Friday, April 22, 2016

Free Speech? Where?

Free Speech?

Only if one is a leftist hippy homo loving race mixer whistling past the graveyard of the West on the way to Sodom or what the cucks of the world call 'tolerant' of being ‘enriched’ by the diversity horde.

The real fact is that, in the modern USA – and the ‘free’ world more generally – One truly only has 'free speech' if one says what the left allows one to say. Every thing else is labeled 'hate'.

Hateful speech gets censored using 'terms of service', codes of conduct, ethical standards and other low life lawyer games here in the USA, while at the same time SJW types aided by the Media, Academia and Government, will go after one’s employment – hate has no right to participate in the workplace – threatening one’s surely weak willed boss with the hellfire of 'racism' if they don't shun one like a leprous apostate. They will hammer away and do everything possible to drum one out of society forthwith and posthaste, since they decide what is to be freely said in this free land and no others.

So yeah anyone 'can' freely say anything IF they are willing to risk their good name, job and the security of their family.

The parody starts when the oppressive menstruating SJW apparatchiks pretend that they are being oppressed by the people they have decided to hold their little inquisitions upon – Oh yes they will LOOK for folks talking about things they don't like.

Claim to be triggered.

Denounce the person they intruded upon with shaming control words like racism and hater.

All the while trying to rally the crowd to denounce the person intruded upon by the little communist agitator.

And then as a final act the agitators will pretend that they are the 'victim' of an aggression, if their intended victim fights back against their nonsense accusations.

It happens all the time on social media, at schools, parks, stores and frankly we can only imagine where else, that the purveyors of perversion, and putrefaction, look for anyone having a conversation about race, nation, history, biology, politics, or any other subject not to their liking. Find what they FEEL to be nonconformity – Then Commence to pretend that they have the right to 'look' heretics over to see if us unwashed racists live up to PC orthodoxy in our deeds and thoughts.

In their arrogance, they act like Bolshevik Informers and Fat Cat Party Bosses! They act as if their feelings are the Law. As if their whim is our Moral imperative. As if they are the living face of ORDER, JUSTICE and PEACE. They seem to think that the White Majority need their leave or permission to think and speak as we wish, will or whim.

Triggers coming, clutch the pearls baby --

We are not subject to SJW or the Lefts pseudo-morality. We simply grant them NO power to dispose of our person, let alone to control, order or otherwise inform, our thoughts, feelings or actions. Let them VOTE – We shall VETO!

Veto – I REFUSE CONSENT! Yes, WE refuse to consent to their bully boy games and badgering antics of the SJW types. Lawyer games are based on paper; Fire is greater than paper.
We refuse to allow these modern day Babylonian Temple Merchants the RIGHT to hold judgment over us. We will not be harped on by harridans as if they are our headmistress.

That is for cucks, punks, sissies, and boys.

We tell such as this to shut their lips and mind their own shop. We realize that We are NOT subject to the PC folks' will. We refuse to allow these lowly and vile hoi polloi the right to judge us, as we are the rightful Lords of This Land.

We do not allow the enemy to shame us into accepting defeat. Mice allow cats to badger them.

The correct response to 'your a racist' is not 'no I am not' it is 'racism, racist, hater and the rest are imaginary concepts with no basis in fact, so only idiots babble about them as if they matter'. The correct response to 'you hate X' is 'no, rather you hate me because I won't agree with your view about X, but thanks for trying to manipulate me anyways.' The old 'but you are really afraid of Y' game is best counted with a variant of 'we will go into the tank with Y, Y being a bear, RIGHT after you do.'

The correct response to most PC accusations is bluntly,’What you say and think does not matter in the least, now Shut Your Lips, or physically force us to comply, Please Leave as your Commie Gibberish is NOT Welcome.’

Never defend always deflect and attack. Always challenge their authority and make them carry the load of defending their insane world view. Deflect; Attack; Defeat!

The PC bots will double down on the names, huff, puff, rave, stomp, maybe even cry, but if you hold to the guns, they will go away in obvious defeat. This will leave YOU able to have your say to the crowd. This simple fact will encourage others to defy these PC commie control freaks in the future. They shame, you refuse to care, they flee, you win.

Deflect, Attack, Defeat!

That is how National freedom is had. Freely say what you want, free of concern for diversity, tolerance, or PC’s moral approval. Freely defy their wants, norms and expectations with Nationalist wants, norms and expectations, this is how Nationalism is reborn from the rubble of PC Multiculture Liberalism. Freely be a Free Man who has NO need to ask their leave to freely say and think what is right, good and just for Free Men to think and say.

Then you are truly free of PC.

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