Saturday, June 7, 2014

When PC Attacks!

How do you know when the dumbing down is complete?

This might be a clue. I am reminded of the Elite: Playing a high stakes game that will end badly.  But then too I am reminded of the 'equality do gooders' that get 'shocked' by Diversity often enough that the analogy is apt.

For the Full Length Version: Go to Youtube and check it out!


  1. PC is like a power pole: Go to close to the insulators and you fry and fall! LULZ!

    1. That bright light is reality setting in real good.

  2. Some Churl from the Netz! *epic fail as I moderate the comments!*June 15, 2014 at 10:51 AM

    { Dumb comment from Ignorant Movement Churl mamba Deleted. } And to answer your rhetorical question: Nope I don't believe in libral mamba like rights so yeah I intend to curtail your 'right' to post nonsense here about any subject what so ever. Either what you post is at least polite and hopefully bright and useful else it gets round filed and I mock you publicly. Thank You J for understanding.

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