Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GOP Leftist Way Travelers

GOP Leftist  Way Travelers,

The GOP media inspired world view was custom crafted like a product. It is a coupling of capitalism, Marxism and Freud. It is a tool of the elite. It is utterly liberal in all ways. Nothing about it is 'conservative' and all beliefs its base have about being a 'conservative force' are deluded.

 ALL of its objective features tend toward more and more individualism facilitated by capitalist market forces regulated in a more or less Marxist-lite manner, with Politically Correct ie Cultural Marxist values being promoted by ALL 'major' parties, groups, associations and the like, to include the media, and all of this is mixed with a bizarre dollop of Frueds oddities as its inheritance from the so called soft or social sciences.

This world view is custom crafted to destroy the west. It is meant to give the Fem-fag-minority brigade victory over Us. It is designed to ensure the defeat of Traditionalist populist and nationalist forces by internationalism using its two false 'arms' or parties which are themselves relics from another time and place.

I say Reject it en toto, since those that embrace it embrace the inevitable lose of homes, hearths, and heritage. And for what? For a babble? Are we the Indian tribes to be lured for trinkets?   Should happily exchange our heritage for 'diversity' and barbarism?

The system is keep in place by  the PC 'cult' of equality which has instilled fear of key words like 'racist', 'homophobe', and the like among  the commons. In effect they have by edict and without ANY LEGAL POWER WHAT SO EVER 'banned'  certain words from the lexicon as if they are the authority to what we should be saying or no.

So let me set it right:

Almost all the "ism" and "obias" are pseudo-words coined by COMMUNISTS or Freudian Fruitcakes, whose work was paid for by Wall Street investor types for the final purpose of flooding the first world with third world people and thus to balkanize its population so as to ensure control -- diversity means LESS WHITES and more coloreds, minorities and the rest: Fact.  Nobody will every say: Boy we need more rednecks here; it is too damn Cambodian. They  had best bet Their bottom dollar on that fact!

These rich traitors that fund this internal displacement/Moist brainwashing  are also 'Cadillac socialists' who will never see the effects of their treason to the nation, and so who can claim it as good -- so long as they are winning. Otherwise they run to government buy some laws and then keep on winning.

Now that takes up back to the GOP way travelers who PAY the taxes and do the military call up that defends this rotten system ... so the Way Travelers are SO deluded they 'fight' PC by paying its way and fighting its battles!

In effect the GOP is Wall Street, which also is the Dems ... All One Party ... and you are NOT invited ... Though you will be paying the cultural bill.
Now deal with that 'pals' of PC. * Hugs and Kisses*


Reality Called and it wants its Second Party.

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