Friday, February 12, 2016

Never Tangle with a Tarbaby Silly Rabbits

The thing about tar-babies is that they are a waste of time to be polite and kind to as well they usually act as a trap for those that have nothing good in mind for you, YT man!

Diversity and Tolerance are out to get you White Folks. Period. They are now in open revolt against Western Civilization using our own lands as the base from which to attack us!

It will use its media and academic power to denounce and belittle all that speak out against it and attempt to rally the people and give them hope in the face of the massive demoralization they have experienced.

The key is to be aware that PC and Multicult are on the alert and use tools like Casting Nazis on the Right as well as comic commies on the Left to keep everyone herded towards the PC center. It even fights these false fronts against each other at times. But mainly they attach onto rational calm ideas and 'add onto' them until they become caricatures of the media 'ebil nazi' story line we are all so throughly familiar with by this time.

Assert Whites' Right to separate, dissent or otherwise NOT be part of PC/Multicult and the 'nazis' on the netz will try to stick to one like stink on … well you get the point, at the same time the crazies on the far left are encouraged to have a go at one. It can be quite an experience to be sure. But it can be weathered.

The key is of course HYGIENE – ideological and moral hygiene. Having a clear vision of what we stand for, why, and what we want allows us to keep ourselves fire-walled from such trash. It gives us the courage to reject false and useless 'allies' who are all indeed fair-weather and quite lazy 'friends' at any rate.

We have no screed with the net nazis because unlike those IDIOT clowns we love our own. Oh we are VERY critical of outsiders … even cruel to them … but only in so much as they are threats to OUR People, OUR Families, Our Homes, Hearths, Heritage, Communities, and History. Also you will notice We actually point out REAL WORLD events. Not conspiracy nonsense.

The net nazi clowns, on the other hand, even hate most WHITE FOLKS because they are vile people who live in a fantasy where they are some sort of ruling caste – it just is not so. They also have a pathological need to blame others rather than being men who accept responsibility.

Normal folks see this hate and weakness wrapped together and Folks hate them in return – like unto like. Normal Folks want Jobs, Homes, and to have their History respected as well as their posterity's future ensured.

Normal folks want answers to the basic questions: Where do Nations come?
Who makes a nation? What is a nation? How to keep and restore a nation? Why Nations matter?
Who? A family makes a nation.
What? A nation is a family of families.
How? By acting like a proper family, and banding together for the common interest over selfish gain!
Why? Because we all have a family and we all need others to live a proper life.
Where and When? Here and Now.

193 page pdf clean link. A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success.

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