Monday, February 2, 2015

Living Society

It should not require explaining but here goes:


  1. Privatization is the answer.

    We could abolish the current system of Government!!!

    Why are Main Stream News agencies continually selling us the Government?

    Why are Institutionalize Religions continually selling us the Government?

    If one turns a critical eye towards the Government, and examines the applicatory role Government plays in our everyday life, one might wonder why we need the Federal government at all; don’t we have enough laws on the books already?

    Don’t we find ourselves voting for the lesser of two evils?

    Don’t we find ourselves, admitting that people are better off when government does nothing at all?

    We must phase-out the archaic relic we call the Federal Government.

    In a time of super computers, satellite technology and instant communications; we are capable of self-governess’ by referendum.

    There is nothing in our Constitution preventing us from phasing-out, the current system, and enacting a new form of Government that acts by referendum; a system guided by the principles values, standards enumerated in our bill of rights.

    A new system will ensure our bill of rights is never challenged.

    A new system will maintain the republic.

    We can create a system free of corruption.

    We can create a system where ‘NO LAW’ could be affirmed that runs counter to our Constitution or infringe upon the rights of OUR people.

    Privatization is the answer.

    1. Seems we have a libertarian. I let it through not because of some dedication to archaic principle but merely because unlike most of them this one was rather polite. And it serves to show just what one can think up when it is unaffected by real world consequences. Privatized police and Courts ... Who ever pays the most is Chief Magistrate! Um No I won't thanks.