Thursday, October 22, 2015


Why does the White Majority have to play by the MLK PC inclusive play book? What advantage do we gain by becoming more like Mexico or India or those other inferior hell hole countries? In what exact way does diversity make us stronger compared to say AMERICA ca 1965? Why do these enriching elements always bring POVERTY SQUALOR and VIOLENCE? Why is it that the most diverse places are always the most violent and authoritarian?

It is time to chose -- the PEOPLE make the PLACE! White Americans made the USA and the others make Calcuttas, Mexico Cities and Detroits out of the swaths of the USA they infest -- There is NO equality about the matter. Importing more of them will logically lead to more ghettos, squalor, and over all barbarism.

How is this suppose to be a strength? Why should this be celebrated as some advantage when it is surely fatal to the Majority People?

'Racism' is for racially Cucked middle class sorts -- we not only won't cower when called such silly commie insults we will LAUGH in your face and LOL at your 'triggers' ... OMG ...Pow, just Pow.

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