Sunday, February 2, 2014

To recap the last 30 or so hours of madness or from the mind of Madmen .....

Here is what you have ... It is not doing you any good. It will not do your children or theirs any good. It is NOT good. And thus cannot bring goodness to your being. It is false. It is theft. It is legalized pimping: And you are walking that alley. Up and down like a clown!

 There it is in its basics. You the living man works ie produces wealth that is useful or desired for the life of another living man and thus may be exchanged, but the bankers get a cut off all the angles as you see and in the end control the worth of your labors by doing nothing more than hording or glutting paper notes that they issue at cost ... What ... And Whats more ... Both Parties but especially the GOP/Libertarians/Free-trader/Neoliberal alliance are in on this and if you are Poor and vote GOP this next one is for you particularly:
 You are the assclowns of history.  Take that out of your backside and mouth; get off your knees; and for the love of Mary take off that dress!

But don't think you working class Dems are getting off the hook; Oh noes Uncle Poor Man has plenty of hand for everyone. Look above at your basic 'play' -- all the action of a lemming or a baby seal, really, if you please. Frankly your grandfathers would stand you up and beat you like a cur. Shaemful really the way the Dems lead you about ... Punks!


Now would anyone like to play a game of government in which they don't get dicked over backwards? Yes, No, Maybe?

Here is my basic ideals and rough outline ...

Let us start here:

First Principles:

Ideas are the central force in human history, not matter, not modes of production, which are only the material upon and the means by which human ideals ie will operate in reality. Human need generates a will, which puts labor to work upon raw materials with capital, to produce wealth. Thus Men make tools; tools do not men. Tools make money; and both serve Men.

Men band together by nature. Man is as Aristotle says, 'the political animal'. It is his nature to form combinations for the purpose of ensuring general survival of the kind. They do not choose to do so, it is just that each and every person is born into a group and from there becomes a member of other groups, which form up into groups that have internal hierarchies ,in all indo-eurpean societies. The result is that each lives better than he could if he lived alone against nature.

The People are the Sovereignty. The people are both a states foundation and its animating spirit. Their collective world view is its world view, and in the end their consent is the permission it has to act. Hence the state's existence is predicated upon the continued support and input of those governed. The People are the polity. They are sovereign and the highest earthy judge of all matters political. They can in theory assign this to any number of combinations of offices or persons, but they still remain the base of the pyramid.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are meaningless 'rights' without, a corresponding right to livelihood, hearth and substance to thus ensure 'life' against the vicissitudes of reality. Thus the ideal is to ensure as general an ownership of land and/or ownership stakes in capital ventures by the masses which will provide the nation's labor, as may be achieved to ensure the meaningful application of the above 'rights' to human life and not incidentally a more generally diffusion of wealth thereby.

The means to this general end is Law. Law is the will of the nation. Law is supreme within its domain, but should be limited to the least amount of domain that will keep general good order and ensure the conditions outlined above. Generally less laws equals more justice to the many and less legalism by the few, and the less room that judges have to insert their opinions into the operations of law, the better.

No special law is valid, nor does any law that gives special advantage to one private party over another have ANY legal effect, ever. A law not enacted properly has no effect, and is NO law at all.

Equality before the law, should mean ONLY that NO persons get special privileges at law and everyone gets a minimum standard of treatment before magistrates. Nothing else at all. Nor should it ever be taken to mean that any legal being is equal to a living man.

Any act contrary to law by any governmental agent or employee is tyranny. All acts without power of Law are tyrannical at their inception. Any state official that acts without the positive sanction of law is a tyrannt and may be resisted with force by all citizens, and any person that attempts to enforce tyranny by what ever means forfeits his life.

Tyranny is NEVER lawful nor just, all may kill a tyrant. No one is bound to the will of a tyrant.

As the tyrant so the may citizens may dispose of criminals, who may be stopped by any citizen with any amount of forced needed to protect both his own person and the general common good. No citizen is liable for a crime in stopping criminal acts.

Men make weapons to defend their interest in both their own things and in the general order about them as such: No law outlawing the keeping of private weapons is to have effect.

No Corporate Being is or can be a citizen, and thus NO such being has RIGHTS. This being cannot vote and cannot be called up to defend the polity so to give it equality with those that can and will is obscene. Corporations are creations of the state which is itself a creation of living men, who are created in the image of the living God. Corporate beings have ONLY privileges. Corporations must be loyal to the national interest. It simply makes no sense to allow enemies of the nation to function from within our country with our blessing and support.

Voting and Taxation/Call-up: These should be tied together in so much as those that do not pay in, nor risk life and limb, should not have a say in how monies are paid out, this is just. These are the two primary duties. ALL full citizens shall pay at least some nominal tax AND risk life to qualify for full citizenship. Females will not be subject to call up, nor will they be allowed to volunteer and thus females will not vote, period. Females that are not married to a man will be subject to tax at the rate of males that refuse call up, which shall be double that of a man that does not refuse his duties.

Duty and Right: These in union with justice are the foundation of all good human ordering and just such ordering is the basis for human society. Rights without Duties to keep their exercise within decent bounds bring chaos and anarchy, with all the waste attendant there upon. But on the other side of the coin duty without right is merely slavery with flowery terms attached to the matter, a form of serfdom if you will.

All Rights carry with themselves a Duty to exercise them in a manner that is just and morally defensible. Duty is the key to right. Thus no person that rejects duty can act in a manner which is morally defensible and just. And as such the state and its citizens have no reason to act as such toward them. Hence those that reject duty do not have rights that will be respected by the People as valid and having force.

Given the above I propose the following :

As regards:

The People: Initiatives, Referendums, Recalls and Plebiscites, need put into place to ensure at all levels of government are the servant and not the master of the People -- as defined above -- whose will it represents and whose agent it is in fact at all times. We want a government of the People, by the People and for the People, who will be defined as all male adults that pay tax and do call up, in the new order of things. The simple fact is the rot begins at the bottom in our system. Our localities are corrupt, the states even more so and the fed is beyond gone. They are corrupt because they know that once the every other yearly show at differences is over it will be back to the same old back room deals, and shady activities, with NO effective means of the voting citizens to check their actions. If the country council or mayor, and all the rest on up, could be simply VOTED OUT like they were voted in, and this was fairly easily done, these folks would be far more amendable to public inclination, and far less likely to engage in corrupt and or unpopular practices. Thus the healing would start at the bottom and work its way up. This would also be good in that it would instill the practice of banding together to peacefully debate and otherwise engage in civic activity in the exercise of their sovereignty. Politicians and the administrative class generally need to remember right good and well that they hold office and public trust, and for that matter any station in life, at the leave of free men, who can and will freely take that trust back with impunity, as is their right.

Parties: The only thing more openly controlled, than a two party state that does not allow any sort of national or any meaningful state plebiscite on matters of nation/regional impart, is a one party state, with an openly Leninist system. The unofficial two party system is in dire need of being dismantled, and any advantage or control over elections and candidates eliminated by means of positive legislation. In their place I would like to see a multiparty system, as that seems to be able to work in almost every other country in the world,at least but at best a NO party state with only individuals running on platforms that they will be bound to keep if selected by the people.

Voting: If you do not do call up and do not pay at least the nominal minimum tax you will not vote. Voting days and times will henceforth be uniform across all jurisdictions, and all voting days will be a paid holiday so that working citizens have time to exercise their franchise. Really though there is NO reason that voting cannot be done on the fly. We have the network technology to allow people in the Hindu Kush to vote if need be, so all the silly technical arguments against popular direct voting are rubbish, pure and simple.

The Law: This nonsense with having 50 states bars will be done a way with by STANDARDIZING legal procedure and practice across all jurisdictions in the United States. Common Law will be put to bed and Stasis Dare will NO longer exist. What was ruled before will be of NO consequence now. A Codified Civil Law will be the order of the day. The People and Congress -- which Congress will be thoroughly under the control of the people by means of recall and plebiscite -- and NOT judges will make law; judges will merely rule on the application of particular laws to particular citizens, and then sentence them to the proscribed punishment.

The States: These are anachronisms, and at the very least require their laws and administrative codes normalized by introducing uniform legal codes, procedures, criminal codes, regulations. They should be keep as congressional voting districts and administrative districts, but have NO existence beyond this. Their governors will be appointed from the center and there will be no legislatures. All legislation will come from the Congress.

The Congress: The House-- Needs to be expanded to four times it current number and all members need to be voted in proportionately in the House by 'state' voting districts, with any party that can get 15% of any district's electorate eligible. The Senate – four senators with all being elected by direct election by administrative district formally known as states. This expanded Congress should be the center of the new state and the prima inter pares among governmental bodies, and all laws will be passed by it, subject to veto by the electorate, in the name of the People and Congress.

President: Needs abolished and replaced with a collegiate office subordinate to the Congress, all of the current executive offices will be put at the disposition of congress and the people, which will alter, abolish or reform, them as needed.

Courts: Marbury V. Madison needs struck down and all usurpation by the court made to no effect. The court will be a strictly junior partner in government. They will be subject to recall just like any other public official. The House will nominate them and the Senate will either confirm or reject them, subject to the final approval of the People at large.

FED: There is no action that this parasitic body performs that the body politic cannot perform for itself. If the nation can charter a bank to lend itself can skip the bank and simply lend itself money. If the nation can give a bank power to issue legal tender at interest thus facilitating bond sales and debt, then the nation can issue legal tender, on its own accounts without interest and no inherent debt attached. Thus I move that the treasury simply issue debt free notes that function in much the same manner BUT that are issued without interest and without bonds bearing interest backing them, but that are backed SOLELY by the productive capacity of the nation as a whole. Moreover I mover that the international investors bond -- ALL OF THEM -- be defaulted upon and any properties they may hold within the United States be forfeit to the Treasury to be sold at free open public auction for public profit. I can see no reason to allow foreigners and traitors to keep ill gotten loot.

Army/Police: will be under the command of the new congress. It shall be manned by the citizen body who shall serve in rotating reimbursed 4 month call ups from 18 to 58 years of age. It shall be composed so that no unit is based near its home nor has a majority of persons from any state or locality. The Officers to include upper ranking NCOs shall be the only professional corpes of career soliders in the state, and shall serve from 16 until 70 . There number shall be limited to 50,000 to be chosen based upon ability alone, and they be provided for at public expense from tax revenue; however they shall be barred from marriage and all their property will revert to the state upon death. The army shall act as the constabulary force, when and where the armed citizenry cannot keep order, so there will be NO more local, or state police.
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In pretty pictures:

As one can see this is much better than the current set up because YOU run your life, and have a say like a free man over your life, your family and your homes, and use your collective political being -- as there is NO polity of ONE -- to keep these ideals in check so that they serve your lifes not as it is now were you server your lives as these ideals servants. Which is is the same as the Oligarchy outlined above. See that again and think it over ...

Control the Credit control the Men!

The Credit power is the central power of the Oligarchy if it is snapped they will be put to route! 

Thier power is only what it is however because we do not band together and demand or work towards effective long term reforms, or alterations in the Nations expectations from itself, and for itself. The above is the ideal. You have folks working in collaboration in societies which are commonly called fraternal organization but could be called self help organization, or what ever you want just so you understand it is many coming together to work for the good of all, I won't fret the terms too much as long as they legal entities with nonprofit status -- those societies function as vetting agencies for those willing to work on the LMC -- land management companies, which would have members that paid for shares like any other collaborative economic venture since ... a long long time ago. Now the end result of the LMC would be to buy up farms first and then small businesses, industries as they were able, using bulk buying power and then assign them out to the LMCs dues paying members/shareholders. These shareholders would then farm, on for use primarily and then secondarily on exchange lines. Any surplus over time would be politically socially aggregated together by another layer of legal personage the FA farm association which would act like a guild, bulk sales agent, and would provide the managerial expertise needed to get to the 'last step' -- a spiral never ends -- which is the formation of a credit upon by the collective work of one or more FA -- and their integral parts of course  -- and now you have control over your own credit, a credit based upon your own social organization. Your own Labor, frankly and simply put, and this gives 'credit' to help others that are of a right mind along.

The basic idea is:

 That is the above in diagrams more or less.

The economic model I propose is based on the Following diagram. Basically everything comes from people being united with land and resources and applying their time, efforts and good intentions to the land and resources to create: Housing, Food, Clothing and all the plethora of things that mark us from naked dirty apes.   The idea is that by promising good things and doing good things people will support the idea that they should have good things ...

Basically: Fish need water and political idealists need a base whose interest they support and promote. The rural and urban poor working class Whites in North America are a very large base of people who have been tossed to the sharks and might support getting to something more like the below rather what we have now.

And to recap:


  1. You are crazy in so many ways.

    1. To quote the great scholars, Suicidal Tendencies...

      I'M NOT CRAZY!

  2. Better 'crazy' than apathetic. Better 'crazy' than accepting of this abnormal psychology experiment called Modernity. Better crazy than, well look about you.

    1. No, my friend. Apathy is a gift from god wrapped in a golden fleece and delivered by the girl of your dreams to your penthouse on a Valencian Spanish beach which is tax exempt and houses a brewery. Apathy is the bliss that precedes the misery that is knowledge, and knowledge is a curse that never ends. Because once you answer one question, 10 more arise. We spend our lives chasing everything but even if we got it, it's like when we've got everything...all becomes nothing. All the money in the world is not enough, All the women is not enough, there's always one you just have to have and she's 17, married and the daughter of a high ranking government official. Now I want this, now I want that, now I want to know this and that and the other but every road you turn down leads to forks in the road, each multiplying direction times 2 at first, then by three and then by ten and forever and ever it goes...and you've only got about 80 years, max,

      You're right about most things, but apathy escaped you. And she's a beauty. You could be any number of grinning idiots right now but instead you're pondering on how you can fix a mirror shattered to almost dust. And there you'll sit until you die, trying to piece each and every microscopic piece back together again and never even come close to seeing the task through to the end.

    2. No No I am not putting the republic back together again. It was rubbish from the very first day. Rather I am grinding up the dust of what was the Founders Faither to refire the glass and recollect the mercury .... the processing does take a bit of time, though. ;) And yes I will die in the time it takes very most likely; but that is NO reason not to do a thing. If that was a valid excuse then from Day One No action would matter and thus all would be just 'sitting and doing' X until you die.