Sunday, April 6, 2014

Live Action Roll Playing as a Political Tool for Pitiful Fools!

Or, How to be a tool used by your enemy to your disadvantage Parts 0-99 ... First for a bit of mockery:

And now for a bit more of the good old hand to the face:

Larp,Larp,Larp! ( That is the cutest puppy but OMG, the poor dear. If only it knew just how silly it looks, nay? )

Basically ANY political movement that is more focused on the enemy than on organizing for group gains in the lines of FOOD, LAND, SHELTER, and the other resources needed to be free men ie that does not seek to establish its members on a sound economic, social and lastly political basis from which to strike the international oligarchy, is not really being serious in its alleged opposition to modernity.

And as always: If you are not angry you are one of the thieves!