Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Magic is for Children not for Nations of Grown Men

The country club conservatives have this belief in magic. They believe that if you put a thing in a hat and wave a piece of paper around it can physically become another item! Yes t'is truth!  They verily believe that magically a piece of paper, is able to turn a person of one nation into a person of another nation.   Further they believe, that because a piece of paper says that all persons are equal that all nations of persons are equal.

Therefore they reason it doesn't matter where we import new citizens from because everyone is the same.  And this is a fantasy, based upon Liberal Lies.

The real fact is that no such equality exists in nature, and thus these conservatives are deluded, tools of the Egalitarians.  Persons are not equal to persons, nations are not equal to nations, and therefore who from where matters as to, what results, how.  Why?

Because, and this is the God's Truth, abilities are inborn, they come from descent.  And mere pieces of paper, and the legalistic magic rituals cannot at any time ever make people(s) equal as DNA made them Unequal from Birth. 

This is shown time and again, by different outcomes among different groups of people based largely upon the single common denominator of common origin and descent.  It is simply a hardwired part of natural survival strategies playing out in groups as they are designed to by nature--or God if you wish.

This inequality categorically is not the result of racism, xenophobia, or hatred; it is in fact only the natural abilities of each separate kind playing itself out, and resulting in natural inequality, which is just the way of things in nature.

It is not subject to political pressures, it cannot be changed by applying money or resources to it; again the only thing that can happen is that the higher will be brought to the status of the lower in a vain attempt to bring up or cannot be brought up, or to shape that which will not be shaped.

PC will have you believe that tribal savages live the way they do because of racism but that is just their natural way of living.  PC cannot accept this naturally unequal status.

Thus the war PC is waging against inequality is a war against nature itself.  It is a war against all kinds.  It is the act of the common enemy of all mankind.  It surely will be this destruction of our kind, if we allowed it to continue with its mad quest for equality with third world savages.

To that end, the country club conservatives are the hewers of wood, and porters of water for the PC world order.  Carrying the egalitarian logs with all the cheer of a coolie in their magical belief in the power of paper.

Their insistence On using words like racism as shaming words. Their kowtowing to equality as if it is reality. All these cowardly and servile acts, facilitate the destruction of our people and our nation.

These conservatives are the equivalent of the Western roman aristocrats talking about barbarians becoming good Romans; it was a fantasy then and is a fantasy now.  It destroyed the Romans then, and if followed long enough, to full enough a result, it would destroy us now.

Thus these country club conservatives, these colorblind GOP dolts, must be put to task with the rest of the PC banker golden calf worshiping crew ( both D and R ); for they are the face of the enemy, and work against our best interest in all of their ways. They are the enemy within and thus must be dealt with most severely else they will betray uS all to Political Correctne$$ and Diver$ity every time they get a chance.

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