Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Attention to Cuckservatives

Now hear this: 

You might be a PUNK running scared to keep your status in the PC world ... But us Working Class folks WE DON'T care about your 'values' IE the values the media promotes and see clearly  that Jeb = Hillary = USA becomes a Third World Nation of Brown Trash = USA destroyed.

Why?  Race is more real than ideals.  Race is as real as Your Face! 

One is BORN into a race but the rest is by and large LEARNED using the POTENTIAL given to one at birth in their DNA and the CULTURAL history of a GIVEN people in a given place. That is reality. 

All that cuckservative nonsense about 'we all could be equal' is PATHETIC loser speak gibberish. It is pure fantasy having NO reality at all.

One (race) is based upon MATERIAL REALITY and the other ( PC egalitarian mojo about rights) upon feelings about what reality OUGHT to be.

Ideals do not make brown hordes into Nations of White Liberals and 'melting' with the servants will ONLY exterminate our bloodlines TO NO GAIN AT ALL  -- save the gabbering nonsense about feelings and 'rights' as that is CUCKSERVATISM blowing liberalism in an ally!

Groups are the engine of history and if you BREED YOURS to the level of the Congo or Gautamala ( same average IQ of about 70 ) ... you are finish historically speaking.

Thus you know you are committed 'cuckservative'  or just a garden variety sodomite atheist commie, hard to tell them apart at times, if you even CARE about the Commie left's 'waycism' gibberish.

Essentially if you even believe in the idea of 'racism' you are running their water.  It runs hand in hand with 'white guilt' and a host of other insanity.

We LOL in your face ... you sound like an hysterical women, get a grip you limp wristed sissy. Stop appeasing those that will eventually destroy your kind and its entire history.

'Racism' is just the Natural GOOD and normal preference for your BIRTH GROUP over outsiders, in so much as the use of the GROUPS territory and resources are concerned ... It is Healthy and Normal to exclude OUTSIDERS and to ensure they stay out. It is GOOD to prefer your own over others and to not even bother acting like it should or could be otherwise. Only weak fools even deny these facts or attempt to defend them as if they are 'bad' and need defended from the LOONEY LEFTS litany of insanity.

'Racism' and its natural corollary Nationalism make for a STRONG unitary united people that value themselves above others and who will NOT abase themselves before 'diversity' ...

Therefore what the Left call Racism is the way back to being STRONG and to uniting against the Horde that is consuming our land and shitting out Detroit.

Diversity is WEAKNESS ...  PC liberalism is a Death Pact with Sodomy!

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