Monday, August 31, 2015

National Mindedness or Self Centeredness:

all the difference between a Nation and a Country Club.


We in the West are being swamped by Third World Mass Immigration of Barbarian Hordes.  The Unique character of our people is being mixed away in some INSANE scheme to bring 'human equality' when in fact NO such 'humanity' exists -- Humanity is the Third World and PC folks gang raping the West to death in the name of Tolerance, Equality and Diversity. 'Humanity' as in ALL people everywhere being equally dear to anyone is PURE Fantasy. It is a purposeful built lie that supports other lies built to support the nonsense that is modern 'scientific' egalitarianism IE the on going Western Assisted Suicide Death Pact with the alien, foreign,vile and dangerous Barbarians, we are told 'enrich' us.

This whole utterly senseless phenomena is driven by a alliance of the Party Bigs on Both the Right and Left -- the Right gets cheap labor with which to run the American Citizen down to third world status ideally and the Left gets its vaunted 'diversity' with which to destroy our Unique Identity and make us and the rest of the world into equally dull lifeless PC-bots.  One gets our pennies and the other is taking our Past, Present and Posterity!

That is the long and the short of it. Those opposed to Mass Immigration, legal, illegal or otherwise -- since it is being replaced like so many parts in a machine that we object to not lawyers quibbles! -- must go beyond the two false parties and their nonsense 'platforms'.

They must learn not to see it as 'left' and 'right', those are just mind games the system plays to Divide Imperium but, merely NATIONAL MINDED and SELF CENTERED IE  Loyal Folks and Treason Goats.  

The Nationally Minded, must eventually network and then combine efforts to form many decentralized and obscure clubs, organizations, associations etc. of true Majority Americans ONLY ( exclude people without regard to lawyer games), who want to live with other majority Americans, do business with them, keep their majority over their nation, and concentrate numbers in areas to maximize political control by those who live this way of life -- if the PC lawyers sue ... Give them ASH if they win your real property HIDE all that can be hidden and turn over NOTHING willingly to them.  

Basically you defy them. And force them to work double extra hard for every single penny of blood money. Make them strain hard for that Judas penny.

Since the Lawyer is STEALING from you using the Color Of Law ... there is NO moral obligation to give way to the pretensions of a thief.  And since the 'law' is controlled by folks that want to destroy our way of life ... well you know.

This must be done upon the principle that it is better to suffer now personally than to bring the entire group sorrow later. 

The Self Centered Oppose the PC regime only because it does not put Judas pennies in their own personal pockets. They are opportunists breed under the amoral PC regime; fully for sale and not to be trusted under any circumstance. Our Political, industrial and spiritual 'leaders' sadly mostly fall into this camp of less than men. 

They will go over to the Bigs if offered the 20 Pennies ...

Contrasted to this are the Real American Citizens, us fly over people, We are A Nation. Not a business, not a place to be happy, not anything else. Our Land, our Identity, our Lives are in a very real sense ONE. We are not all identical but the sum of our persons makes the patch quilt that is 'America' and sans us there is only the land mass called North America because Our Nation animated, created and sustained the Country called America; we are its soul and without us the corpse must die in short order.

We see ourselves as families, communities, circles of friends and neighbors banding together to help and provide for one another. 

We are a People. Living and with a destiny and history, and we do not assent to our Lands, Identity and Pride in our achievements being taken from us by anyone what so ever! 

This land is OUR land, it is filled with OUR people. We are NOT for sale. We are NOT a Club you join by paying a fee in DC.

The National Minded folks are exactly squarely and openly where I plant my flag and will make my stand. The rest can go to the Devil their father, and be away from me and mine.  Since they are the only faction that supports what I believe, it follows that they are the only faction that I support in return.

National Mindedness is the way to Nationalism proper.
Please see our PDF about the Organic Society for more information.


  1. Whites are drowning in the melting pot. And most of us have forgotten how to swim.