Friday, November 28, 2014

The Descent into utter Madness

We all know the adage about 'those the gods would destroy they first make mad'. 

And true to form here we the western people find our self whirling about madly like a dervish in front of the electric marching orders deposit. The group mind has taken in so many kooky, crazy, and outright magical thoughts that it is impossible for us to know truth from false from within the system as it stands. We must abandon all attachment to it and set our selves free from its madness; stop acting foolishly expecting fools errands to end well; and become our natural selves yet once more.

To do this we must challenge the core concepts that underlay modern PC 'egalitarianism' as they exist in the Anglo-sphere nations and Particularly the UK and USA.

There are many key concepts like 'Tolerance' and 'Diversity'. But to my mind the primary one that seems to underlie a lot of the rest of the concepts and give them meaning is called 'White Guilt'. This underlies most of the rest of the plot to overthrow our nation. This concept creates the apathy among the masses and is the reason that so many of our own young are becoming cultural eunuchs that help with the task of killing off our ways and ultimately our kind.

White Guilt is PC's 'original sin' of sorts. ALL White People have this guilt for the acts of ALL other WHITE PEOPLE from all time to all time, even the poor since they have the 'advantage' of being poor Whites not dirt poor blacks! (IN fact if they complain of working to pay taxes so that they can live about equal to the Blacks who don't work by and large – that is a sure sign of 'racism' and hatred. )

The logic, as such, runs like this: Being born White means you are 'racists' and 'hate' coloreds because IF WHITE then racism and hatred! If Racism and Hatred then Diversity is needed. Diversity means non-White-non-male-non-traditional so If any White (males more than females as they are 'victims' in their own right) object to paying for PC, then more non-Whites (or even worse traitor liberal White Eunuchs) are needed to combat 'racism' IE ensure PC has its tax-base of White (traditional normal anti-PC) Males in check.

That is their Dogmatic Formula – The Anti-racists you will notice share the methodology of the Feminists and Homosexual degenerates who are also subversive to Western Society, while being simultaneously parasitic upon the masses of people that in fact make up Western Society. They are all in this way equal to Liberals -- they all use 'white' as an insult about equal to 'Nazi' or 'fascist'. Just like the other subversives. Just saying. (And the GOP does not talk about 'white' only us Normals do that. Accept it: We are doing our own lifting to get out of this. )

Whites are therefore told that if they just tolerate diversity – meaning the glorification of every other POV and activity but those of the WHITE MAJORITY – and therefore if they give up EVERYTHING special about themselves that they MIGHT just after enough groveling, tax give aways, 'social justice', social programs, single mother homes, raped women folk, and social degeneration to the level of the third world wash away this 'sin' committed by people that in most cases were not even their own ancestors by blood. And many of them at least play along if not actually believe this mamba! And all this on a 'might'! Madness!

It goes without saying that Whites Males that won't embrace gender equality, 'sexual equality', and every other moon-bat liberal pacifist eunuch creating culturally destructive idea unconditionally are the ultimate enemy of all Mankind – the Oppressor of Victims (who are everyone else but the non-Eunuch White. )

It is purely nonsense. Egalitarian Gibberish invented by Commie Subversives! It has about as much substance and reality behind it as Celestial Spheres or Squared Circles … IE it is a fools quest lacking empirical or moral foundation. To agree with PC is to agree to your own subjection to PC if you are a White Male, who rejects 'equality' and the rest of the feminine mantra put forward by the 'left' in modern Anglo-sphere nations.

To have it again: It has NO basis in truth, logic or ethics. The reality is that not one of us has any moral, ethic or logically demonstrable responsibility towards the Blacks or any other person outside OUR kind, and who is not loyal to OUR interests. Period.

The Reality is that not one of us has any responsibility for any slave, slave owner or the 'injustices' that created.

The Reality is that not one of the issues or problems among the Blacks is our issue, they have been given everything needed to succeed except those things which are INNATE and lacking to them!

The Reality is that Blacks and Minorities make their ghetto hoods and not racism or poverty or 'hatred'! The minorities do that themselves! The inhabitants make the dwelling! Not the other way around!

The reality is we are tired of accepting illogical pap like the above as normal good sound wholesome thinking!

The reality is that WHITE MEN are feed up with being told to tolerate being punks in our own lands, being told to tolerate being victimized by rapists thieves and murders. Being told this is their own fault when they clearly understand it is PC and its PETS doing this to them!

The Reality is that soon WHITE MALES are going to tell PC and its Pets to STFU and then History is going to change in a big f'ing way! Now I wonder if they can hear the Gods Laughing at them like Commodus?

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