Sunday, November 16, 2014

A few Simple Questions for the 'Far Right Movement'?

Direct Questions for the Far Right Movement slash European Nationalists:

This should be simple. Basically for some background: I had shown a few persons the 'movement' in all its glory. They took in a bit of the views and opinions, on the forum boards this one among them. Looked around a bit. And had some questions.

Questions which will be asked by NORMAL working class European-Majority-People when you finally leave the nets and try to engage in Real World Politics.

You can take them personally if you must, but they are rewordings of actual questions asked about YOUR movement by normal people that did not want to post to your sites. Those people were heavy on 'right-winger-ness', and 'equality' was utterly absent from their thinking, if you will, so they were not automatically biased against European-Majority-nationalism.

Thus it would be rather cheap and lazy to dismiss them with childish retorts about not needing sheeple, and 'we will do what we want' and the like …

They are legitimate real world questions that any valid well thought out political program ought to be able to answer about itself, without angst and in a calm level headed manner. If you are to be 'European-Majority' Nationalism you might want to address some of the European-Majority-People in the Nations Questions. This will in theory bring the masses on side with you. Which is not bad because European-Majority-nationalism needs MORE and Better European-Majority-People!

And that is the stone cold truth.


What is the end Goal of European-Majority Nationalism? What has it done to ensure these goals comes about? What are the means to be used to get to those goals? In very simple terms explain how reaching this goal will be of advantage to the Nation at large?

What other than 'European-Majorityness' are you offering? Better wages? Better conditions of employment? Lower taxes? Less debt? Better cheaper housing? Freedom from Usury? Debt Relief? A return to better morals? And end to Off Shoring and In Sourcing of jobs? Other?

Is there a unified message that can be encapsulated as a 'slogan' or 'program' of sorts? Who is the 'target demographic' of said slogan and what is being done to ensure they get and take to the 'message'? What steps if any is European-Majority-nationalism taking to ensure European-Majority-nationalism controls its message rather than being controlled by the media message about it?

What sort of government founded upon what basis? Created in what realistic manner? How does the movement intend to erect this government? And where?

Will there be a 'free market'? If so, what will the relation between the government and 'market' be if any? Who will control the issue of credit? What will be money? Under what terms?

What proposals does European-Majority-nationalism have for how and under what terms the nations credit will be provided? What will be its basis? Will the public or private or some mix of interests issue the money used in day to day life by the citizens of the European-Majority-nationalist nation? Will extra-national forces be allowed to influence this credit? Will the currency be a commodity as well? If there is to be a profit from the issuance of currency who shall take in said profits, private or public entities?

Will the plutocratic elite keep their wealth after European-Majority-Nationalism? Will the insider corporations keep their wealth and power after European-Majority-Nationalism? What will be done if anything to keep them from buying any European-Majority-Nationalist state like they have bought the Current Regime? Will they be allowed to flee to the four corners of the World and plot against us or will they be dealt with domestically?

To sum up all the questions: What will be so radically different from right now, or 50 years ago, that following European-Majority-nationalism’s lead is a worth while endeavor for the common European-Majority Man? What will the common European-Majority MAN actually GAIN by supporting European-Majority-Nationalism over say Populism or Radicalism, or frankly any political movement that is not internet based? Why should they side with European-Majority-Nationalism *?

Again Any decently thought out political-social-economic movement ought to be able to answer these sorts of questions in an orderly clear and concise manner. If a movement cannot even do this simple task: how shall it rule even so much as a village?

* And before the tools try the 'you should just give because' nonsense …. Even the NSDAP understood this simple fact: If you don't offer solutions, you are not helping your Folk.

ALL the actual real world Right Wing movements came with REAL WORLD solutions to REAL WORLD issues that really affected REAL working and lower middle class Folk! See the 26 points of the Falange, 25 points of the NSDAP, and the Italian Labor Charter for more all documents that I find Normal European-Majority-People respond very well to as long as they don't know the origin of said documents!

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