Friday, April 1, 2016

The single cell vs. the whole body

The liberal individualist single happy cell model was always doomed to failure, right from the start. The failure is inherent in the idea that people are 100% complete unto themselves and have no need for anyone else. If this cellular basis for society is allowed, doomed follows close by on the time line.

Shortly Swiftly, and Surely.

The simple reason is that humans operate as groups of families, of communities, as peoples, not as individual cells. There is no individual cell that can long survive in nature. And so it is with people. Humans operate in groups of at minimum a family unit. These groups of persons (families, communities, the People as a whole) not the single individual are the vehicle of human history. If the individual is taken from the context of these groups they become sterile and lifeless – man and women alike.

Culture, Commonality and History are a group effort.

The liberal world order in its relentless quest to atomize and singularize all things, has been breaking down these group bodies for quite a long time. Like a greedy and mindlessly destructive virus that invades a cell, so the liberal order has invaded and destroyed the people, community and family units among the Western World Order that was once Christendom. It also like a virus uses the now lifeless bits of its hosts to replicate more virii which act to further weaken the host(s). This is all liberalism – both economic and social – from Smith to Mises, Mills to Popper, it is known by its corrupted fruit and denuded landscapes.

Worse, yet for the Western Peoples, Liberalism paved the way and opened the door for Marxism, which is merely liberalism striped of all romantic notions and taken to the logical extreme implied from the start – Materialist, Determinist, and Atheist. Thus attack the Liberal root and you take out the Marxist branches as well – fall this rotten tree must for it has no substance.

The reality is that the modern hyper-individualist hedonist world is alienating, and empty of true joy, fulfillment and satisfaction – for everyone of all ages by and large – even among the plentiful goods and shallow shows the masses find but temporary escapes, which leave them lacking, always needing more, never sated. Among all these material goods there is NO sense of The Good, community or anything like working towards a common good that transcends merely personal gain.

The entire consumer matrix is designed to stimulate us all to always want more, more, more, and to never at any time find our fill, want as we might. It thus is logical since it promotes atomized people as individuals that it leads to alienation person to person, and because it has nothing of substance to offer it must empty all it touches as the cold bleeds away the heat. Logically it is no wonder that many of Us feel as we do that something is terrible rottenly amiss with this completely upside down system.

And this my dear readers is because to arrive here as a collective whole, we have forsaken much that once filled these voids in men of former ages – ethics, heritage, traditions, communities, families, trust, goodness, God himself, and not least our own honor. All this in exchange for beer, sports, soaps and shopping malls – TV Circuses and Bread Crumbs!

Let us be as a light in the materialist, atheist, determinist, darkness. Let us Be the Heralds of a return to normalcy, Let us enforce Life by teaching a History about our Common Past that will motivate the Majority to make a life affirming Future.

After all, History is the knowledge of the past – it is NOT a science; it is an ART – a knowledge that we shall wield without SHAME to our ends. A knowledge that is Power; A power that will bring the Single Cells back into a Whole Body!

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