Monday, October 27, 2014

The World Wide Oligarchy for Dummies; or what the Blight wing is willfully ignoring

The Right Wing is always on and on about the left, the liberals and the multicult; however you would be hard pressed to find a single one of them that rejects the Neo-liberal 'Free Market' rhetoric of the GOP or Torries. Why is it that they reject one arm of the Oligarchy and cling so desperately to the other? Lack of clear understanding as to the powers and forces that shape our world is the answer.

The diagram at the left is how I conceptualize the modern 'world order' at least in how it appears to operate from the outside and from under its yoke. I make these charts/diagrams and others to make it easier for myself to digest, and more readily be able to analyze complex systems in motion, by seeing the parts first, then understanding their interconnection and then drawing what conclusions I may or can from that data. I find that strengths and weaknesses of systems can be brought to the fore in this way more easily than merely diving into disparate data as a whole set and trying to make order. It is not a perfect method, true, but it is what I have and therefore without further ado. 

In the diagram to the above we have the American ( imperial ) 'grand alliance' of the Feminists, Fags, Minorities, Big-Money internationalists controlling both the nominal right and left in domestic politics. The left uses this control primarily to demand 'humanitarian' utopian missions, the right to demand access to the resources of just those places that need more humanitarian missions, both agree that force is needed, both do all of this based upon a usurious system that ensures the Common ( non-female, non-colored, non-homosexual )Man at home is left as both tax slave to and first victim of the alliance. They are the source of human capital that keep the machine both maintained and feed. In time since more is going out than coming in, they must be expended and like Great Britain before us the 'Grand Alliance' folks will leave us high and dry and seek greener pastures. This 'shift' in power centers will be facilitated by the fact that World Imperium is based upon cookie cutter identical oligarchies among its client states. Such that it could be thought of like this relative to any one nation: 
Notice that Oligarchy forms a coil about the nations, which coil is in effect a debt and credit based economic, social and political prison. Oh a golden barred one to be sure but never the less a prison it remains! Destroy the need for its credit and you destroy its power at a stroke! The Elite Rest upon their Credit Power. Repeat until you grasp this basic fact! The Elite rest upon power over Credit and debt!
Now that we have touched upon some of the basics. We shall deconstruct the above to attempt to have a better look at its workings.

The modern Murri-Qwa is an oligarchy. It is based upon the 1% Elite's ( domestically and world wide ) credit dominance from which they control the PC radical left, and the 'country club' end of the GOP. Hence we have an alliance of the Feminists, Homosexuals, minorities, egalitarians and other anti-Western forces with the Big Money Business over all things interests, who have long been rootless cosmopolitans inside our gates.

The power of this alliance is used domestically to ensure dominance over the academia,economy,education, energy, manufacturing, media, and politics. Their dominance is almost complete. 

In the diagram to the left, we more clearly can see that the Common Man is the foundation upon which the PC-Big-Money alliance operates. They are supported by and support fully the credit oligarchy both domestically and internationally to a man. Both ( all major ) parties are fully on board with the Imperial mission from their own end, and use the Common Man as their servant and oxen in the achievement of those ends with zero regard for the nation. Any complaints or serious attempts to stop the gravy train are denounced by BOTH sides as Racist, Xenophobic, extreme, outside the pale, not part of the mainstream and nationalistic/fascist, and the rest of the world wide interlocking series of oligarchies will do their best to ensure that if the 'national' oligarchy cannot keep order that the 'world' will punish the upstarts economically and invade them if need be to keep them on the 'world' plantation. 

 It should be noted that to save space I left out those groups that might form outside the triangle of the elite to the left and above, those would be labeled communists, anarchists, or socialists and be denounced, and to the right those are populist, levelers, or 'Luddites' and are equally denounced. 

What they have in common is a disgust for the operation of the 'free market' and its steady impoverishment of real life people – the Nationalist cares about his organic kind, the Populist about his Country/Fellow-Citizens – and the fact that they will act against the interests of the Oligarchy. 

The oligarchy is glad to play them off against each other, as and how it can. The oligarchy thrives on ignorance to the point that it calls itself 'democracy'.

Now that we have some idea of HOW this works out in real life domestically. 

Let us look at the modern American Empire. First it must be noted that the oligarchy that has control of the American system is NOT new and was old when America was young. In modern times it can be traced from the Italian Banking Republics, to the Dutch Republic, the England under Cromwell until about WWI, then it shifted to the USA which currently holds its mantle and is the nominal imperial suzerain. What almost all of them have in common is that they are:

1.) They are Usury Based – Debt and bankruptcy are their lives blood.

2.) They are Free Marketers – they demand access to others markets and resources.

3.)They are Militaristic – they will go to war to get that access, or to collect debts as needed.

4.) They are oligarchies – everything in the state tends to reinforce the power of the few over the many.

5.) They are plutocracies – wealth is seen to be the measure of all in all, and comes in time to be the SOLE virtue.

6.) They are Republics – since a strong market requires a weak government to act as its doorman and enforcer upon the commons.

7.)They are legalistic – the letter of the law is used as a shield to protect the oligarchy and as a weapon to punish the commons.

9.) They are Anti-nationalistic – as they evolve they always either bring in more citizens or servants/slaves that displace the citizens.

10.) They always implode into Bankruptcy – and then the oligarchs head for new plantations and begin a new leaving the wreckage as the responsibility of the nation they just milked dry!

The diagram to the above right, shows this pretty well. You have the oligarchy. They dominate all that really matters, using the government to act upon the common little people, who are left without recourse to justice from the rapacious appetites of said oligarchy for profits based on usury and chaos.
The one to the left the effects of Usury upon nations: Bankruptcy, subjugation and servitude for the nation, wealth, power and domination for the oligarchy. Free your currency and prosperity will follow!

And with that we shall talk a bit about the power of currency and resource control.

 Internationally the empire main base of support is the simple and yet complex fact that Dollars are needed to buy Oil and that oil is needed to have a modern economy. This is the petro-dollar and it is the foundation upon which the Imperial Power rests.

The reason the 'world' cares one wit what the 'leaders of the free world' think is because they need their banknotes to buy the petroleum needed to remain in the 21st century.

If you think of the world community as a fixed point and the Petro-Dollar
as a collar that can be used to leverage the imperial domains about economically, politically and if that fails to bring them sufficiently into line to weaken them for the military blow, then you are not far from the mark. It is this power and control over the volume and worth of the currency in relation to labor and goods, that ensures their domination of the Nations, from this flows the power to corrupt and buy elections so as to 'legally' sell us into bondage to the Money Masters.   This is so because their credit power gives them ALL the other power and authority which they posses!
To repeat and reiterate:

The Elite Rest Upon Their Credit Power! Thus if this power is knocked out from under them, they rest upon NOTHING! Remember when going after a world wide Imperium go for the softs.   And the 'softs' of the world system are paradoxically the very credit and resource monopoly that gives them their ability to project power. Rather it is the false belief in its power and a false understanding of money and wealth. * See appendix for related discussion. *
Hence smash the credit monopoly and you smash the oligarchies 'grand alliance'. 

 * Appendix:

Money and Wealth – their relationship to power and freedom.

In the end the end 'money' and 'credit' are merely counters for Human Labor. Once Any One of the Nations laboring under the Oligarchies whip realize and apply this great truth the time of the Usurer of over and never again will anyone consent to allow others to charge them interest ( extra time and labor really ) for their own work. Since if money is a counter for labor, then Labor is in fact the real 'money' and the actual wealth of a nation is measured not based upon usurer credit and debts but upon its ability to labor and create first its own needs and then secondarily to provide the needs of others in exchange for the goods of those others. Thus the ends comes when the greater mass is educated about the fact that THEY and not some nebulous cabal create all the wealth of the nation. America is the heart of the empire, it is also the ONLY land mass large enough to survive a world wide embargo and successfully jettison the economics of the Oligarchy and replace that with the assertion of National Autarchy. Autarchy is very simply the status of being able to provide for yourself. Such a nation would have NO use or need for credit, free trade, or any of the other treacheries of the Oligarchy. Such a nation that was large and had a nuclear deterrent could in fact be the basis for a world wide reconquest from these usurious trash. *

And for the above with Red Queen Ann ( Mircosoft Ann ) Lecturing along in my tortured prose! Lovely!  :)


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