Part 3 of 5 -- the Organic Theory of Society.

The Organic Theory of Society;

The Natural Progression from First Family to National-State based upon A Unique People, in One Land, with One Way of Life.

By, A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Part 3 of 5 parts.

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CHAPTER 2– Outline of the Theory as applied to Society.

Family ---> People ---> Nation ---> State.

A.) Family – A family is a male and female lifelong bonding pair that keep a home by means of unequal distribution of labor, duties and rights for the end that both the male and
female may be useful to having, rearing and educating children who then take their proper place in new families when their time comes. Families have homes in which to live. A
hearth around which they communally gather to eat and stay warm as well as socialize. And a heritage that is really their memory and respect for their past and ancestors by any
other name. The family can be seen as the unit from which all other units in human existence spring – it is the font for economics, society and politics. Being the People in
seed, the nation in germ, and the state in miniature. The family exists so that the kind may be carried on by the mating pair. B.) In time all things grow and the 'family'
becomes a family of families, which we can call a 'people'. A people is unique. It grows out of the combined heritages' of the family households that make it up. No two are quite
the same as no two grow under quite the same conditions with quite the same ideals, yearnings or qualities. A people have community of commonality being a sort family home writ
large in the ideal where each knows the other and has some sort of connection to them that overrides mere economic gain or advantage. A people has a history, which is the
collective narrative of the several heritages as understood by the whole. This history gives them as sense of identity and purpose as well as giving the whole the same attachment
to past, ancestors and customary ways as heritage does each family. And a people has a culture, which really is the group expression of what the families do during their leisure
time around their hearths.

A1. & B1.) The Qualities that make for a strong Familial People are Honesty, Frugality, Dedication, and Respect. These qualities ensure the morality of the commons is well
founded such that each will have just dealings, and be motivated to give his all to the common good. From this strong base of good morality one is able to build a strong stable
and lasting Nation, State, and thus to go on to have a proper Popular National-State. C.) Nation – The Nation is partly a physical thing being the people's group body as it is
applied to its lands, resources and livelihoods but is also party an emotional and spiritual entity which is the group emanation of the qualities that defend the right of the
Free Man to use the land to his families, and the peoples' greater good at the same time. The Nation has a Land, which land is the resources available to the People as a whole.
This land is their source of food, clothing and housing primary and only secondarily a source of exchange value. To this end a proper nation ensures each loyal and good citizen a
livelihood that will ensure his dignity as a Free Man. And in so much as actual Life means enjoying the fruits of the culture and labors of the whole, each will be ensured his
JUST DUE in the order of things (not necessary equal but Just) such that each will loyally serve his own interest by serving the common good. Such a nation would compete
primarily in regards to quality of workmanship and artistry in execution, not for merely gain or profits.

D.)State – The State is the skin the Nation adorns to keep the inside in and the outside out, and to ensure Law, Order and Justice are maintained by the Popular Nation as a
whole. Ensuring the administrative means are in place to guard, secure and protect the lands, livelihoods and lives of the Nation and thus act as the shield to the People as a
whole. Its offices exist to do this duty and not to aggrandize any person or persons above the People – the officials of the State are the Father's of their People and as such
are expected to keep their National Homeland secure, feed and provided for like any other father among the People. They have power but they also have responsibility pay for with
their life for failure in the use of that power. All that accept power over life and death must be held to a higher standard of conduct than the average man as their actions
effect others more singularly than the actions of those that have not sought out authority, station and sway. This is justice. C1. & D1.) The Qualities that make up a strong and
lasting National-State, are Loyalty, Duty, Courage, Honor. Loyalty to the People and One's Family is Loyalty to the National-State. Duty to ones Labor is Duty done to the People
and Nation as well as to ones one home. Courage is the watch word of all Free Men who will keep their Freedom. And Honor is just honesty applied to the performance of one's
duties, and labors. Honor comes from doing well at ones Duties and Loyally performing ones labors as well as courageously defending the People, Families and the Whole Nation.
Thus Family and People Couple with Nation and State working for the common good makes for the Popular National State.

A. & B. & C. & D. ----> E.) The Popular National-State which is the natural expression of the roles played in the family applied to the social-economic-political actions of a
given popular nation-state.

The Family is the First Foundation upon which the People are laid.

The People are the depth given to the first foundation by the natural increase over time in a given area, under a certain set of laws with a common historical narrative and moral
values. This unique people then forms the nation, which is just the non-legal customary means the People use to ensure their collective economic political advantage as well as
being the sum of their social, cultural, religious, and other artistic actions.

The State is the administrative forms that ensure that the Popular Nation remains safe and has access to the resources needed to keep itself strong and well. Backwards the
national-state can be seen as the means the People use to ensure that each is best served by those resources; the family the means to ensure each is personally housed, clothed
and fed; so that more Families can strengthen the People; who then add to the Nation; who then gives proper animation to the state.

And on in a never ending circle for ever, starting at the first family and rolling of its own motion till the end of time.

There are many other ways to visualize the living reality of the Family that grows into a People who nurture a nation, which then establishes a state. The Key is to grasp the
fact that each First Family breeds a unique People upon a Land with a way of life that life under a law, with a particular culture that is uniquely suited to them alone, and that
from these first characteristics the forms and nature of the National-State are determined.

To recap and illustrate:

First There is the Family of a Man a Women and a Child:

This family unit is the fundamental building block of human existence.

It is the measure of all the rest of the Organic Society.

It is all about the family home, hearth and heritage. These are the means the family uses to provide and maintain itself.

Families expand naturally into a people, who have similar means to the

families Home, Hearth and Heritage, in Commonality, Culture and History:

It cannot be stressed enough that family is the basis for a unique people.

This people have commonality, culture and history as their bonds much as Families have homes, hearths and heritages, with the former growing naturally out of the later and
partaking in their nature.

The people are unique, one, whole and lack in nothing acting in its own whole interest by design, as a family would see to all its members.

The National-State is the means the familial People use to protect their interests inside the circle from those things outside their circle of loyalty and trust.

Ideals, Wishes, Wants, Loves – these are the Central forces in the Human Drama. Family is the seed that contains all this and more.

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