Friday, October 17, 2014

Reset: If only the American Folk came with such a function ...

But until then, all that sane rational people can do is continue to try to present the case for new institutions, founded on a reality based understanding of society, gender and the rest. Organic Society based on Patriarchal Families or Nothing.

We must continually and without fatigue, reject the framing of the debate by both the faux right and left who are two arms of the PC Credit Oligarchy who is our real enemy.

The Parties are merely means to ends ... the Money Power that dominates them is the Cause for the PC Regime. 

The Left will call us Fascists and the Right 'communists'  -- the liberals will call us haters, and the 'conservatives' will call us Jacobin Crazies -- the centrist housewife rhinos and business 'conservatives' will combine both as they are a combination of the right and left mental defects that add up to the PC insanity surrounding normal rational people.

This however is NOT a weakness, as the system's 'support' is all artificial and exists solely in between the shapeless shifting world of media 'reality' and the unmeasurable reality of beliefs, ie it is very very fragile and only a good disappointment to the commons away from being rejected and replaced. And anything that makes it attack rather than stay on the defensive only exposes its 'new clothes' to more and more rational and sane persons. To be seen as the enemy of the deadly snake is not a bad thing, my dears.

If  organizations allowed, nay funded by your enemy who dominates your reality, hate and denounce you as you call for the well being of your Kin and Kind to be paramount, then all is objectively very well indeed.

For if either of the enemies 'wings' have cover for you, or accept you, then you are either a lackey for the enemy or no threat to them at all.

But if they must fully press the attack all along their line that means you: 1.) have them terrified. 2.) are using up resources as they CANNOT relent once they commence, must like any Imperial dogma once it commits to your 'destruction' it must never relent as to retreat is to be reduced to irrelevance. 3.) Tying up time, and personnel that could have otherwise went to enforcing their insane edicts upon the remains of the Folk. And 4.) Providing a living example that standing up to their first few rounds of bluster and baloney is all that is needed to be able to weather their media tea cup storm, IF one has a strong base in his living Folk.

With that in mind:

Address the concept above, don't hide behind evasions about 'communism'. Deal with the reality of the statement don't bother with 'racism' or PC word play. Come with real solutions of STFU.
Read and address the text ... spelling games will not cut the grade.

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