Monday, July 14, 2014

Just some play lists -- repeat, repeat, repeat and then repeat again.

If you like the liberal world order,the ever increasing tax burden, the general impoverishment around you, the PC dogma, the f(r)ee market, the 'gender, racial and creed equality' as represented by Affirmative Action, the reshaping of our society into a modern progressive tribal village, the general retrogression into childhood represented in allowing all breathing creatures to cash in benefits and vote, THEN these videos are NOT for you. You will be happier listening to the media guy with all his polish and style lie through his teeth to you. You are much better off just remaining a confused impotent lump doing and saying nothing against the PC modern world.

For those that try the old 'you are a nazi' line to silence me: GET STUFFED, What you mean to say is "HOW dare you think about YOUR needs, YOUR kinds needs, and NOT think about everyone else exclusively! How Terrible of YOU to value YOU and YOURS! And HOW utterly evil of YOU to forget to be mindful always about US and OUR needs, above YOU and YOURS" ... Admit it.

For the movement clowns that think acting like a Larper is Cool ... I cannot aid you. You are beyond my power to reach. Take off those costumes and come over to reality, the manpower would be useful.

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