Tuesday, February 24, 2015

PC MultiCult Versus Normal Mono-cultural Society

T'is easy to see a strong majority rejects PC!

It is not complex and everyone who is willing to let go of the useless R v D, Right V Left gibberish the media pushes, should be able to understand the overall concept. 

The First Great Truth is that ALL 'allowed' or 'major' parties are driving Our Homelands to Diversity and Multiculturalism using PC as a weapon to mental brow beat us into Minority Status.

We dissent from PC and MC, and will not accept Minority Status in our own Home Lands and thus they are NOT with us, nor We with them. We have parted ways US and them; they have turned their backs upon Us and seek to replace Us with Mass Immigration.

This is because a divide commons is an easily ruled commons, while a unified People is not so easily keep low!

Basically the point of the video is that:


Unified societies based on Duty and Honor are stronger than multicultural country clubs based on personal advantage.  This is because in a Proper Nation State the bonds person to person are those of familial type. They are based upon proper understanding of ones Duties towards oneself, one's family, one's community and one's Nation; and are understood to END full-stop at the edge of the Nation.  ( Not upon $$$ as in fact such behavior is foreign to honorable men. )


Properly Unified National Societies are based upon Unified Families ( Male and Female Life Long Bonding Pairs, and NO other grouping ) which ideally identify with a 'first family' who are the founders of the Nation. Said families form the basis for the People, who through various manifestations are the Nation and the State both being merely ends to ensure the People continue into the future and remember the past.


Thus the Nation is ( ideally) a family of families who posses a unified identity, heritage and history. Their Land is Their HOME.  ( Mass Immigration is therefore Home Invasion Foisted upon Our People.)


This all follows naturally from the Normal Male-Female Bonding pair that function to create the chain of Life that is A People. All People come from a Mother and Father and from no other place; therefore ALL Nations come from a Mother and Father and from no other place.

The People are the font of a cultural and value system, they hold a land as their home, and provide life, values, mores, law, heritage, and history to the Nation-State.

These values and norms are them form a Nation IE a People as Sovereign to find the commonality and make a law of the land.


The Nation then erects a State based upon their law and way of life to protect the future of the People against all designs of Nature and Man. 


The State being the administrative forms the Nation assumes to give live to its laws, and colletive will so as to be able to protect the People which are at the center of all National Concern and ALL proper State Action. 
( People = Child; Nation = Mother; State = Father.  Children being the Future and reason for the WHOLE operation. )

 Summation of my ideas on things over all in under 3 minutes of diagrams, charts and the like. 

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