Monday, November 9, 2015

The PC Oligarchy

The PC Oligarchy

We in the modern Western Peoples live under a credit based oligarchy. It rules our society by means of controlling the volume and worth of both the issuance of credit and the commodities traded for that credit. All credit creation gains this oligarchy more power because ALL money created comes with an unpayable percentage of interest that does not exist. The basic formula is 
A + X% =/= A; where only A exists in the world of empirical reality. If you think of society like a hamster on a wheel you are not far from the truth. This enormous power has allowed this oligarchy to in effect buy our social institutions in full.

Both parties are on their payroll. All major corporations are their partners or property.
The media is a monopoly with the Oligarchies agenda as the ONLY allowed agenda. Education is designed to ensure stupid consumers NOT thoughtful citizens, because consumers are easily controlled by trinkets. IN sum our entire system social, economic, political and otherwise is rigged against you, the common man … and if you are 'majority' and male its doubly against you. This is the reason why it seems that YOU are not in control of your nation's destiny. 
It is the reason why electing this or that party will not make any difference. It is the reason you are paying more and more and more for less and less and less while also making less and less and less, even before inflation is factored into the matter. It is the reason you are being impoverished slowly, and not so slowly. Why you are becoming like the Romans whom Tiberius Gracchus once noted were fighting for: the common air and light ' for being 'houseless and homeless they wander about with their wives and children.' their leaders lied when they said they were fighting for 'defend sepulchers and shrines from the enemy; for not a man of them has a hereditary altar, not one of all these many Romans an ancestral tomb, but they fight and die to support others in wealth and luxury, and though they are styled masters of the world, they have not a single clod of earth that is their own.” ( Quotes from Pluarch.)

Sound Familiar to anyone you may know?

Please download and read The Organic Theory of Society which can be had as a 193 page illustrated PDF here: 193 page pdf clean link.

 A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC.   We intend to be free and keep our Homes, Hearths and Heritage.  Do You?

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  1. It is sad that you do not get more readership. But the average western 'white male' is in fact an inferior and lowly imitation of his ancestors. They are fully committed to this or that sports team but they cower at the very idea of actually DOING anything to work towards a better future for themselves and their children. They are hedonistic, selfish,consumers who can be conquered by taking their newest trinkets away and shutting down the power for a week. They are foolish, shortsighted and frankly infantile beyond belief.

    They have been taught that feelings not facts are what matters so after all, you and them are 'equals', which has to be a pathetic joke to one such as yourself to have 80IQ costume nazi Live Action Roll Player twerps angle at being your equal in intellect and insight into human nature, and a great many other things.

    It is part of the liberal world view that all proper authority and discipline is annihilated in favor of duty at convenience.

    Their wells are poisoned and the fools rail at you for pointing out the effects upon them of imbuing the tainted springs.

    One last thing. That PDF is great, thanks. It really helped to 'fill the blanks' in a manner that the 'name the jews' morons simply fail to provide.

    We wish you many good days ahead. Don't let it get you down, as you are worthy of better followers -- and in time they shall come.

    A Friend.