Thursday, May 29, 2014

There are indeed a LOT of digrams, pictures and other visual aids about this blog ..

Enough in fact to make their own blog post.  It's fun, and I have time to kill while the rain clouds water my efforts outside. ;)

First there was the Poor Man
Alright that is NOT quite how it happened ...

When I was born there was ... Oligarchy ....
Notice somebody is doing all the taken and the other all the giving.
I did not know this as I thought I lived in a republic ... Liberty and all that jazz ...

But in reality 'liberty' was two sets of liars running water for the Oligarchy above ...

For you GOP runts.

For the remaining Democrat working class tools!

Whose real purpose was to run money up capital hill to the Bank and thence to the coffers of the Oligarchy ...

A more realistic diagram for how the economy actually works IRL vs BS theory.
Then after more reflection it occurred to me that this is enabled by the USE of the credit instrument that both empowers the oligarchy and thumbs down the Nations which the Harlot is feasting upon ...

The Credit power is the strong base and the trunk but it is ALSO the most weak and subject to the Laws of Inevitable Failure ... All the rest goes with the Trunk and Root!
Another way to view this that by using the credit of the Oligarchs we have ensured that we become the serfs of the Oligarchs ...

The time to stop using the Oligarchies ways and means is Now! 

Now I would like for you to recall the Left and Right are a Big Pillow Fight and BOTH are Neoliberal tool of the Oligarchy meant to keep you bent over the sink ... boy!

This control 'thing' it be full spectrum, negro.

Thus since YOU are just about in the postition of a negro slave or at best a Medieval serf it must be advised that you devise ways of reistance to the Oligarchy that USE only what you have or can keep control over! Otherwise this always ends like 14 year old girl 'rebellions' ... in a grounding and some food being withheld!

People come together and form more and more complex and productive units in the aggregate. Nice and simple it ends/starts with credit ... namely creating your own based upon your own labors!

1 of literally 1000 million possible roads to the 'Sea'.  The Seas is the goal, the road is but a vehicle.

Another look at the same basic concept. It is the Power the Credit gives to affect The Will that is Paramount.

It really comes down to if you have access to land, and have labor, you will have products from the land ... which are wealth in the most elemental sense possible.

Land + Labor = Check.

And now you labor on the land and you have WEALTH that can be in time invested in chains of associations leading up to the Community Credit Power and now you are on parity with the Oligarchy.

Thus One could now begin to realistically think about ...
A cross party national alliance that ousts the Oligarchy.

So that ...
New more effective forms of governance may be instituted. 

And that ends this little reuse of my diagrams ...

We all go to this Place! You will have Company Brother.

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  1. A person commented to me that that above made no sense ... read the captions are part of the flow of the text ... then get back to me for further enlightenment.