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Questions every person who supports the Organic Society should know

We have been working on a new and expanded edition of the Organic Theory of Society. The newer edition has a prologue that lays out OUR views as to how we arrived here, and what here is. The goes into the Theory itself which is primarily about family and what needs to be done to support The Family Group. Then goes into 'What is to be done' in Chapter 4. And then has some appendices of which this is the last but not least. The PDF links at the Blog Posts and Pages for the Theory point to the New PDF but the MP3s and text is dated. Please refer to PDF. Thank You.  193 page pdf clean link.  A real Plan that has an actual chance of success.   We welcome constructive input and feedback.

Appendix C: Questions every person who supports the Organic Society should know – a Q and A to be used as a means to spread the ideas contained here in to those not yet acquainted with the theory.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? These are the paramount questions.

The Votives of the Organic Society must be able to answer,” Who? What? Why? Nations Matter?,”on the fly in a calm and reasonable manner.
We must have answers to the questions that present themselves to the task. We must know the questions to ask and the correct answers so that we can know our purpose, our mission, and understand correctly the parameters under which we conduct our persons, family, households, communities, economy, and politics to the best ends of the Organic Society as a whole and thus to our best interest's as parts.
The questions and answers will serve both the learned and ill learned. For the learned they shall act as a means to educate the ill informed and keep their own zeal sharp.
For the ill informed they shall act as a light in the darkness that shall guide them to understanding and a place of learning, such that they too can become a candle lighting flames in the darkness spreading the message of hope to those that had none.

To the Q and A:


What is a family? A family is a Father, Mother and Child who share a Home, Hearth and Heritage.

Who makes up a family? The Father, Mother and their children.

Where does a family live? In a Home.

When is a family complete? When it passes on its heritage around its hearth in said home.

Why do families exist? To continue the kind.

How does a family fit into society as a whole? It is the model upon which the rest is to be judged. The well being of the family is the measure of the whole as the health of the cells is the measure of the bodies health.
What are a Father, Mother, And Child? The Provider, the Preserver, and the Potential of the Family unit.
Home: What is a home? The Wall about the Family that keeps their hearth and heritage safe inside, such that child can be safely keep by the Mother and Father against Nature's ravages.
Hearth: What is a hearth? It is the place where the meals are cooked, eaten and the gathering place of the family more generally. Why is this valuable to a family? It ensures that affection holds them together such that petty emotional issues do not divide them against their whole best interests.
Heritage: What is heritage? It is the 'way of the ancestors' handed down to you from antiquity and hoary with age. Where does it come? From the actions of families around hearths generation upon generation.
What does it do? Provides a basis for understanding who is in and who is out of the family circle.
It also provides the basis for the long term continuation of the values and morals of the family units in society, without which moral continuity there can be no stable social organic order.
Why is it important? A family must have a definite wall around it both emotionally and physically, and thus the heritage acts as the house to the family's group mind as it were, ensuring that those out of its embrace are less trusted than those inside.



What are a people? A people are a group of families, who have a commonality of living area and lifestyles, a shared History and a uniting Culture. The Families are the unit that makes up the People.
Thus each people is as unique as the collection of families which make it up, and will have its own character and traits.
Who makes up a people? Families acting as parts of functioning organic communities make up the people.

Where does a people live? In a community under a common law, and with a common way of life, united by a binding living culture.

When is a people complete? When the families that comprise it are strong.

Why do peoples exist? To ensure that each among the families will have the greatest possible chance at survival in the world and thus the greatest chance of being of use to themselves, their families, and the people more generally.
How does a people relate to the family and society as a whole? The family is the cell, the Nation-State the people erect are the skin and mind, the people are the bones, organs and soul of the whole body politic.

What is a commonality? It is the product of many families sharing their heritage and living space over time.
What is a History? This is the result of families in a community sharing their experiences and being bound as one by them.
What is a Culture? The means a people uses to express their values and morals in the context of their community's commonality and history.

I & II:

Values of the Family and People:

What values hold the organic people and family together? These values are Honesty, Frugality, Dedication, and Respect.

What and why: Honesty, Frugality, Dedication, Respect?
Honesty because it is only when each and trust each others word that a people can have internal harmony and good will.

Frugality as a people that is not wasteful will not come to want.

Dedication as a people that will not give up shall not know defeat.

And respect as without proper due given to ones elders and leaders there is no community at all.



Who makes a nation? A unique people, living on a land with livelihoods.

What is a nation? It is the means the People use to defend their internal well being such that each is able to provide for his family home such that the whole people can be strong.

Why does this people establish the nation? The People establish a nation to gather to themselves the fruits of acting toward the common good and to ensure the commons works toward their interest in a reciprocal manner.

When is a nation inside its proper sphere? When it tends to the whole while not doing harm to the parts.
When it functions to ensure each his just place to live, each their price for their labors, and to each their just due of the life and livelihoods of the whole people in proportion to their merit.

Where does a Nation exist? In the hearts and minds of the People, Communities and Families that give the Nation animation by the care for it they hold in their hearts.

What is Land, Livelihood, and life and why do they matter to who, for what, when and where? A land is the material base upon which a people live, the entirety of the resources available to them from which to produce the things needed for life.

A livelihood is the means each uses to produce those things needed for life such that their labor will honestly contribute to the whole and make their own family strong at the same time.

And life is the chain that bind the past, the present and the future into one timeless now that gives to us our sense of our place in the tapestry of creation.



Who forms a state? A people acting both inside and outside their circle which the state acts to hold intact.

What is the purpose? To act as the head to the popular national body. To ensure Law Order and Justice inside the organic whole and to ensure no wrong comes from without.

Upon what basis is this authority grounded? Upon the Patriarchal authority of each man over his own home and family.

Is there any other sound foundation for the state? No.
When will the state best do its function in the Organic Society? When it is founded upon the will of the men as One Sovereign, when the best of the men are promoted based on merit and when all have a minimal say in War, Peace, Tax and all the grand affairs of state that effect each and every household and community in the state's national domain.

What are Law, Order and Justice? Why do they matter, to whom, for what, when, and where? These are the benefits the state brings to the National Popular whole and they matter to all, old, young, mother, father and child. They provide for safe homes, hearths and heritage and ensure the commonality, history and culture are keep at the center of the People's civic world. They are a blanket that gives to the land and those in it the ability to conduct lawful business in freedom and with assurance of just and fair dealings upon regular rules known to all.

How does the state communicate its will to the governed? By means of Law which are the rules under which all must conduct their deals private and public.

What does the application of law to the public and the adsorption of it into the hearts privately do for the popular nation? Provide order so that life, livelihoods, and land might be best enjoyed and most advantageously pursued by all.

What would one call this status of the State providing lawful order? Justice. Such a state will ensure each his just place – home – just price – livelihoods – and just due – law, as a moral duty that lays about mere desire to escape punishment.

If the state must choose between profits and Justice which is primary? Justice as no amount of profits will buy one back honor and honesty sold for ambition. Justice ensures each has what is due to him and without this the trust in each other needed to have an organic society dies.


What is the National State? Who makes up its foundation? The People acting as earthly sovereign. They do so in one way or another, which varies from each people to the next, such that their collective history and culture might be passed on whole and complete, and also that they might conduct their life's in peace and good order as best they are able and inclined.


National-state Virtues:

What values hold the organic Nation and state together as one and ensure they remain one with the People? These are loyalty, duty, courage, and honor.

What and why: Loyalty, Duty, Courage, Honor? Loyalty ensures that each man, women and child will do their duty to their home, community, and the nation state as best they are able and to the level required of their station. Duty is the sense that one is required to serve a greater good than mere self and that this good is the family, the People and the National-state. Courage is required such that each might face the particular challenges they are assigned with a cool mind and a calm heart. And honor ensures that each has a sense of their place and rank in the greater family of families that is the National-state.


Popular National-State:

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? The Popular National-state is simple the families acting as a people who have erected the proper nation and state to fit their character and needs, singularly and as a whole. It can be seen as the fully autonomous whole as viewed from the outside. Much as the family are the whole to the National-state who make up the people who then form the national-state which taken as a whole gives as yet again the Popular National-state which again is the whole to the parts. The universe in which the people, family and individual operate in nature and the whole lens by which they see the events of things.


Other Questions that have No logical place in the above hierarchy of units in the social economic political order:

Who shall lead? Leadership is an extension of the father's authority over his home. Therefore of those fathers those that are able shall be promoted based upon the basis of 'service is the greatest duty' with merit and skill being the determining factors, generally.

Why would they want to lead? Because leadership is a duty to the People as a whole, their family as a part and to themselves as a unity. Those that have the ability have the duty to loyalty and with courage perform service to the whole folk, this includes leadership as much as labor or keeping a home. Those that do this duty well shall be accorded honors and given responsibility to act as the father acts for his home and family. Leadership is exactly this a responsibility and not an opportunity.

When and where shall leaders be chosen how? When they are needed, at the place chosen by the adult tax paying men of military age, and by what means these men shall fix by law.

Why are tax, fatherhood, and call up required for the men to have a vote? Because if those that vote are not those that pay, fight and will miss time with their beloved, then those that vote will become reckless with the treasure, blood, and affairs of those that give all to defend the whole. Those rooted in the community with a stack in the outcome must be those that have final say.

With this a person now has a reasonable set of answers to many of the typical questions which will be asked and to what we consider the core ideas of the Theory of the Organic Society and its practical operations as envisioned by us.

The Core Idea is that the Common Good of each Family, Community and thus the Whole Nation must come before ANY selfish gain, benefit or other consideration.


  1. Is there a method to protect the organic society from any psychopaths that occur within?

    1. Yes many actually.

      First political, economic nor social power are not centralized and would be more or less centered on areas about the size of the modern county -- think Switzerland built on the ruins of the Anglo-Saxon Nations.

      Second -- there ideally would be recall systems to 'un(s)elcect' any person put into power, and for the big tickets plebiscites would need to be passed with say 3/5ths of the voting -- voter = tax payer = military/police = proper/stake ower -- public's approval.

      Third the what I would call the 'anti-tyranny' doctrine pounded into their head from birth -- Basically 'No Act of a tyrant is law; any act contrary to law is tyranny' -- would tend to work against such persons.

      And then there is the social revival of the duel -- usually psychopaths are not very martial preferring manipulative methods.

      Thanks for your question.

    2. See this here for more: Again thanks for your thoughtful question.