It is getting to the point that many if not most, preferring to text nonsense to others who are themselves isolated and typing ‘lol’ type nonsense to others who are … and the wheel of this stupidity rolls forward. (Yes STUPIDITY, since such low information ‘communications’ is hardly worthy of pack mammals much less men. )

The net result is we live in a society in which people have little to no real contact with other people and have substituted ‘lol’ ‘Kk’ and other gibberish for real meaningful contact.

This is highly unnatural. It is highly distant and in fact works against any strong bonds of affection building up between the parties involved. When people do not really talk they do not really bond at any meaningful level –social contact is necessary for real relationships to exist.

Thus slowly but surely this atomization is dissolving the bonds that bind our people together at an interpersonal level. Even those who will read this on line will still be ‘one plane removed’ from the author and thus are atomized him and them. One to the others. Others to one.
This is the common fate under this world order and its false values, and for so long as people all beeps, bells and whistles to substitute for song, cheer and time with others.

How to get there?

Seems simple over all –

Put down your phones. Step off the internet.

That is the only way back to something like a real society with bonded people who live lives that have some meaning greater than consuming garbage products from trashy stores.

The only way back to a social order that is not degraded by crime, squalor and poverty.

It is just that simple – Time to stop type type typing and start, fix, fix, fixing the social order about you.