Friday, September 26, 2014

Some thoughts on Organic Society

Family equates to the Solid Base of Organic Society:

The Organic Theory of Society explained in basic pictures that a 5 year old should grasp ...
Starting with the Family ( not the individual as liberalism falsely does ) we arrive at this TRUE and CORRECT understanding with which to combat liberalism's atomic individual ( the man that came perfectly into being with NO obligations to anyone else AND all his political rights in the English Bill of Rights of 1689 ... ) that, person never existed nor will ever exist! It is in the group that we find our fullest and highest expression as living beings.

            To begin the long march back to sanity:

 Of course any number of other steps could be put between the village and national level ... States, counties, cities, but you get the idea since ALL of these are just families, grouped into clans, grouped into villages .... And the entire Political/Social/Economic order based on that flows from this natural organization of human groups.


  1. I even have a pdf made for this ... in case anyone is interested.

  2. Great article. Thank you - the importance of family needs to be stressed more often these days.