Monday, March 31, 2014

Just one more time! * alright I am lying it will repeat as many times as needed!*

So just once more through folks: 

The Oligarchy has your number.

They are not nice cuddly people. They have a tight grasp on most everything:
This about sums up the way it goes as it is.

Another way to think of the same basic idea.

The oligarchy is based upon credit and debt and power over the control of the money that they enjoy:
This is not a joke.
The above is where it goes ... and to those that call for either the left or right to 'save' them inside the 'two party' system, the next three are for you:

Just to hammer home WHO actually holds the two party whip hand.
The GOP has been right on the front fighting the Oligarchies fight since ... party politics!

Are you a blue-dog working majority stiff? Then the Dems are using you, dummy!
The fact is that the organized parties are a lost cause, what needs to be done, IHMO, is for normal people to band together, make wealth, and work towards being more reliant upon other local people:
The Credit/Debt Game is not needed.
The reality is that work and not credits make value and worth.

And with that:

   If you are not angry you are one of the thieves!


  1. I cannot grasp the 'idea' here.

    1. The 'idea' is that we are the slaves of a credit based oligarchy that controls every material thing needed for life, so to be 'free' of this oligarchy requires the ability to produce material goods ... food clothing and shelter primarily and in the first instance ... more than it requires stupid netnutzi blather mamba from historical reenactment groups LARPING as if they are political movements.