Friday, February 26, 2016

The Modern World

The Modern world: Is based upon unsound notions about family, persons, society, values, notions which are untrue and destructive at the same time.

The fact is that not one of the major tenets of Liberalism or Political Correctness have any solid foundation in the nature of things.

Equality is a patent lie. Diversity is not a strength or blessing but a cancer and a curse. Tolerance is not the virtue of the strong but of the pathetic and weak.

Pluralism and individualism combined with hedonistic consumerism amount to anarchy under any other label.
And because the world view of the PC Liberals is based upon unsound and untenable, notions the result has been to turn the entirety of society into an asylum ran by the inmates at large.

But the believers keep doubling down on their 'values' like junkies shooting smack. They will keep importing and supporting barbarism, keep demanding more 'tolerance', keep hammering away at the foundation of the Western Culture to the ruin of the West until the fires literally consume their own person. They delight in their own on coming doom as they doom the rest of us.

The secret is that the Liberal PC cult is a death cult – affirming all things that lead to death as 'expressions' and rejecting all healthy, normal, natural behaviors as 'oppressive'. It must logically lead to death as it exalts death above life.

The modern world is a dead, dull world of repeating sameness. There is no vitality. No originality. All is repeats of repeats upon remolds upon recasts. They have even polluted the theater to the point that 'action movies' have no human action in them at all – everything happening upon a green screen. In learning, and print all is shaped according to very PC specific codes. Every action is policed for signs of unapproved isms, phobias, or other deviations from the New Sodomite Normal. The most dedicated shock troops of PC self police through double think.

This auto-internal policing makes one stupid, vile, weak and servile.

It makes one stupid because PC is immune to logic.

It makes one vile because it makes one arrogant.

It makes one weak because it makes one's thoughts predictable.

The Modern World has nothing to offer – nothing of any lasting value.

The modern world is based upon individualism, hedonism, and consumerism. It is literally the antithesis of the values of the past which were communal, ethical and productive. The individual is the dissected and dead remains of the once living Western community. Hedonism is the rubble of the Church's ethics, and the ruin of our social trust based on the former moral order. And consumerism has reduced all things to were commodities and has taken all the pride out of producing products worthy of a man's name.
The Modern World has nothing to offer – nothing of any lasting value.

What is the Modern world?

An empty imitation of a proper functioning society and national polity.
It has replaced all the former truths of our people with communist and consumerist inspired lies which have been accepted as 'the new truth' … there is NO such thing as new or old truths. Truth is ETERNAL or it is not the truth but merely a convince used as a means to an end. The Truth is that if one lives a life in accord with the Nature of Man in harmony with Creation, and the Creators dictum, one will live a life worthy of living.

Man attempts to take the ideal timeless pure absolute TRUTH his mind and soul perceive in moments of insight rational and otherwise and replicate what good truths he may among himself. This is our nature, our dilemma, able to see the best and yet never able to make this best thing a reality.

Now to be fair, no 'True' government will ever be possible among men, as we are not perfect beings, nor ideal thought experiments conducted in a vacuum. But men are capable of creating social, economic and political forms that more or less are true in the sense that they tend toward the final end of by increments making of man a better more cultured and socially acclimated being.

Many are presented with this simple humbling, Truth but few grasp it. Many will reject it outright, being greedy, selfish, destructive and atomized themselves they cannot see or will not accept that other things are possible.
These sorts are lost to us, and must be left in the land of the dead and dying, for they will not come out of the forsaken city of woe, to the land of the Living. They refuse to see, and thus are willfully blind, blindly leading others to their doom. They are the multitude of Sodom, who must serve their part so that the elect may know mercy and grace.

But for those that will have other ways, that would want and do wish for something else out of existence.

That something else is at this link 193 page pdf clean link.

A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success. It is logical, simple and based upon the Real Nature of Mankind, not upon rationalist notions about what ought to be. We have been taught that Nature is secondary but this is a lie. Nature is dominate over nurture though both play a role – that is just the empirical fact.

The information contained in the pdf simply requires that much of the lies taught to all of us be unlearned – Materialism, Hedonism, Atheism and Individualism primary among them. These are cancerous memes killing the People and their communities as they sedate their minds with false happiness.

For many the pdf will be harder than for others, as all of us have been taught a mountain of false ideological nonsense from birth about the nature of everything including nature itself. Many are deeply invested in those lies, and will go into the deep with the sinking ship of falsehoods rather than swim to new shores.

An open mind and the willingness to let go of this modern world order which is so void, so empty, so vacuous and stultifying.
A willingness to think of things from other angles and to 'shift' the frame of reference from the 'assumed' PC liberal materialist one under which most of us where brought up and which we, like fish in water, notice not at all.
Those of you that feel like rejects from modernity and who have NO love for the PC liberal world – This was all done for you. You personally. You as a whole. You. You, who are the living way to other assumptions behind social, economic, and political relations. You who will shape the future.

An Organic Living Society is a matter of Living People working in unity. It is no more impossible than any other idea is 'impossible' in fact because it accords with nature it is quite very possible indeed. Something much better than this tepid mess is possible.

That something else is at this link 193 page pdf that lays out who, what, how, when and why we shall build the Organic Society. 

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