Saturday, September 20, 2014

Contra Libertoonianism: Liberty only exists inside the Group.


* Basic Libertarian Assertions * Government is just force. Force is ebil, and any good it does the market would do better, M'kay. ( note the pie in the sky assertions stated as if they are the most logical and historically sound things that could be stated ... but they are in fact based SOLELY on the IGNORANCE of the audience as the speaker is using RHETORIC not LOGIC to 'carry' his non-points ... Government is just a group of people acting as one; no person exists outside of or apart from these groups; rights and property are creations of these groups and DO NOT EXIST in nature, while the material needs of the members such as hunger, thirst and housing are very real and must be accommodated. thus where personal 'rights' conflict with the group the person loses in almost all real cases, since minus the minimum needs being meet 'rights' are meaningless  -- I will give the libertarians their 'freedom' and keep ALL the food, water and housing .... That should counter his absurd and silly 'definitions' which are really just dogmatic pronouncements about what ought to be rather than observations about what really is in being.) ...

And notice how it will all be just free and good .... But hold on what exactly are these libertarian 'defense companies' and these 'mutual contracts' that together give the 'community' the right to jail, fine, enslave, your person and take your items if you violate its norms? ( Sounds exactly like a state jailing one for breaking a law, NO?) What is the exact difference between the good old fashion states with their public functions and the libertarian 'alternative' with its purely for profit model except that the libertarian one is even more corrupted by lust for money?

And the 'community' to these dingbats equals exactly everyone who can pay for contract with these defense companies and the network of companies taken as a whole, as well as the network of 'people' that have contracts with each other to do business together; everyone else is outside the market/society/protection-of-law and presumably ipso facto outlaws or criminals.  Not even the NSDAP claimed quite this much power over its members much less society as a whole. You have to go to East Germany or the USSR to get to this level of physical control over the life of the citizen. These Feedumb advocates want to literally throw you from society, and keep you from using the road to walk away!!! And then 'charge' ie slave labor you for the 'right' of being fined by them! In effect they are promoting a super corrupt banana republic slash corrupt African tribal village, idolized as the highest form of human organization once all the utopian gibberish is striped and the results made clear. :nuts:

Notice: They even claim the right to keep you from using the roads, ANY water at all, ALL land since in their ideal world ALL of these things would be SOMEBODIES property you would have to rent or pay for otherwise else you would be a THIEF, for using WATER! Even the Romans gave their slaves free use of water!  No slave master EVER did half the crazy shit these dingbats talk about doing to those that won't obey their 'contracts' which function just like Civic Law.

They both have the power to kill, jail and collect monetary income out of these acts; but the libertarian one would have a PROFIT motive openly built in, and would assume that EVERYTHING that you use should cost ... since nature cannot be unowned ... and we in fact are 'Self Owners' ( gibberish nonsense that assumes we are property to be bought sold or used ... Atheist double talk for 'we are all potential slaves.' ) ...  Thus they gabber about freedom but it is in the end the freedom to be considered equal to lifeless matter.

So they talk about 'liberty' but woe unto you if you lack the means to PAY for that liberty and WOE unto everyone that lacks the means to pay more than those that might pay to have the system 'find' that they 'owe'!
They further assume that humans are naturally 'good' and nonviolent ... so of course private paramilitaries are NO problem and are better than public ones ... I mean what would or could go wrong with arming private companies and given them a profit incentive to take over Smurf-ville ... What could possible go wrong?  And thus they talk about 'morality' but would either be the worst sort of tyrants or the first people filling the trenches.


  1. Thank You for telling the Libertarians off, they need to be told twice a day that they are insane. Thanks Poor Man.

  2. No libertarians are the only number I will accept.

  3. The more the libertarians are told they don't belong on the right, the more it will sink in that we don't want them among us on the right.

  4. {deleted} You are .... { Thanks for allowing me to censor you.}

  5. So folks it looks like public opinion is running about 3 of 4 in favor of the libertoons being called out and put to task. Good.